HOW TO KISS SEXY (ft. My Girlfriend)

I've been thinking about doing this vid for sooo long. And now it's done! Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend! Hope you liked it guys! weoeibjdbfsfsdg.

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Love you x


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Автор Doodleen .H. ( назад)
poor cat

Автор Ira Itu ( назад)

Автор Tasha Evans ( назад)

Автор Naphtalie K.M ( назад)
He is kind of cute ... He's girlfriend too

Автор Honorio Lopez ( назад)
did it died

Автор Hannah Duran ( назад)
So I love cats and used to have one so I will say this. My cat used to
climb on the roof and jump off and would be fine. She did it all the time.
Cats can almost always land on their feet all the time. If can cat can jump
off of a roof and land it it can land being thrown 3 feet from the ground.

Автор Mr Pro ( назад)
omg this is funny

Автор Jenny-Ann Sundqvist ( назад)
the omg I forgot to swallow my water kiss

Автор Ryan Tan ( назад)
Your so mean you throw the cat

Автор E_R ( назад)
This is so funny 😂😂😂

Автор HAMMY SAMMY ( назад)

Автор S Jennifer23 ( назад)
4:25 OMG poor kitty😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор groovy fuck ( назад)
i thought he was gunna say cooch LMAOOO

Автор Teejay Jordan ( назад)
beware his girlfriend gets wet in this video 😉😉

Автор Silja Andersen ( назад)
Are you from Denmark?

Автор K!NG Szabi ( назад)

Автор Kylie Chum ( назад)

Автор Random Montages ( назад)
That side of youtube again

Автор Suncrainer ( назад)
this blew up XD

Автор Audrey Cotton ( назад)
Wtf she just threw that cat

Автор Gabriella Haugland ( назад)
omg literally goals lmao

Автор Mariposa Butterfly (Savannah Lawrence) ( назад)
the hand kiss xD

Автор Every U Luv to do ( назад)
2 diff guys into me....n i like one of em... but today im gonna 1st ever
kiss....that guy who i dont like that way...u knowwww....

Автор Every U Luv to do ( назад)
ure sooo fuxkinnnn funny 😂 n ur gf ummmmahhhh...💋 n u both soooo

Автор redeemer6666 ( назад)
How the fuck did I get here?!?

I was looking for God of Thunder...

Автор Bradhastime ( назад)
i found this to be light and funny, bud childish in a good way. ha! ha!

Автор Karen Edwards ( назад)
you guys should stop making these videos because my kids watch it

Автор Jusesa ( назад)
maybe him fuck her everyday 😍😍

Автор Flowergirl786 ( назад)
Why don't you look at the camera?

Автор Katryna Hogan ( назад)
The water kiss 😂😂😂

Автор Junk K00ks ( назад)
Omg that faded unicorn in the backround gives me life.

Автор Naramsin Moshe ( назад)
She looks like the actress from the next step

Автор Jessica R ( назад)
The cat omg

Автор Gael Chavez ( назад)
Hey cheated

Автор J's Blog ( назад)
the normal kiss😂😂

Автор Emi Bojkova ( назад)
Tova s gadnata celuvka beje ubivajto

Автор aku R ( назад)
kisses make me horny but this one made me to be in a relationship (which i
cant cause i am ugly)

Автор Shorty Shorty ( назад)
Remember. You need a boner quick, watch the damn video.

Автор Bluecutecupcakes Cookie_corn ( назад)
why is there a pretty woman that wants to be an idiot man's gf (JK)

Автор Robi Xx ( назад)

Автор Nieclas Griesche ( назад)
I didnt like the vidio

Автор Simply Grace ( назад)
I want a boo💏

Автор Denisse Garrido ( назад)

Автор Cupcake 0022 ( назад)
This is something fucking funny

Автор Cupcake 0022 ( назад)

Автор Krista Yon ( назад)
yall 2 r cute together.....I dnt really learn anything though ...did the
cat get hurt ???

Автор Parker J ( назад)

Автор dustin hall ( назад)
I will find you and I will kill you

Автор Alice ( назад)

Автор Marie V ( назад)
XD the best

Автор Üdïth Ärörä ( назад)
Ha ha what a video

Автор Wackadoo ( назад)
4:25 OMG nooo kitty are you OK? Ahhhhh

Автор Deborah Zhang ( назад)
😂😂😘love it !!

Автор Kalani Gordon ( назад)
His gf looks like kylie Jenner

Автор Meghann Wilmoth ( назад)
Can we have sex

Автор lily cake ( назад)
the cat! is it hurt I just found this chanel

Автор Sophie Louise ( назад)
She looks like kylie Jenner x

Автор Rain Davis ( назад)
I died laughing 😂😂

Автор PyroNinja ( назад)
Did she just throw the cat?????!!!!

Автор Simone G ( назад)
i feel uncomfortable

Автор A Veronica ( назад)
shiiit hahahahahha

Автор LittleLemonn 18 ( назад)
Did you spit in her mouth?!

Автор Klaudia Prętkiewicz ( назад)

Автор The White Knight 75 ( назад)
RIP kitty

Автор Miyah Montes ( назад)
The skull kiss I started dying 😂😂😂😂

Автор sufz alias ( назад)
better u make video rape her ass.. LOL

Автор Grace Peterson ( назад)
okay does he have an accident or is it just me?

Автор Dave Paul ( назад)
those aint good kisses.... 60 second kisses are the best

Автор 김종형 ( назад)

Автор Ueusdlast Mitsumi ( назад)
I would do the last one, even if i lost her

Автор Gabrieldasilvaalenca Alenca ( назад)

Автор Ashleyalvarezy ( назад)
Poor kitty 😞

Автор Amit Kumar ( назад)
u suck.....!! Alex

Автор Mindofamango ( назад)
THE CAT😰😰😰😰😰

Автор Torstein Haarberg ( назад)
Lol, the lion king kiss 😂😂👏👏

Автор Jessica Dunn ( назад)
I've got one to kiss and I have Dunn it even if I'm in primary school

Автор harkerat singh (lunarwolf1234) ( назад)
This is funny and call me Luna that's my real name

Автор Twilight Sparkle Gaming ( назад)
Oh no the poor kitty 😱

Автор SEXY TV ( назад)
Good video I like it awesome

Автор shahmeer amed ( назад)
Are you. married with your girlfriend

Автор najma ughradar ( назад)
I liked the omg a kitty kiss

Автор Hyper Venom ( назад)
no cats were harm in the making of this video xD

Автор Selena huynh ( назад)
😂 you and your mom have the Christmas 🎄 you can make your dog 🐶 a good
😊 a woman can you have the most

Автор Walkman Flow ( назад)
i'd hit her

Автор matloobdar ayesha2 ( назад)
OMG why did she throw the cat

Автор Nathaly Pereira ( назад)

Автор Maya Saya ( назад)
I love this video lol

Автор Nathan Boyes ( назад)
The last one was so funny😜

Автор Margot A. ( назад)
so cute I loved it

Автор Yo_girl Anna ( назад)
I'm going to subscribe cause u are to have fun and nice videos

Автор Yo_girl Anna ( назад)
This was funny lol

Автор Jordan D'Ambra ( назад)
why u throw the cat

Автор Taty Campos ( назад)
why the fuck would u jrop the cat i hope u get hart girl

Автор drunkEliott is the best Eliott ( назад)
the lion king kiss👏🏻👏🏻

Автор Morgana Pitts ( назад)
Why is everyone freaking out? I'm sure it was hardwood floor so the cat's
fall sounded worse than it was, but felines are very agile and she lowered
her arms before she dropped her. The cat is fine and if it wasn't she
probably would have flipped out and admitted she ACCIDENTALLY dropped the
adorable kitty WHICH SHE LOVES DEARLY. That is all, stop being offended by
everything on the internet k thnx bye

Автор Lily yy ( назад)
During the intro he needs to make more eye contact to the camera

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