Double Dragon 4 - Teaser Trailer

The next entry in the side-scrolling action game series Double Dragon is finally here!
The story picks up after the elimination of the Black Warriors in Double Dragon II!

【Product Info】
Title : Double Dragon 4
Available on : PlayStation 4, Steam
Release date : Coming on Jan 30 , 2017
MSRP : Downloadable version \800 (tax incl.)
PEGI : 12
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タイトル名:ダブルドラゴン Ⅳ
 PS4版  2017年01月30日(月)
 Steam版 2017年01月31日(火) ※①
希望小売価格:ダウンロード版 800円(税込)


▼『ダブルドラゴン Ⅳ』 公式サイト


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Длительность: 1:46
Комментарии: 1147

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Автор Opick Hidayato ( назад)
hahahaha LOL

Автор Caldorian ( назад)
Awesome that this will be on steam. I'll most likely get it on day one.

Автор excaliber2010 ( назад)
i still think they shouldve looked like the characters in Double Dragon

Автор ReyVGM ( назад)
Any chance of a Nintendo Switch version?

Автор SalInf MasterRace ( назад)
Bimmy and Jimmy return!

Автор BajaricaN ( назад)
As awesome as this looks, I would have preferred if Arcsystemworks
improving or at least using the superior arcade sprites, but none the less
it looks awesome and I'm looking fwd to playing this.

Автор Lucid Strife ( назад)
im so hyped for this. its just like DD2 the revenge.. best DD game.. looks

Автор davintheraven ( назад)
Bimmy and Jimmy are back!

Автор Virtuoso1 ( назад)
Beating up little ninja girls... 10/10

Автор Gamer Man ( назад)
The Best For The Old School Gamers!!!!!

Автор Jakub Lulek ( назад)
I must ask why? Be serious, home version of Double Dragon were bad or just
total wank, so why not go for arcade or Double Dragon Advance style? This
looks like one of those many, many awful, lazy Steam pseudo-retro,
meme-filled indie games, and that is a big shame. Why is so hard to do beat
'em up as amazing as Streets of Rage 2? Why is that game still king of this
gendre, after 25 years? I am not buying it, not with this style, and I go
to play Double Dragon Advance, you know, good Double Dragon game.

Автор Kevin Guillaume ( назад)
I get that they were going for retro style. But at least make it look &
play like the ARCADE version (preferably Double Dragon part 2)

Автор Chopper ( назад)
Spooge McDuck.

Автор Rob Mccoy ( назад)
Is the DSL going to be the REAL updated graphics?? Ha ha

Автор eightiespurefan ( назад)
Gonna be fucking awesome fuck the haters they weren't even born.

Автор DaRealMedic4you ( назад)
juss take my $ ty so very much 4 this

Автор Smokey Bulletproof ( назад)
online multiplayer

Автор millieman76 ( назад)
This is incredible.

And if anything thinks otherwise, stop being a miserable millenial.

Автор J.C. L. ( назад)
This should have a 3DS version with the 3D effect. arcsystemworks made RCR
Tokyo Rumble for it and it was great. I would also love to have all the
released River City 3DS games for the japanese market translated.

Автор Marxiton ( назад)
i'm waiting for 1Million Views let's go people!

Автор ukiome ( назад)
No online coop!? Is it true!? What year is this?

Автор Виталя Ли ( назад)

Автор badazzboxer ( назад)
HA! PS4 hookers!

Автор Brian Godsoe ( назад)

Автор Dionysus Jones ( назад)
50,000?! You got 50,000 on Double Dragon?! #TheWizard

Автор Uri Nerevarine ( назад)
What is that? "Duble Drogon"? That is not Double Dragon.

Автор David Deaton ( назад)
Man platforming sectons are already giving me fucking headache.

Автор Overwatch PS4 (Wu) ( назад)
so... 200 pesos?

Автор Xenophobia “Xeno” Saga ( назад)

Автор Disastorm ( назад)
This looks awesome, I wonder if it will have online multiplayer.

Автор Rudy Arana ( назад)
You're going to need an AMD RYZEN processor, cooled with liquid nitrogen,
to run DDIV. Don't forget to stall a 4th Nvidia Quadro in SLI, for that
smooth 30FPS; or you'll dip and bottleneck... Maybe, use Radeon Pro Duo if
you're on a budget, but you might get frame stuttering.

Автор Hellyuki ( назад)
I'm 35 yo and I've been waiting for this for 23 years. This is cannon, it's
the real deal. Do not care about the grafx....Capcom did it with Mega Man
why not Double Dragon ? If the controls, the mechanics, the game play, the
feel is like Double Dragon 2 on NES.... this is already a masterpiece to
me. This game needs to get a lot of attention is we want to get a Double
Dragon 5 with SNES or Guilty Gear X grapx. Or maybe a FINISHED version of
Super/Return DD in the future...who knows ? All the best to Arc System and
Double Dragon.

Автор NYC VF Hayato ( назад)
More games for PC please!

Автор seal1 ( назад)
using double dragon 2 graphics?

Автор hassan palomo ( назад)
I'm buy this. they better make it on ps3 as well

Автор Ritesh Hasija ( назад)
Include the running and wall jump mechanics please

Автор Leo Lombardozzi ( назад)
Why convert to Islam when you can find 654 virgins who disliked this video.

Автор paulunga ( назад)
...why the NES version? Those games were shit.

Автор pejnismiggle ( назад)
What the fuck is wrong with all of you. This looks great. It doesn't have
to be the next fucking Messiah of a game, as long as it's good, then it's
good. Calling it now, it won't be bigger than 4GB and no more than $14.99.

Автор MikeMirs ( назад)
Why the hell didn't they use sprites from the arcade versions of Double
Dragon 1+2? or they could have done it similar to the "Double Dragon xbla"
that came out years ago which was basically the arcade game but with the
sprites in HD. They should have gone with the arcade sprites...

Автор PapunaOfficial ( назад)
oh common I thought it was going to be with modern graphics :(

Автор shempone ( назад)
Fuck you for not including Nintendo to play this on. You're cunts. Cunts
and I hate you

Автор Beartallica86 ( назад)
Wtf?! No love for the Xbox One?

Автор charles chase ( назад)
I'm open minded and love pixels and sprites but I am not a big fan of such
8-bit visuals. There is a way of making bit visuals look better than this
like Sonic mania for example. But this reminds me of Megaman 9 and 10, a
downgrade that hit me hard compared to how its previous games on the
Playstation and Sega Saturn looked.

Автор AnarchyDragon6 ( назад)
If only it were on NES or SNES...Not complaining I just don't have a PS4...

Автор mlarrabee ( назад)
"Double Dragon 4: The Sacred Stone"

Автор excludedkratos ( назад)
For the love of god, take a page from Scott pilgrim already.

Fuck !!!!

Автор Or4ANGEpm ( назад)
Questo trailer mi ha lasciato perplesso e confuso, 3/4 di video sono
dedicati a mostrare la versione NES dei primi 3 titoli per poi passare al
gioco indicato nel titolo che di per se prende molto (se non addirittura
troppo) dalle versioni sopracitate, cercando di mescolare il tutto con
meccaniche già viste in titoli Fan-made in OpenBOR, e nonostante tutto non
riesce, da quel che vedo, ad essere curato graficamente manco alla pari di
Double Dragon Zeebo, che è un titolo rilasciato anni fa per una console
Brasiliana oramai estinta.

Mi fa piacere che abbiano recuperato i creatori originali e li abbiano
messi alla direzione dello sviluppo, ma non credo che dopo Double Dragon
Neon questo fosse esattamente quello che avrei voluto vedere nel sequel.
Generalmente a me questa grafica 8Bit e tutto il filone dei FAD anni 80 ha
stancato parecchio, avrebbe avuto senso per una nuova IP, ma questa serie è
formata da giochi in 8-16Bit per la maggiorparte, direi che sia ora di
andare avanti... poi se vogliamo essere più pignoli ed andare nel
dettaglio, esattamente perchè hanno scelto le sprite della versione NES per
il 30° anniversario se il gioco è originariamente uscito negli Arcade???
Non ha senso, è come se la Valve decidesse di fare un titolo per
l'anniversario di Half Life basandosi sulla versione PS2, uno mi può dire
che la versione NES era migliore della versione Arcade, ma le opinioni sono
come i buchi del culo, tutti ne abbiamo uno, questione di gusti. Il mio
punto originale rimane integro.

Che poi a dirla tutta, che cavolo di color palette hanno scelto per il
background??? Non mi sembra sia un qualcosa che avrei visto sul NES, non ne
ho idea, questo revival/sequel è un casino a mio avviso, creato dalla
stessa compagnia che ha fatto del Cel-Shading un'arte, abbastanza ridicolo
sotto questo aspetto. Spero solo che i Dinosauri Nintendari siano contenti
di questo... spè.. non è nemmeno disponibile per console Nintendo?
...andiamo bene -_-
Andate avanti invece di cercare di far piacere a minoranze che fanno troppo
casino e che non hanno intenzione di crescere.

Автор Renegade0056 ( назад)
Screw Conatus and their 4 year long and still on going project to revive
River City. I'm going to play DD4.

Автор aikidoboynj ( назад)
damn, no Xbox?

Автор Adam Gasiorek ( назад)
I watched the whole video for the game ... then.. wow disappointing

Автор emikochan13 ( назад)
Hell, it's about time.

Автор Rodrigo Girão ( назад)
Why do people insist on this "for Steam" crap? STEAM IS NOT A PLATFORM,
STEAM IS A STORE. A game is not "for Steam" any more than it is "for
BestBuy" or "for Walmart". Say what OPERATING SYSTEM it is for, you goddamn

Автор FusionGamerElite ( назад)
Errrr no thanks, gonna pass until you do it properly

Автор Terotrous ( назад)
My biggest concern is the combo Billy does at 1:18. You really shouldn't be
able to combo into the Hyper Knee from a punch. The whole point of the
hyper knee in DD2 was that it was hard to use effectively but massively
powerful if you could pull it off. Also, you don't really want long combo
strings in beat-em-ups, they just make the games even more repetitive than
they already are. If that one combo does ungodly damage it's basically all
you'll ever use against any throwable enemy throughout the entire game.

Автор ATP19XX ( назад)
Ooohhhhh booyyyyy!

Автор AngelX Rai ( назад)
боже вот таком формате выйдет это игра да блин это ведь трешь..(

Автор RadicalMongoose ( назад)
I don't see the problem, River City Ransom did the same thing and everyone
loved that.

Автор anonymous 765 ( назад)
Kitana and mileena sprites lol

Автор cowabunga ( назад)
For elder

Автор mike alvarado ( назад)
love this ! would like a neon sequel too though

Автор Black Dynamite ( назад)
SDD or DD4-1992

so DD4 allready exist Lol

Автор Moisés Coimbra ( назад)
Crap game and graphics and i bet they will charge 10 dolars for trash

Автор Maverick Hunter ( назад)
I always wanted them to make another Double Dragon game using the sprites
and attack moves from DD2 as it was the best in the series, and now I got
my wish.

Автор Leone Kaiser ( назад)
Just a terrible attempt to prey on nostalgia for a ez cash grab. Fuck that

Автор Alonzo Hernandez ( назад)
I don't know where the guilty gear references come from but I'm 100% sure
double dragon did it first. this is pure awesomeness!! much better than
that crappy double dragon neon.

Автор Dave Curtis ( назад)
the Easy Allies were right.... probably a fun game, but awful trailer!

Автор DeadlyInsomnia ( назад)
What's a Bimmy?

Автор omastar444 ( назад)
I think it looks awesome. I loved the old school DD and can't wait for this
one. Now if we could get Sega off their butts and make a sequel to Streets
of Rage.

Автор Comic Book Nerd Productions ( назад)
fuck yes

Автор Kneefoil ( назад)
When I heard that Arc System Works were working on a Double Dragon game, I
was instantly imagining Double Dragon with characters looking as good as in
their fighting games. I guess this is a smaller production though, which is
understandable, but... That would've been something else.

Автор Michael Wevanne Santiago ( назад)
Bem que poderiam se influenciar graficamente no Super Double Dragon do
SNES. :-)

Автор Shadowflutter196 ( назад)
I'm reading comments of people complaining about the retro/8-bit graphics
it uses instead of having the great graphical appearance of Guilty Gear and

First, this is a game to celebreate the 30th anniversary, so it's fine it
looks like the NES trilogy. I don't see people mad because Nintendo
celebrated Super Mario's 30 years with Super Mario Maker.
And for those who think this is a let down coming from ArcSystem, let me
remind you ArcSystem hired the director, producer, character designer,
composer and programmer of the first Double Dragon.

Автор P Nis ( назад)
You little bitch ass nooblet faggots wouldn't know shit about double
dragon. I was playing the original in the arcade, then spent the rest of my
time getting my dick sucked by your moms.

Автор TheBlazingkidtes ( назад)
No Xbox one fuck you arc systems

Автор Eric Sandoval ( назад)
Lol at all the people complaining that it's 8bit. Yeah God forbid it's an
8bit game because we all know how HORRIBLE THOSE GAMES ARE *sarcasm*

Автор Sorinkun ( назад)
the level design is so horrible, i was hopping for dd3 sequel no goddamn
dd2 wtf. fangames look better

Автор MrMartits ( назад)
1:16. Punch, punch, grab, elbow, elbow, shoulder throw into spin kick into
flying knee! Are you kidding me? Amazing combo!!! This is already my
favourite game of all time!!!!

Автор J. R. Drawdy ( назад)
The real question here is: why the hell isn't this coming to Xbox 1?

Автор El Gamer Cosplayer ( назад)
Sí a huevo /._./

Автор Butter Pig ( назад)
Omfg....TAKE MY MONEY!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Tony Ryan ( назад)
MAAN that looks Soooo dope!I hope that Arc remake battletoads next

Автор Alex Rain ( назад)
Looks really cool actually.

Автор Barão Ricks ( назад)

Автор Adam Poole (animeguy4ever) ( назад)
so it's going to look like an nes game?.. i'll pass.. if i wanted double
dragon on nes , i'd get it elsewhere

Автор archaznable30 ( назад)
Bimmy and Jimmy lol

Автор bigtaz504 ( назад)
Ahhh Nostalgia. Love it

Автор Senpai Beatbox ( назад)

Автор TrueBlueMajikDewd ( назад)
The only thing I don't understand is.... why the choice of limited
graphics? Tiny budget? DD1 arcade while still outdated by todays standards
had better visuals than this.

Автор Errer Errers ( назад)
This is fantastic news. I can't wait.

Автор Nik Stinson ( назад)
I wish it was still Bimmy and Jimmy

Автор HYPNOGLANCE87 ( назад)
Please arcsystemworks please tell me that this will be a physical release

Автор Robin-L-Esra ( назад)
my childhood wish just came reality..those COMBO'S tho!!!

Автор JohnnyReb1976 ( назад)
Lame. The idea should have been to keep the gameplay and feel, but update
the graphics. This is a complete miss.

Автор Steven Whiting ( назад)
Would of been do much better if it was the arcade port. Never liked Double
Dragon on my 8 bit Master System. Was always so much better on the 16 bit
systems as was more like the arcade. Will stick to Mame.

Автор Dennis Vu ( назад)
more like double dragon 2b

Автор Dennis Vu ( назад)
0:34 BOOB

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