Algodoo - Science education for a new generation

Algodoo is a totally unique program. A program that gives you the opportunity to play with physics - using your own hands. Apply a constructionists learning paradigm, learning by doing. Use simple drawing tools to design, construct and explore with. Sounds like an interesting idea? Watch this video and learn how!

Go to http://www.algodoo.com to learn more or download demo at http://www.algodoo.com/wiki/download

Interested in Engineering simulations in 3D? Visit http://www.algoryx.se/products/dynamics-for-spaceclaim/, for more information.

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Длительность: 5:46
Комментарии: 94

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Автор Mario CZ ( назад)

Автор Kế toán Khôi Tín ( назад)
aahh,childhood memories

Автор Daniel Aquino ( назад)
algoryx can u make a vidio to unistall it im 5.5yrs now

Автор Daniel Aquino ( назад)
i mean 30 sec
ok? now it has 3450 donloats
i mean donloads

Автор Daniel Aquino ( назад)
30 lags 1d 2hr 5min 6sec

Автор Daniel Aquino ( назад)
it lags a lot on vrsion 2.1.0 i have hard drive lvl 80 or 90

Автор Lance Stinson ( назад)
amazing!!! i just want to turn something into a liquid on touch!

Автор 5eurosenelsuelo ( назад)
I have to learn to use this in a proper way. So much potential in here

Автор Maneiro_Extremo ( назад)
best simulation program ever

Автор TheMoyi XD ( назад)
subscriber number 2000 :3

Автор Яздесь Простотак ( назад)
Look like a «Crayon Physics Deluxe», but this game better!

Автор Masonandastons- ChallengeChannel ( назад)

Автор Katarina Radić ( назад)
And my ipad

Автор Dora Joseph ( назад)
my tablet has a graphics driver and my ipad too

Автор Kaleb Jackson ( назад)
me whant game!

Автор Laura Wood ( назад)
i have it

Автор Agustin Marra Gallo ( назад)

Автор Your average, edgy teen ( назад)
does anyone wanna see my transformers ragdolls I've made like 200 and they
have like moving parts, and they are really easy to make. i just gotta make
an algodoo account and then post them, they also have weapons

Автор Derpybunneh ( назад)
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!! Oh wait, it's free...

Автор sheep games ( назад)
pls i need help i cant play it when i want to play it it says that i need
to update my graphics cuz my system dosnt supports shaders

Автор Dpiannee1 ( назад)
Dude ur amazing

Автор Weak1ings ( назад)
Still Single-core. Unless you have a Intel i7-5820X with one core enabled,
and at 16 Ghz(somehow) your will die when things get hairy. Like water!
GPU processing is a must. So is multi-core Processing.

Автор Marcia Nakoneszen ( назад)
Nossa que legal

Автор Andrei ( назад)
mind = blown

Автор Jonatan Borowicz ( назад)
We use this in tecnics at school.

Автор Jacob King ( назад)
Holy fucking cow pewts

Автор Jacob King ( назад)
Holy fucking cow pewts

Автор Ganuz ( назад)
i LOVE this game

Автор Diego Madero ( назад)
¿Is really there a installer for Linux?

Автор Kevin Astesani ( назад)
We are working with this program on school

Автор Rengiux ( назад)
Whats the name of the music?

Автор Gamin Samarasinghe ( назад)
superior knowledge makes changers and challengers . 

Автор dth_core ( назад)
Просто нет слов( very nice )

Автор mariam mzf ( назад)

Автор Aikido 1999 ( назад)
how did you make the spring out of nothing?

Автор Morbo Annihilator ( назад)

Автор Joseph Disney ( назад)
where did you get the music 

Автор Herobrine Hunter ( назад)
What website did you get it from.

Автор ankit chouksey ( назад)

Автор Eric Stevenson ( назад)
Education is fun!

Автор CTRL F U ( назад)
thank god

Автор Gabriel Vogt Teixeira (gabriel games) ( назад)

Автор Zoltán Máté ( назад)
very nice game :§

Автор Galdar Turin ( назад)

Автор Piccolo-kun ( назад)
Yeah!! Is Free!!

Автор Slimebrik ( назад)
i wish i could play but i just get a error when trying to enter it :(

Автор Rampally Venu ( назад)
its free buddy

Автор Darnell Moorman ( назад)
Shut up and take my money

Автор RoboticPrism ( назад)
Well I wish they had this when I took physics...

Автор TehLulz4u ( назад)
Good lord, coding this must've been hyper complex.

Автор herrabanani ( назад)
incredibots much?

Автор Yulee Mavi ( назад)
1:56 thats cool 

Автор Mujibar Mondal ( назад)

Автор Kenneth Nielsen ( назад)
It could be fun if there is electricity ;)

Автор Timmytimmy123123 ( назад)
My brain hurts from watching this video.

Автор HUSSEN AL-IRAQI ( назад)
برنامج روعة جميل فقط بالاحلام اشوفه 

Автор BeggerStager ( назад)
I wish Algodoo was still free

Автор knoxe1 ( назад)
what is the name of the song in the video 

Автор dark 5 ( назад)
Hey I play that game

Автор William Chandra ( назад)
The song and video is cool Btw what name the song :D

Автор dethklok1989 ( назад)

Автор AAD-10 ( назад)
That was so amazing :D 

Автор Shep ( назад)
Hey ik you made lego glock video LOL!

Автор XxENovaxX ( назад)
@Kilinich Then go on their website and look for scenes...

Автор Hexley the Platypus (danylopez123 CLOSED) ( назад)
what name is the music? 

Автор Martin Djonov ( назад)
That shit is fuckin AMAZING,

Автор Joona1410 ( назад)

Автор nelsolla ( назад)

Автор guyboy625 ( назад)
Are you dissing the old phun interface?

Автор dacke93 ( назад)
@Kilinich how do u get v.9.0?

Автор hotpocketpoison ( назад)
umm... i literally cant do ANY of this in mine :/

Автор raul gatto ( назад)
what version is this please answer me 

Автор Urist McTubedwarf ( назад)
@ConfusedHobbes you will learn while you play :P

Автор Kirill Ilinich ( назад)
It is great to see basic features for beginners but I'd rather see what
possible to make with algodoo for advanced users... 

Автор Bubger ( назад)
screw learning, this looks hella fun to play.

Автор DeathCon88 ( назад)
@xvi32 I don't think it actually has a title. It was made for the Phun (the
free version of this program) demo.

Автор CooBM ( назад)
How is the multicore CPU and GPU implementation going? Any beta in sight

Автор xvi32 ( назад)
name in the music?

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