Origami 3D - Eeyore (Pooh Bear Cartoon)

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Длительность: 1:44
Комментарии: 18

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Автор Minh Khuê Nguyễn Ngọc ( назад)
Can you share the tutorial for me? The eeyore so lovely

Автор Kassy Lartaud ( назад)
Moi je voudrai le faire pour Noel a ma Soeur, j'aimerai avoir le nombre de
piece si tu la s'il te plait ;)

Автор RawMichiMe ( назад)
i would love to make this i saw the little version

Автор Shelby Havel ( назад)
how to make?

Автор akilesnape ( назад)
¿Con qué programa haces la animacion? saludos desde México

Автор Craig Jones ( назад)
Could you atleast do a tutorial on the small pieces you made so we can
figure the rest out for ourselves....?

Автор Ikay Gozum ( назад)
yeah it would be appreciatd if u make a tutorial

Автор mermaidproductions ( назад)
PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL!!! I really want to make one! Eeyore is my favorite!

Автор leonard1910 ( назад)
this is awesome i wish u cold show us how to make it , but u seem like a
stubborn person according to ur comment responds to other people

Автор Zsanett Petróczy ( назад)
you've forgotten the nose holes! but it's really cute :)

Автор lockenlow ( назад)
i don't have the diagram ..

Автор viragnes ( назад)
Hy... if your not makin` a tutorial, can u just send the diagram?;;) it
would help too...pleeeease :D

Автор InlovewiththeEnemy ( назад)
Woah...that's trippy :o

Автор lockenlow ( назад)
this is not a tutorial

Автор lockenlow ( назад)
i'm not sure, but it was about 90 A4 papers cut into 16 pieces ..

Автор lockenlow ( назад)
it's not my project, there's a picture of the original, you can find on
google/images ..

Автор Cindy Tam ( назад)
Wow, did you get this from a book or is it your own original design? Either
way, it's great! And I like the ending XD

Автор evilnproud ( назад)
so cute xD

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