Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson: African Dance: Lesson 1: Dinhe

Rujeko teaches you how to do the "Dinhe," an African dance about celebrating the harvest. For more on music and dancing, visit artsedge.kennedy-center.org.

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Автор Match TV ( назад)
i learnt something new and will incorporate it in my style thank you.

Автор crosbonit ( назад)
She's able to do this, talk, count off, smile and not botch any of the

Автор GoNuts! ( назад)
This is so awesome :) Love the rhythm and the moves

Автор joy workman ( назад)

Автор felipe matheus ( назад)
preciso do toque que o rapaz faz algem pode me ajudar

Автор Shae Martina ( назад)
great! love the smile on your faces!

Автор rat rat (394 года назад)
what a handsome man!!! I like that he smiles when he looks at her.

Автор mía Amonia ( назад)
love uuuuuuu lady

Автор dreamnwideawake75 ( назад)
Love it. Sistah and brotha you got me excited. Not only cultural but a real
work out as well. Blessings.

Автор edi38a ( назад)
eccellent class

Автор Rhianna Moore ( назад)
looks hard and is

Автор WyldFire 1032 ( назад)
This is just perfect for my Halloween costume. Harvest = fall! I am african

Автор Politta Foraboschi ( назад)
wonderful idea a tutorial for african dance, thank you!

Автор Victoria Lewis ( назад)
Your dancing is amazing!!!

Автор Louisa Lilo ( назад)
this is amazing *.* thank you for the tutorial :)

Автор fantasy CLOOB ( назад)
I can imaging african people doing this in the Congo, and 1, 2, 3 and 5
again... LOL hahahaha

Автор Annski777 ( назад)
thank you ... just what I needed now :-)

Автор Shania Samuel ( назад)
This is soooooo cool

Автор Gabi Rojas ( назад)
Rujekooooooooooooo! Sweet!

Автор Yassamina China ( назад)
Good jop

Автор Lady Dee ( назад)
does anyone know the name of the drum he is using

Автор veronica gibson ( назад)
Yall is nice we do this at school can you Please come to John e ford

Автор ‫טל מור-יאנוי‬‎ ( назад)
thank you :) made my morning :)

Автор Dana Kristova ( назад)
Thank you! Love it!

Автор Ann Cooper ( назад)
Lol love her voice! 

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
I love..... tanks me pipo.... thanku Rujeko

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
Rujeko I really appreciate u videos nd AM learning a lot! PLZ continue
teaching me

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
So proud deez VIDIO...... u do real good videos..... ashe
AM leanin beautiful Afreekan dance like I want long time

Автор Nyembezi M. ( назад)
I am loving this..Farai where can get the foot rattles..Awesome

Автор Quartals ( назад)
Farai is pretty tasty on the percussion

Автор kaydenpat ( назад)
Great! Would love to see a full workout.

Автор Oscar Ortigas ( назад)
Me llamo mucho la atención el cajón, en Perú también lo usamos en las
danzas de la comunidad afro peruana; esa música ya la consideramos 100%
peruana pero vino de África 

Автор Emani- -Amanda ( назад)

Автор Jacquelyn Moore ( назад)
Love it!!!!

Автор Jenifer Jirau ( назад)
Love it!!!!! Thanks!

Автор LOVEd3xt3r ( назад)
thank U for the lesson!! =)

Автор Otha Day ( назад)
You're a FANTASTIC teacher! THANK YOU!!

Автор IoYoLPman ( назад)
She is so cuuuute!!! Look at her smile!!! :))))

Автор Kjell Holmes ( назад)

Автор sheen ( назад)
this made me sweat so much!

Автор Christina Jennings ( назад)

Автор 02BatZoo ( назад)
Could anyone recommend a CD / track that would be good to use to practice
this dance? Simple drumming track would be great. Thank you!

Автор Osarumen Lawani ( назад)
I Saw Her In The Air

Автор alexia hamer ( назад)
i enjoy my self doing it and i,m gonna do it every day

Автор Kati Finne-Tuulasaho ( назад)
Rujenko, Iwached Your lessons and enjoyed sooo much! I`m living in Finland
and Iwas thiking that it would be so marvelous to have this kind of dance
in northern Finland Oulu-city! So happy so humanfriendly!!!

Автор Steffi T. ( назад)
Hey, is there anyone who knows a good song to do this on ? Thanks in

Автор S Carleen ( назад)
That was so awesome. You are very good at showing the movements. ;) :)

Автор Jasper Rumi ( назад)
What culture is this dance originating from? Is it Shona?

Автор Kemet “Daughter” Ramos ( назад)
I love it, Queen.

Автор Kemet “Daughter” Ramos ( назад)
wonderful energy

Автор 1Shadow0Dancer1 ( назад)
I have taken African dance and this instructor is very good, and knows what
she is doing. I have taught a few styles of dance, but I have never taught
African. I enjoy these videos as she moves at a good pace and is a good

Автор Joker67Tny ( назад)
I look at the side videos and I see a lady in the air.... I was like "I
gotta see this"

Автор tonybillly01 ( назад)
bravissimi..ottimo ritmo..great music ciao da Italia

Автор CharleneAfrik ( назад)
that beat sounds so much like pankaka ivory coast coupe decale 

Автор Karen Baird ( назад)
Looking at Zimbabwe with my primary school class - we had fun with the
clock dancing, looking forward to trying this with them.

Автор j. winston ( назад)
,my mind

Автор Janice D ( назад)
This is great!

Автор Cristin Noble ( назад)
wow thank you so much I was looking for African workouts and you gave me
great step by step!!!!!!! I so love the workouts. I will add this to my
workout list every night

Автор abmas1901 ( назад)
Awesome, totaly love it. Its so cool, my mum teches african dances and she
loves it!!!!!!!!!!!! Just coool.

Автор rondar623 ( назад)
Great work!

Автор Solange Peyssard ( назад)
Génial, merci pour ces tuto,

Автор Natalie T ( назад)

Автор Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary Enthusiast) ( назад)
OH, I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I used to dance with Mama Sylvia,
but it's nice to see you doing these tutorials. Please don't stop!!!!!

Автор Essie Schlacter ( назад)
awesome freezeframe.

Автор Claudinha Brasil ( назад)
quero esse negro lindo pra mim.....I love black man

Автор Samuel Nathan ( назад)
I love it! Thank you so much!

Автор rawbeliever ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Fred C. ( назад)
I'd like to have a teacher as nice as she! :D

Автор Joshuea Brown ( назад)
I've always wanted to learn African dances. Idk why but since I was in 4th
grade I have. Thnx !

Автор trudy corrigan ( назад)
Thanx, really enjoyed that...xXx...

Автор Edmy Nice ( назад)
Nice, i like the way you teach it

Автор KeishaButterfly ( назад)
This was awesome! Thanks so much for the lesson. I love this!

Автор HypnoticallyYours ( назад)
I love this so much! This might be my new workout routine! You're so
beautiful, teacher. Thank you so much for this video.

Автор paulina kd ( назад)
I love it!!!

Автор ADarkBrownSuga ( назад)
I smiled the whole time I watched this! The harvest dance makes me happy!!

Автор bibble1437 ( назад)
3 mesmerising really helped :-) xxx

Автор Dao Sino ( назад)
My daughter like your lessons, she is 4 yo. Continue to do so, you bring
joy with your dance! :)

Автор unique193 ( назад)
I LoveD thattt!!!

Автор twostepsfromtheblues ( назад)

Автор ArA♥ ( назад)
1♥ sista! I love heritage dance. I teach Carib(bean) heritage dance in
Netherlands. Love to see the African connection in our dance. Keep
spreading da love;_))

Автор MyKrabi ( назад)
Amazing video. Thank you. You are a gifted teacher.

Автор SuperBmrp ( назад)
What I meant to say was I had to do something in class where me and my
group had to learn a certain type of dance, we chose African and when I
found this video I learned the dance I love your videos and hope you make
more this was great

Автор SuperBmrp ( назад)
I h

Автор danceteachertraining ( назад)
Great choreography, really like your style To your success Dawn & Suzanne

Автор Rihab Abdelmoula ( назад)
nice lesson ... it's cardio :p

Автор Angela Lopez-Mobilia ( назад)
I love how you teach !! I'm planning to learn african dance :)

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