Top Plays of Wild Card Weekend! | NFL Highlights

These are the very best plays from the Wild Card games this weekend.

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Комментарии: 671

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Автор Jalen Whitaker ( назад)

Автор LOUX 0318 ( назад)
0:49 face mask all the way the referee even said sorry for no call

Автор Cool Beast Gamer ( назад)
It was a face mask on sea

Автор Mateo Lozano ( назад)
dolphins against my team we did better this time

Автор Caden Smith ( назад)
what abt Baldwin's other awesome catch?

Автор The Last Of Us ( назад)
I'm so ticked that there wasn't a face mask called on Paul Richardson

Автор Logan Sanders The G.O.A.T ( назад)
5:40 *Sighs* I am a Vikings fan but I have to admit thats true

Автор Logan Sanders The G.O.A.T ( назад)
5:40 *Sighs* I am a Vikings fan but I have to admit thats true

Автор wolfepup5 ( назад)
Basically Le'Veon Bell's highlight reel 😂

Автор WBFbySteefen ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers has me in tears.

Автор Cody M ( назад)
If your into high school football go watch

Автор tGamer28 ( назад)
Super Bowl Prediction:
Patriots 36 Cowboys 40
L to the Pats lel

Автор tGamer28 ( назад)
I may hate them, but I have to appreciate how good offensive blockers the
Steelers have....
But yet thuggy players who abuse Dolphins...

Автор Aaron Liu ( назад)
If you're looking for the OBJ highlights, they're on the "Worst Plays Wild
Card" video

Автор Beast God ( назад)
Uh it's 2017

Автор Wickel Ym ( назад)

Автор Crexles ( назад)
I read the caption as worst plays not too plays so I was very confused

Автор Your boi Dante ( назад)
#finsup I don't care....

Автор Tracy Bucciero ( назад)
richersdon catch better than odels

Автор Antonio Williams ( назад)
It still annoys me how they called pass interference on the defense but
Richardson was holding on to the guys facemask for the "amazing" touchdown

Автор HeresJohnny ( назад)
Giants still looking for the push-off, just like Tavon Wilson still looking
for his facemask.

Автор Fabian Campos ( назад)
WTF everyone out there pray that Patriots will not make it to the super
bowl seahawks everyone go to church and pray plz I believe in you Seattle
plus we have go to win against the Falcons the one thing I'm asking for is
pray if you're a seahawks fans btw guys who is you're favorite team and why
who is a seahawks fan who is you're favorite player

Автор Anthony M ( назад)
Lmao we pay refs for them not even being able to see he clearly grabbed his
mask (lions vs sea hawks)

Автор Fabian Campos ( назад)

Автор Fabian Campos ( назад)
do you guys think the seahawks boss and for sure they will make it to the

Автор Julian Shipp ( назад)
Madden mobile is making a wr Paul Richardson elite player card

Автор Jdizz 05 ( назад)
Hail Mary + good = Aaron Rodgers. How?

Автор Andrew Luck #GOAT #AFCSouthKing #RichGuy ( назад)
Raiders defense made Assweiler look like a god... Smh

Автор John Schermerhorn ( назад)
How was Doug Baldwins leg catch not in there??

Автор Yeezy West ( назад)
I swear rodgers is gonna throw a game winning hail mary in the superbowl

Автор TheBrownGamer ( назад)
The Packers offensive line is Insane. Gotta give credit to them.

Автор lrhracing ( назад)
0:45 was a face mask! 😕

Автор Squishy The Turtle ( назад)
I think Odell dressed up as Paul Richardson

Автор Thrill Pickle ( назад)
How did Baldwin's ass catch not make this? Love how those two fumbles made
it into the best and worst plays

Автор Y6X DaSHer ( назад)
seahawks cheated pike hell

Автор Emmanuel Delgado ( назад)
Great games overall. The teams I rooted for went 2-2. Can't wait for the
Divisional round. Let's go!

Автор Mr.Savage ( назад)
What about Doug baldwins catch that he made behind his back

Автор Nikita Sh ( назад)
where is harissons fumble in red zone?!

Автор RandomDan ( назад)
No James Harrison strip sack?

Автор Colton TDM ( назад)
what a catch by Cobb another hail mary

Автор Micah Petersen ( назад)
Go Hawks!

Автор LJ xSemPex Johnson ( назад)
Was that a push off?

Автор Mitchell Hatty ( назад)
Blatant facemask, yeah great play.

Автор Matthan Sione ( назад)
Paul Richardson is the most underrated Seahawk player

Автор MaxumGamer Z ( назад)
I think the Eli manning one with the fumble should have the tuck rule I'm
not a giant fan (steelers rule) just saying

Автор Konner Nick ( назад)
Packers Hail Mary

Автор Colin Da Beast ( назад)
They shouldn't have put the Paul Richardson play on this because it
shouldn't have counted because he was grasping the Lions guys facemask

Автор Basketball Wars ( назад)
Good game refs. Y'all beat us fair and square. GO SEATTLE REFS YOU CAN DO

Автор Nobody-LOL-CX ( назад)
1:05 Face mask clearly.

Автор The Gamer ( назад)
Doug flutie learn about him

Автор Taaj O'Neil ( назад)
The winners is Steelers, Packers, Seahawks and Texans #NFLPlayoffs #WildCard

Автор DryAssChicken ( назад)
Not a Lions fan but they've been played by the refs. Richardson's facemask
catch should've been called and Russell Wilson's block in the back also
should've been called. It was the Lead Ref first Playoff game he officiated
and it cost the Lions big not saying they would've won but who knows

Автор Robert Rusk ( назад)
Look I know the Giants took a fat L. As a fan of them, I'll admit they got
wrecked, but really? No Will Tye? That was a great play.

Автор CormanFlauge Bube ( назад)
The only reason that Seahawks guy caught the ball is because he facemasked
the defender

Автор Nasty Nate ( назад)
Packers O-line one of the best in the league.

Автор ashdude55 ( назад)
Ok, this bothers me. Steelers fans call themselves the best fans and yet
they can't sell out a home playoff game.

Автор Traven Lassiter ( назад)
since adridan peterson getting old leavon bells the best back in the league
imo this does not mean I'm a fake fan

Автор Simon McGillivray ( назад)
Man those Seattle receivers are so underrated!

Автор Casey Edwards ( назад)

Автор Marcos Diaz ( назад)
The only thing i hate about the nfl is the coaches always be trying to
cheat when they catch the ball by the sideline

Автор IronLord 51235 ( назад)
best wild card plays 2016....not 2017?

Автор Hype Man ( назад)
PAC and pat for super bowl go PACKERS

Автор TheMrAlexK00 ( назад)
Remember what happened the last time the Pats went 14-2 and were heavily
favored in the divisional round against a team with a good defense and a
bad quarterback?


Автор Leothegreat98 ( назад)
i wouldnt call the seattle one handed catch in the top 10 he clearly pulled

Автор Ballerness 3.0 ( назад)
can we get me to 50 subs

Автор WBS Energy ( назад)
I love how all the highlights are for the winning teams

Автор Dylan Modzelesky ( назад)
5:30 Of course you gotta save the best for last!

Автор Dylan Modzelesky ( назад)
The amount of Giants fans in the comments have been diminished entirely XD

Автор Carter Pratt ( назад)
No Brock oswieler td😂

Автор Ron Devon ( назад)
Went to lunch at Primanti Bothers in Detroit (Excellent!) before the
Steelers/Dolphins game and our waiter had on a Dolphins hat. I called him
on it, especially serving @ Primanti's, and it turned out he was Deon Sims
brother. He was, rightly, a bit fearful of the outcome. As a lifelong
Steelers fan I said I couldn't really wish him good luck but I said I hope
none of the Dolphins gets hurt. Best I could offer.

Автор Slick PK ( назад)
3:45 Russ gave him a block. So athletic

Автор Robert ( назад)
Hopefully next weeks games are better. 4 blowouts is not quality playoff

Автор GalvatronVGC ( назад)
The Paul Richardson TD was bullcrap. He committed an obvious face mask so
it should have been off setting penalties and replay 4ty down.

Автор Luke Sanchez ( назад)
Derek Carr would've destroyed and ran all over the Texans defense if he was

Автор The beast ( назад)

Автор colderbeer ( назад)
If you're a fan of the Eagles, Redskins, or Cowboys you just gotta hope
that Eli Manning remains the QB in NY for many years to come.....

Автор Cl3v3land Br0wns ( назад)
aaron rodgers have all the time in the world

Автор Linda Stallworth ( назад)
That was such a good game for Pittsburgh if they keep it up they will beat
Kansas City

Автор Superman mazzamaro ( назад)
Forgot Aaron Rodgers hail airy

Автор MightyManotaur22 ( назад)
Packers/Giants was the only game I thought might be close. Giants offense
is just soooo bad. A lot of mediocre teams made the playoffs this year.

Автор caras2004 ( назад)
pass protection for the Packers

Автор Terence kennedy ( назад)
Facemask at 0:57

Автор Sam Villanoz ( назад)
lol their were like four penalties they should've called but didn't in this
high light reel

Автор cliff nunnally ( назад)
the Giants deserve to win the game

Автор Auston Golding ( назад)
I'm surprised Doug Baldwin's catch where he caught it with his legs wasn't
here in the highlights

Автор James Chadwick ( назад)
Cobb did that LT celebration

Автор Luke Hartman ( назад)
Kansas City is going to be a tough environment and we've played horrible on
the road this year, even in some of our wins. Good luck to both teams.

Автор Og Savage ( назад)
the packer and seelers fumbles were on best and worst plays

Автор Jordan Orcutt ( назад)
What a block by Wilson so much better than tom Brady's

Автор Buzzcut ( назад)
So not a single team that loss had a top play worthy moment?

Автор Grumpee Cat ( назад)
Where's Odell's TD ca-....oh wait.....

Автор c0zmo87 ( назад)
You missed the juggling catch by Baldwin

Автор Ben Rollman ( назад)
All the Greenbay plays were O-line highlights.

Автор Ian Odom ( назад)
WHAT THE HELL! Where's the Doug Baldwin catch that looked like an
incomplete catch but he did get it you remember the one that got
challenged!!!!!! That one was better then almost all of those because he
actually got it!! Come on guys

Автор Ethan Butler ( назад)
Monday has called

we want our miami trip back

Автор Brock Osweiler #Superbowl51 #GOAT #ItsAllBrock ( назад)
I should be MVP, but I'll get it in the Super Bowl instead!

Автор matt carrier ( назад)
When the catch of the year is overshadowed by a random Hail Mary.

Автор Robin ( назад)
That was a facemask. Not a catch. Seahawks smh

Автор Baseball Boy ( назад)
The last one they went for it because it was the last play of the half

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