Origami 3D - Eeyore (Pooh Bear Cartoon)

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made by me
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Автор Minh Khuê Nguyễn Ngọc (19 дней)
Can you share the tutorial for me? The eeyore so lovely

Автор Ikay Gozum (4 года)
yeah it would be appreciatd if u make a tutorial

Автор RawMichiMe (2 года)
i would love to make this i saw the little version

Автор Kassy Lartaud (2 года)
Moi je voudrai le faire pour Noel a ma Soeur, j'aimerai avoir le nombre de
piece si tu la s'il te plait ;)

Автор InlovewiththeEnemy (5 лет)
Woah...that's trippy :o

Автор lockenlow (5 лет)
i'm not sure, but it was about 90 A4 papers cut into 16 pieces ..

Автор Zsanett Petróczy (4 года)
you've forgotten the nose holes! but it's really cute :)

Автор mermaidproductions (4 года)
PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL!!! I really want to make one! Eeyore is my favorite!

Автор viragnes (5 лет)
Hy... if your not makin` a tutorial, can u just send the diagram?;;) it
would help too...pleeeease :D

Автор ManectricPup (3 года)
how to make?

Автор lockenlow (5 лет)
this is not a tutorial

Автор Craig Jones (4 года)
Could you atleast do a tutorial on the small pieces you made so we can
figure the rest out for ourselves....?

Автор evilnproud (5 лет)
so cute xD

Автор akilesnape (3 года)
¿Con qué programa haces la animacion? saludos desde México

Автор lockenlow (5 лет)
it's not my project, there's a picture of the original, you can find on
google/images ..

Автор leonard1910 (4 года)
this is awesome i wish u cold show us how to make it , but u seem like a
stubborn person according to ur comment responds to other people

Автор gummyXyummie21 (4 года)
yeah plz send me the diagram

Автор lockenlow (5 лет)
i don't have the diagram ..

Автор Cindy Tam (5 лет)
Wow, did you get this from a book or is it your own original design? Either
way, it's great! And I like the ending XD

Автор carlos1998ify (4 года)
tutorial please please please please

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