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Team Fortress 2 + Garry's Mod Scout's Caps Scout is a great collector of caps, the only thing that matters. Spy however steal Scout's caps at the...


Автор iel Superspy (3 месяца)
didn't work for me ether...i think its costom server!!

Автор Galio the Sentinel's Sorrow (4 месяца)
This is awesome. Someone has to fix this

Автор Beatriz Morujão (2 месяца)
Can you make it as an adom pls?

Автор Kamil Kubera (5 месяцев)
OOHh it is *shoots* GEY! 0:44

Автор cloe nick (1 год)

Автор JIJIZ10 (1 год)
poor scouts XD

Автор XxHumanxX (6 месяцев)
you need mount tf 2 in gmod downlaod from steam tf 2 open tf 2 files and
drop any file in garrys mod/addons/tf2 and it works

Автор Gabe Newell (1 год)
0:50 Scouts:I Eat your sandviches i eat them! Heavy:No! Scouts: Oh Crap...

Автор jasontheminecrafter (1 год)
WHAT you listen to me gimie the download link and no1 gets hurt u lil shit

Автор hey01e5 (1 год)
dumbass, it says in the title the npcs aren't released yet

Автор Dumbass007X (2 года)
NPC'S Already Exist Just Search For Them On Google..-.-

Автор Vasey105 (2 года)
Well. I don't see why you won't upload it really, I mean, you're just being
a bit of a dick to be honest.

Автор Halothinker21 (1 год)
Sorry I put that in 2 times. XD

Автор Twister980 (1 год)
Well, after three years of development, the weight will be too much for
those poor bots.

Автор CthulhuSlurpee™ (2 года)

Автор Zachary Shawnjone (1 год)
2 years later...

Автор Preston Bonifate (1 год)
whoever fixes this and gives it to me somehow i will gift them a game i
dont know which one but if anyone could plz take some time to fix it you
will be happy -From mbonifate

Автор Joshua Mitchell (1 год)

Автор Halothinker21 (1 год)
Tell us your Secret. How did you do this then? Did you download it on a
Website? Or is it yur own?

Автор fuygvfyuguihvuyguuyu (1 год)
Quit begging little kids CapsAdmin stated on facepunch That he would
released if he knew Ai Noding which he had no knowledge now he made a mess
because that was a prototype HE GAVE UP!

Автор golem98634 (1 год)
can i copy and paste the lua code into a notepad?

Автор TheLBPfan77 (8 месяцев)
I Wished This Was Finished

Автор masterkillz100 (1 год)

Автор VrejGaming (1 год)
Meh I just released a SNPC pack on workshop xD I fixed all the bugs see:

Автор Stallmanisbadman (8 месяцев)
Would be cool to use this to mess around. Nice job man. ^^

Автор Oliver Turner (5 месяцев)

Автор sirdownloadsalot (2 года)
Jesus fucking Christ! Stop fucking whining about this not being uploaded!
You're all acting like spoiled children. He does not owe you anything! Shut
the fuck up and move on.

Автор TF2Trouble (7 месяцев)
Awwww he's so cute! <3

Автор Minecraft187 (10 месяцев)
does it actually work for those versions?

Автор yeutroobe (1 год)
The addons folder isn't even working for ANYTHING for me. Do you have the
same problem?

Автор Kaironn Kelley (1 год)
Um....he just killed a scout on his team.

Автор Ismail Saleh (10 месяцев)
I enabled tf2 in my settings, but when I try to spawn something from the
tf2 spawn menu-it doesnt work! HELP PLEASE!

Автор Minecraft187 (1 год)
can someone upload the fix for this?

Автор kennyrox757 (1 год)
Are you finish let im not rushing its just that u have worked on this since
september i think

Автор Strindom (2 года)
Hearing that old school Steam message sound was instant copious nostalgia.

Автор MarcoDoctorwho (1 год)
Please, fix it

Автор Nicolasroxas (1 год)
shouldnt there be a link now? its 2012.

Автор Anmew (11 месяцев)
we need the gmod 13 upload of this

Автор Dalekslayer3699 (1 год)
If this doesn't work, how did you get it in GMOD?

Автор bioniclemac300 (1 год)

Автор Michael Spinelli (1 год)
1:17 Garry's Bad!! ahahhahaha

Автор golem98634 (1 год)
well dude just release the download

Автор SuperCatfire (2 года)
Flagged for "scams/fraud"

Автор SuperCatfire (1 год)
That doesn't even make sense.

Автор MrMARCOSJD (1 год)
You have Garry's Mod 11 or 12 ?

Автор CapsAdmin (1 год)
It wasn't released (due to it being broken) but I recently decided to
release pretty much everything I've made for gmod including broken stuff
and put it on google code. :) The people demanding a download are the type
of people who you can never satisfy. They seem to know better than me
whether this is working or not.. Now that the link is out there I'm being
told to fix it. If I fix it, I'm probably gonna need to make the rest of
the team. When I've done that I need to add more features ETC

Автор Hayden7White (2 года)
Please remake it for me. :) I'll make it into a mod and give credits to
you. :)

Автор hasto prianggoro (8 месяцев)

Автор alexlamist (2 года)
if you release it then we will subscribe you :) but if you don`t then all
you might get is dislikes, comments that is begging you to reales it and we
will come to your house and rape you XD

Автор Nick Pressman (1 год)
Team kill

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