Paul Burnley birth of a nation

Paul Burnley birth of a nation musicvideo

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Автор whitedwarf13 ( назад)
Paul Burnley's not a traitor, he just retired from the movement and C18
have it in for him as a result.

Автор Alexander Agnew ( назад)
its a shame that paul went from the glory days of bloodnhonour RAC and
skrewdriver to what the fuck he's doing here..Glasgow Combat Skins 84

Автор CovertSpyMaster88 ( назад)

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
What ever Burnley does now is up to him be it making a film about his
fathers Art and alcoholism, where he states he does want anything to do
with the far right no more is kind of enough. Also rubbing shoulders with
Alex Salmond and working in film production wouldent help is course even if
he was to remain faithfull to his old music (which would be lunacy)
profesionaly. a traitor to what and whom? it's just B rate music at best
nothing more or less. i grew outa this shit years ago

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
to be fair, the guy spent the best years of his life at the frontline of
the movement, where did it get him? Nowhere. Everyone matures and realises
you can't fight the world. Still doesn't make him a traitor, like say that
twat from RAHOWA. Burnley released untold cds that recruited thousands of
skins worldwide. I think he did his duties. What have you done that equals
him? Probably about as much as me, and all i ever got was grief. the war is
over, we lost. get over it.

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
"Bellany-Fire in the blood" film proved to be a depressing piece of
television. It was a diet of alcoholism, suicide, mental illness and
pretentious art that looked like a blind kid or a maniac had gone ballistic
with a pallet of paint . But the most depressing part for me was when Jon
Burnley/Bellany said that he was now a totally different person from his
"Skrewdriver" and Cottbus 6 days, and Paul B stated that he now "stood
back" from the "right-wing movement"

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
On a serious note, why do you claim Burnley is a traitor? What did he do?
I'm intrested coz i don't know much about the guy.

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
dam right! there was no women in bikinis when i watched the WWF!

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
was Nicky Crane one of your mates or something?

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
TheBaronsamedi88 commented: oh dear, WWE gave me a boner. It wasn't like
this when i was a kid!

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
Coming from somebody with a Nigger nickname i think i'll ignore ..if your
intrerested in gay old skins look up Nicky Crane. Paul Burnley is a fucking
traitor and dont you get sarcasm you little turd. P.S keep your barely
concealed gay homo eroticism out of here

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
you sound like a proper queer. what's up? you one of the old skins that
always knew you were a bit gay? Fucking cunt.

Автор TheBaronsamedi88 ( назад)
sounds like another limp wrist talking shit. Burnley always struck me as
one of the genuine minority.

Автор SoulrapeR100 ( назад)
@philquinton Yes, I have been away. I admit. But to call him a traitor? I
find that hard to believe.

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
@SoulrapeR100 where have you been in the last ten years?

Автор SoulrapeR100 ( назад)

Автор Aleks PPK ( назад)
йобнуцца!111 при всём уважении - лабухи в унитазах играют штолле?

Автор Brian Bird ( назад)
@derfuhrer881 how is he a traitor?

Автор Wtfgames ( назад)
@philquinton I mean "national socialist" and yes also a nigger hater :)

Автор Wtfgames ( назад)
@philquinton Nazi skin

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
Its a brilliant video ..pre digital age

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
@imachristian100 spell check ......Sieg twat

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
@Wtfgames NS you mean a nigger hater?

Автор Phillip Quinton ( назад)
14 turds from the U.K !!! reading about Pauls dad reveals a great contrast
to this Nutzi song its Freudian!!!! (my dad drew art work of joos in death
camps ) i know ill form a RAC band with cockney Billy idol vocals AND SAY
THE N WORD .......crap

Автор moises plascencia ( назад)
word man, one breed the human breed, Im mexican I love these guys.

Автор Wtfgames ( назад)
@Loyalbrox Hes maby a lttile too old be a skinhead, but i still thing hes NS

Автор Domino Jachaś ( назад)
Only one bloodline , only one breed 14/88!!!!!

Автор Loyalbrox ( назад)
"Gus Mears Dog" sounds like Ska / Reggae. I wonder whether Burnley / London
is still into "White Power" and all that stuff. 74

Автор Schanzer81 ( назад)

Автор Craven Morstead ( назад)
Thats from Pink Floyd's The Wall

Автор kautzky ( назад)
Konw someone what Paul Burnley do today? His he still in the movement?

Автор ProfanityJames (1483 года назад)
Poshboy Paul Bellany pretending to be working class again.

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