Benelli Supernova disassembly

How easy it is to disassemble and reassemble a Benelli Super Nova. Always check the manufacturer documentation before handling any firearm. SAFETY FIRST.

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Автор 1DEADBEEF1 ( назад)
good info and thumbs up! i wish you pointed out what areas should be lubed as everyone watching this is most likely cleaning and lubing.

Автор Phil Weber ( назад)
The triger guard absolutely would not move, following the procedure of removing the pins. Is there some other trick I am missing? I have watched the video numerous times.

Автор nadir geromin ( назад)
hi how often do u clean it inside?

Автор nadir geromin ( назад)
i've got it really good gun

Автор Capo primo ( назад)
Mama Mia que cazo sei fato.

Автор socksandtea ( назад)
Ingenious design!

Автор Bob Penter ( назад)
Awesome video. Well done you.

Автор biblesnbarbells ( назад)
Great job. Thanks.

Автор Guhjkl4 ( назад)
He made this for people who are new to this and are doing it for the first time. Stop flaming

Автор damon323 ( назад)
Excellent video sir!! Just ordered my black Supernova a few days ago!! Thank you for making this, cause I would be a little lost without it when it comes time to clean mine.

Автор knifelover73 ( назад)
If your lookin for cheap. Get an old police turn in 870.

Автор jpunch ( назад)
I had to put a shim between the bolt and rail so that it would eject shells properly

Автор jcdelich ( назад)
Why don't you slow down Speedy Gonzales? You take that apart so fast I can't follow it, that or so slow that you sound like a mongoloid, one of those.

Автор IVTEC42.0 ( назад)
Absolutely, i like to view it as the Ferrari of Shotguns. Yep them Italians Knew what they where doing with this one!:P

Автор Nickel1911 ( назад)
Good vid. Thanks for posting

Автор Nate Osborn ( назад)
Or before he dies he looks a bit tubby no offense cause I am too

Автор lakeshoreingkt ( назад)
great video the guy just needs to speak faster before the person watching it dies

Автор stu741zyphia158 ( назад)
@edmachi what would you say is better, a Super nova or a legacy?

Автор Doug Haefner ( назад)
@htown713yoba I own an 870 express and a Benelli Supernova and the difference between the two is like the difference between a toyota tercel (870) and a Cadillac (Supernova) the 870 is a great gun dont get me wrong but the express isn't a good model of the 870 the wood is cheap and it tends to rust if you are going to get an 870 get the 870 wing master the 870 really is a good gun its just that remington has lessened the quality of the gun so that it fits the cheaper price tag.

Автор soviet937 ( назад)
thanks for the video, im interested cause im saving for a shotgun now, couldnt decide if i wanted a mossberg or one of these. but i definetly made my mind to get the supernova with a pistol grip, it will be nice to finally have a gun that i can hold dear to my Italian heritage.

Автор Eduardo Acosta ( назад)
Mossberg and Remingtons are great too.

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
ruckingfetards speaks from experience

Автор Cullen Sons ( назад)
remember, the smaller screw goes in your rear....

Автор Cullen Sons ( назад)
no, mossberg 500 is a good gun, but it has NOTHING on this gun

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
BSN is the best gun for the money , no doubt in my mind

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
I also have a very old M500A . Like it but is no Benelli

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
agreed, by the way you have impeccable taste

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
yes, often have to fight the urge to eat them with mustard

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
You sure can, just make sure you are using the proper choke

Автор NickcFilo ( назад)
nice vid man i love my supernova, have you ever tried to shoot slugs out of it? I was thinking about trying it but dont know if it could aim very well with the two bead sights. what do you think?

Автор Pheonix2022 ( назад)
Holy chubby hands batman...like little bratwursts haha

Автор StonyRC ( назад)
When something has been well designed, there is an elegance about the way it works. So it is with this shotgun. Beautifully designed.

Автор skurge13 ( назад)
Thanks for the video. Is the magazine tube removable?

Автор J Fike ( назад)
The Benelli owners manual instructs to dry fire the gun after the cleaning and assembly....makes me think its not going to hurt anything, and if it does Benelli has a 5yr warranty.

Автор mike marshall ( назад)
@grandejuevos im 15 for my first gun should i get an 870 super magnum 870 express or the supernova?

Автор gfpd2722 ( назад)
they actually recomend it in the manual

Автор gfpd2722 ( назад)
if you have a steady grip stock you have to loosen it to remove the trigger group

Автор gfpd2722 ( назад)
its designed for it

Автор Matthew Balfour ( назад)
there's a rim on the cap designed to pull the head of the pin, so it won't wreck the thread. I don't use it anyways because its really easy to scratch the crap out of the shotgun.

Автор pocock24 ( назад)
arh right thats ok then, my bad

Автор John Hansen ( назад)
thats what its for..and no its not gonna ruin the threads..

Автор John Hansen ( назад)
its a good gun. the gun in this vid is the nova pump. i havent shot it but i have the supernova and if you can get one of them get it..

Автор pocock24 ( назад)
using the mag' cap for to take out the trigger guard pins is a little silly as your just going to ruin the threads on the cap sooner or later

Автор MexNinja ( назад)
look at TOMMYGUNZ170 channel to see how it is done.

Автор Old Gregg ( назад)
ive never heard of this with a supernova, but have seen it several times with 870s. Im guessing you never cleaned it before firing. go ahead and break it down, clean it really well. pick up some clp to try and get it loose. its probably seized up from the cosmoline like protective substance that guns ship from the factory with to prevent corrosion.

Автор 6Stang99 ( назад)
I have the Supernova but with the Tactical Grip. I'm having trouble puling the trigger assembly out. It looks like its to snug up against the pistol grip. Do I have to do something else to get it out?

Автор Seth Moline ( назад)
i have the same problem. i just try to live with it.

Автор ohiodeerhunter21 ( назад)
alot easier to tear down and put together compared a a mossberg 500 and similar guns.

Автор TOMMYGUNZ170 ( назад)
Thanks for the video it really helped me out with my dissasembly on my new weapon...

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
I agree with K, as with everything in life anything in excess is bad but dry firing after complete disassembly , which you may not do on a daily basis, would be ok.

Автор MexNinja ( назад)
When pulling it out, hold onto the trigger guard and rock it from the rear to the front in an arc.

Автор Louis Davis ( назад)
it is a centerfire, meaning that when it is dryfired the pin will hit nothing. Some claim that it is perfectly fine to dryfire centerfires, but to be safe it is best to dryfire as little as possible

Автор JollyGreenJ ( назад)
My trigger assembly doesn't want to come out for some reason.

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
Thank all of you for your comments

Автор Charlie1821 ( назад)
Thanks for this! I have yet to break down my supernova and clean it, this will help a lot.

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)

Автор Kuang Cito ( назад)
I have to agree. The SN is one of the best pumps I ever had

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