Pet monkey

http://lifewithamonkey.info PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - MORE VIDEO COMING!!!! This is a short clip from a DVD that I made to show people what it is like to live with a monkey. This video is meant for Entertainment only. I am not advocating Monkey ownership but if you would like to purchase this DVD please visit www.lifewithamonkey.info

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Автор Jackie LaGeek ( назад)
That was awesome and hilarious!

Автор Charles Collier ( назад)
I Love my white face, best thing I ever did!!

Автор Paula Rose (995 лет назад)
Is Frankie still with you?

Автор Johny Appleseed (1618 лет назад)
thats a cool monkey! u gotta train it to sell some weed

Автор john elder ( назад)
Could've went without the music......

Автор patatakap ( назад)

Автор Snowed in withheld ( назад)
dID HE pee pee in his little pants????

Автор Olga E Rivera ( назад)
Omg!!!!!!!!!! Diz video made me laugh so much: ) thank u,, plz plz make
more videos wit him he is so cute how old is he? N wat is hiz name? ? God
bless u n ur precious baby monkey: *

Автор Nina Grassmick ( назад)
It's not a good idea to have glass vases around your house with a money
around ;b

Автор Sage McCollough ( назад)
Where did you get it's cage,cause I'm thinking about getting a capuchin

Автор J.R. Taylor ( назад)
LMAO. SuperCappy.

Автор Julia Mcfarlane ( назад)
Does anybody know what kind of monkey this is?? Please answer!!

Автор Nozomi Tojo ( назад)
Sweetie pie~

Автор CookiMonster ( назад)
I already live with a monkey…but it's not a animal o.e

Автор alba armero ( назад)
Los animales deben ser libres y vivir en su hábitat, no son juguetes de
hombres para tenerlos amarrados..

Автор Cj Brown ( назад)
You retards I have a capuchin black cap named Nina they don't throw poop

Автор PiecesDope2 ( назад)
whats with the dramatic videos I just wanna see how a monkey is not all of
this music and cut scenes and etc.

Автор IbbyPlays PS4 (Ibby) ( назад)

Автор IbbyPlays PS4 (Ibby) ( назад)

Автор Jesse Bollinger ( назад)
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over YouTube
/ \ so he can take over
and return the old comment section

Автор Nicholas Roy ( назад)
where do you get monkeys from

Автор Usefulidiot ( назад)
Have you taught it how to bring you a beer yet?

Автор Super 67 ( назад)
my life will never be the same

Автор Robert Smith ( назад)
people put dogs in outfits all the time dumbass

Автор star blackdragon ( назад)

Автор Willy Adams ( назад)
0:12 music from tropico 4

Автор XZOMB13XK1LL3RX ( назад)
super monkey lol

Автор Christina Patane ( назад)
toooooo flippin cute

Автор mike4390116 ( назад)
this music is too much

Автор Megan Joszko Rose ( назад)

Автор 14demonwings ( назад)
0:40 "Oh fuck I killed him! You didn't see anything!"

Автор Kathy Killpatrick ( назад)
how much does it cost for a monkey

Автор TUK - Nutchapak W. ( назад)

Автор idk ( назад)
Hes like "wtf youve stuffed all my brethren"

Автор Matthew Tay ( назад)

Автор roseline joss ( назад)
very intelligent and gentle baby capuchin monkey for free adoption .email
me for more details (roselinejoss@yahoo.com)

Автор جبريل أوفال ( назад)
Best video ever.

Автор zdrastvutye ( назад)
do they still use monkeys for animal tests? they need mammals to produce
antidots against venoms.

Автор imbouttogetem ( назад)
I lost it at the superman shit! lmao

Автор rose bud ( назад)
love thisvideo

Автор kenneth 92 ( назад)
0:38 this is sparta!!!!!!!

Автор JesusChristIsEternalLife ( назад)
ITS SUPER MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Wendy Guevara ( назад)

Автор MonkeyManJoshua ( назад)
Frankie is a little doll baby. Love the cape.

Автор rose bud ( назад)

Автор LLEVNED ( назад)
the monkey said dam that nigga black

Автор diony hernani ( назад)
titi capuchino

Автор Stephen DelVacchio ( назад)
hell no i do not

Автор yellowkid7233 ( назад)

Автор poiiihy ( назад)
Yeah i know what it would be like with a monkey... A monkey will be
destroying everything, making a mess, banging tables, etc.

Автор Dillion Fox ( назад)
Omg I have never had intetest in monkies but I saw this kind of monkey an
di wa sjust like "OMG SO CUTE I MUST HAVE ONE"

Автор rEsonansDx ( назад)

Автор rose bud ( назад)
I love this video

Автор Sip Angutti ( назад)
My newest YouTube hero

Автор Tara Smith ( назад)
omfg what a moron to even say a thing like that...

Автор best1 ( назад)
we want more super frankie

Автор Salim B ( назад)
What am I doing with my life?

Автор Isaiah Lobato ( назад)
Capuchin monkey.so cute.

Автор slashertipton ( назад)
I'm really struggling To find a breeder or pet shop that sells these in the
UK anyone got any ideas?

Автор thatnigka0 ( назад)
I wish i could aford a monkey

Автор CJ ( назад)
How much was he and where did u get him pls respond

Автор Magichobo157 ( назад)
That monkey is BOSS!!!!!

Автор Lizanette Graniela-Aguilar ( назад)
give it a cigarete as a treat

Автор DreadLoverr ( назад)
What kind of monkey is that ?

Автор FuzzyJ4 ( назад)

Автор crazedscotsman553 ( назад)
0:30 "Who the FUCK Do you think you are?"

Автор gael juarez ( назад)
excelente video ,especialmente cundo disfrazado de superman ataca al

Автор isaacp170 ( назад)
pause the video before it begins open up new youtube tab and put this: The
Specials - monkey man hit it!

Автор Edie Koller ( назад)
Monkeys should be in a zoo not as pets I love all animals but I would never
own a monkey because I know they can rip your face off...or destroy
property more than dogs!

Автор Chloe Wheeler ( назад)
We're did u get it

Автор OrganicChemistry2 ( назад)
I know you that there are hear for can be stop go up down left right living
in 7 please.

Автор Mister Bang (676 лет назад)
???? speak / write english

Автор MyBugivugi (1528 лет назад)
he is soo cute!

Автор Allison Campbell ( назад)
you should put a cigarette in it's mouth and tape it lol

Автор Andrew Cox ( назад)
Is it for sale

Автор Evonne77 ( назад)
this is not a spider monkey at all, this is a capuchin. I have no idea how
much they cost though.

Автор ever ( назад)
how much they cost? can you get them for less then $3000?

Автор Joan Dennis ( назад)
where did you buy him from? he is so so cute!!!!

Автор rose bud ( назад)
this is so cute

Автор Scott Cooper ( назад)
These monkeys should be in the wild.

Автор Mister Bang ( назад)
6 whole years! that's almost like 50!

Автор latina78 ( назад)
some states require that you have a homestudy in order to own a monkey

Автор Scrotie McTasty ( назад)
spider mokey

Автор Scrotie McTasty ( назад)
spider monkey, and 1 million dollars

Автор ManiacAnimalLover ( назад)
He is so cute:)

Автор Arthasu ( назад)
damn the video is old as fuck

Автор llimohamedll ( назад)

Автор Osahon Ero ( назад)
What Kind Of Monkey Is It And How much does it Cost

Автор Taylor Fishback ( назад)

Автор Taylor Fishback ( назад)
xDD i know how you feel, umm kinda. my cousins are like that and i
literally live with them so yea i know what its like...I FRIKIN SUCKZ

Автор Vincent Le ( назад)
so cool..

Автор Michaela Brown ( назад)
omg the lil super man suit =D!!

Автор SuperDacek ( назад)
super :-)

Автор XanderxXxCageX ( назад)
marcel, did you poo in the shoe

Автор connor mitchell ( назад)
how much did you get this monkey for?

Автор Ashley DeWan ( назад)
i would love 2 own a pet monkey

Автор 2011BlackandBlue ( назад)
Not trying to be judgmental but playing fetch with a sentient intelligent
primate capable of mass amounts of capabilities seems alittle demeaning, I
would try doing simple pattern puzzles and other mind stimulating
activities to broaden this superior intellect animals mind span.

Автор Eslick98 ( назад)
You read my mind...

Автор Assassino006 ( назад)
No creo que él o ella hace porque luce como un no-violento mono

Автор Roxie Gastier ( назад)
Alguna vez te ah atacado?

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