How to play Modern Warfare 2 in windowed mode

Similar to how to do it in Call of Duty 4 but the console is not used, damn you Infinity Ward!


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Автор GearsMan2525 (11 месяцев)
thanks nigga

Автор TRSnikeZ (1 год)
thanks helped 

Автор MR.ME (2 года)
dose not work for me why

Автор UnSocial (2 года)
Thanks :)

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
@x0thraxxorx0 no the game's resolution.

Автор 2whitty4you (4 года)
do u need winyar or whatever i know i spelled it wrong dont be haten

Автор Richard Martinez (4 года)

Автор pspTYLERTMAN (5 лет)
cant u make the windowed mode bigger with one of those commands?

Автор HitmanG07 (4 года)

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
@x0thraxxorx0 Change your resolution.

Автор sofus nielsen (2 года)
Sorry "hit"

Автор mrklant (4 года)
OMG TY!!!!

Автор Anton Vind (1 год)
Thanks, it Works for me! :)

Автор McVenomzTv (1 год)

Автор yosinz (5 лет)
Just wondering is there anyway to make the window smaller? right now its
covereing everything.

Автор awesomejoeyman (2 года)
Thanks dude

Автор tupuducu88hh (2 года)
1) somtimes at some os u cant mod. files before setup ur_own to full acces
. 2) im almost sure it(like u set in ur tuto.) didnt work if u dosnt kill
steam procces ...

Автор ryan hynes (3 года)
Hey whenever i do this it just makes the game smaller but wont change it
into a window so i cant do any videos where i need mw2 and other programmes
running at the smae time can you help me please

Автор sofus nielsen (2 года)
For single player you just tit alt+enter int the gamemenu :D

Автор noamize (5 лет)

Автор 1966pikupstix (2 года)

Автор smithEffects (5 лет)
Post a video of you doing this first? :)

Автор megamax41 (4 года)
just press: alt + enter

Автор 3LiT3 OPS (2 года)
Alt+enter that simple......

Автор x0thraxxorx0 (5 лет)
@TechniTuts how to make it a bit bigger cause its really small lol

Автор smithEffects (5 лет)
Sadface. :(

Автор smithEffects (5 лет)
Tut for how to get CoD4 for pc Free, pl0x?

Автор 1337Ozey (4 года)
Thanks man stupid infinity ward ._.

Автор TopGamingMusic - Best Music on YT! (1 год)

Автор iTwAsLuCkV3 (5 лет)
@TechniTuts o lol

Автор Aqib Mahmood (3 года)
mine only says source mods

Автор ModernWarfareMontage (5 лет)
whats windowed mode

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
Go to store, take the game off the shelf, stick it in your pants, run fast.

Автор peter hendriksen (2 года)
WTF!!!!! Fail you can yous alt+enter

Автор Laurens213 (5 лет)
You can just press left ALT + ENTER to toggle windowed mode. Why is
everyone bothering with these config files? When you are in the menu's
(main menu? the menu where you click Play), press LEFT ALT + ENTER, and the
game will go to windowed mode, or back to full if you are in windowed.

Автор David May (4 года)
Yeah, just wanted to say, Hell yeah and thanks for sharing

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
@iTwAsLuCkV3 Its my mic that makes me sound like I have a lisp D:

Автор Roxas (5 лет)
thank you it worked ^_^

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
It puts the game into a window instead of fullscreen.

Автор ZeRoDazze (2 года)
Dosen't Work :(

Автор x0thraxxorx0 (5 лет)
@TechniTuts my desktop resolution?

Автор SolidBigBoss89 (3 года)

Автор TechniTuts (5 лет)
I don't wear pants, sorry. I'm just going by what people have told me.

Автор LoLzByGranTox (2 года)
And if i don't have a steam map ??

Автор iTwAsLuCkV3 (5 лет)
your lisp is a bit sketchy =\ but thanks for tut, but you can just press
alt + enter instead of that. But still thanks :P

Автор SolidBigBoss89 (2 года)
thank you mate add my steam acc. >> bigboss89185

Автор Brendan Doyle (4 года)

Автор Shadowking58 (2 года)
after this the mw2 mp won't even load up anymore

Автор Iain Hughes (5 лет)
how about a tut to unlock console so we can make demos -.- :D

Автор MonkeyD Dragon. (4 года)
i dont think i have steam

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