Shadowhunters 2x02 Sneak Peek #4 "A Door Into the Dark" (HD) Season 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peek #4

Shadowhunters 2x02 "A Door Into the Dark" Season 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peek #4 - Clary struggles to find where she belongs, while Simon seeks Magnus’ help in “A Door Into the Dark,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing Monday, January 9th, on Freeform. The hunt is on for Jace Wayland, and Alec and Isabelle hope to reach him before the rest of the Shadowhunters do. With orders from the Clave of “shoot to kill,” the Lightwood siblings must act fast. Also on his own search, Simon turns to Magnus for help when he finds himself at odds with both Raphael and Aldertree. Meanwhile, Clary struggles to find where she belongs since she doesn’t seem to fit into the Shadowhunter world, yet can’t go back to her mundane life. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Shadowhunters season 2 promos in HD!

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Shadowhunters 2x02 Sneak Peek #4/Preview "A Door Into the Dark"
Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peek #4
Shadowhunters 2x02 Sneak Peek #4 "A Door Into the Dark" (HD)

» Watch Shadowhunters Mondays at 8:00pm/7c on Freeform
» Starring: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario, Emeraude Toubia, Isaiah Mustafa, Harry Shum Jr., Alberto Rosende

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Длительность: 1:47
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Автор GeekNews ( назад)
Alec is so whiny sometimes

Автор ελπιδα Μασμανιδου ( назад)
Alec is the best...I like him soooo much...!!!

Автор carl4230 ( назад)
alec you idiot she is your greatest ally and you are pushing her away
because of your mix feelings

Автор Divergent Rebel ( назад)

Автор Sarah Stilinski ( назад)

Автор Seni Josh ( назад)
Lol.... He's right tho

Автор Madi Brat ( назад)
So you know the picture you see when you first click the video......Alec
looked broken and now I freaking out so much I kicked the ceiling.

Автор Ridee Rose ( назад)
I feel for both characters though 😭😭😭💔 and the acting is spot onnn

Автор Mystery Meyhem ( назад)
What happens if Alec and Clary start to make out😂😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳

Автор Deon-Jae Francis ( назад)
I love clary but Alec is right about he messes up things and them having to
risk their lives and fixing it but at the same time she's just lost and
doesn't fully understand the shadow hunter world yet. The series is weird
like that because in the movie clary was nothing like that...she was brave,
tough and independent. She didn't expect anything from them.

Автор Greyson'sPrincess97 ( назад)
So is Alec gay cuz he had a crush on Jace and does he have a crush on
Magnus now?

Автор GamingSeto ( назад)
Hold this L Clary.

Автор Nicole Gonzalez ( назад)
I think that people forgot that parabatais FEELS each other pain, in other
words Alec is feeling Jace's pain, of course he is going to snap at
anything. They speak as if the parabatai bond is a simple thing. God!

And he is the bad guy for saying the truth? like she was a know-it-all that
keep saying that she didnt know anything about the shadoworld, but that
didnt stop her for behaving like she ruled the world, yes she has good
intentions now, but that doesnt erase the past.

Автор Ou Fairy ( назад)
lol I can't take them both seriously

Автор Haejin An ( назад)
I wish they could bring out how important parabatai is again. Alec is
especially lashing out because Jace is his parabatai, but I think a lot of
people don't understand the significance? Like feeling the bond and stuff
has been shown but still, it is kind of an abstract concept. I feel like
that scene from the book - Magnus mentioning Will and Jem and how Will
literally bled when the bond was severed would help

Автор zipzap570 ( назад)
Alec is bipolar without Parabatai ? I feel sorry for Clary. She wants to
help. This time she has no bad intentions. Best option could be them
teaming up .

Автор Winnie Tanui ( назад)
I feel you 😥

Автор Victoria Bell ( назад)
Yes!! love this scene! this is exactly the tension season 1 needed and it
feels so natural. All of it! keep this up and even if they continue to
deviate slightly from the books i wont care cause its so exciting to watch

Автор Daniela Castivar ( назад)
finally someone says that!! thanks Alec!!

Автор Aubree Jones ( назад)
I totally understand why Alec's upset! Honestly though later on in the
season it would be great to see Clary and Alec have a great friendship. Hey
I'm probably the only one that wants that to happen though. lol

Автор CindyMediaGeek115 ( назад)
The acting is so much better! I have a feeling this season is going to be
great :)

Автор Megan Murry ( назад)
The acting overall has gotten better.

Автор Archangel9106 Rivers ( назад)
i find clarey whinny.

Автор Clarke Griffin ( назад)
Why I see everyone blaming Clary ? Yes, she the part of the reason for
which Jace is with Valentine now, but it's not her fault guys. She never
asked for having this life. She never asked to become a Shadowhunter. She
never asked to have a evil father. Alec is so rude with her. Yes, he lost
his parabatai, his brother.. but it's not a reason for blaming Clary and
tell her all these means things. "You don't belong here", that's cruel and
unfair. Thanks to Izzy for having defended her.

Автор Priti Malhotra ( назад)
It was wrong for Alec to snap on Clary like that but he's stressed out plus
Jace is his Parabathai.

Автор Bella ( назад)
dammmm can we get a malec sneak peek now....

Автор the night owl ( назад)
i REALLY don't like all of this ''Alec coming down on Clary'' bit. Izzy is
introduced to Clary at the same time as Jace and Alec and she was the one
threatened to be deruned (? guess thats how u spell that word). Yet she
remained wise, understanding and empathetic to Clary's situation. Why was
Alec less so? Jocelyn was the most important person in Clary's life at the
time and she did what every child would have done when their parent went
missing. It made even more sense to look for Clary's mother later on when
they found out she was also Jace's mother. And for the record, they did get
Jocelyn and the mortal cup back to the Institute and it was that ex circle
member who fooled them all and took the cup. This was out of Clary's
control. If the shadowhunters didn't loose the cup by trusting the wrong
person, the Lightwood included, Valentine wouldn't be able to become so
powerful at the first place. What Clary's mother did was questionable but
clearly Clary would not have known this. She didn't know she had a brother
let alone her mother's intention in wanting to kill him. Alec is in pain
right now so i digress, however, I dislike the parabatai bond even more now
because it seems to make people unable to think rationally. That or may be
he still has romantic feeling for Jace and subconciously has it out for
Clary. Either way, not a fan of this angle. Perhaps Alec and Clary
bickering is a big thing in the book and they have to translate it on
screen somehow.

Автор melissa davis ( назад)
Magnus need to give him the D stats, that oughta calm him down.😏

Автор Alexx Raven ( назад)
Definitely the vibe and the acting of this season have changed a lot. In a
good way. Nothing against the first season at all. It just definitely has
had some growth. :)

Автор Fairchild2205 ( назад)
Clary don't get upset when Alec is speaking the TRUTH!!!!!

Автор João Levi ( назад)
Mathew is so cute

Автор Lieve Vuik ( назад)
Isn't Alec feeling really shity right now?
I am not talking about the obvious stress and emotional pain Jace's
disepearance brings.But parabatai can sense each others pain and Jace is
being tortured,so Alec must be feeling it too.
He does look a little sickly to me.

Poor baby

Автор Mari León Zambrana ( назад)
read the fucking books

Автор Claire Anderson ( назад)
I am on clarys side of this. it was not her fault, she was scared and alone
and Jace, Izzy and kinda Alec helped her find the one person that she new
she could trust (Jocelyn). when they find her and get her back she tries to
kill Jace and now Alec blames Clary! 😐

Автор Sara Omanovic ( назад)
I hate how everyone is saying how Alec is harsh to Clary. Yes, he is. But
can you really blame him? His parabatai is missing and he is desperate to
get him back. Do I have to remind you that Parabatai is bond higher than
any other human bond? He needs Jace back. Not in a romantical way but in a
brotherly, bes friendly way. Jace is like another part of him. Even tho he
'hated' Clary in first season, he helped her save her mother anyways. And
now, that same mother for who they've been risking their lives for, tried
to kill his parabatai. Do you even have any ide what would loosing Jace do
to Alec? All Clary has done so far is be an annoying brat. Even in books.
They tell her to stay down for once and what does she do? She sneaks out of
the freaking Institute! I'm sorry, but Alec is 100% right here.

Автор Isabelle Lightwood ( назад)
clizzy doe

Автор FreakyWolf ( назад)
Izzy is trying to defend clary thanks god

Автор caitlin rose ( назад)
i love The acting in this but have mixed emotions on who side i should take
because alec lost his brother and parbati but he also met magnus and he
wouldnt have found out the truth about his parents being in the circle and
clay because she loves jace just as much as alec does also it was jocelyn
who shot the arrow not clary she's the one who wants jace back also so im

Автор Stacia Hatfield ( назад)
I love how izzy is sticking up for Clary ➰

Автор Alexz D ( назад)
I don't think Jocelyn was trying to kill Jace. I think it just looks that
way without an explanation. I think she was trying to get to Valentine and
Jace got in the way. I can see why Alec is upset he could have lost his
parabatai, his best friend his brother due to Jocelyn trying to kill
Valentine. I still think Jocelyn knows that Jace is not her son but she
hasn't had moment to tell Clary the truth and why he's not. it's just a
miscommunication on both sides and not enough information is being given on
either one. and yes I read each book as they've come out.

Автор Ashley Vandersteen ( назад)
shame on him

Автор Mikaela S ( назад)
Gosh I really just wish they went word for word with the books.

Автор Nadahba Lugard ( назад)
Clalec shippers how you doing right now? 😂

Автор Christina Sime ( назад)
You guys act if everything is Clary's fault. Valentine has been planning
this. I understand Alec is truly hurting, but it doesn't mean he has to
blame everything on Clary. She didn't choose this life and in the first
episode Jace came to her.

Автор XxGiulia HastingsBellisarioXx ( назад)
I can understand that Alec is angry, because Jace, was "taken" by
Valentine, but his anger is mixed with jealousy against Clary, is not
right, she too, is suffering, in short, she has seen all his life, to
change, in a snap of the fingers, she discovered that his mother lied to
her, all life. His best friend, has turned suddenly into a vampire, in
fact, even his life, was easy. I'm sorry, but for me, Alec, you're simply
behaving, by jealous asshole !.

Автор Lieve Vuik ( назад)
Alec is practically missing his other half and brother.
You have known Jace for like two weeks,dont come up with the"he's my
brother too" bullshit.
I get that she cares about Jace and wants to save him,but she cearly
doesn't understand how this parabatai thing works.I mean just look at the
oaths parabatai take.

"The Angel do so to me,and more also if aught but death part thee and me"

That shit is more intense and deep than marriage vows,(since you cant
really get a paraba-divorce)

Sorry for the long-ass comment,I just have a lot of feelings

Автор AJ N ( назад)
WHAT BIRTHRIGHT?! Being heads of the institute? That is earned not given
through birthright

Автор sweetrupturedlight ( назад)
Keep spilling them truth bombs Alec. Clary is the worst

Автор Gabi C ( назад)
I needed this to happen. Someone to tell her what the fuck it up. Thinking
that she knows everything, that everybody risked everything for HER and to
get her ass in check!!👏 Alec is hurting and is fed up with all this.

Автор Vd448 ( назад)
I asked Kat on Twitter about how the relationship is between Alec and Clary
and she answer me that it would be complicated... wow.. i see.. .-.

Автор M.C.M ( назад)
I have the first ten seconds on loop 😍

Автор CatherineZG ( назад)
I literally dropped a tear for clary in this brief moment. :( Why alec?

Автор isabel vazquez ( назад)
Alec may be right, but he's starting to become an annoying character
because everything he does is whine. I pray the writers don't ruin Alex

Автор kimmy Adan ( назад)
I wonder if their bond is still strong

Автор Sandra Lentz ( назад)
Wonderful acting! I'm in tears. Poor Alec I can tell he's in pain... 😫❤

Автор Laura ( назад)

Автор diamondayisha ( назад)
That was a bit harsh from Alec but well...Clary did act like a selfish
little girl.

Автор Balázs Sárközi ( назад)
Ooo this is so hard..

Автор Tini Prince God ( назад)
My baby Alec is so lost.... He needs a Magnus-cuddle right now!!

Автор dane mercado ( назад)
i feel bad for clary, but Alec aint playing around

Автор Jessy Grover ( назад)
Alec is always lashing out at someone. First Magnus and now Clary. Also
Izzy almost being deruned was not her fault. That was Izzy choice alone to
help rescue Meliorn.

Автор Harmies ( назад)
glad Izzi is going to comfort her

Автор joe hudson ( назад)
the acting is much better than last seasons i just hope that alec and clary
can get passed this they both need jace

Автор Haasher ( назад)

Автор zebritah1 ( назад)
So basically... Alec spent the whole first season helping Clary to wake her
mother up, only to have her mother now wanting to kill his parabatai....??
No wonder Alec is so fed up.

Автор ola sobecka ( назад)
Alec so angry and hurt. Breaking my heart. He should go to Magnus for
comfort kisses and cuddles on the couch 😊

Автор Kader Pala ( назад)
Alec is getting on my nerves..

Автор Nett Franky ( назад)
Since Clary is there Jace was like i don't care what everyone tells me i
help her . She was like you have to help me save my mommy acting like she
knows everything better then the others and expect from them to risc
everything and do what she says. Ok Alec was a little ass but come on
Clarydoes what she want's and does not care what Simon, Jace ,Alec or every
other member want

Автор Morgan_Dext ( назад)

Автор zebritah1 ( назад)
The acting on this scene is perfect! You can clearly see the pain in both
Alec and Clary! Even though Alec is attacking Clary, you can see he doesn't
hate her, he's just feeling miserable...

Автор zipzap570 ( назад)
So does Alec plans to have a list of apologies when Jace will be back?

Автор Jonas Gamao ( назад)
I wonder how he'll react when he finds out that Jayce is loaded with demon

Автор Céla Fray ( назад)

Автор Juice Juiceberg ( назад)
acting 0 looks 100, shows nowadays

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