pikes peak 2008, evo crashes at bottomless pit turn

pikes peak international hill climb 2008 evo crashes at the bottomless pit turn and rolls over

stop commenting about the title.

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Автор alex blanco ( назад)

Автор icewolfers19 ( назад)
He's not a Michelle ...

Автор Ethanmeister ( назад)
lol i definitely think the middle peddle might come in handy for some of
those hairpins... 

Автор Fesoferbex ( назад)
Because kids could afford the $40K my Evo X cost. WTF planet you live on?

Автор Erik Druva ( назад)
@Netmatrix75 The turn is called bottomless pit, THUS the small wall and
cliff on the left... Idiots

Автор ghettodriftmonkey1 ( назад)
haha speaking of that, an old friend (17 turned 18) of mine recently
crashed his evo 8 haha check out 'car crashes into lounge nz'. The top
result should be from 3news. he was coming around a corner, while on boost,
and he planted it while turning... idiot can't drive for shit. Should also
add his daddy bought it for him. He also crashed his DC5 type r, DC2 type
r.. sigh.

Автор iamstd2 ( назад)
yes cause loads of 17 year olds can afford to buy an evo...

Автор Brage Hammer ( назад)

Автор MisterNBG ( назад)
VW Jettas, Honda's, those are kid cars

Автор 1paulmc1 1paulmc1 ( назад)
I could do that...

Автор GodlikeNL ( назад)
That sentence's just too manly to comprehend.

yes cause loads of 17 year olds own evo rally cars

Автор The Last Spycrab ( назад)
Metal man probly paid top dollar for that heap.

Автор wrcrocks ( назад)
it is from nz , marty rostenburg was driving this , its andrew hawkeswood's

Автор Roger Moore ( назад)
since 2 fast 2 furious came out and millions of kids wanted an EVO?

Автор Roger Moore ( назад)
my car only came with the long skinny pedal on the right :(

Автор b00stinz ( назад)
Is this car from NZ? Looks like all the advertising on it is

Автор Viet Ling ( назад)
Not Dumb But True.

Автор Viet Ling ( назад)
Not a dumb reason when its been showed on Tv.

Автор Brage Hammer ( назад)
so that's why.. no, dumb reason bro

Автор Viet Ling ( назад)
When a bunch of dipshit rich kids starts buying them and crashing them.

Автор Mark Frank ( назад)
thats towards the top too :P sucks for him

Автор arthurneddysmith “Teflonicus” ( назад)
RE: "wintercat2" If anyone is in the US and sees this person's comment,
before mine, please forward a screenshot of it to the police there. In any
normal jurisdiction, what "wintercat2" claims to have done is considered
statutory rape.

Автор netmatrix75 ( назад)
Thats no bottomless pit!!!! What a scam!!!

Автор Haeze ( назад)
I love how it had the "Recycle" logo on it.

Автор khunopie ( назад)
does his died?

Автор shaunrwil ( назад)
phew, one less evo off the road for now. allways crashing and shit. guess
it dosnt help that the engines the wrong way round hahahaha

Автор Dom ( назад)
@ThePinkguns He's just saying....leave it to Subaru. ;)

Автор sierra3daction ( назад)
@oscarhollywood and a Subaru would have never made the turn with it's

Автор cunt3d ( назад)
picked this up as half cut 2 weeks later 

Автор Michael Ball ( назад)

Автор Alejandro ( назад)
great lock brakes skid out!

Автор arctyler ( назад)
@cb7pwn hahahahahaha but i hope you werent being serious, evos have so much

Автор shinebassist ( назад)
@robvlob Have to agree completely. Why the fuck was he allowed to be there,
and where the hell were the Marshals. I've seen guys escorted off stages in
Ireland for trying to stand in a similar place

Автор robvlob ( назад)
I wonder if the douche bag standing at the apex was the reason the driver
wasn't on the gas

Автор C Watts ( назад)
t-cut will sort that out

Автор Tunerdude94 ( назад)
That was pretty anti-climatic.

Автор PhildeCritic ( назад)
is it mean that I laughed?

Автор 404marc ( назад)
Thats Funny emaster255

Автор CatchUP---〉 ( назад)
@andrewgsupbrah Doesn't Suprise me Porsches rock. 

Автор PR0nQQb ( назад)
@ThePinkguns since it went into development :)

Автор bellhammer ( назад)
I want a detachable hood like that!

Автор Brage Hammer ( назад)
@cb7pwn Since when was EVO a kids car??

Автор jray0079 ( назад)
looked like it had waay slick tires and too wide for good dirt bite :)

Автор Kevin Moondust ( назад)
@ThatOneKidThatSkis No shit, Sherlock, the Evo VII onwards was faster than
subsequent Imprezas, but yet that agility can be used for straightaways,
cornering is sharp on tarmac but just that. Then the Impreza dominates the
Evo on dirt, sharp corners are performed better with that car. The Evo acts
nervously on dirt.

Автор Alec Berarducci ( назад)
@JackBandicootsBunker haha, what with the transmission and stability, its
probably in the top 5 most stable cars ever made unless you mean something
else, thus it being an amazing track car. oh also yes, I own an evo and
have driven my friends 05 sti, yes before the hatch, many times, and on
dirt, both of us like the evo more on pavement, obviously but the subaru is
not nearly as spectacular on dirt as the gap between the two on pavement.
It just soaks up bumps better, my car is still faster.

Автор Kevin Moondust ( назад)
@ThatOneKidThatSkis Slightly? You're spewing out bullshit. The STi is
DRASTICALLY better in dirt. Guess you haven't driven an STi, or in fact you
drove the shitty hatch STi, which is fragile and has the sorryass 2.5. But
go seek for a JDM STi, with the sedan shape and the 2.0. It beats the Evo
so much the latter ends up being a joke. Main problems with the Evo:
stability and transmission. Main problems with the Impreza: just the

Автор Alec Berarducci ( назад)
@JackBandicootsBunker Ya so unless youre retarded you would agree that an
evo is better on pavement, making it the better choice for winding roads,
and no theyre not that narrow, but then again judging by what youve said I
seriously doubt you know much about either of these cars. the subaru is the
fragile car in the mix up they break constantly and the engines in them go
on a dime, evos are virtually bullet proof in design. And yes the subbie is
slightly better offroad, but only slightly 

Автор Kevin Moondust ( назад)
@ThatOneKidThatSkis Sure, sure, remember the paved road is so narrow on
Pikes Peak, so I'll call bullshit on the Evo being capable of surviving
that hostile place. I've tested both a WRX STi and an Evo, and whereas the
Evo is so sharp on corners and steady on tarmac, it's SHIT on dirt. The WRX
STi is almost viceversa.

Автор Alec Berarducci (539 лет назад)
@JackBandicootsBunker hahahaha proof? have you ever driven either car,
because I'll call bullshit on that, oh also pikes peak was about 90 percent
paved back then and now its 100 percent paved, just saying.

Автор Kevin Moondust ( назад)
@The69Goose Couldn't agree more. Specially if it's an Evo from the 2000's.

Автор Kevin Moondust ( назад)
@cb7pwn What's worse? It's an Evo VIII (apparently). Evos VII onwards are
pieces of shit compared to the Imprezas of the same years when it comes to
dirt, they are EXTREMELY FRAGILE. I don't know who might be that stupid to
race that kind of Lancer Evolution in such a demanding event such as Pikes

Автор xloebx ( назад)
shit not brakes

Автор schanche1965 ( назад)
@THEMRRAWRSALOT Hey buddy, if that is what you think then you cant drive a
greasy stick up a dogs ares either lol!

Автор TheMarikBathory ( назад)
Look on the bright side. The matalman will still pay him top dollar.

Автор O'niel G (1895 лет назад)
that shit will buff right out

Автор schanche1965 ( назад)
What a crap driver, he couldnt drive a greasy stick up a dogs arse!

Автор Truviliant ( назад)
@JaoquinQ hahahahaha quite making me laugh lol

Автор Client Videos ( назад)
On the plus side...NOT A SCRATCH ON THE HOOD !

Автор Client Videos ( назад)
on the plus side...NOT A SCRATCH ON THE HOOD !

Автор Jason Quinn ( назад)
@truints Car enthusiast sir.

Автор Truviliant ( назад)
@JaoquinQ Are you a car enthusiast or a one model fanboy?

Автор crashbrandon10 ( назад)
yeah, you might just wanna recycle that evo. 

Автор RJ ( назад)
Can i PLEEEASE have the 4G63?

Автор andrewgsupbrah ( назад)
@MuffinsZER0 i saw a porsche turbo GT2 RUIN pikes peak though lol

Автор QQTrick1QQ ( назад)
Unless the car died he should of floored it!!

Автор adriangs-t parada ( назад)
the car is amzing, the driver is an idiot....

Автор b789har ( назад)
maybe if someone who knew how to drive was behind the wheel.. "hey lets
understeer right off this ledge"

Автор kartrakracer1 ( назад)
the car didnt fall down a huge cliff and no 1 died.. WTF title!? made me
waste my time ass hole.

Автор Lancerevo98 ( назад)
silly evo, let the subaru do the bitch work

Автор Bare Guns ( назад)
power through!

Автор CatchUP---〉 ( назад)
If your gonna do pikes peak. Do it the right way: Subaru WRX Impreza Sti.

Автор TheHacker60 ( назад)
@JaoquinQ I know, what was he thinkin'?

Автор TheHacker60 ( назад)
@Emaster255 True that. :)

Автор bubbyj ( назад)
Whooooooooooa OHHHHHH!11!!one!!!

Автор Emaster255 ( назад)
@QuiteSpyrtY awd def? What kind of awd do you drive?

Автор RZ ( назад)
@Emaster255 not with awd

Автор Emaster255 ( назад)
@OpeiGrafikka fizzer ay? my friend has one of those, loads of fun. It is
really scary to give the car more gas though when you already feel out of

Автор Pete Mason ( назад)
@Emaster255 I use the same mantra, only slightly different: "When in doubt,
power out". (usually in reference to oblivious shitty drivers when I'm on
my Fizzer600...) Definately would have kept him off the wall.

Автор THISIS ATRUCK ( назад)
@p98CEMJ3289uv9 Perhaps you should know your facts prior to posting remarks
on others videos. Bottomless Pit is the name given to this particuar turn
on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb course.

Автор THISIS ATRUCK ( назад)
@p98CEMJ3289uv9 Perhaps you should know your facts prior to posting remarks
on others videos. Bottomless Pit is the name given to this particuar turn
on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb course.

Автор snowyphil65 ( назад)
damn nice skid plates

Автор 03evo8 ( назад)
the motor still looks okay =]]

Автор Pernell Verstappen ( назад)
why evo crash? Because race car....

Автор Michael Moss ( назад)
OH NO!!! is the car okay?

Автор Emaster255 ( назад)
when in doubt throttle out!

Автор Poopy Head ( назад)
@ffrgtm must not... respond... to troll.... THIS IS SPARTA!

Автор itdrewledonu ( назад)
poor evo

Автор Ornery Fpv ( назад)
@ffrgtm did you not see the guard rail? 

Автор creforce ( назад)
ooh yeah ugly ass car get owned hahaha

Автор Harpreet Singh ( назад)
Now back to Metalman - Nz 

Автор TreeMat ( назад)
Keep ya foot up it bro!

Автор Okiebryan ( назад)
@ffrgtm The location of the crash is called "Bottomless Pit" IT's one of
the named features on the Pikes Peak Highway.

Автор horror4ever1997 ( назад)
R.I.P poor evo 

Автор xbfalcon351coupe ( назад)
@MrDriftability Dude, I'm in AUSTRALIA - I haven't gone on it, I'm just
responding to the fucktard comments from this fesoferbex wanker. And yeh, I
DO need to play more video games, the few times I've done Pikes on games I
suck at it!

Автор stephenquinlan ( назад)
maybe the drop is past the wall in fairness he crashed towards the end of
the corner and we didnt get to see the drop beyond that wall

Автор Lotus cola ( назад)
@ffrgtm you are a f*cking retard thats the name of the corner

Автор Collin Rinehart ( назад)
@ffrgtm bottomless pit is the name of the corner 

Автор PudPudPuss (888 лет назад)
this has to be one of the lamest crashes Ive ever seen!

Автор Théo Clark (1155 лет назад)
Sounds like the guy was fucking a girl with a bottomless pit...

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