Sony 4K Demo: Another World

Video 4K Demo by Sony.

Просмотров: 9094014
Длительность: 3:12
Комментарии: 1032

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Автор Cyber Gaming ( назад)
Here is me watching in 480P ;-;

Автор waves.of.grey ( назад)
Anyone else testing some new piece of tech with this video?

Автор Harambe Rip ( назад)
Who is watching this with 1440

Автор 樵夫 ( назад)

Автор Grizzly Games. ( назад)
I have octa-core 16 GB ram 55mbps and it works fine

Автор Willy Herrera ( назад)
iPhone 7 only have 750 x 1334 and no decent DAC with no earphones jack.
amazing advance for the successor of iPod and people really buy it.

Автор Joni Joni ( назад)

Автор irelia 420 noscope ( назад)
im just watching this to make gta place me in a solo session

Автор JoHnRyD3R ( назад)
watching in my LG uh8500 super 4k

Автор Cannibal Ronny ( назад)
watching it on dell inspiron 7559 4k

Автор LAHMACUN ( назад)

Автор Salü Baum ( назад)
100k internet

Автор Georges Ayoub ( назад)
1440p on samsung tab s looks awsome

Автор Rajif Satriyo ( назад)
tryin' using edge or chrome 57 my internet speed couldn't keep up with
buffering.. this video playin' smoothly on i3-2130 w/ gt 730

Автор peperzanca1 ( назад)
tiene el formato en tamaño 4K, pero las imágenes no tienen la densidad de
verdaderas imágenes en 4K, no pesan.

Автор özay üğe ( назад)
4 k dan deniyim dedim pc mavi ekran verdi

Автор VisouGame1 ( назад)
It was loading so fast xDD

Автор Thegameofiron GD ( назад)
i love 4k :D

Автор Juanantonio kill ( назад)
My iphone 6 has 1440p

Автор bembita cortez ( назад)

Автор Adic Adidasovich ( назад)
I watching to imac the most beutiful vidio

Автор Holowiwi BR ( назад)
testando a net

Автор Amusedcat ( назад)
Watching this in 1080p

Автор Powermuffin ( назад)
i want the uncompressed files, can anyone help?

Автор Ema Ilic ( назад)

Автор Michael Marvisya ( назад)
my laptop buffering 3 seconds

Автор Pritish Seth ( назад)
watching 4k in 144p ez life

Автор UpliftingMelodies ( назад)
A lot of sources claim human vision exceeds 500 megapixels, which may be
true, once the brain processes the image. It is most likely that a direct
measurement of visual acuity in terms of megapixels is misleading.

Автор Rodrigo Sepulveda Utreras ( назад)
chrome doesn't use your gpu so html5 is showing lag, I fixed the stuttering
using the flash player instead. less than 100 fps dropped throughout the

Автор Awais Mohsin ( назад)
when you have 26 mbs and big screen ..............

Автор Harivola Andrian ( назад)
I love My island " Madagascar"

Автор RogeElo ( назад)
Lo tuve que ver a 144p porque no da mi internet :c

Автор Martin John Q ( назад)
GTX 750Ti as egpu at 4K youtube video resolution ; )
smooth playback.

Автор Marcus Jansson ( назад)
Dayum this looks extremely good on 55'' 4k samsung Led tv. :)

Автор doubts ( назад)
Awful music. Really awful considering the beautiful images.

Автор shoot 2 kill ( назад)
im watching in 1440p cuz 4k is laggy

Автор Взрослый савёнок ( назад)

Автор Nawaf on ( назад)

Автор Prince Hans ( назад)
Watching this in 144p XD
so beautiful

Автор Giancarlo IHuerta ( назад)
i6700 gtx 1060 NO lag :)

Автор Kapp ( назад)
i7 6700k 2 gtx 1080s lol no lag whatsoever

Автор The Network ( назад)
Lg ultra wide 38 inch god damn

Автор Parthiv Aneesh ( назад)
how am i able to see 4k on youtube when my screen resolution is 1366 x 768

Автор Joaquin Garcia ( назад)
creo que me corrì

Автор Hazmi Alfarizqi ( назад)
Im watching in toshiba laptop grapics: AMD Mobility Radeon Hd 5000 Series

Автор Avemis1 ( назад)
Watching on 2g mobile in 144p. Mind blown

Автор MangaTV ( назад)
sto cazzo :D

Автор 20020gamer ( назад)
It Looks like the Apple Mac wallpapers so Nice and Sharp

Автор TheDentDeCheval78 ( назад)
1440 gtx 660 :)

Автор abdellahalsaidi RBLX ( назад)
max is 480p for me

Автор Michel Charette ( назад)
Looks very good what is the Make of your Cam I am looking to buy
one...curiosity...nice video

Автор Smiley- Agario ( назад)
we are all here to test are screens lol

Автор Infermity ( назад)
playing this in 4k in a 4k monitor

Автор Nikhil Bhatt ( назад)
in 768p 4k is giving a little lag but in 1440p its running very smooth
The quality is very sharp

Автор Ayoub Zarhou ( назад)
please the name of the music ??

Автор Nikhil goreeba ( назад)
I just a new tv it's 8k

Автор Ticko ( назад)
my inet is ezly handle this but not with my pc xD

Автор mobeen islam ( назад)
really hood

Автор fvaletudo06 ( назад)
watching on my s7 edge

Автор qwerty ( назад)
4k in dual core pc
*gets 3 fps*

Автор Rekki Dabs ( назад)

Автор Hello ( назад)
dafuq they are talkin about? 4k AKA 3840x 2160 is not4 times 1920 1080 but

Автор sum li ( назад)

Автор murinah angel ( назад)

Автор Daniel Paddor ( назад)
If you want appreciate this amazing 4k content, you need an amazing image
digitizer. Get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4! At 1600x2500 delivering
class leading 359 ppi married to the super AMOLED screen, all I can say is
wow! Blows the ipad retina display away.

Автор LPS Zoe ( назад)
My pc can't even handle 720P

Автор RedSky Gaming ( назад)
I have Core i7 and I cant view in 1440p lol (8GB RAM)

Автор so rei ( назад)

Автор ariyo galih ( назад)
majestic... can i know the music theme?

Автор Prince Westerburg ( назад)
Just got a Dell 30" (2560x1600) and this looks NICE!!!

Автор Artyashka ( назад)
включил в 144 -хуйня ваш 4к,мыло ,мылом!

Автор Magarro Crack ( назад)
my pc is : i5 6400;GTX750ti.
And supports the 4k

Автор Ethan Michiels ( назад)
This isn't close to 4K

Автор Georgel Olenici ( назад)
4k playbback on 1080p samsung 22inch dynamic range on LED supper nice

Автор becia ziomek ( назад)
4k jest fajne ladny obraz

Автор Tameem AL-Ȝntari ( назад)
ما شاء الله .. رؤؤؤؤعه صوره

Автор Gaming with Harshil ( назад)
I saw this on my iPod 6 1440p😍❤️

Автор Meh Meth ( назад)
my eyes is calmed a bit

Автор Alex23 ( назад)
im watching this on my 2010 samsung

Автор Dan Can55 ( назад)
My iPhone 7 only lets me view it on 720p

Автор Guillermo Rivera Matos ( назад)
i love this 4k video

Автор Willi Hansen ( назад)
The music is awful.

Автор Det Roit ( назад)
озвучка какая то северокорейская

Автор UpliftingMelodies ( назад)
i dont know about naked eyes you have but my eyes are pretty sharp and i
can see way better than 4k

Автор Amr L ( назад)
on my 4k phone i can only go to 1080p on yt vids am i doing something

Автор PvtMadnage ( назад)
This is not 4K because my CPU isn't running at 100%

Автор Arthur Massaini de Santana ( назад)
1440p is 4k? Because it does not have any higher options for resolution

Автор Ha Gi ( назад)
Người Việt đăng

Автор MobileDecay ( назад)
"Sony 4K will make you cum like you never came in your entire fucking life.
Get ready for 4K porn and positions you have never seen before in such
detail! Now just imagine once we add HDR!!! I just ruined my fucking
pants... Again."

Автор bradye21 plays... ( назад)
Testing out a new 144Hz 1ms 1080p monitor. I can clearly see this video
runs in 60Hz... but why does it look significantly sharper with 4K
resolution selected?

Автор BubbleZ ( назад)
Keeps loading fuck this cancer

Автор Ω ΛιαnDυdγGαmΞrGυγ Ω ( назад)
I only have 1440p :(

It's still nice tho

Автор Sezer Abanoz ( назад)
Samsung galaxy note 5 💪💪successful

Автор MrLuna ( назад)
Whos her e to see 4k?

Автор Miguel Vazquez ( назад)
On my IMac 5k screen, I cannot see any difference between the 4K version
and the 1080p version while standing 80cm away from the screen.

Автор Stacy X ( назад)
WTF happened to Google Chrome?! Mac Mini, 8 GB RAM, 300 Mbs down and
couldn't watch 4K smoothly until I went back to Firefox. Chrome, we had a
good run but you suck now!

Автор Sebaxio ( назад)
haaaa mi computadora no resisteee

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