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Here are the top 11 games I am excited about in 2017! I can't wait to play these games!!!!

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Автор CarterArts ( назад)
BotW is on my anticipated, but I'm still very worried about it. Also
looking forward to Timesplitters: Rewind and Yooka-Laylee (genuniely
excited for these two)

Автор Cole Pratt ( назад)
I'm sorry but I know it may not come out this year but since there is a
chance...Elder Scrolls 6?

Автор OmegaJackRed666 ( назад)
I will reveal some of the games I want badly this year good or bad.

Not in any order
Resident Evil 7
Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Sonic Mania
Another new Sonic game

Автор Julius Kivimaki ( назад)
Forgot to edit out some of those bloopers huh? lol

Автор klarkus ( назад)
You never played crackdown 1???? I remember taking a week off work to play
that on release. Was a good week. 

Автор Zinedine Prime ( назад)
Destiny 2???

Автор Valtteri Kinnunen ( назад)
star citizen?

Автор Pete Plays ( назад)
Got battlefront at Best Buy for 40 bucks

Автор bugsymelone3 ( назад)
what about Persona 5?

Автор Kristian Varakkan ( назад)
destiny 2?

Автор theSillyFrench ( назад)
For Honor. I hope that one...!

Автор Lincolnkiller 21 ( назад)
I would love to see his body

Автор RICHEY099 ( назад)
I can't wait for scale bound

Автор nishi ran ( назад)
Boogie i have only four things to say about one piece to you : There will
be tears.
i won't spoil the fun for you but the series are great also The seven
deadly sins are really good

Автор It's No Use - Yours will be a stillborn ( назад)
11:55 ted cruz that's not an anime, it's a cartoon you dingus! Just like
with avatar. A lame imitation.

Автор Nicholas abc ( назад)
Dark Souls 6 is going to be sweet

Автор Jellyfish ( назад)
Danganronpa v3 killing harmony anyone?

Автор Mark A ( назад)
For Honor!!

Автор Enrique Perez ( назад)
Ur channel should be deleted for saying battlefront 1 was remotely good it
was a disgrace to the first 2 games, only hardcore fans are disgusted with
this shit

Автор T-Rev TV ( назад)

Автор Alexander Salinas ( назад)
who else played red dead for ps2

Автор The Wizard Panda ( назад)

Автор Robert Krick ( назад)
Why is boogie2988 bitching about the battlefront season pass pricing tag?
He brings in tons of money a year and makes a fortune.

Автор thebranman2284 ( назад)
Hey boogie, if you haven't already you should check out "Nioh" by team
ninja it looks like it could be a very good game too. Due out on February

Автор Shahmeer Ali ( назад)
what about last of us 2 ?

Автор Nikolas Vostal ( назад)
Mario Odyssey, debuted yesterday @ Nintendo Switch conference

Автор Naweed Motala ( назад)
God of War is scheduled to release in 2018

Автор MadMattDog ( назад)
I never had a problem with the closed Alpha of For Honor using my mouse, I
have thumb buttons.

Автор Arnes Julio ( назад)
my top 10 most anticipated games

10. Kingdom Hearts 3
9. Resident Evil 7
8. God Of War Reboot
7. NieR: Automata
6. Red Dead Redemption 2
5. The Last of Us Part 2
4. Sea Of Thieves
3. Halo Wars 2
2. Tekken 7
1. Injustice 2

Honorable Mentions

1. Mass Effect : Andromeda
2. Nioh
3. For Honor
4. Star Wars: Battlefront 2
5. Crackdown 3
6. State of Decay 2

Автор Shadow Wolf ( назад)
i just got a ps4 so this helped a lot :D
thanks Francis you are awesome

Автор Luis Lauranzon ( назад)
Scalebound......oh wait. 😔

Автор LuffysHead Blue ( назад)
Love how one of the ode guys that star wars was an American anime. Nigga
it's called a cartoon lol

Автор mel7596 ( назад)
Persona 5 anyone?

Автор 中村明美/AkemiNakamura ( назад)
i want life is strange 2 please

Автор Sergio García ( назад)
persona 5

Автор MrElectricTriangle ( назад)
So Boogie, looking forward to Yooka Laylee??? April 2017, i think April

Автор Rowlo Eightyeight ( назад)
I have been meaning to get caught up on Bleach...

Автор Rowlo Eightyeight ( назад)
Coming up on that 4 million subscriber base Boogie, congratulations my
friend :)

Автор Double D ( назад)
Always great to see boogie with a smile on his face

Автор Harshad patil ( назад)
who is waiting for GTA 6

Автор Patrick Hill ( назад)
I wonder if there will be a new call of duty this year

Автор BeatmasterAC ( назад)
my MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2017 (in no particular order)
- Aquanox Deep Descent
- Outcast 2nd Contact
- Descent Underground
- Sudden Strike 4
- Grip
- Examina
- S.P.A.Z. 2
- Elex
- Scorn
- Shenmue 1 and 2 HD Remake
- Wolcen
- Vikings
- Project Cars 2
- Mechwarrior 5

Автор Austin Bare ( назад)
if red dead isn't on here I will kill you

Автор Nomdee ( назад)
Boogie you should check out "Cuphead" if you havent already. Its an Indy
run and gun platformer with artwork that resembles 1930s cartoons. Looks
like fun to me

Автор Faint Karma ( назад)
I loved, loved Crackdown 1+2 and still own them. Wish they would get ported
to ps4. So yeah Crackdown 3, and Horizon Zero Dawn. But no pre-orders. No
man's sky proves, you don't pre-order ANYTHING.

Автор Reflect ( назад)
What about ghost recon wild lands

Автор Mini Monster Mayhem ( назад)
no mass effect boogie?!

Автор Björn Eggert (StormCrown) ( назад)
Surprised you didn't mention KH3, what with all the keyblades in your

Автор Jigalaboo ( назад)
It's rockstar everything that touch turns to Gold

Автор Tanishq Pradhan ( назад)
I'm looking forward to Prey, Injustice 2, God of War, Spiderman Ps4 (if it
isn't delayed), and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Автор waggy boy ( назад)
Destiny 2 guys ??? ¯\*(ツ)*/¯

Автор Sebastien ( назад)
Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Please don't tell me it does not come out in

Автор scottjacko87 ( назад)
Title says Top 10 and the description says stop 11? I haven't been counting
the games haha.

Автор EntheogenShaman ( назад)
Xbone is dead, PS4 is held up by exclusives, PC is best.

Автор Rodrigo Mariño Sousa ( назад)
mass effect andromeda!

Автор Emil “Palmoz” Palm ( назад)
I played for honor for about 1 year now from pre alpha technical test up to
the still going tests. And mouse and keyboard is VERY viable for for honor.
I didnt think tjey would make it well but it really works well. So no
controller needed for the experience

Автор Walker Lewis ( назад)
boogie you do a wonderful job with your channel as a whole. I wish I has
subscribed sooner

Автор Necrophat ( назад)
My god, some of the shittiest games to begin with, and God of War isn't a
reboot, it's a sequel to God of War 3

Автор Norma Morales ( назад)
I want GTA 6

Автор SerbiaBall 75 ( назад)
Where is super smash Bros for the Nintendo switch

Автор Gavin Lowery ( назад)
I just started to watch One Piece for the 1st time and now it's one of my
favorite animes.

Автор Russ Irons ( назад)
So excited for For Honor

Автор Leong Mun ( назад)
Top 10 nah maybe more kick online game,sport and episodic crap yeah you
know what game i be getting

Автор DigitalMasterpieces ( назад)
Resi 7 was in development before the PT demo was shown, so unless someone
from Konami leaked it to someone at Capcom, I doubt they copied their idea.

Автор Zone Enders ( назад)

Автор T I L ( назад)
My most anticipated games this year are Red Dead Redemption 2, Injustice 2,
BattleFront 2 (if it gets a proper campaign mode), Horizon Zero Dawn,
Crackdown 3, Spider Man, Halo Wars 2, Tekken 7! But I won't be able to play
some of them cause I have an Xbox One 😭

Автор EonHSD ( назад)
Detroit, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, Destiny 2 (I Trust in you Bungie,
I want a Story..)
But I'm probably most excited for Persona 5!!

Oh Yeah, I forgot about Nioh.

Автор CrowPlays ( назад)
Hey Boogie I love your videos, in this video you describe everything so
well :) Keep Up The Good Work :)

Автор Purple Link ( назад)
my list
1 BotW

Автор thoa459 ( назад)
nier automata ( ps4, pc ), persona 5 ( ps4, ps3 ), nioh ( ps4 ), halo war 2
( x1 )

Автор Anson mah ( назад)
Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be so goddamn good.

Автор DeakerGaming ( назад)
I thought crackdown 3 already came out?

Автор Shane Bruce ( назад)
spiderman ps4?

Автор Bendoge bendoge ( назад)

Автор rasputan12 ( назад)
dice vids.....

Автор Jack Cooley ( назад)
omg scalebound is now cancelled! this sucks!

Автор SOTOS KUN ( назад)
why no one is talking about ff7 the remake?

Автор andy lawson ( назад)
what ! ? days gone isn't on your list ?? spiderman ?? final fantasy 7
remake ?? the episodic release may get a 2017 release. scrap final fantasy
7 getting its first episodic release this year. literally it was announced
the day after i initially wrote this comment it won't be a 2017 release for
the first episode.

Автор Jesus H ( назад)
Scalebound is out.

Автор Larry Lenz ( назад)
Boogie.....long time viewer first time commenting.....my first anime
experience was watching Vampire Hunter D really great anime I'm sure you
have seen it but if not give it view :).....and thank you for all your
great work :):)

Автор TinGeeks ( назад)
What about GTA6?! He said everything rockstar touches us gold so why is it
not on there?

Автор Mantrata ( назад)
where the fuck is bannerlord?

Автор Billy Ball ( назад)
i thought the fractured but whole is out.

Автор Billy Ball ( назад)
is injustice 2 gonna be a ps4 exclusive? id rather play it on my pc.

Автор TheRealAgamer ( назад)
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
If the game as as good as warband with expanded mechanics, it's going to be
amazing. Also better graphics is a nice addition.

Автор WaterProve Channel ( назад)

Автор Serenity22885 ( назад)
Mass Effect!

Автор Munnyay ( назад)
Borderlands 3 please.

Автор Mike M ( назад)
Not sure if it qualifies, but my first anime movie was Transformers (1986).
I got really into anime with Ninja Scroll (Jubei being my favorite
character of all time), Akira, Ghost in a Shell and the Berserk series. Of
course, DB(Z/GT), Hunter x Hunter, Mobile Suit Gundam (especially the early
stuff), Full Metal Alchemist.. I could go on and on. So many good series
and movies. Just started Attack on Titan and have a bunch lined up after
that through Crunchyroll.

Also, Zelda and ME Andromeda are the ones I'm most looking forward to in

Автор Nomdee ( назад)
"Pit People" will be in early access soon and I always love me a good
behemoth game. Also looking forward to "Cuphead" and "Final Fantasy XII:
The Zodiac Age". Hopefully the latter comes out on steam.

Автор gunthers69 ( назад)
I know where that shirt came from. Same place I shop from. us fatties have
limited places to buy from.

Автор Meruem 991 ( назад)
I'm really looking farward to Persona 5

Автор Robert Foster ( назад)
Hey @boogie2988
Can you please tell me the EXACT paint color CMYK and brand of paint you
used for the brown color in your room.
I REALLY like it, and im moving into a new apartment and would like to
paint it that color I like a lot.
Thanks :)

Автор MLG anime tits ( назад)
You missed gravity rush 2!!!

Автор anubis316 ( назад)
Surprised you think, Battlefront, crackdown and god of war are coming out
this year. But I would add Sea of thieves and Yooka laylee.

Автор M3licious ( назад)
can u tell ur sponsor to fix the players. no updates to their streaming
service means things are totally broken. cancelled service with no response
from them. joined animelab.

Автор Sven K ( назад)
I hope for a titanfall 2 scenario when it comes to Battlefront 2. there are
many reasons not to like Ea but I think in many ways they learned their
lesson lately.

Автор Nub Knook ( назад)
What about Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy

Автор MovieNerd_EP ( назад)
4:18 that little giggle is so cute XD

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