How to Face Paint a Simple Butterfly by Mandi Ilene (swaped audio)

A Very Simple butterfly for smaller children or a beginning face painter.

We offer this as one of the designs at our Little Diva Makeover Parties.



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Автор Emma Fletcher ( назад)
haha! my mom signed me up for some charitything and i am like I don'y know
how to face paint

Автор Jamie Prinsen ( назад)
this is gonna be extremly helpful its easy and cute thanks!

Автор OhShureTeena ( назад)
I have to face paint for my lil cuzins bday party and im 11 :)

Автор aimeeintx ( назад)
We just got my daughter face painted at SeaWorld and I think I am going to
do a face painting party for her birthday. They told me they used Wolfe
brothers brand face paint.

Автор 32prinsess ( назад)
@icebabe31 i baught mine at joann fabrics

Автор sabrinamom ( назад)
cute and simple thanks!

Автор inuyashaltd ( назад)
@icebabe31 You can get them at pretty much any craft store. I generally get
them at Michael's Craft Store, though I've also seen them at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Автор soulfyrefly ( назад)
practice practice practice.......is the best advice I can offer....

Автор magic1995 ( назад)
i realy want ot start to do this for birthday partys but im scared that ill
scrw it up so badly that the people kick me out :(

Автор Tonykuodj ( назад)
yo it is toooooooo good.

Автор sullie56 ( назад)
learned alot thanks

Автор IFeelHappy ( назад)
Your videos taught me alot i was asked to do face paint at a kids party and
these videos were very helpful they made things easy for me And a sidebar
great Roberta Flack Song Thanks for the vids

Автор ellabellahollywood ( назад)
great job

Автор rosaelena0409 ( назад)
me gustó mucho la técnica de la mariposa.

Автор paintersface ( назад)
Very Nice and neat!!! Like it alot. Will practice to get it perfect.

Автор Nancy Walker ( назад)
Thanks for sharing a "simple butterfly" it is a big help for us "face
painters" starting out.... I'd love to see some more of your work...

Автор slugbug2007 ( назад)
Thank you. Very useful!

Автор Silly Heather ( назад)
great job!!!!! I want to use your model!

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