Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

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Автор Laurie Dank ( назад)
Thanks again, Lord, 4 ur strength in stuff i'd never have thought wd ever
end that's ever broken my heart in my life...

Автор Richard Dassow ( назад)
https://bloomwhereyouareplantednow.blogspot.com/ Giving thanks. On my blog

Автор Apple Cervantes ( назад)

Автор Anna Merie Robertson-Hoffman ( назад)
For nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in
Jesus Christ our Lord. Please forgive me dear Lord Jesus for my attitude
these past few years. I give all my praise to You alone dear Lord Jesus for
any good in my life. Thank you Lord for protecting my family and me from
the enemy. Amen.

Автор Robert Purnell ( назад)
Matthew 17:11.
And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall FIRST COME, and
RESTORE all things.

God has fulfilled the above scripture in this day.

God stated in His word that God would send a prophet in the “Last days” to
“Restore” the original understanding of the word of God, which the Apostles

We are now living in the last days, God has kept His word and sent that
prophet, thereby “Restoring” His word to His Bride.

God has raised the dead on FIVE occasions through His chosen vessel.

God was photographed SIX times, (Veiled in the form of the Pillar of Fire)
with His prophet.

God`s chosen vessel was William Marrion Branham.

Judgement is coming to America, do you wonder why ?

One Sunday morning in June, 1933, God gave seven major continuous visions
to His prophet William Marrion Branham (Fulfilling Malachi 4:5 + Matthew
17:11 + Revelation 10:7 and other scriptures)

Five of the seven continuous visions, have already come to pass.

“The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion.
As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over
the land of America.”

Judgement is coming to America, do you wonder why ?

Check out William Branham, God`s “Vindicated Prophet” for the End Time.

God raised the dead FIVE times through this ministry.

The GREAT PILLAR OF FIRE was photographed SIX times with His Prophet.

One “True Prophet” when there are many “False Prophets.”

These and other “Prophetical scriptures” fulfilled:

Malachi 4:5.
Matthew 17:11.
Revelation 10:7.
Revelation 3:14.
Revelation 1:16 – 20.
Revelation 2:1.
Revelation 3:1.

Visit: http://www.end-time-message.org/home

Автор Hilwah Habibi Shing (lyn) ( назад)
thanks God for everything ...

Автор 0733464645 Themba ( назад)
Praise the Lord 

Автор akb de ( назад)
suddenly everything is against me... my job, my wife, money ... i feel so
lonely and afraid to see what will happen next.. with heart broken i come
back to HIM... I was crying remembering all the sins I have committed...
and today suddenly I feel so calm and magically I realize things coming
back in favour to me ... Thank GOD still remembers me... Now I am not
afraid anymore because I have YOU near me.

Автор poonam nagpal ( назад)
in my daughter's school this song they sing everyday

Автор Roset Kiryacos ( назад)
Do you guys know Jesus

Автор Roset Kiryacos ( назад)
Do you know that this song is my song for couer at st Anthony and st pole

Автор #silvonslime ( назад)
Hey guys check out give me joy , as the dear and as I kneel before you

Автор sheneka nicholson ( назад)
I like this song.I give thanks for Yeashua ELOHIM son.

Автор Chan Marcus ( назад)
very good!

Автор Leighton Smith ( назад)
I only hope it's true

Автор The1onlyNathanJohn ( назад)
Thank you Jesus for everything i have!!!

Автор Knight of Christ Jesus ( назад)
I give thanks for a zillion reasons to O lord

Автор Seci Torres ( назад)
Praise God!!! I believe that the weak will be strong, the poor will be rich
in Jesus....the deaf will hear and the blind will see. hallelujah!

Автор jay dee ( назад)
dear Lord i just want to thank you for the best gift i got this Christmas
..which is opening my eyes this morning i love u and i thank u with a
grateful heart

Автор Habiba Ferhat ( назад)

Автор Santosh Mathew ( назад)
Thank you Lord for everything you have done for my family. Praise God!!

Автор Tricia O ( назад)
Trent I am hoping you found peace and releaved of doubt and depression

Автор Winda Setiawati ( назад)
kotak pelan pelan saja

Автор Emelia Calixto ( назад)
Thank you Lord for everything....

Автор Tenten Gantong ( назад)
thanks you lord for all that u have done for me. no words can express how
much i thank you. amen.

Автор Marites Salenga ( назад)
Lord, thank you for the trials in my life that make me strong much stronger
Thank you for the people beside me, whom I loved so dear
Thank you for everything ......

Автор louie jay ( назад)
Thank you Jesus :)

Автор bernadette morris ( назад)

Автор Vaughn Malecki ( назад)
Thank you God! 

Автор Trent M ( назад)
Lord I need you right now, I have so much doubt right now. I just hate
making it through each day, I want to be put to rest lord. Easy. Maybe not
wake up tomorrow. Idk do u think I have a purpose? I'm so sad and down.
Everything in my life feels it's at its worst. I feel like theirs no help.

Автор Angeline Balensoga ( назад)
Tanx God for giving me a chance to be a good mother of my child..I love you

Автор Jason Brye ( назад)

Автор Universal035 ( назад)
Please pray for me. My soul is embedded in the worst possible pain daily. I
come from a negative, divided, confused, cursed family that has negative
dislike toward another. Majority of my family aren't married. Whoever we
encounter that we like or want to be friends with or be in a relationship
with, negative souls ALWAYS encounter us & bring more hell, more
frustration, more misery, more sadness, more yelling, more fighting, more
pain, more confusion, more hurt in our lives. Positive souls reject us. For
me growing up, I was the only child with no friends. I was raised by my
mother & grandmother. There were no other kids on the street that I lived
on. We lived in front of a church. I never had the blessing of friendship,
I never had the blessing of any sincere true friends, I never had the
blessing of any friends period. I was always & still am lonely. People
never wanted to be my friend. I couldn't relate to other people. People
made fun of me when I was in school. It's been like this my whole life.
Since I graduated from school back in 2008, I never had the blessing of
going to college, I never had the blessing of ever having a woman in my
life, I never had the blessing of my first kiss from a girl, I never had
the blessing of ever having a job, I never had the blessing of having any
male figures in my life to teach me how to be a man, my father was never
around & wasn't the type of father that was there for me. I never had the
blessing of experiencing & getting out in life, I lack learning how to be a
responsible young man. I suffer from a learning disability in terms of not
being wise & becoming a good listener. When my mother was pregnant with me,
my great-grandmother told my mom that the guy she got pregnant with was
shockingly a relative. Had my mom knew earlier, I wouldn't be here today.
She told me that she did not plan on having me. I was an accident to be
here on this earth. That's another hurt that I live with. I suffer from a
lot of other hurt, hell & pain daily. The woman that I truly love, that's
an incarnate angel sent from the gates of God's Kingdom of heaven, rejected
me & married a dangerous, hood, hustler, thugged out staff sergeant that
looks like the birth of a murderer. This rare incarnate angel from heaven
liked me & told me that she was sure that we'd be friends for a very long
time. I poured out my blessings to this angel sent from the gates of
heaven, by sending her flowers, cards, candy & gifts to her. The most I've
ever done for a woman in my entire life. It was also the first time I ever
sent a woman flowers. I touched her heart & made her smile by telling my
thoughts to her. I wont ever forget her being in awe & told me that she was
sure that we'd be friends for a very long time. Then a few months later,
she suddenly takes a trip with a guy, gets proposed & asked to marry him
right in front of the white house. The incarnate angel that God & Jesus
made shockingly said "Yes". That killed my soul. She got her marriage
license & is with him now. No matter how hard I cry my soul out to God,
Jesus & Holy Spirit everyday to revive my soul from that pain, I'm not
healed & it's hard to move on from a deep hurt that takes you life of soul
away because I truly love her. She is one in a zillion souls in this life
that God & Jesus made rare, so rare that you just don't come across a soul
as beautiful as hers. Sometimes I ask & think to myself, "it's bad enough
that I suffer from majority of everything here on this earth, why would a
angel from heaven reject me"? I truly love that Angel from heaven. She is
everything & different from any other soul here on earth. My soul is so
hurt, ripped & destroyed in sadness from the love I have for her. There's
not a day that I don't think of her. It's hard to erase her out my mind. I
have prayed for God's Will to be done that I have her as my Ultimate
Blessing in life. I don't want people or God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to think
I'm covet or lusting after her now that she has her marriage license. Some
people got controversial, wanted to say I did & thought that I put this
angel first before God & that's a lie. My soul has a hole inside that's
filled with a water fountain of tears inside each day. I always put God,
Jesus & The Holy Spirit first. I suffer from a lot of other pain such as
horrible folliculitis, alopecia. My skin has been prone to folliculitis
since 2013 of May. The dermatologist can only give me ointments &
antibiotics, but neither of them have helped my skin heal completely, I
still get sores, dark spots & bumps. I also learned that I have alopecia a
few years back as well & I'm going back in my 20's. I strained my eyes by
vomiting real bad in 2010 & I strained my eyes. The veins in my eyes have
been permanently damaged & my eyes have been inflamed since then. The
glands in my eyes swell up daily since then. I went to several eye doctors
here in my city & they act like they couldn't identify my diagnosis. I'm
still in constant pain to this day. I finally went to see another eye
doctor. He examined my eyes & said that I have GLAUCOMA. He wanted me to
get an MRI, to get to the real root of my problem & find out more about the
condition of my eyes. But my health insurance did not pass through so I can
get an MRI. I'm still suffering in excruciating pain with my eyes & my eye
doctor said that there isn't anything else he could do for me. I have to
wait another six months to see him. So I'm still in pain daily. My optic
nerve, the root of my eyes keep shooting piercing pains inside the core of
my eyes. I'm afraid & don't want to go blind. I cry in pain at night daily.
So please pray that God who sit of the Great Powerful Holy Throne In
heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth & The Power Of The Holy Spirit will please
heal my eyes, hear & read my prayers on here. Another pain that I suffer
from is infection from facial ingrown hair that curls back inside my skin.
I suffer in the worst pain. I put God, Jesus & Holy Spirit first & so does
my family. My family & I are born-again Christians. Some people in my
family look at God's word & scriptures & interpret them differently. I just
got through arguing with my family about God's word in the bible & want to
say that I'm the confused one. I don't EVEN like to argue, especially about
God's Power Holy Words in the scripture!!!!!! I'm so hurt, torn & tired of
negativity, confusion, frustration, arguing in my life & family. We all
feel like chickens with our heads cut off & its always frustration,
poverty, being poor our whole lives, more hell, more misery. NEVER A
POSITIVE OUTCOME. My family & I try to strive to stay positive each day as
well, but differently. It's always division in my family. Sometimes I've
told my family that maybe in heaven we (my family) won't be having negative
differences of opinion & that we will all be in positive peace. It broke my
heart to tell some people in my family that because there's always
controversy. I want God, Jesus & Holy Spirit to PLEASE! 100x times please
break this curse in the souls of my family & my life. Please ask God, Jesus
& Holy Spirit to please help me overcome my fear of driving. I just had a
car accident months ago. I have never been the one eager to drive fast like
a lot of young people these days. At 25, I still don't know how to drive.
I'm determined to drive. I want God who sit on the throne in heaven to
please help me overcome that fear & please be with me in Jesus name. I pray
for my bipolar next door mean neighbor that always lies that my family & I
bother her. That's another hurt I been dealing with for years too. My mom
almost passed away from a blood clot back in 2012. I prayed, cried & gave
God praise that she is still here. My grandmother's house got broken in 3
times from 2011 - 2014 & took some sentimental items that cannot be
replace. Every month of June, something bad always happens the worst.
Whether its a death, someone breaking in our vehicles, an apartment being
on fire, me almost getting arrested one time & a relative getting beat up.
It's always hell & confusion in this family. I pray to God who sit on the
throne in heaven, Jesus Christ & holy spirit that they will please send me
a positive sincere loving angel from God's Powerful Great Holy Throne in
heaven & beautiful children that have special souls from heaven. A month
ago, A 10 year old anonymously emailed & told me that "God sent me to tell
you that he has great big plans for you". That brought tears to my eyes &
my soul. I NEVER had that happened to me either. I believe that God who sit
on the great powerful throne in heaven, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth & The
Power Of The Holy Spirit heard my prayers. I was at the store last month &
a woman felt like something in her soul needed her to pray over me, so she
did. That has never happened to me in my 25 years of breathing on this
earth. I told her that GOD & Jesus must have whispered in her soul & sent
you to pray over me. She said "yes". Then I told her about my life & the
pain that I live with. She was so touched & moved, she sent me a flyer to
her church because they had a Men's Conference about Men becoming more
stronger through CHRIST JESUS. So I told her I'll go to the invitation on
May 1- 3rd, 2015. I went to the 2015 Men's Conference & it was a blessing
of an experience. I got to hear from different speakers from Apostle,
Bishop, Doctor & Prophet talking about different topics such as Spiritual
Warfare, Wearing & Being An Amor Of God. I'm still reading my bible,
worshiping & praying to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit every single day. Everyday
its hard for me to survive in this poor hard life. My soul is weak, lost,
damaged, in pain daily. I don't have the blessing of having a car. I still
live with my mom & the guy that she's been with for 12 years is going to
marry her. Me & him don't get along well. Him & my mom argue, he loves to
yell. I almost had to break up a fight between them recently. My mom got on
me & told me not to interfere with them fighting because if it happens next
time, he's going to put his hands on me & fight me & I don't want to fight.
I was just being a peace maker. I don't want to live with them when they
get married. I feel so stuck in my four wall room every single day since I
graduated back in 2008. Being lonely everyday, never having the blessing of
any friends to talk to or blessing of getting out to experience life is a
pain, struggle, heartache. I've tried finding jobs, finding ways to get out
of the house. I don't have a car & I'm still suffering from everything.
Even if I had transportation or money, I'm still scared to get out in life
period because I don't know how to be a strong, wise, responsible young man
to know how to achieve my goals & survive. I am weak minded in my soul &
whole body. I've been like that all my life. My soul feels permanently
destroyed in sadness from all the hurt that I just told you. I don't hold
onto grudges, I don't blame anyone. Why I say this, is because in my other
prayer posts on youtube, anonymous people read my comments & don't
understand my hurt. They want to be so critical, thinking that I'm
self-centered & want attention. They look at things the wrong way & don't
have a clue about what goes on in my life. Please keep me in your prayers
daily. Also please pray for my hand. Please pray that God will heal my left
hand. I went to the Emergency Hospital back in Jan 2015. The nurse drew
blood from my left hand & purposely burst the vein inside my left hand. And
since then my left hand has been in pain daily. So please continue to pray
for me. Pray that God will heal my soul & break this curse that's in my
life & the souls of my divided negative confused family. It's a
generational curse. :'( Everyday I fight Lucifer. He keeps attacking &
talking in my mind. Earlier this year, he tricked me into thinking that I
didn't feel loved from God or Jesus :'( Today, I was thinking... for an
angel sent from heaven to have rejected me & to not have the blessing of
any friends in my 25 years of living, I'm afraid to think that I might be
rejected from the lord. I feel so hurt as I type this because I feel so
lost, hurt, sadden, damaged, empty, lonely & destroyed in sadness from how
my life & family is. The pain takes a lot out of the soul & life that is in
me daily. I feel like my soul was never meant to be happy here on this
earth. I have been praying, crying my life, breath of soul out to God,
Jesus & Holy Spirit for help :'( to please break this generational curse in
my family & in my life. I'm suffering horribly. I feel so empty inside. I
don't what my purpose here on earth is if I come from a negative, confused
, divided, cursed family that's filled with rejection from positive people,
suffering in health, never having any good positive blessings. The hurt
that I live with makes me wonder was I really a mistake to exist on this
earth due to this painful hell I'm going through. The only thing I can
possibly do is pray, read my bible scriptures, worship God, Jesus & Holy
Spirit & please pray that they will break this generational curse of
negativity, rejection, negative division & a lot of other hurts. P.S. I
like Photography. I never studied everything about it, but I've been taking
photos since I got my first digital camera back in May 2009. I just
recently got a new camera on my 25th birthday last month on April 10th.
Pray that God will lead & open a new door for me in photography. This month
of May I had went to the library for free computer basic, ancestry &
internet basics, each two days out each week. I'm still failing becoming a
young responsible man. Two days ago I was late for my computer basic class,
but they let me in. This morning, I missed my free class session for
ancestry today. My family yelled at me some more today. I'm so hurt,
destroyed & sadden. I don't know why I was created :'( My soul is
suffering. I felt empty & rejected by every good thing this morning
thinking about my life, God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. I don't know if the lord
is with me because my soul felt completely empty this morning while I was
at the library. Now my mom made an appointment for me & her to see a
counselor & we argued some more today. Now the counselor is sending two
more people to help me & my family. I don't like this because it's always
negative hell & confusion. I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. I
did something in my life for the first time in my life. I bought my dad a
birthday card from the little bit of birthday money I recieved & mailed it
to him. God knows the hurt & history about me & my dad. My dad was never
around me in my life to teach me how to be a man. I am only trying to do
what God says in his commandments & that is honor thy father. I just want
to please & make God, Jesus & Holy Spirit happy everyday. I'm reading my
bible, praying, worshiping them & hoping with all my life & soul that they
will reply back & help me in my life. My name is ken.

Автор Raymond Lee ( назад)
Ole jetzt kommt der BVB

Автор Jay Ar Lindof ( назад)
alam nyo ba ay pang born again yan

Автор Jay Ar Lindof ( назад)
kasali kaya ako dyan sapag kanta no

Автор Michael Agban ( назад)
Always live to give thanks to the Lord

Автор Bryan G ( назад)
My wife and I have the good fortune to be friends with the author of this
song, Henry Smith and his wife. They have visited our church and performed
in person, this beautiful song of praise.

Автор Hwi Kim ( назад)
pls watch my 10 yrs old sisters version of give thanks ~~^^

Автор nowaykiwi ( назад)
I was thinking about puppet masters and how they intrically control their
puppets by the strings which are attached to different parts of the puppets
body, thus enabling the puppet to perform tasks that mimic human movement.
The puppet masters job is to control and dictate the movements of their
puppets in relation to what he or she wants them to do. This kind of re
minds me of ourselves and how we let things and events take control our
li...ves whether for good or bad. Usually the decisions we make are
entirely of our own choice, some good, some bad, but ours to make
regardless of the consequences that follow. In relation to our walk with
God, God gave us will to choose between right and wrong whether it's for
life decisions or general every day decisions it's entirely ours to make
even though at times it feels like someone else is pulling the strings.
Sometimes we make decisions that we regret and have a tendency to blame the
devil or someone else, when in reality, the decision was ours to make, we
just made the wrong one.
Sometimes we need to stop shaking our fist at God and stop blaming him for
the mistakes we make as a result of our own bad decisions. Try looking up
to the heavens and give thanks in everything we do and be thankful that
most us are in non warring countries and in better positions than others
less fortunate around the earth at this time....

Автор Silvia Ng ( назад)
I feel so touched as I sat on the PC and spend hours listening to songs of
worship and looking out from my window and loving the snow that just fell.
The Lord has been Faithful to us and Loving us unconditionally and yet I
always stray away from him..I am thankful for his Forgiveness without
forgetting His Grace and Mercy upon me. I seek the Face of the Lord without
thinking of reconciliation with my ex ever,

Автор Blizz Pranks ( назад)
*THANKSGIVING for the HOMELESS!!* - http://youtu.be/PXAAQS9oXuA

Автор Sharon Hilderbrand Maynard (1608 лет назад)
All I can say is HALLELUJAH!!

Автор khim sinosa ( назад)
yes lord..thank you so much foe giving me with the grateful heart

Автор William Daub ( назад)
116 people are ungrateful xo

Автор Mae Demoneverde ( назад)
Thank all great song, , god bless, ,

Автор Hugh James ( назад)
4. - Jesus died to pay your eternal death penalty. You can chose to now to
never die but to pass into eternal life in heaven. But you must repent or
change from or turn from your sinful way of life and receive Jesus. Just
pray from your heart a prayer like this: Dear Lord, I know I am a sinner.
I admit that my first real sin earned me eternal death in the lake of fire.
But you loved me so much that you came to earth and died to pay my eternal
death penalty. Thank You, Lord. Cleanse me and forgive me, I pray. I ask
You to forgive me and to come into my heart and life and be my Savior and
only Lord-God. Having asked, I now receive Jesus Christ into my heart and
life as my Savior and only Lord-God. I receive Your forgiveness. I receive
your cleansing. I receive your deliverance from every work of the enemy and
because I believe and receive You and Your death in my place, I will never
face eternal death. I am born again. God is my Father. I am a child of God.
This I pray and believe in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Автор joselito flaviano ( назад)
thanks god 4 everything

Автор bernadette morris ( назад)
I Like to thank the Lord for being here for me,and helping with my
Christian walk.
I had Daily Devotional scriptures,Television programs,Christian
Brothers,and sisters,all of you have been so wonderful, and may God bless
you all.

Автор ruz reis ( назад)

Автор Victorino Perez Jr ( назад)
Thank you Lord 4 the strenght and thank you to my one and only God

Автор Naveen Elarson ( назад)
I just want to thanks my loving god for my bad time because sometimes we
forget to thanks him on our real good times...love you jesus......

Автор Jimmy'J Belote ( назад)
Visited me @ Jimmj'j Belote Google+ I have alot of new
& good things about the savior
Give Thanks by Ozricus

Автор oluwabunmi oke ( назад)
Lord God i give you thanks forever.

Автор Janice Reyes ( назад)
I missed dis songs wen I choir on the church

Автор SONITA CHHORN ( назад)

Автор Glo Datu ( назад)

Автор Vanessa Chan ( назад)
thank you lord for this song i will learn to give thanks

Автор Farijo Lupaya ( назад)
thank you for this song be blessed. lets thank our God always.

Автор Jonas Blain ( назад)
God bless you for uploading this. Keep doing the Lord's work my friend.

Автор DreaMoS11 ( назад)
That was beautiful! I'm going to have my praise dance team minister with
this song next year. Who's singing this?

Автор Sindy Singh ( назад)
I am rich in Christ, and strong in his might. He has done so many wonders
for me and my family.

Автор kuratiks ( назад)

Автор bheng rosendal ( назад)
thank you lord for all in my life you give me way to accept me and my

Автор Fritzie gay marin Sotelo ( назад)
thank u oh lord for the everything you given to mhe in every dsy in my

Автор Car Henry ( назад)
Thank you Lord.... for your liberation and your saving grace......

Автор FR33M318 ( назад)

Автор thriveni saidam ( назад)
Thanks You, Thank You for this Channel Gratitude is the only way to feel
rich , or else we will always feel poor. I believe so much that, I even use
an iPhone app called "Thanks A Lot" to express gratitude across my
important aspects of Life in a focused and regular manner. Gratitude worked
wonders for me. 

Автор Rechelle Poso ( назад)
Tnx god

Автор eklah dy ( назад)

Автор eklah dy ( назад)

Автор Michelle Molina ( назад)
thank you lord<3 

Автор rayza mascarinas ( назад)
Thank you Jehova...

Автор Narine Manukyan ( назад)
Amen! Thanks to the Holy One for His Son. 

Автор Denise Thorbjornsen ( назад)
There is no name under heaven whereby men can be saved.JesusChrist only.The
door,the rock.The truth,the way and the life.

Автор Emily Alfaro ( назад)
thnx u lord..sa lhat ng biyaya bngay mo..masama O hnde..mrmi'mraming sa

Автор Raghuraj Malapurath ( назад)
Can any one upload the Give thanks song with the video of Christ the
Redeemer. I have lost that video.

Автор Poonam Nair ( назад)
Thank you Lord for your unconditional love and grace on us .

Автор Yami Alvarez ( назад)
I love this song we sing in church to give thank to GOD for what he did for

Автор Angelicus Dread Sanchez ( назад)
Thank you God!

Автор jhone louie ( назад)

Автор OFFICIAL VEVO ( назад)
Thank you god for the blessing's we recieve .....I LOVE YOU JESUS!

Автор marilou quijote ( назад)
I love this song I remember Richard the one I love most.

Автор ZzlovemusicZZ115 ( назад)
This song reminds me of what Jesus had done for us. 

Автор Reign Miranda ( назад)
thank you GOD...you save us 

Автор Annabelle Olan olan ( назад)
give thanks..

Автор John Lee ( назад)
Let the weak say I am strong, Let the poor say I am rich

Автор pwningadick ( назад)
awesome music and cool 

Автор Mia Daniel ( назад)
Thank Lord! for all your doing for my own good!! 

Автор jason wilcoxon ( назад)
Also, the time is coming where our Faith will be tested, there are people
being killed right now for their love and faith in Christ, for worshiping
our God, my pastor says.... if you were arrested right now and charged with
loving God would there be enough evidence to convict you, ask yourself.
would you all die for him the way he died for us

Автор jason wilcoxon ( назад)
what about childrens hospital, city of hope, St. judes, American cancer
Society, someone should be able to help...all i can offer besides my
prayers, I am not working, if i was I would, I wish I had it all to give to
you. Our children are too precious, my 14 yr old neighbor Jasmine is
recovering from brain surgery, she had a huge tumor, my cousins step son is
even younger and has leukemia.. I wish you and your precious babygirl the
best and will pray

Автор Amos Sihombing ( назад)

Автор freddie villarosa ( назад)
thanks lord we give thanks love u

Автор annie cabotahe ( назад)
i love you ! Lord ! good night !

Автор Buzz Rock @MrGreglaw ( назад)

Автор claudees ( назад)
Awesome. Thanks for posting such a lovely video. 

Автор Grace Mimi ( назад)
And now let the weak say i m strong ... let the poor say i m rich...
because of what the Lord has done for us..... Amen Amen...

Автор Sirkrodz ( назад)
We're never saved by good works.

Автор Evg Anandkar Silvester ( назад)
Give thanks to the Mighty King....

Автор nativenchristian ( назад)
Who sings this?

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