07 - Extraction of Elemental Iodine from Tincture of Iodine

If you need some iodine and don't want to order ANY chemicals off the Internet, here's a way to get a small amount of the interesting element! I'll be using this iodine for future experiments such as the decomposition of nitrogen triiodide and a few others. Be sure to subscribe so you'll be notified when I upload the videos! Thanks.

Also, only perform this experiment if you're willing to make some iodine stains. You will get a small amount of iodine on something you didn't want to get it on and it will stain (pretty much permanently).

I created this channel for the sole purpose to help spread the interest in science, mainly chemistry. The decline of scientific interest in the United States is rather disappointing. After I cruised YouTube a bit I noticed all the other channels similar to mine and I thought about canceling this channel; however, after thinking about the decline of science, I decided to keep making videos until I just run out of ideas.

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Автор jlott00 (3 года)
can this be used like polarpure™ ???

Автор AHW214 (3 года)
@starshock01 Solid iodine is also formed without heating. The mixture would
be heated below 1200 Celsius and the iodine would sublime and re crystalize
while the copper iodide would stay in the mixture.

Автор MrDeathbyninjafish (1 год)
can you use toilet bowl cleaner that has 20% HCl?

Автор TheCaptainLulz (3 года)
if you want to purify it put the contaminated iodine in a beaker and place
a round bottom flask or other suitable container filled with a bit of ice
water on top. Heat it GENTLY and it will vapourize and stick to the bottom
of the cold container. Also, your yeild could greatly benefit from placing
the mixture in the fridge (covered). The colder the solution when youre
making the iodine the more it will precipitate out. Cheers and happy

Автор godsend420 (4 года)

Автор tommyjunky87 (2 года)
That's pretty cool, yo. The funny part is that I used the exact same
glassware, but my chemical ratio's were different. I used Iodine
Tincture:60ml, HCl:15ml, Hydrogen Peroxide:28.2ml, and Distilled
Water:103.44ml. However, the final product was the same for the most part.

Автор AmatureChemist (2 года)
@alexandrutzz You need some sort of acid to kick the iodide anion out of
the sodium iodide. With hydrochloric acid, it kicks out the iodine and
replaces it with a chloride anion. If you can find a high enough grade of
vinegar (acetic acid), it might work. I'm not quite confident though.

Автор Synthesisofelements (3 года)
@ AmatureChemist but in australia i can buy as much iodine tincture 5% but
its quite expensive like 100ml of the ticture for 15$aud

Автор MrPaneKe (3 года)
ok thx

Автор 22matt19 (4 года)
hmm well im not sure then i used hardware store muriatic acid

Автор sinthetix1 (3 года)
jeba ti bog majku igras se vragom

Автор ghostdog7575 (4 года)
p -r- e- cipitate not "percipitate" it comes from latin and means "to fall

Автор bas12345654321 (2 года)
Your recording device makes the filter sound tasty

Автор 22matt19 (4 года)
what are the fumes released by this reaction if any or is it safe to do in
my house its still winter and i dont wanna go outside lol

Автор Mattwert22 (4 года)
@AmatureChemist I got a quart of this 40% HCl solution at walmart under the
brand liquid lightning. It is used as a multi purpose cleaner but I found
it in the drain remover section.

Автор CuttlefishPi (2 года)
So will Tincture of Iodine not work if you try make nitrogen triiodie?

Автор spotlightman1234 (3 года)
or you could just bubble chlorine through it...

Автор Radek Slupik (3 года)
Why are the H2O2 and HCl actually necessary?

Автор Philip Evans (4 года)
Excellent demonstration! 5*

Автор Mattwert22 (4 года)
@AmatureChemist yeah they also sell drain remover (which i also bought) but
the multi purpose cleaner with HCl is probably a new product because it
does not show up on the site. I swear it says 40% HCl right on the bottle!

Автор sparklerbombg (4 года)
if u put Iodine Tincture on paper, example computer paper, will it change
colors or no, because there is such a low amount of iodine in the solution??

Автор demnlordd666 (2 года)
i like the ease of the approach, and seperation, gonna have to try this one
some time. but seeing as how I don't have any use for it, gonna be an
elemental sample with a story. thanks

Автор hawk1 Buster (3 года)
When are you going to make nitrogen triiodide??? I want to see this..!

Автор ExplosionsAndFire (1 год)
Woo touch powder!!!!!! :D I love that stuff...

Автор antiswattt2 (4 года)
great video.. i found out last time i filtered that you can take a larger
cup over to hold the filter in place, just one thats a little bit larger (:
i enjoyed the video and the nice look of the remains (= but could you
please tell me the concentrations? i think mine was about....... 2.5%
iodine in mine (which,, my mom took) damn her q:

Автор Vrej Egon Spengler (3 года)
It's possible to get the iodine from that brown liquid just by boiling it
in a distillation apparatus or a retort. The rest of the iodine is in the
form of KI in water I guess. Or maybe ethanol.

Автор Mattwert22 (4 года)
how much HCl do I put per bottle of tincture if I have 40% HCl solution.

Автор Dan Porterfield (3 года)
GREAT DIY!!!!! However I don't really want to be flagged as a possible METH
COOK from our lovely system of GOVT. for buying excessive amounts of
iodine... just my 2 cents.

Автор Derrick Anderson (2 года)
hardware store muratic acid can be used - couldnt it ?

Автор Sviolinist (3 года)
@AmatureChemist There's a $33 Pyrex aspirator for sale on Amazon. It comes
with a stand, clamp, hose, and attachment for water faucet. You should
check it out. Pretty good deal! Still need the Erlenmeyer flask with
hookups and a Buchner and a bunch of other stuff, but it's a good start.
You'll be vacuum evaporating and filtering in no time! In this line of
work, speed is vitally important most of the time. Organic compounds can be
degraded so easily.

Автор TheDickFittswell (1 год)
After 1/2 hour to 45 minutes take a five gallon bucket & line it with the
highest thread count pillow case you can find (preferably one you wont mind
throwing away) Secure the pillowcase at the top of the bucket with a bungee
cord. Carefully pour the contents of the gas can into the bucket & be sure
to rinse the remaining I2 out of the gas can. With appropriate gloves pull
the pillowcase out of the bucket & wring out as much liquid as you can

Автор amberpoovey (4 года)
Hey I just wanted to let you know that you can buy pints/half
gallons/gallons of iodine solution at any animal feed/farm store and it's
so much cheaper too...damn tweakers ruining hobby chemistry for the rest of
us, you can't even buy strong iodine solution anymore.

Автор 22matt19 (4 года)
alright thanks

Автор AmatureChemist (2 года)
@boondok19999 It may, but I doubt the cost of higher concentrated hydrogen
peroxide would be worth to get another gram or two out of solution.

Автор CluelessPedestrian (4 года)
"to explained your proccess"? I am an idiot. There's another youtube
channel that might interest you ( amateur chemist). Do you know NurdRage?
They are very informative.

Автор Richard Hilton (1 год)
One assumes you mean AMATEUR as opposed to AMATURE ??

Автор pieterdb001 (3 года)
Nice lil hands on demonstration for newbies, however if one is wanting
cleaner crystals, its better to have he crystals precipitate and form
slowly. If cleaner crystals are required, adding say equal parts distilled
water to iodine tincture/solution would help as well as lowering the amount
of HCL added, ratios of 1 I2 : 1 dH2O : 1 H2O2 : 14mL HCL for an extraction
of 7-10% Iodine would leave nice big I2 crystals at the bottom, solution
will be clearer if left for 2 hours min. Cleaner = Better:)

Автор Mattwert22 (4 года)
@AmatureChemist yeah, some kind of scented soap because it was very soapy
and sweet smelling when i got it but don't let that fool you because it can
still burn you like all HCl products.

Автор Javzael arson (3 года)
@AmatureChemist ok then ill be measuring the weigh of the result to
calculate yelding

Автор starshock01 (3 года)
@AHW214 your chemistry is correct, however copper iodide decomposes at
1,200 degrees C, which is going to make it very difficult to capture the
rapidly subliming gas which vaporizes around 180 degress C, the products of
vaporizing CuI are iodine I2, toxic hydrogen iodide gas, and various other
iodides, so it would probably be cheaper and alot safer to try the methods
in the vid, and always wear safety gear even in a fume hood

Автор maden199604 (1 год)
what % is your iodine

Автор Javzael arson (3 года)
standar iodione tinctures are about 2g per 100 ml of solution btw, whan it
does not precipitate more and u filter it whats the brown clear weird
liquid? some kind of iodine acid/cloride?

Автор 3l415926535897932384 (1 год)
i've done it with ki and 5 % acetic acid vinegar.

Автор xasdrubalex (4 года)
"if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate" i

Автор Josh Russell (1 год)
@AmatureChemist I have 10% Iodine Tincture. Is there any change to the
ratios of HCl and H2O2 that will give me a better yield considering I am
using a higher concentration tincture. I'd rather not waste it.

Автор TheZacdes (1 год)
That iodide is tricky stuff, makes good dets, but needs desensitizing a bit

Автор pyropakman (4 года)
I assume that was 37% Hydrochloric Acid and 3% hydrogen peroxide, correct?

Автор Crazy Hans (1 год)
Yes, it's because of the ethanol in the tincture, you have to burn it off
first or it will dissolve the precipitate. Just pour your tincture into a
dish and let it it burn until the flame goes out, then proceed as per the

Автор antiswattt2 (4 года)
yea.. maybe... if i melt a candle.. then i put in copper sulfate then let
it harden again.. do you think that will give the awesome green efffect? q:
could be so cool to show people hehe.. im not sure if its possible to buy
such green burning liquid in denmark :/ 'terrorsafe' country

Автор Mattwert22 (4 года)
I forgot to ask. when making nitrogen triiodide can i use Safeway brand
ammonia or does it have to be concentrated?

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