International Harvester IH L-110 Series Panel Van and Truck

International Harvester IH Trucks, CargoStar, LoadStar and L, R and S Series, Pickups, CabOver, Dump Truck and Flat Bed, along with a Short Bus and Panel Van. The Collection Includes an R 180 Diesel CabOver Road Tractor, a CargoStar 1850 Diesel Cabover Dump Truck, a LoadStar 1800 Short School Bus and an L 110 Panel Van.

There are 6 videos in all. Use the links to move from one video to the next. These trucks belong to my brother (I am not the IH expert and I know some of my commentary was incorrect) so any comments will be appreciated. My brother will be sending the replies.

We intend on making more videos in the future as the trucks are repaired, so Subscribe to keep up with our progress.

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Автор skylinecosworth ( назад)
frount grill and spare wheel mount if you have one ... 51 l110 - l111-l112
all the same thanks... iv got a 51 l112 98% complete for spares or whole
truck ... message me for more info ...

Автор skyler bethel ( назад)
im in depserate need for a front hub (5 lug on 4.5") for that era of 2
wheel drive international, please call or text 1 916 410 8984 if you have
one for sale

Автор derockshun ( назад)
why do you like IHC so much? I bought my 53 r160 because I've never seen
one before. after I got it home, I found out that it was a Canadian army
stake bed truck.

Автор Chuck ( назад)
The panel van is a classic!

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