Belgium draft horse pulling

Belgium draft horse pulling championship

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Автор sean graver ( назад)
his hocks will be ruined in a short time .. disgraceful..

Автор CheeseCakeExtreme ( назад)
i want a pair of draft horses to do this

Автор MrJoe64 ( назад)
how much weight is in the sledge there I wonder?

Автор DJBelbe ( назад)
what a BEAST! woha! when fuel becomes too expensive I'm gettin myself one
of those! just need to buy enough land to grow food for him! must eat a
ton! My lil stallion eats enough as it is and all he carries is me and a
some water and food!

Автор UberMan5000 ( назад)
That horse has a huge ass.

Автор Fresh_Water ( назад)
He's just showing off!

Автор Ravenfitch82 ( назад)
These horses know exactly what they are about to do and are eager to do it

Автор Vitaliy Khomich ( назад)
@nixxi1980 Yeah, you are right, not letting this horse pull weight and use
it's muscles is like not letting a grey hound run fast

Автор jan585 ( назад)
in Alden Biesen? Welk jaar was het? Ik denk dat ik 15-17 seconden onze
paardentrailer zelfs zie staan, juist boven het paard, die achter de
trailer met de blauwe lijn ..

Автор Blackoutx86 ( назад)
Hell of an animal.

Автор samax999 ( назад)
@Aaronlewisfan1 Ohh sorry. I just know that they do that to some other
draft breeds. :)

Автор haveniznumba1 ( назад)
RE:MSG:um... clydesdales are draft horses.... NA SHIT SHERLOCK!!!

Автор Simon Kinsinger ( назад)
At times I'd like to have that kinda strength! WOW! What an awesome horse!

Автор JumpingRider13 ( назад)
@BlazeArceus777 um...clydesdales are draft horses....

Автор Denotec ( назад)
@XxJakexAlyssaxX Can't you read body language at all? The horse is excited
to pull! Look at him as he lurches forward twice before actually pulling.
Not to mention these horses are BRED to pull just like any species of
animal that are bred for this sort of thing (Horses,and sled dogs) You
obviously have no experience with horses at, and as for your horse you
probably didn't go about it the right way. Not to mention Belgium draft
horses are meant for this.

Автор samax999 ( назад)
@Sydtabulos6 They dock the tail so that it doesn't get caught in farm
equipment. Because it really sucks to have your horse freak out cause its
tail is stuck and drag you down the road. And when you live on a farm you
don't have the time to maintain a braided or wrapped tail. Docking a tail
is a safety procedure.

Автор AHorseMinute ( назад)
Such a big and beautiful boy so exited to pull <3

Автор howlerkos ( назад)
@Ormii715 Why? youre an idiot if you think it doesnt enjoy that. you
obviously know nothing of horses.

Автор sugarmypaint1 (1140 лет назад)
people cant you see the horse wants to pull thats why he is pacing back and
forth drafts horses pull and THEY WANT TOO

Автор Olivia Ilsøe ( назад)
poor pony ;(

Автор Kirsten (82 года назад)
Gosh, these are amazing animals. Just an FYI, animals like this that pull
things (aka draft horses, sled dogs, etc.) WANT to pull. I only saw the one
comment regarding this at the top, but I just wish people would do their
research before they judge a sport like this. I've been to sled dog races,
kennels, etc. and those dogs are raring to go from the start and will pull
the brake right out of the ground. I wish I found something I had a drive
to do like these amazing animals! That's for sure.

Автор buffhomer ( назад)
All this commotion over whether the poked him with a stick (which he didn't
you blind idiots) and no one else noticed the UFO landing in the
background?! LoL

Автор titansmommy ( назад)
he is gorgeous!

Автор Wayne Green, Jr. ( назад)
@BlazeArceus777 Clydesdales are draft horses!!!!!!!! Learn your breeds!!!!!

Автор Amber Paquette ( назад)
That isn't a stick you morons.

Автор nswiss1975 ( назад)
Full pull!!!!!!

Автор Wyder666666 ( назад)
I really like this movie. It is very sentimental. I come from Polish. I am
a breeder of draft horses (Polish cold-blooded horse). Feel free to watch
my films.

Автор Optimistic Ignoramus ( назад)
Draft vs Clydesdale

Автор Malleolust ( назад)
Beautiful horse! Makes me wish I had lived on a farm. Such a gorgeous
animal, and so happy about what it was created to do! :) Cute

Автор abbyatemyfood ( назад)
Nice! Can you believe that these huge guys can jump near 4ft! Amazing!!! I
love drafts!

Автор Amber Cossins ( назад)
one horsepower fueled by oats beware of exhaust.

Автор Amber Cossins ( назад)
OK my husband uses these horses for what they are made for. He has 3 teams
with another to join soon. These horses are bread to pull and are not
living up to their full potential unless they are pulling something.

Автор Bradley8787 ( назад)
5 people don't know how draft horses work.

Автор Phantasmos ( назад)
@cowgirl4christ90, that 'stick' is a rope, tether, rein, whatever you want
to call it, yet It Is Not a stick. It is part of the Harness - look at the
video closely. Had the owner being on the sled, he would have had the rein
at the bridle. Horses don't need a whip to move, they know their thing -
this is a work horse and before that he was a war horse as only this breed
and a few others could carry a loaded knight. I suggest you Read a little
histroy first.

Автор Phantasmos ( назад)
IS that me or did that horse start with a posi traction?

Автор L Waldorf ( назад)
*note* after watching the video again, if you follow the line of the
"stick" you say was used to "stab the horse", you will notice it is not a
solid pole. it is infact a line going into the pull harness, I can't tell
exactly where it ties off, but the man is causing a vibration to start the
pull. NOT stabbing. you people are so judgemental. Seriously.

Автор L Waldorf ( назад)
This is a beautiful animal doing what it loves to do. Look at him prancing
and shaking his withers. He is excited. And as for the tap with the pole,
it is one way to tell the horse "pull" without being in the path of the
sled. He had no problem getting that thing moving and would have ran over
the handler if he had been at the withers. Research Draft horses and pull
techniques before making hastey judgements. This is a beautiful example of
raw power and love of the job.

Автор dancinchiky111 ( назад)
@Sydtabulos6 I agree. But you can't necessarily blame the people in the
video...the might've bought him that way, who knows. Yes, its mean, and
also unattractive lol. We just got 2 belgians and their tails are docked as
well...it sucks.

Автор TheEquineWay ( назад)
@nickibaby64 really though, he pulled on the neck collar, spooking the
horse, making it strain and try to flee.

Автор LovelyLilDevilWings ( назад)
oh come on, its not like the owner used a whip to make the horse move.

Автор cowgirl4christ90 ( назад)
he poked the horse with a stick.. he did not stab him lol. you could jab em
pretty hard too really hurtem. imagine how much power that horse has, and
imagine him kicking another horse... and know what? That other horse would
prob snort and graze off a couple feet away just fine lol it takes alot too
really hurtem

Автор Nicole Abud-Muniz ( назад)
@StyleMisser Stab? It was not a stab. It was a few pokes to indicate it was
okay to move now.

Автор TonhaxX ( назад)
@nixxi1980 your ignorance makes sic

Автор StyleMisser ( назад)
@nixxi1980 The owner DIDN'T have to stab the horse with a stick though!

Автор GOLD CREEK FILMS ( назад)
yep that's what these critters were made - for check out my 2 twenty mule
teams below!

Автор quarter9horse ( назад)
man! at the start was he ever ready to go!

Автор ThVHmlrck ( назад)
The breed you see here is here is a brabant belgian (also called the new
style belgian in the US). It was established after WWII. ( the belgian
horse called in the US is the flemish horse called in Belgium)

Автор ThVHmlrck ( назад)
but Belgians were during the middle ages expoted to England for creating
new English and Scottish breeds like Shires and Clydesdales.

Автор manson mega ( назад)
mucha gracia les hace ver un caballo arrastrando esa chingadera cabrones

Автор luckyleperchaun0093 ( назад)
most breeders clip the horses tail at birth with draft breeds. farmers used
to do that with their draft horses so the tail wouldn't get caught in the
plow. so now most people do that because it's just a characteristic of
draft breeds.

Автор TickleMeElmo1995 ( назад)
With all the breed comments they all are related in sum way cause they all
go back to the arab in sum way or another

Автор MageesterMixit ( назад)
Beautiful animal, why isn't the tail hair left to grow?

Автор xoxelusivexox ( назад)
Belgians are a different breed altogether from Clydesdales. you can look it
up if you don't believe me.

Автор Glenda White ( назад)
my grandpa had that kind of horse years ago,back in the 30s, they pulled
cotton wagons. and they are related to the clydesdales... its a branch off.
He had 2.

Автор Smrobs84 ( назад)
No, a Belgian is a whole nother breed altogether. There are as many
different breeds of draft horse as there are the standard sized horse.

Автор 45x45bw ( назад)
are those like a differnt breed of Clydesdale?

Автор artisanrox ( назад)
Huuuuge horse! Beautiful too <3

Автор halfpass92 ( назад)
i use a whip and spurs with my horse, he follows me around too. what does
that mean?

Автор mglsotto ( назад)
that is a monstrously huge animal... damn that is big

Автор userunavailable3095 ( назад)
Actually, what you did in 18 months was take a horse that was race fit and
wanting to run, and let him down to where he was out of shape and didn't
care about running anymore. You get that horse race fit again, and he'll be
just as difficult as he was when you first got him.

Автор userunavailable3095 ( назад)
Oh for pities sake, did you notice that the driver doesn't even have a
whip? Have you ever even been within ten feet of a horse? It is pretty hard
to make an animal who weighs 10 times what you do, and comes equipped with
teeth and hooves, do anything it doesn't want to. I do know. I trained
horses and worked with horses for 25 years or more. There are some horses
who are wild all their lives because you can't force them to submit.

Автор nixxi1980 ( назад)
oh stop crying, the horse is dying to want to pull, cant you see him pacing
forward and back? they are bred to pull, do some research before you make
yourself look like a retard again.

Автор carlsou27 ( назад)
noodlechild- Horses are animals, not people. They're out in the pasture
kicking each other for FUN.. you think a little smack of a whip or kick
with a spur is gonna hurt 'em? You're insane.

Автор LeaSikora ( назад)
Belgium draft horse pulling put this name in the searching line. in this
video you can see, that the horse actually want to pull so hard ^^

Автор cowgirl4432 ( назад)
he wanted 2 go look at him in the begining

Автор noodlechild666 ( назад)
Yes i have. My last horse was an ex national hunt race horse, so supposedly
very highly strung. If he would refused something, rather than whip him or
jab him in the ribs with metal spurs, i would always try and work out the
reason WHY he didnt want to do something, rather than using pain and force
to make him do something. The result was after 18 months i had a very calm,
trusting animal, who went from dancing on his tip toes, to being a gentle
giant. I see no need to abuse an animal.

Автор pillpoped ( назад)
have u ever been on a horse when it didnt wana do sumthing?? it wont move,
or it will buck and carry on. my horse gets so xcited when we go riding. he
loves working hard. its like saying sled dogs dont like what they do. if
they didnt want to they wouldnt

Автор twinkieisbrutal ( назад)
Gee, if what you're saying is true, then we shouldn't be doing ANYTHING
with horses. I'm sorry, but a horse WILL stand up for itself. Horses are
flight animals, BUT not all horses are flighty. I firmly believe that if
these drafts didn't want to pull, they would NOT be able to be handled by
their human handlers.

Автор noodlechild666 ( назад)
A horse is a flight animal, they dont stand their ground like predators do.
Its instinct is to move away away from what is scaring/causing it pain, in
this case a human. If given a choice, this animal would most likely not
wish to partake in this activity. Would you like to be forced into doing
something against your will? Beaten and whipped to make you go faster and
further? This animal is being abused for human entertainment. It doesnt
understand the concept of "loving" something.

Автор twinkieisbrutal ( назад)
It didn't "just stand there". That kind of load is hard to pull, and he
can't just go galloping off with it.

Автор danfan1920 ( назад)

Автор trevzilla214 ( назад)
They do love it, whether they do or don't, that's what the Belgian horses
are for.

Автор Sandra Olausson ( назад)
Hästen ser inte ut att tycka att "tjoho, en gube slår mig i stjärten och då
ska jag dra den här lasten som är i princip lika tung som jag så fort jag
kan" Nej, det här är gränsen till djurplågeri. Enligt lag (swe) får inte
djur ansträngas. DET är djurplågeri.

Автор MyHorseElliot ( назад)
you can tell the horse is eager to go to work, if it wasnt eager, it would
just stand there.

Автор katie2993 ( назад)
Whatever, I'm not gonna argue because it's pointless.

Автор katie2993 ( назад)
Can you read a horse and what they are thinking? No.

Автор MPandKT ( назад)
this is different then how we do it. In Vermont we usually have a driver
and then two hitchers and of course two horses not one. but i guess there
are different ways

Автор twinkieisbrutal ( назад)
All of you who are saying that they are scared into doing this and don't
want to are full of shit. These horsers LOVE this. They're big enough that
if they didn't want to listen to their trainers, they wouldn't. It's a
mutual respect and partnership - it's no more cruel than TB racing.

Автор Felicia1997 ( назад)
I feel sorry for the horse, see how he hit the horse at the beginning when
the horse just started to move! horrible!

Автор katie2993 ( назад)
I know the horse isn't being physically whipped. But they are probably
trained brutally and made to follow voice commands and shouting. And they
may be bred for this, but they shouldn't be put on display like that.
Really, it's disrespectful.

Автор Olivia Rolfe ( назад)
it is a bit mean tho horse shud pull 4 work not for peoples entertainment

Автор Olivia Rolfe ( назад)
the horse likes doing that the reason it is moving round is coz its exited
and wants to go

Автор USNBRAT91 ( назад)
it's actually what the breed was created for :)

Автор Cholina12 ( назад)
yea!!! belgians are very cool horses!!!

Автор Cholina12 ( назад)
ok, i appoligize for being so rude, it just looks to me that the guy is
hitting him with something.

Автор Cholina12 ( назад)
um, hello even if he has bliders he can still feel the guy crack THE WHIP
ON HIS BACK!!! so you BACK OFF!!! i care about horses, apperently you dont
the way you talk!!! i can not stand when people take advantage of horses!!!

Автор Cholina12 ( назад)
no he is only doin that because there is someone with a whip beside him!!!

Автор Cholina12 ( назад)
this poor horse, if i was that horse i would kick that guys face in!!!

Автор xelusivebutterflyx ( назад)
I know what you mean, i have a pony palomino, cutest nicest thing ever.i
got him from an animal rescue farm and the reason he was taken away because
someone walked in while owner was hitting the poor boy in the head with a
hammer,wtf i know. a branch would snap and this poor boy would freak, and
anything that sounded like a chain would nearly give him a heart
attack.good news i own him now and as of 2 months ago he will come and
great me :D and i can now touch his face without him trying to run.

Автор zlatko zukich ( назад)
Cool i don't give a $h!t about what you think all i know is that i'm soon
gonna have 9 horse we just got another BELGIAN

Автор zlatko zukich ( назад)
It's belgian (i have 5 belgian,1 beligan/claysadle,1 clysadale)~~~(my other
belgian is pergant so i'm gonna have 8 horses in may i'm so proud of my
show team the 2 main belgiabs but i want to get 2 perchrons

Автор Abbie Senesac ( назад)
Horses who die or are injured from this kind of work usually aren't in good
shape. It's not the work, it's doing the work when they aren't fit for it.
THAT will kill them.

Автор zlatko zukich ( назад)
i have 8 draft horses 6 beligan

Автор lilbluependragon ( назад)
idk you have your opinion and I have mine, our stories clash pretty badly

Автор no1horselover ( назад)
the 62 horses that have died I only heard from one of my friend's. Her
great grand dad used to work with draft horses years ago and over 4 years
62 horses died. Thats just one company. think how many thousands die in the
world every year.

Автор lilbluependragon ( назад)
this sounds bad, but ONLY 62? And as far as research you can't get much
better than a large animal vet that attends horse pulls...

Автор no1horselover ( назад)
think what you like pal, Ive heard of 62 draft horses die from heart
failure. Mabey your vet needs to do some research.

Автор lilbluependragon ( назад)
I think you need to do some research then because there is no way draft
horses would have more heart attacks than race horses (even if there were
the same number), and remember that statics can be made out to appear as
the maker whats it to be. I have been to many horse pulls and have never
saw one kill over from heart failure, I have seen some strain and tear
muscles but no heart failures? Even the vet says its uncommon because the
horse pulls for maybe a minute at a time

Автор no1horselover ( назад)
yeah I know what youre trying to get at but race horses far out number
draft horses that pull heavy weights. If there were the same amount of both
the heart failures in draft horses would be triple that of the racers. Im
not just againt this, there are lots of horse sports I dont like. Racing is
one of them.

Автор lilbluependragon ( назад)
And I have known pulling teams to pull a well over 11,000 pound sled, this
is nothing.

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