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Is the beef really over between Youtubers: Latoya Forever & Rochelle Clarke


















Everyone Can Be Friends :)




Автор Sohema Clarke ( назад)
I love your hair and makeup poppin

Автор HannahEstherRuth ( назад)
😂😂😂😂 girl!!! We would kick you OUT of Atlanta sounding like that 😂

Автор Nikki Flex ( назад)
who is she no longer friend with??

Автор Makeitha Padmore ( назад)
Im from Barbados!!!!!!!!

Автор S. Fran ( назад)
So sad she loss a good down to earth friend. Yes girl you got that thick
skin keep pushing.

Автор Tee Bee ( назад)
😂😂😂 your atlanta accent is so bad

Автор Jâe-Aaliyah XO ( назад)
Damn Roti I felt your sadness 😔

Автор CANDY MAN. GQ. ( назад)
Rochelle. I no life is hard. But always remember. To stay strong. in
everything , that you do. And you will be okay. And I will, always, be
praying for, you and yo, family. so don't never. give up, in life. You can,
give out. But don't never give up. on life. Because, god. have a big, big.
blessing, for you. In, the year. of. 2017. okay. And god bless.

Автор LELASYMONE7 7 ( назад)
Please tell me what lipstick is that

Автор Baby Charms ( назад)
If You Go To Barbados Take Liam And Make It A Huge Family Trip. It Would Be
Dopeee. Just Like When Everyone Went To Jamaica.

Автор Nichole Marie ( назад)
YASSSSSSS!!! I'm doing SSW right now. I'm almost done.

Автор Pritthorn37 T ( назад)
I understand Roti... I had a best friend since middle school and we are no
longer friends. I miss her, but I am good. Things happen for a reason. Keep
doing what your doing and be you! Luv yah! 😘🙏🏽

Автор ADivaForLife ( назад)
Love you girlie😍❤, thank you for taking the high road👏🏽🙏🏽, but sorry
for your loss😀🤧

Автор Paige Crowdus ( назад)
all things are working together for your good

Автор Ladyp B69 ( назад)
Aww so sad ❤️ u Rochelle

Автор Aarthi Prasad ( назад)
Please give me those titles of those songs! Thank you ❤

Автор beauttty072 ( назад)
Yea HAM ON EM! I can see the concepts now in the music video. Comedy, like
literally have ham and act like a HAM ON EM! lmao

Автор Montgomery TV ( назад)
I'm sorry that youre sad Roti but you have the right people in your corner

Автор yans21 ( назад)
Why do you stress Liam out like that 😂

Автор STEPHENSANNI.99 ( назад)
dont become friends again

Автор Keyah G ( назад)
Lmao at giggly! I fuck with Giggs too

Автор mstcherie13 ( назад)
Am s confused i thought they were friends again. i can't keep up. But
rochelle come to the UK!and not just london come to the midands lool it
will be a good experience for you and you might even go back with liams
accent imagine that ahaha. It's still freezing here till at least march so
i would say if you were to come, to be safe come in spring or summer. But
seriously i bet your family would love a holiday but i know its hard when
the kids are in school its so expensive.

Автор AshecaComplains ( назад)
im so sad about you and her not being friends you guys were amazing
together but then again we can't see what goes on behind the camera but
things happen wishing you the best otherwise !!! and Londons my song
tooooo!! love you lots tho and enjoy watching your videos!

Автор Cathy __10 ( назад)
Is it I Annana???

Автор JaNeeCH ( назад)
Rochelle we Love You! It's your duty to Succeed!! I WANT TO SEE YOU ON TV!

Love You. You made me want to cry, your tears reflect how much it hurts
you. I'm praying for you and your success- remain humble!

Автор JaNeeCH ( назад)
I Love you Rochelle, I know it hurts your feelings but you are more
important!! You were the realist friend & truest friend.

Автор It's Kells ( назад)
That accent was HORRIBLE ahaha you sound like a Ms. Swan from Mad TV!!
Rotttii, you kill me!

Автор Etsie Nare ( назад)
listen to Stefflon Don if you don't already Roti!

Автор eiram31 ( назад)
that atlanta accent was cringe lol -you sound like a slave with speech

Автор Stephanie Amani ( назад)
Dang this broke my heart.
I don't even feel like watchin LaToya's vlogs anymore. Best of luck to you
Rochelle, indeed stay positive...

Автор Antoinette B. ( назад)
What did I miss, did something happen previously with Jalen

Автор Quita Maraj ( назад)
Rochelle is such a tough woman and don't let anything bodder her, but to
see her eyes blood red from crying after that question, only says alot
about how she feels about losing her friendship

Автор Lala Leon ( назад)
yow every time you & latoya fall out i unsubscribe from her....she reminds
me of that fake ass high school girl that loves attention and that loves to
rule her friends and if she doesnt get her way she is a mean &$##@. Oh well
life goes on rochelle put your family and yourself first you dont need no
fake ass friends. Your good like gold😚

Автор OurLittleSecretYT ( назад)
Missy is a great example of a supportive friend.

Автор Chantelle Kirton ( назад)
I got to meet Rochelle with my sister in mtl and was really cool and
genuine and I think people misunderstand her,I think this person is making
a mistake to let Roti go as a friend.

Автор Lima Rahman ( назад)
Has anyone realised latoya has less viewers. I use to be obsessed with her
but now I can't stand her, I can see she is childish jealous and a fake. I
think many are realising too.

Автор Princess Sabrina ( назад)
who is she no longer friends with ?? please reply if you know

Автор Chantelle Kirton ( назад)
I wished that us sistahs would be more loving towards each other we need
stop this clicky divisive Ish we definitely need more unity.😔

Автор Stacy edwards ( назад)

Автор Sanz Ant ( назад)
waves hand from Barbados..that accent was so bad hun lol. come visit so you
can speak it better.

Автор Angela Grant ( назад)
You look so beautiful! Love your makeup and hair.

Автор Najma Mohamoud ( назад)
Latoya used rochelle for getting her hair done loll and she always stepped
on her she only brings around other friends lmaoo and rochelle is gonna get
somewhere in life fo sure

Автор nacora1trini ( назад)
awww girl, It hurts to see you so down about that situation coming to an
end but you know what? you will be better off because of it, sometimes we
are trying to hold something together that God himself is trying to take
apart. You gave the friendship another try and it's ok that it didn't work,
you have so much positive things ahead of you and we (your customers) will
support you 100% ... you're such a genuine, funny and beautiful woman who
deserves quality friends/people in your life so you will be just fine.

Автор Miss Mateika ( назад)
I LOVE ROCHELLE. A genuine person.

Автор Sharii ( назад)
Love your blogs rochelle! Love from Amsterdam!

Автор Idekbuthey ( назад)
What the hell happened now ???

Автор LAsQtst and you know this ( назад)
Rochelle you have a guan teed million dollars house IF you drop a "tell

It doesn't have to be seedy but it does have to be honest. That shit would
FLY off the shelves!!

Автор Keisha Claude ( назад)
awwwww hugs Roti!!!!! Had me tearing up!

Автор Mariely Garland ( назад)
I noticed when rochelle was talking about this person she's not talking to
her eyes turned red

Автор Lillian bokre ( назад)
Was I the only one that released once she started talkin about toya she
looked like she cried but cut it out of the vid

Автор AishaH Reacts ( назад)
Barbados posse 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧

Автор LifeAsDonique 'x ( назад)
Rochelle, here in England it's never warm. Im sorry lmao

Автор Well hello There ( назад)
I knew it wouldn't last

Автор Chey Shantell ( назад)
I wish I could do makeup like u

Автор huntingtonparkway ( назад)
Atlanta people don't speak that way overall. Lol.

Автор huntingtonparkway ( назад)
Why aren't you guys friends?

Автор mycookie54321 ( назад)
idk why latoya tries to roast rochelle about her car and house and all that
when in the vlog where latoya was looking for a house she said she wants
grey hardwood floors when rochelle has gray hardwood floors. latoya is such
an insecure jealous person and I've noticed how when rochelle started
beating her face and looking more like a women latoya got jealous and
started wearing makeup and stuff. she calls herself a hard worker but she
doesn't even edit her vlogs and she makes other people take care of her
kids. and brags about how much she spends.

Автор L.Moore ( назад)
Real friends are soo hard to find. A lot of times there's red flags along
the way. I'm always taking notes. I had a so called friend that told me
that she doesn't want me to get married before her, girl bye.

Автор Tings African ( назад)
You are awesome Rochelle ♥♥♥
And on the real though the viewers have been peeping out drama with the
relationship a long time ago so no surprises here.

Автор Ashley G. ( назад)
Personally, i feel that Latoya has always tried to put Rochelle down to
make herself feel better and thats the kind of relationship they've always
had. So when Rochelle started to have a channel and started to become more
independent, Latoya got jealous of that.

I feel like now since Rochelle has got bigger things in her life, she
terminated people who brought her down. Latoya always wants people to
always come to her and I know that Rochelle is never like that. I feel that
once they became friends again it was mainly because of the amount of
people who somewhat forced them back together. I knew that once they were
friends again, it would fall short and become awkward because their
lifestyles changed and thats what made them grow apart.

I'm not trying to say it's Latoya's fault, i'm trying to say that they both
essentially grew apart from eachother because Rochelle definately changed
for the better over the course of the year and with the vibe of Latoya in
her life, it won't make them have the same friendship as they did before.

I love how independent and how you've changed for the better Rochelle!
Keep doing you!<3.

Автор Leta F ( назад)
You def need to go to ATL lol or even New Orleans. Glad you keep pushing
forward inspite of everything. You're such a good person, you deserve to
have other good people in your life. Bun all bad mind ppl dem lol keep
being you Roti!!! Love your channel and FAM.

Автор Kathfrank94 ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂 they don't talk like that in Atlanta

Автор Nadine Ngu ( назад)
Rochelle, do you have a P.O box ?

Автор LUCI ( назад)
i didn't really pay attention to latoyas attitude or maybe true
colours??... now looking at her lately she is seeming more and more just
based around having that "status" and materialistic things like the
Mercedes benz/van thing with Rochelle pushing her to purchase a Mercedes
benz out of all cars!! some people have better things to spend money on
then just dropping cash when you go shopping and all of a sudden her "i am
addicted to shopping" excuse! in her vlogs i am even now noticing small
things like her cutting a long line of people then commenting happily "its
the people you know" or complaining about moving houses just exaggerating
that she is now all that shes just seeming like the type of person to fake
a laugh with a successful person to benefit from them i am now becoming
vlogs behind compared to when i used to watch it religiously...like
seriously shes even pushing samia into this with her princess jasmine
youtube channel, unnecessary pricey clothings and the save samia app!

Автор She P ( назад)
🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧 but that not how we talk😂😂😂

Автор Fiiyahh August ( назад)
Aww, watching this blog made me love you even more. Your so down to earth.
I'm so happy I watched this video. Stay true roro

Автор MzzThang ( назад)
Girl I told you leave that girl in your past she is not a true friend. When
someone shows you their real colours believe them she badminded.

Автор peacelover 14 ( назад)
toxic friendships are awful because the toxic friend treat their friend
terribly and uses things that they have done for you or remind you of good
memories as a way to validate the friendship. The toxic friend makes you
feel as though you need them to be happy, when in reality it is them who
needs you. The toxic friend uses you in order to fill some sort of void in
order for them to feel better about themselves. Rochelle you are truly and
extraordinary person and I honestly mean that. Your skills are endless and
I think its incredible that you are learning new skills and creating new
talents all while balancing wonderful family. wish you all the best and
much success!

Автор Kieu Nguyen ( назад)
I love your singing. even when you're just playing around. don't stop bc of
what ppl are saying or trying to mock you. you're awesome and genuine.
don't change that. I subbed you twice now. I have 2 accounts lol. xoxo from
Texas !!

Автор Shaleece Mckay ( назад)
I'm sorry to hear you lost your friend. I know the feeling but you'll meet
people who truly love and respect you. Your heart is big and some people
don't deserve it. Love you. 💞

Автор Trisha (TrishPretty's Life) ( назад)
Does anyone know what song Rochelle was singing and dancing to on snap on
December 14/15?

Автор Toya best ( назад)
Barbados in the house 💯.. Love seeing you and Ms roshposh together..

Автор Trish-lee Clarke ( назад)
My Roti Jamaican Beauty ❤

Автор Life with Jnani and Gemma ( назад)
Love you Rochelle

Автор Khadija Tahiro ( назад)
It hurts me to see Rochelle like this honestly she does not deserves to be
treated like this. I know friendship does not work out always but friends
that love each ☹️other they always fight for their friendship . 😔

Автор Maame Kessie ( назад)
Aww roti😢💜

Автор Becoming Channer ( назад)
I loved the British accent reading the questions!

Автор MissBajanBella ( назад)
Roti stop with that bajan accent LOL you kill me

Автор Kimberly Seaborn ( назад)
Rochelle you are BEAUTIFUL. Your make up is gorgeous!

Автор ketolia renee ( назад)
Some ppl just aren't meant to be friends anymore.

Автор ketolia renee ( назад)
I adore u Rochelle but that Atlanta accent was bad lol I live here and I
would think u were from Alabama or South Carolina

Автор Bola O ( назад)

Автор Stacy Edwards ( назад)
Thanks for the new vlog God bless

Автор Positive Vibes ( назад)
Aww rochelle.. you can tell you wish you and that person was friends
again.. i know how you feel..a friendship breakup hurts more than a
significant other breakup.. i been there. but sometimes you are on a
different level and this person cant come along..

Автор Olanike Ladipo ( назад)
Sorry am confused do u mean LaToya? Thought u were friends again am

Автор xoJasmine ( назад)
was she talking about Latoya??.. when she said they wasnt friends?? caause
i thought they was....

Автор Melanie Garcia ( назад)
fuck that bitch. 🙊

Автор Rowanne Hanes ( назад)
Big up barbados! We await your arrival rochelle!

Автор Trinican Bee ( назад)
9:02 What the heck, Liam? Lol, that's not what it says. It's ok to say
"y'all", lol. We won't make fun of your accent (lies)....all jokes ;)
Rochelle, kudos to you to being graceful and mature in your answer to that
"controversial" question.
P.S. ATL accent still off (waaaay off), lol.

Автор Miss Khan ( назад)
This was nice and refreshing Rochelle , keep up the good work and let your
true self continue to shine 👏🏼👏🏼

Автор Kali Simmons ( назад)
Wait.... what happened to your sister?

Автор Christiana Marie ( назад)
I feel your pain, I just stopped being friends with one of my closest
friends we've been friends since the 7th grade (I'm in college) but she
really hurt me but it's apart of life you'll get through it you're not
alone either.

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