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Автор Sasha Robeck ( назад)
I love this Monkey, it's too cute.

Автор Wyatt Smithee ( назад)
hes super monkey hes so cute

Автор Victor Tenney ( назад)
like that one in the video

Автор Victor Tenney ( назад)
I wish I could have a pet monkey

Автор Lori Foster ( назад)
that monkey is fun to watch that's for sure. what a silly and warm
personality. thanks for sharing.

Автор chickenfriedman ( назад)
I'm doing a project I need 100,000 subscribers please

Автор Jackie LaGeek ( назад)
That was awesome and hilarious!

Автор Charles Collier ( назад)
I Love my white face, best thing I ever did!!

Автор Paula Rose (995 лет назад)
Is Frankie still with you?

Автор Johny Appleseed (1618 лет назад)
thats a cool monkey! u gotta train it to sell some weed

Автор john elder ( назад)
Could've went without the music......

Автор patatakap ( назад)

Автор Snowed in withheld ( назад)
dID HE pee pee in his little pants????

Автор Olga E Rivera ( назад)
Omg!!!!!!!!!! Diz video made me laugh so much: ) thank u,, plz plz make
more videos wit him he is so cute how old is he? N wat is hiz name? ? God
bless u n ur precious baby monkey: *

Автор Nina Grassmick ( назад)
It's not a good idea to have glass vases around your house with a money
around ;b

Автор Sage McCollough ( назад)
Where did you get it's cage,cause I'm thinking about getting a capuchin

Автор J.R. Taylor ( назад)
LMAO. SuperCappy.

Автор Julia Mcfarlane ( назад)
Does anybody know what kind of monkey this is?? Please answer!!

Автор Nozomi Tojo ( назад)
Sweetie pie~

Автор CookiMonster ( назад)
I already live with a monkey…but it's not a animal o.e

Автор alba armero ( назад)
Los animales deben ser libres y vivir en su hábitat, no son juguetes de
hombres para tenerlos amarrados..

Автор Cj Brown ( назад)
You retards I have a capuchin black cap named Nina they don't throw poop

Автор PiecesDope2 ( назад)
whats with the dramatic videos I just wanna see how a monkey is not all of
this music and cut scenes and etc.

Автор IbbyPlays PS4 (Ibby) ( назад)

Автор IbbyPlays PS4 (Ibby) ( назад)

Автор Jesse Bollinger ( назад)
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over YouTube
/ \ so he can take over
and return the old comment section

Автор Nicholas Roy ( назад)
where do you get monkeys from 

Автор Usefulidiot ( назад)
Have you taught it how to bring you a beer yet?

Автор Robert Smith ( назад)
people put dogs in outfits all the time dumbass

Автор star blackdragon ( назад)

Автор Willy Adams ( назад)
0:12 music from tropico 4

Автор XZOMB13XK1LL3RX ( назад)
super monkey lol 

Автор Christina Patane ( назад)
toooooo flippin cute 

Автор mike4390116 ( назад)
this music is too much

Автор Megan Joszko Rose ( назад)

Автор JessiJay16 ( назад)
0:40 "Oh fuck I killed him! You didn't see anything!"

Автор Kathy Killpatrick ( назад)
how much does it cost for a monkey 

Автор TUK - Nutchapak W. ( назад)

Автор idk ( назад)
Hes like "wtf youve stuffed all my brethren"

Автор Matthew Tay ( назад)

Автор roseline joss ( назад)
very intelligent and gentle baby capuchin monkey for free adoption .email
me for more details (roselinejoss@yahoo.com)

Автор ‫جبريل أوفال‬‎ ( назад)
Best video ever.

Автор zdrastvutye ( назад)
do they still use monkeys for animal tests? they need mammals to produce
antidots against venoms.

Автор imbouttogetem ( назад)
I lost it at the superman shit! lmao

Автор kenneth 92 ( назад)
0:38 this is sparta!!!!!!!

Автор JesusChristIsEternalLife ( назад)
ITS SUPER MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Pepe Pig ( назад)

Автор MonkeyManJoshua ( назад)
Frankie is a little doll baby. Love the cape.

Автор LLEVNED ( назад)
the monkey said dam that nigga black

Автор diony hernani ( назад)
titi capuchino 

Автор Stephen DelVacchio ( назад)
hell no i do not 

Автор yellowkid7233 ( назад)

Автор Dillion Fox ( назад)
Omg I have never had intetest in monkies but I saw this kind of monkey an
di wa sjust like "OMG SO CUTE I MUST HAVE ONE"

Автор rEsonansDx ( назад)

Автор Sip Angutti ( назад)
My newest YouTube hero

Автор Tara Smith ( назад)
omfg what a moron to even say a thing like that... 

Автор Joachim Level ( назад)
we want more super frankie

Автор Salim B ( назад)
What am I doing with my life?

Автор slashertipton ( назад)
I'm really struggling To find a breeder or pet shop that sells these in the
UK anyone got any ideas?

Автор thatnigka0 ( назад)
I wish i could aford a monkey

Автор CJ ( назад)
How much was he and where did u get him pls respond

Автор Magichobo157 ( назад)
That monkey is BOSS!!!!!

Автор Lizanette Graniela-Aguilar ( назад)
give it a cigarete as a treat 

Автор gael juarez ( назад)
excelente video ,especialmente cundo disfrazado de superman ataca al

Автор isaacp170 ( назад)
pause the video before it begins open up new youtube tab and put this: The
Specials - monkey man hit it!

Автор Edie Koller ( назад)
Monkeys should be in a zoo not as pets I love all animals but I would never
own a monkey because I know they can rip your face off...or destroy
property more than dogs! 

Автор Chloe Wheeler ( назад)
We're did u get it

Автор OrganicChemistry2 ( назад)
I know you that there are hear for can be stop go up down left right living
in 7 please. 

Автор Mister Bang (676 лет назад)
???? speak / write english

Автор MyBugivugi (1528 лет назад)
he is soo cute!

Автор Allison Campbell ( назад)
you should put a cigarette in it's mouth and tape it lol

Автор Andrew Cox ( назад)
Is it for sale

Автор Evonne77 ( назад)
this is not a spider monkey at all, this is a capuchin. I have no idea how
much they cost though.

Автор ever ( назад)
how much they cost? can you get them for less then $3000?

Автор Joan Dennis ( назад)
where did you buy him from? he is so so cute!!!! 

Автор Scott Cooper ( назад)
These monkeys should be in the wild.

Автор Mister Bang ( назад)
6 whole years! that's almost like 50!

Автор latina78 ( назад)
some states require that you have a homestudy in order to own a monkey

Автор Scrotie McTasty (BoogerBalls) ( назад)
spider mokey

Автор Scrotie McTasty (BoogerBalls) ( назад)
spider monkey, and 1 million dollars

Автор Arthasu ( назад)
damn the video is old as fuck

Автор Osahon Ero ( назад)
What Kind Of Monkey Is It And How much does it Cost

Автор Taylor Fishback ( назад)

Автор Taylor Fishback ( назад)
xDD i know how you feel, umm kinda. my cousins are like that and i
literally live with them so yea i know what its like...I FRIKIN SUCKZ

Автор Vincent Le ( назад)
so cool..

Автор Michaela Brown ( назад)
omg the lil super man suit =D!!

Автор XanderxXxCageX ( назад)
marcel, did you poo in the shoe

Автор connor mitchell ( назад)
how much did you get this monkey for?

Автор Ashley DeWan ( назад)
i would love 2 own a pet monkey

Автор Eslick98 ( назад)
You read my mind...

Автор Roxie Gastier ( назад)
Alguna vez te ah atacado?

Автор Burt C0caine ( назад)
Also monkeys, especially capuchins feed themselves based on how they were
taught by others around them. Some of their practices take years of
practice. He wouldn't know how to feed himself. I do worry about primates
being pets though, because come puberty they naturally become and stay
aggressive. It has happened a lot where monkeys have to be gotten rid of
because of their violent behavior.

Автор Burt C0caine ( назад)
Monkeys that are owned were never in the wild. It is illegal to take a
monkey from the wild or export them to America. These kinds were born here
and raised in captivity with humans their whole lives. Taking this monkey
and simply putting him back in the wild would be extremely dangerous for
him as he has never been around his own kind. The others would either
attack or isolate him.

Автор 404guru ( назад)
description inside video sounds like human is living with monkey,,,, not
monkey with human..:P

Автор JHarold ( назад)
That's rediculous! Dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of
years. Monkeys have not. Dogs and small cats have come to depend on humans
for their survival so it is up to us to keep, feed, and protect them.
Monkeys however are not domesticated animals. They belong in the wild with
their own kind. If you really think that monkey you "own" actually wants to
be pent up in your house, you are naive. That poor monkey wants to be in
it's natural habitat with others of it's kind.

Автор JHarold ( назад)
Bring that monkey back to it's natural habitat. How selfish of you to own a
monkey. I hope it shits all over your face!!

Автор Delleisha Hylton ( назад)
0:30 "Whats good?!"

Автор coolestdragon123 ( назад)
super monkey

Автор Neurotypical True ( назад)
Confirmed for whiny liberal.

Автор Lisa Donald ( назад)
lol brax i think they r cute i want 1 :-)

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