How to play Modern Warfare 2 in windowed mode

Similar to how to do it in Call of Duty 4 but the console is not used, damn you Infinity Ward!


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Автор Gawr Entertainment ( назад)
Great tut! :D

Автор McVenomzTv ( назад)

Автор BetiHD ( назад)

Автор Anton Vind ( назад)
Thanks, it Works for me! :)

Автор LoLzByGranTox (1422 года назад)
And if i don't have a steam map ??

Автор 3LiT3 OPS ( назад)
Alt+enter that simple......

Автор ZeRoDazze ( назад)
Dosen't Work :(

Автор peter hendriksen ( назад)
WTF!!!!! Fail you can yous alt+enter

Автор tupuducu88hh ( назад)
1) somtimes at some os u cant mod. files before setup ur_own to full acces
. 2) im almost sure it(like u set in ur tuto.) didnt work if u dosnt kill
steam procces ...

Автор SolidBigBoss89 ( назад)
thank you mate add my steam acc. >> bigboss89185

Автор MR.ME ( назад)
dose not work for me why

Автор UnSocial ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор awesomejoeyman ( назад)
Thanks dude

Автор 1966pikupstix ( назад)

Автор sofus nielsen ( назад)
Sorry "hit"

Автор sofus nielsen ( назад)
For single player you just tit alt+enter int the gamemenu :D

Автор Shadowking58 ( назад)
after this the mw2 mp won't even load up anymore

Автор Aqib Mahmood (580 лет назад)
mine only says source mods

Автор Ryan Hynes ( назад)
Hey whenever i do this it just makes the game smaller but wont change it
into a window so i cant do any videos where i need mw2 and other programmes
running at the smae time can you help me please

Автор SolidBigBoss89 ( назад)

Автор mrklant ( назад)
OMG TY!!!!

Автор Richard Martinez ( назад)

Автор megamax41 ( назад)
just press: alt + enter

Автор David May ( назад)
Yeah, just wanted to say, Hell yeah and thanks for sharing

Автор Brendan Doyle ( назад)

Автор 1337Ozey ( назад)
Thanks man stupid infinity ward ._.

Автор MonkeyD Dragon. ( назад)
i dont think i have steam

Автор Roxas ( назад)
thank you it worked ^_^

Автор pspTYLERTMAN ( назад)
cant u make the windowed mode bigger with one of those commands?

Автор iTwAsLuCkV3 ( назад)
@TechniTuts o lol

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
@iTwAsLuCkV3 Its my mic that makes me sound like I have a lisp D:

Автор iTwAsLuCkV3 ( назад)
your lisp is a bit sketchy =\ but thanks for tut, but you can just press
alt + enter instead of that. But still thanks :P

Автор yosinz ( назад)
Just wondering is there anyway to make the window smaller? right now its
covereing everything.

Автор Laurens213 ( назад)
You can just press left ALT + ENTER to toggle windowed mode. Why is
everyone bothering with these config files? When you are in the menu's
(main menu? the menu where you click Play), press LEFT ALT + ENTER, and the
game will go to windowed mode, or back to full if you are in windowed.

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
@x0thraxxorx0 no the game's resolution.

Автор x0thraxxorx0 ( назад)
@TechniTuts my desktop resolution?

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
@x0thraxxorx0 Change your resolution.

Автор x0thraxxorx0 ( назад)
@TechniTuts how to make it a bit bigger cause its really small lol

Автор Iain Hughes ( назад)
how about a tut to unlock console so we can make demos -.- :D

Автор smithEffects ( назад)
Sadface. :(

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
I don't wear pants, sorry. I'm just going by what people have told me.

Автор smithEffects ( назад)
Post a video of you doing this first? :)

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
Go to store, take the game off the shelf, stick it in your pants, run fast.

Автор TechniTuts ( назад)
It puts the game into a window instead of fullscreen.

Автор smithEffects ( назад)
Tut for how to get CoD4 for pc Free, pl0x?

Автор ModernWarfareMontage ( назад)
whats windowed mode

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