Garrysmod TF2 NPCS

This was done in 2009 so it's completely broken now. Today in 2015 there are addons that do this already much better such as:

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Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
I found that in the workshop.. it's not made by the creator who made this
video (btw, he is the creator of PAC3) but made by someone else.

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
Garrysmod TF2 NPCS-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-100

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
¿GMOD 10-53?

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
ty :3

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
V i joined and i watched you're video on C-Framing KKDario08 >:3 btw can
you C-Frame me next?

Автор Masyanya Kuvaeva 67815387152487`5`5246`7476 ( назад)
and also can you make a model of me aswell? >:3 so i can have my own self

Автор Ken Fitzpatrick ( назад)
try the engenerr

Автор Andrew Carmime ( назад)
¿gmod 11?

Автор Aufseher Parodies (1279 лет назад)
Kids today be like: "zomfg wat vershon of gmode is dis u

Автор Some Mauser ( назад)
This was back in 2009 and it's still better then today's workshop

Автор TD RollinsR ( назад)
Also, for anyone who can fix it, heres a link:
https://garrysmods.org/download/15373/tf2-lua-npcs It doesnt seem to work
with Gmod 11 because a heavy ragdoll spawns and Gman spawns over him and
nothing else happens.

Автор TD RollinsR ( назад)
Your addon was the best, it was the only one to represent the heavys

Автор Johnathan Fobel ( назад)
I love how the Heavy got pissed off by the scouts and killed them for
calling him fat! LOL!!

Автор headless hosemann ( назад)
i dont like the beta one

Автор Razorback Steve ( назад)
I believe this is better than

Автор Captain Price ( назад)
I want to see you kill the heavy dumbass

Автор Book 19 ( назад)
O!! Fuck heavy hahahaha

Автор Korey Gaming ( назад)
finally! the new version is out. and its better!

Автор GTA Myth Finder ( назад)
in the tf2 bots how will mounted all even npc how?

Автор helpme ( назад)
Yo, +CapsAdmin
Is the lua still available?
I dont like the current one on the workshop

yes I am gonna try to fix something way old

as long as there is no more garrys mod updates for a while it shall be good

I just hope it goes great...
Why do I wanna do this?


(And also: Bonk! NO!)

Автор SeriousSam6464 ( назад)
An addon we had to wait for 6 years... and we finally got TF2 npcs

Автор GTA Myth Finder ( назад)
capsadmin can you fix the old tf2 npc i like that addon much and bring into
the work shop or give me a link download but dont give us a virus

Автор GTA Myth Finder ( назад)
thats an error npc i tried this addon but is an error you will need a
mounted tf2

Автор FLy1nRabBit ( назад)
After all these years, someone finally did it haha 

Автор xX_faw fo_Xx ( назад)
this is so kool!

Автор Jimmy Van de Peppel ( назад)
Amazing! but is there not a newer version of it for Gmod 13

Автор RedHood Gaming ( назад)

Автор Bonzi Buddy ( назад)
can i download it? im still has gmod 10

Автор Jennifer Wethington ( назад)
i really really want this

Автор Jennifer Wethington ( назад)
if you added this to steam workshop you could make not just you happy a
quorter of the world happpy

Автор Jennifer Quante ( назад)
I hate all of you people saying "Steam workshop!".
i liek descriptions and u dont?
well too bad.
also porting this to gmod 13 was hard but i fixed it... almost...

Автор RedHood Gaming ( назад)
Why Am I FORBIDDEN to go to where
i downloads dis

Автор Talon ( назад)
Release this on the steam workshop!

Автор Fisk Grodan 4432 ( назад)
how did you get them

Автор Пастя Сдобное ( назад)
разведчики довыёбывались

Автор Jimmy Kimmel ( назад)
so old

Автор Le Lenny ( назад)
dat hoovy is spai

Автор Loris Crisafo ( назад)
no linj deadi need this addond :(

Автор Super Ultra Boss Heavy ( назад)

Автор Super Ultra Boss Heavy ( назад)
the goggle link can be hacked or reported and not unvallable

Автор Mario Trujillo ( назад)
I like how when scout runs away he drops his bat and just disappears XD

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
what version of Garry's mod 12 was this?

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
what Garry's Mod version is this?

Автор Seb ( назад)
do you can give me the script pls ?

Автор creap32 ( назад)
The link is dead?

Автор Mr. Potatofactory ( назад)
Please fix the link

Автор UkishSteam ( назад)
oh...it's work for me :D thx man

Автор Beatriz Morujão ( назад)
Can you make it as an adom pls?

Автор keiron evans ( назад)
That's ok man and btw would I have to put all that commands in manually if
I do? (shit) 

Автор madi pas ( назад)
are you have to but all tf2 files in garrys mod ?

Автор iel superspy ( назад)
didn't work for me ether...i think its costom server!!

Автор Samson ( назад)
This is awesome. Someone has to fix this

Автор Jacek Nowak ( назад)
How To Download This

Автор RackiPlaysGames ( назад)
OOHh it is *shoots* GEY! 0:44

Автор earlkim mendoza ( назад)
does this work for gmod 11

Автор LurkerGuyT Gaming ( назад)

Автор 恋王 ( назад)
so you not gonna fix it?cause it's too much?i'm sending the link to the lua
coder i know in steam workshop,idk if they are going to do..but i'm still

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
what did you do to make it work its not working for me either.

Автор XxHumanxX ( назад)
you need mount tf 2 in gmod downlaod from steam tf 2 open tf 2 files and
drop any file in garrys mod/addons/tf2 and it works

Автор Ipodmini-NaCl ( назад)
Dude this is amazing... Wish it was finished :< Maybe it is this comment
was made 1 year ago...

Автор Flash Kirby ( назад)
gmod 13? Please?

Автор Core Acc ( назад)

Автор hasto prianggoro ( назад)

Автор hasto prianggoro ( назад)

Автор Bacon Senpai ( назад)
I Wished This Was Finished

Автор Stallmanisbadman ( назад)
Would be cool to use this to mess around. Nice job man. ^^

Автор Cpt. Hazama ( назад)
I can fix but who doesnt know how do ai nodes? Just open hammer and select
ai nodes in the entity section and place thwm. But be sure to mess with
their settings.

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
does it actually work for those versions?

Автор Ismail Saleh ( назад)
I enabled tf2 in my settings, but when I try to spawn something from the
tf2 spawn menu-it doesnt work! HELP PLEASE!

Автор UkishSteam ( назад)
awesome.....working in gmod 11 and 10 :)

Автор L王zbien ( назад)
Ever thought of putting this on Steam Workshop? 

Автор Егор Ильютенко ( назад)

Автор Naskeg ( назад)

Автор Anmew ( назад)
we need the gmod 13 upload of this 

Автор Slimeball ( назад)
Um....he just killed a scout on his team.

Автор pepeu557 ( назад)
where i put the tf2 lua npcs?

Автор Dalekslayer3699 ( назад)
@gmod95 Are you on the workshop?

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
I am busy making other SNPCs at the moment

Автор Dalekslayer3699 ( назад)
I'm sorry?

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
Busy with out SNPCs atm

Автор Dalekslayer3699 ( назад)
Did you fix i?

Автор Dalekslayer3699 ( назад)
Also, has anyone fixed this?

Автор Dalekslayer3699 ( назад)
If this doesn't work, how did you get it in GMOD?

Автор Blu Engineer ( назад)
heavy walk like he holding the shotgun

Автор cloe nick ( назад)

Автор fuygvfyuguihvuyguuyu ( назад)
Quit begging little kids CapsAdmin stated on facepunch That he would
released if he knew Ai Noding which he had no knowledge now he made a mess
because that was a prototype HE GAVE UP! 

Автор Milan Jovanovic ( назад)
Why the hell is your youtube avatar the DrWaston logo from old windows

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
Meh I just released a SNPC pack on workshop xD I fixed all the bugs see:

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
can someone upload the fix for this?

Автор KurtisTrollGaming ( назад)
can someone Fix this and upload it to workshop and subscribe to me please

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
Well GMod13 broke all of my addons and my base so far I did not find a fix
yet =/

Автор kennyrox757 ( назад)
Are you finish let im not rushing its just that u have worked on this since
september i think

Автор BenSunhoof ( назад)
You forgot 5: You are a schooler who Internet is not suitable for.

Автор zach green ( назад)
note: im 8, so anyhow i watch gmod videos because i think they are cool.
CapsAdmin. because when its meant for scripting, it makes this mod a little
stupid. and also, im a huge gmod team fortress 2/spongebob fan. im very
good at making videos because: 1. i made 10 ways to kill plankton 2. im
awesome! 3.i record videos with my webcam 4.i cant upload videos from my
mom's android thank you for reading this comment, CapsAdmin.

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
Well maybe

Автор chuckyyes ( назад)
welll some do work i think like player models and maps

Автор VrejGaming ( назад)
Lol alright but garrysmod . org still works its just that you people do not
know how to download it and put it in the gmod13 =/

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