Sony 4K Demo: Another World

Video 4K Demo by Sony.

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Длительность: 3:12
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Автор Caleb Robben ( назад)
is the buffering in 4k cause thats all i see m8

Автор Raze FaDe ( назад)
How to watch in 4k!
Go outside!

Автор Taffy Adam ( назад)
Glorious PC master race be like:

Автор HardGamer 2 ( назад)
It looks awesome at 144p.

Автор ashok kumar ( назад)
4k not supported in redmi note 3

Автор ashok kumar ( назад)
4k not supported in redmi note 3

Автор Deal Maker ( назад)
A bit of buffering

Автор ElleEsse ( назад)
GoPro It's better

Автор Sharon Swain ( назад)
i am watching this on my new rca 4k holee jumping its unreal .

Автор Канал Димчика :3 ( назад)
Моему монитору 5 лет... А он тенят 4к!!!

Автор DanitheKiller12 ( назад)
maximum on my phone is 480p ;-;

Автор Kuzey Eren Çevik ( назад)

Автор Mihai Petre ( назад)
Lucky my phone is Full HD and loading without problems 😂

Автор dill papa ( назад)
I have a LG Plasma 1080p TV right now sitting next to a brand new 10bit LG IPS Panel 4k UHD and this video running in "4k" looks better on the Plasma scaled down to 1080p; running at the same time side by side, there is no comparison in contrast; the plasma is WAY better; night and day. The industry really screwed everyone over by killing plasma TV's, I paid $899 in late 2012 for this 60 inch LG plasma TV and I bet it would take a $5,000-10,000 OLED to out right beat the picture quality.

Fuck you TV industry, you money hungry scumbag cocksuckers! Thanks for screwing everyone over, assholes!

Автор BOB THE DESTROYER ( назад)
even i 1080 its pretty as hell

Автор Richard Johnson ( назад)
I'm watching this in 144p cuz att throttles my network.

Автор ZACH TIME ( назад)
how is watching this in the worst quaily possible

Автор ZACH TIME ( назад)
its buffering so so so soooo much!

Автор Syber Klaw Animations ( назад)
Awesome video quality though

Автор Syber Klaw Animations ( назад)
Just disliked this video because it crashed my phone -_-

Автор Bijoy Singh ( назад)
Beautiful background music and video

Автор Jonas Jr ( назад)

Автор Ijlal monawwar ( назад)
watching on an s7 edge.

Автор Basher Sully ( назад)
A month ago I could barely load 720p without buffering, now I load all of this 4k video in 2 seconds. This jump in internet speed makes me feel like a god.

Автор ᗷᑌᘔᘔᖴEEᗪ ᒪOᐯEᖇ ( назад)
im watching this on my alienware 17 and it looks soooooo nice

Автор Oyun Oynayan Pro ( назад)
4 K izliyorum turkler net e nolcak bılemem !

Автор Frosty 450 ( назад)
*peasant voice* "Human eyes can only see 30 frames per second"

Автор youRgreat ( назад)
Even if I pause it it still won't load up. How do you get videos to buffer all the way? Back in the day you would just wait for it to buffer all the way then play the video, these days it will buffer a few mm on the bar a few cm if your lucky then it just waits for you to press play until it starts buffering again, making it impossible to watch the whole video in one go!

Автор youRgreat ( назад)
It will take you forever to load it on your browser!

Автор LOYC JOE ( назад)
A'm just here to test my internet.

Автор Kavita Gaikawad ( назад)
good picture quality

Автор Onspeed 2000 ( назад)
LG is better

Автор caimac angelo ( назад)

Автор duracotton ( назад)
doesn't look better than 1080p..bad examples or recordings

Автор AwkwardCake:3 ( назад)
*awkwardly glad that i can run 4k smoothly*

Автор JACK DOLAH ( назад)
Damn sony back again with awesomeness

Автор Extreme Gaming ( назад)
Wow I can run 1440p on my iPhone 6s but not 4K......hmm wonder why because 1440p is somewhat "native 4K" but whatever lol

Автор Mr Eighty ( назад)
Nothing like watching 4k on a Samsung monitor made in 2005 ah ya

Автор Jule14 ( назад)
Ahh, the smooth 4k.
And all I have is a MSI GTX 960

Автор L ( назад)

Автор Csodálatos világunk ( назад)

Автор bob lex ( назад)
I wish this was 8k.

Автор 10mas ( назад)


Автор Rock Pock ( назад)
It took me over a year to watch this entire video.

Автор XKilersX234 ( назад)
i7 2 graphics (Intel + NVidia 720GTx) Laptop Lenovo E540 with ssd dick 256 GB

Автор 27md deya2 ( назад)
is i3 4130 with good gpu good enough to play this at 4k with no lag?

Автор CeruleanSky ( назад)
Here I am watching a Sony 4k demo...on my LG 4k IPS monitor

Автор J Walker ( назад)
looking good on MacBook retina

Автор NüdelPC ( назад)
4k easy no lag

Автор Ayushmann Sinha ( назад)
Lags in 1440p. I have an intel 82865g with 1 GB of Ram and a Pentium D 820

Автор The Stormy Blizzard ( назад)
watch in 144p hahahhaa

Автор GamePlay Juniior ( назад)
n vejo a diferença do 4k para o 1080

Автор Patrick Dizon ( назад)
Dang, that resolution is 4K and the TV cost too.

Автор Apple pen ( назад)

Автор CRY0H ( назад)
XD when you watch it on a 4k hd tv and it looks like it's in just hd

Автор Bluelade ( назад)
I wish every video could be 4K. It's such a beautiful resolution!

Автор Super Kozak ( назад)
Thank You.

Sony Xperia Z3

Автор Cristian Pérez Saavedra ( назад)
i am titan X

Автор Danush Shetty ( назад)
Well one plus 3t is a rocker, great device

Автор The Stig's German Cousin ( назад)
Now seriously, who's watching this on a 1080p monitor like me?

Автор TrollForce ( назад)
I can handle 1080p60 just fine, but when I set it to 2160k, I only get a few seconds per buffer.

Автор ZionTime ( назад)

Автор ÇİKİTA ÇİKİTA ( назад)
fuck you int 144p fuckkkk

Автор Tamang Mayesh ( назад)
what's the camera name

Автор christian neko ( назад)
it's very nice *-*

Автор click clak madafaka ( назад)
z5 premium can handle this 😃😎

Автор GoggleFoxGaming - ( назад)
"Beyond 4 times the resolution of 1920 x 1080p, It will take you to-" *buffering*

Автор Heisenberg Walt ( назад)
1440p is wow

Автор Heisenberg Walt ( назад)

Автор X-Unlock Br ( назад)
Meu PC explodiu ;-;

Автор MemezPlayzGamez ( назад)
I don't think my iPhone 6s could run 1440p I've never tried it before look liked I'm in real life there

Автор Hub Cinema - The Best Undertale Compilations! ( назад)
Looks pretty nice :).

Автор RyzrGFX ( назад)
Watching in 360p

Автор Andrew De Lange ( назад)
Youtube compression at its best

Автор IIV_XDiamond ( назад)
I'm watching this on my s7 edge

Автор Dr. Eggman ( назад)
Where is the lag? Oh well. This is one machine that blue fuckwad wont destroy.

Автор L0N3HEX8GON 1 ( назад)
I have a ps4pro

Автор Omar Plays MCPE ( назад)
Watching On 144p
Because My Internet Suck (1mps)

Автор Abiyu Ramadhan ( назад)
What is the function of this video?

Автор Julie Parker ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Captainsparkist ( назад)
I can still see the pixels.

Автор Kien TR ( назад)
LOL. who else can only watch in 720p

Автор Dairius Jr ( назад)
Watching in 1080p

Автор ErrorJaxxxon ( назад)
intel y series 1.2ghz ez pz, next!

Автор mario orue ( назад)
muy bueno

Автор Faqir Abdullah ( назад)
Finally I can watch it in 1440p on my Galaxy S6 on a 16mbps ADSL2× broadband. :)

Автор YuSuF KuRtGöZ ( назад)
internetin azına sictim lann oha aqu

Автор Jacob ( назад)
"Beyond four times the resolution of 1080p" is such a lie. It's only twice as big. 4k is a lie, made up by big companies to deceive the customer and sell their product. For 1080p you don't say 2k (1920x1080), why call these resolutions 4k if it's 2160p (3840x2160)? It's so fucking stupid.

Автор Mala Maitra ( назад)
can I provide you video link in my description... with your name

Автор FILMANDGAMES ( назад)

Автор Lewis Godiff ( назад)
looks amazing on my 4k monitor

Автор Cyber Gaming ( назад)
Here is me watching in 480P ;-;

Автор waves.of.grey ( назад)
Anyone else testing some new piece of tech with this video?

Автор Cash me ousside Howbah dat ( назад)
Who is watching this with 1440

Автор 樵夫 ( назад)

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