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Автор The Derp Barn (7 месяцев)
Release this on the steam workshop!

Автор FLy1nRabBit (2 месяца)
After all these years, someone finally did it haha 

Автор gamer of the steam (1 месяц)
in the tf2 bots how will mounted all even npc how?

Автор SeriousSam6464 (2 месяца)
An addon we had to wait for 6 years... and we finally got TF2 npcs

Автор Jimmy Van de Peppel (3 месяца)
Amazing! but is there not a newer version of it for Gmod 13

Автор gamer of the steam (2 месяца)
capsadmin can you fix the old tf2 npc i like that addon much and bring into
the work shop or give me a link download but dont give us a virus

Автор Le Lenny (9 месяцев)
dat hoovy is spai

Автор victor fawcett (3 месяца)
this is so kool!

Автор gamer of the steam (2 месяца)
thats an error npc i tried this addon but is an error you will need a
mounted tf2

Автор The Friendly Heavy (2 месяца)
Yo, +CapsAdmin
Is the lua still available?
I dont like the current one on the workshop

yes I am gonna try to fix something way old

as long as there is no more garrys mod updates for a while it shall be good

I just hope it goes great...
Why do I wanna do this?


(And also: Bonk! NO!)

Автор Jennifer Wethington (5 месяцев)
i really really want this

Автор Samson (1 год)
This is awesome. Someone has to fix this

Автор Book 19 (19 дней)
O!! Fuck heavy hahahaha

Автор Korey Gaming-Kore2005 (1 месяц)
finally! the new version is out. and its better!

Автор Bonzi Buddy (4 месяца)
can i download it? im still has gmod 10

Автор creap32 (1 год)
The link is dead?

Автор Jennifer Quante (6 месяцев)
I hate all of you people saying "Steam workshop!".
i liek descriptions and u dont?
well too bad.
also porting this to gmod 13 was hard but i fixed it... almost...

Автор Slenderman 392148 (7 месяцев)
Why Am I FORBIDDEN to go to where
i downloads dis

Автор charles larcom (10 месяцев)
the goggle link can be hacked or reported and not unvallable

Автор Slenderman 392148 (4 месяца)

Автор Loris Crisafo (9 месяцев)
no linj deadi need this addond :(

Автор Jennifer Wethington (5 месяцев)
if you added this to steam workshop you could make not just you happy a
quorter of the world happpy

Автор KurtisTrollGaming (10 месяцев)
what Garry's Mod version is this?

Автор freddy fazbear (7 месяцев)
how did you get them

Автор Пастя Сдобное (8 месяцев)
разведчики довыёбывались

Автор charles larcom (10 месяцев)

Автор görma _ (8 месяцев)
so old

Автор KurtisTrollGaming (10 месяцев)
what version of Garry's mod 12 was this?

Автор SebTheToyBonnie (11 месяцев)
do you can give me the script pls ?

Автор Beatriz Morujão (1 год)
Can you make it as an adom pls?

Автор madi pas (1 год)
are you have to but all tf2 files in garrys mod ?

Автор iel superspy (1 год)
didn't work for me ether...i think its costom server!!

Автор UkishSteam (1 год)
oh...it's work for me :D thx man

Автор keiron evans (1 год)
That's ok man and btw would I have to put all that commands in manually if
I do? (shit) 

Автор Mario Trujillo (10 месяцев)
I like how when scout runs away he drops his bat and just disappears XD

Автор Kamil Kubera (1 год)
OOHh it is *shoots* GEY! 0:44

Автор Wallace Breen (1 год)
Please fix the link

Автор Jacek Nowak (1 год)
How To Download This

Автор cloe nick (2 года)

Автор JIJIZ10 (2 года)
poor scouts XD

Автор XxHumanxX (1 год)
you need mount tf 2 in gmod downlaod from steam tf 2 open tf 2 files and
drop any file in garrys mod/addons/tf2 and it works

Автор Gabe Newell (2 года)
0:50 Scouts:I Eat your sandviches i eat them! Heavy:No! Scouts: Oh Crap...

Автор jasontheminecrafter (2 года)
WHAT you listen to me gimie the download link and no1 gets hurt u lil shit

Автор hey01e5 (2 года)
dumbass, it says in the title the npcs aren't released yet

Автор Dumbass007X (3 года)
NPC'S Already Exist Just Search For Them On Google..-.-

Автор Mr. Mannface (2 года)
How do you install it

Автор Vasey105 (3 года)
Well. I don't see why you won't upload it really, I mean, you're just being
a bit of a dick to be honest.

Автор Extremely Photogenic Engineer (2 года)
Well, after three years of development, the weight will be too much for
those poor bots.

Автор CthulhuSlurpee™ (3 года)

Автор Zachary Shawnjone (3 года)
2 years later...

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