Algodoo - Science education for a new generation

Algodoo is a totally unique program. A program that gives you the opportunity to play with physics - using your own hands. Apply a constructionists learning paradigm, learning by doing. Use simple drawing tools to design, construct and explore with. Sounds like an interesting idea? Watch this video and learn how!

Go to http://www.algodoo.com to learn more or download demo at http://www.algodoo.com/wiki/download

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 5:46
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Phun - car factory
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This machine is able to build cars. Here is a download link: http://www.2shared.com/file/qz3cghyX/Phunmachines_Car_Factory.html. Thanks for...


Автор PewDiePie (22 дня)

Автор GameKILLER751 (4 месяца)
i LOVE this game

Автор Diego Madero (5 месяцев)
¿Is really there a installer for Linux?

Автор Park Eunyoung (5 месяцев)
It's time to use Algodoo!

Автор Kevin Astesani (6 месяцев)
We are working with this program on school

Автор Denis Rudashevskiy (6 месяцев)

Автор MegaSantiago200 (6 месяцев)
Whats the name of the music?

Автор Philip Lambrechts (7 месяцев)
We stimulate STEM-education in Flanders and beyond. We share these kind of
learning objects through our database of Open Education Resources:

Автор Gamini Samarasinghe (8 месяцев)
superior knowledge makes changers and challengers . 

Автор MrLaflame14 (8 месяцев)
Просто нет слов( very nice )

Автор mimima kila (8 месяцев)

Автор Matthew Stiwenson (9 месяцев)
всем качать - это круто

Автор Rizky Alfarizy (1 год)
This is one of the best program for science education and you can have it
now for free.

Автор Sergey Gevlich (1 год)
I would like to recommend this software. It combines art and science and
make it fun. Check out this tool. It is free to download now. So, download
it asap. It works on PC, Mac, iPad.

Here is a short video demo to show how the tool works
Algodoo - Science education for a new generation

Here is the link to download the tool

Автор Mongkol Thitithamasak (1 год)
I come across this simulation tool. It is free to download. It works on PC,
MAC and iPad.

Algodoo creates a new synergy between science and art
Algodoo is a unique 2D-simulation software from Algoryx Simulation AB.
Algodoo is designed in a playful, cartoony manner, making it a perfect tool
for creating interactive scenes. Explore physics, build amazing inventions,
design cool games or experiment with Algodoo in your science classes.
Algodoo encourages students and children’s own creativity, ability and
motivation to construct knowledge while having fun. Making it as
entertaining as it is educational. Algodoo is also a perfect aid for
children to learn and practice physics at home.

Algodoo - Science education for a new generation

Автор Ljudmilla Rozhdestvenskaja (1 год)
I would like to recommend this software. It combines art and science and
make it fun. Check out this tool. It is free to download now. So, download
it asap. It works on PC, Mac, iPad.

Here is a short video demo to show how the tool works
Algodoo - Science education for a new generation

Here is the link to download the tool

Автор Morbo Annihilator (10 месяцев)

Автор ankit chouksey (11 месяцев)

Автор XxENovaxX (2 года)
@Kilinich Then go on their website and look for scenes...

Автор CooBM (3 года)
How is the multicore CPU and GPU implementation going? Any beta in sight

Автор dacke93 (3 года)
@Kilinich how do u get v.9.0?

Автор DeathCon88 (3 года)
@xvi32 I don't think it actually has a title. It was made for the Phun (the
free version of this program) demo.

Автор BeggerStager (1 год)
I wish Algodoo was still free

Автор TehLulz4u (1 год)
Good lord, coding this must've been hyper complex.

Автор Oin Nawk (9 месяцев)
how did you make the spring out of nothing?

Автор noblereach551 (1 год)
thank god

Автор Rex Mexington (1 год)
Shut up and take my money

Автор BlocklandLover (3 года)
Did it

Автор Hexley the Platypus (danylopez123) (2 года)
what name is the music?

Автор BlackCat Sakamoto (1 год)
Algodoo is original and incredibots is a copy much?Srsly incredibots is a
lame copy.Algodoo is created at an University and is really original.

Автор guyboy625 (3 года)
Are you dissing the old phun interface?

Автор TheBoyetronic (3 года)
@ConfusedHobbes Why dont you visit algodoo.com and download a demo copy?
With the demo copy you can do everything in this video with only very few
limitations. and if your fast enougth you can buy a copy for half price!

Автор Eric Stevenson (11 месяцев)
Education is fun!

Автор TheBoyetronic (3 года)
@CooBM There is no multicore support atm. and there is no beta avaliable at
the time of writing this!

Автор Rampally Venu (1 год)
its free buddy

Автор TheBoyetronic (3 года)
@xvi32 we call it the phun theme song :D if you want a copy you can get it:

Автор Timmytimmy123123 (1 год)
My brain hurts from watching this video.

Автор Mujibar Mondal (1 год)

Автор Yulee Mavi (1 год)
1:56 thats cool

Автор Joseph Disney (11 месяцев)
where did you get the music

Автор BlackCat Sakamoto (1 год)
It was for about 20-40$ a year ago

Автор John Backs (2 года)
Hey ik you made lego glock video LOL!

Автор Gabriel Vogt Teixeira (1 год)

Автор Silviano Gaona (11 месяцев)
What website did you get it from.

Автор dethklok1989 (2 года)

Автор TutorialesComplejos (1 год)
How to download!!!!!

Автор hotpocketpoison (3 года)
umm... i literally cant do ANY of this in mine :/

Автор Алексей Лемешко (1 год)

Автор tehnaziInurcloset (2 года)
1:06 Pink Floyd much?

Автор HUSSEN AL-IRAQI (1 год)
برنامج روعة جميل فقط بالاحلام اشوفه

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