Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson: African Dance: Lesson 1: Dinhe

Rujeko teaches you how to do the "Dinhe," an African dance about celebrating the harvest. For more on music and dancing, visit artsedge.kennedy-center.org.

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Автор Jackie Mckay ( назад)
I love this , but I couldn't imagine myself ever being able to do it ,,,
but like it ,yes I do very much ! 😊🌻💛⭐️🌼🌞🌤☀️🌟⛅️🌹🌷🌼💜💚❤️💙

Автор jennyka111 ( назад)
Love it, thank you very much. Jenny, dancing in Germany ;)

Автор Patrick Leahey ( назад)
I love your dance! Thanks.

Автор alpha rhythm roots ( назад)
Guys, There is no such thing as African dance. No wonder why many people
still think Africa is a country and not a continent. The drum is a "Djembe
drum" from the Mandinguo" West African culture. The fact the you are from
Zimbabwe, and not using the popular instruments of your land is not a good
sign...I do know Zimbabwe has a very good percussion and music / dance
tradition, but sorry folks, this does not look like it!

Автор Alice Browne ( назад)
OMG my students and I loved these dances! We would love if you could add
more for us to practice. By the way I am an English teacher not dance :-)

Автор Ghizlane Ali (Saida) ( назад)
veryyyy niceeeeeee

Автор brotherman ( назад)

Автор TurnAroundDanceTheatre ( назад)
What a fantastic teacher she is, and a great resource! Really clear, breaks
it down then builds up to the more complicated steps and she obviously
loves her job! You can see clear passion for dance and you can clearly tell
she would be beautiful to watch when performing!

Автор Alisia Mahoney ( назад)
RUJEKO you are so awesome! u make this so friken fun plz do more!

Автор cancerman50 ( назад)
I think i lost the ability to really jump after spraing my ankle last year.
I only get up about an inch and always come down hard.

Автор Match TV ( назад)
i learnt something new and will incorporate it in my style thank you.

Автор crosbonit ( назад)
She's able to do this, talk, count off, smile and not botch any of the

Автор GoNuts! ( назад)
This is so awesome :) Love the rhythm and the moves

Автор joy workman ( назад)

Автор felipe matheus ( назад)
preciso do toque que o rapaz faz algem pode me ajudar

Автор Shae Martina ( назад)
great! love the smile on your faces!

Автор rat rat (394 года назад)
what a handsome man!!! I like that he smiles when he looks at her.

Автор mía Amonia ( назад)
love uuuuuuu lady

Автор dreamnwideawake75 ( назад)
Love it. Sistah and brotha you got me excited. Not only cultural but a real
work out as well. Blessings.

Автор edi38a ( назад)
eccellent class

Автор Rhianna Moore ( назад)
looks hard and is

Автор WyldFire 1032 ( назад)
This is just perfect for my Halloween costume. Harvest = fall! I am african

Автор Politta Foraboschi ( назад)
wonderful idea a tutorial for african dance, thank you!

Автор Haile Mecael ( назад)
When we move we dance

Автор Victoria Lewis ( назад)
Your dancing is amazing!!!

Автор Louisa Lilo ( назад)
this is amazing *.* thank you for the tutorial :)

Автор celeste carda ( назад)

Автор fantasy CLOOB ( назад)
I can imaging african people doing this in the Congo, and 1, 2, 3 and 5
again... LOL hahahaha

Автор Annski777 ( назад)
thank you ... just what I needed now :-)

Автор Shania Samuel ( назад)
This is soooooo cool

Автор Gabi Rojas ( назад)
Rujekooooooooooooo! Sweet!

Автор Yassamina China ( назад)
Good jop

Автор Lady Dee ( назад)
does anyone know the name of the drum he is using

Автор veronica gibson ( назад)
Yall is nice we do this at school can you Please come to John e ford

Автор ‫טל מור-יאנוי‬‎ ( назад)
thank you :) made my morning :)

Автор Kimani Wood ( назад)

Автор Dana Kristova ( назад)
Thank you! Love it!

Автор Ann Cooper ( назад)
Lol love her voice! 

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
I love..... tanks me pipo.... thanku Rujeko

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
Rujeko I really appreciate u videos nd AM learning a lot! PLZ continue
teaching me

Автор Nile Queen ( назад)
So proud deez VIDIO...... u do real good videos..... ashe
AM leanin beautiful Afreekan dance like I want long time

Автор Nyembezi M. ( назад)
I am loving this..Farai where can get the foot rattles..Awesome

Автор Quartals ( назад)
Farai is pretty tasty on the percussion

Автор kaydenpat ( назад)
Great! Would love to see a full workout.

Автор Oscar Ortigas ( назад)
Me llamo mucho la atención el cajón, en Perú también lo usamos en las
danzas de la comunidad afro peruana; esa música ya la consideramos 100%
peruana pero vino de África 

Автор Emani- -Amanda ( назад)

Автор Jacquelyn Moore ( назад)
Love it!!!!

Автор Jenifer Jirau ( назад)
Love it!!!!! Thanks!

Автор LOVEd3xt3r ( назад)
thank U for the lesson!! =)

Автор Otha Day ( назад)
You're a FANTASTIC teacher! THANK YOU!!

Автор IoYoLPman ( назад)
She is so cuuuute!!! Look at her smile!!! :))))

Автор Kjell Holmes ( назад)

Автор sheen ( назад)
this made me sweat so much!

Автор Christina Jennings ( назад)

Автор 02BatZoo ( назад)
Could anyone recommend a CD / track that would be good to use to practice
this dance? Simple drumming track would be great. Thank you!

Автор Osarumen Lawani ( назад)
I Saw Her In The Air

Автор alexia hamer ( назад)
i enjoy my self doing it and i,m gonna do it every day

Автор Kati Finne-Tuulasaho ( назад)
Rujenko, Iwached Your lessons and enjoyed sooo much! I`m living in Finland
and Iwas thiking that it would be so marvelous to have this kind of dance
in northern Finland Oulu-city! So happy so humanfriendly!!!

Автор Steffi T. ( назад)
Hey, is there anyone who knows a good song to do this on ? Thanks in

Автор S Carleen ( назад)
That was so awesome. You are very good at showing the movements. ;) :)

Автор mckaeda “princess” Augustine ( назад)

Автор Jasper Rumi ( назад)
What culture is this dance originating from? Is it Shona?

Автор Simba “Daughter” Simbi ( назад)
I love it, Queen.

Автор Simba “Daughter” Simbi ( назад)
wonderful energy

Автор 1Shadow0Dancer1 ( назад)
I have taken African dance and this instructor is very good, and knows what
she is doing. I have taught a few styles of dance, but I have never taught
African. I enjoy these videos as she moves at a good pace and is a good

Автор Joker67Tny ( назад)
I look at the side videos and I see a lady in the air.... I was like "I
gotta see this"

Автор tonybillly01 ( назад)
bravissimi..ottimo ritmo..great music ciao da Italia

Автор CharleneAfrik ( назад)
that beat sounds so much like pankaka ivory coast coupe decale 

Автор Karen Baird ( назад)
Looking at Zimbabwe with my primary school class - we had fun with the
clock dancing, looking forward to trying this with them.

Автор j. winston ( назад)
,my mind

Автор Janice D ( назад)
This is great!

Автор Cristin Yarbrough ( назад)
wow thank you so much I was looking for African workouts and you gave me
great step by step!!!!!!! I so love the workouts. I will add this to my
workout list every night

Автор abmas1901 ( назад)
Awesome, totaly love it. Its so cool, my mum teches african dances and she
loves it!!!!!!!!!!!! Just coool.

Автор rondar623 ( назад)
Great work!

Автор Solange Peyssard ( назад)
Génial, merci pour ces tuto,

Автор Mrs Audrey ( назад)

Автор Natalie T ( назад)

Автор Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary Enthusiast) ( назад)
OH, I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I used to dance with Mama Sylvia,
but it's nice to see you doing these tutorials. Please don't stop!!!!!

Автор Essie Schlacter ( назад)
awesome freezeframe.

Автор Claudinha Brasil ( назад)
quero esse negro lindo pra mim.....I love black man

Автор Samuel Nathan ( назад)
I love it! Thank you so much!

Автор rawbeliever ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Fred C. ( назад)
I'd like to have a teacher as nice as she! :D

Автор Joshuea Brown ( назад)
I've always wanted to learn African dances. Idk why but since I was in 4th
grade I have. Thnx !

Автор trudy corrigan ( назад)
Thanx, really enjoyed that...xXx...

Автор Edmy Nice ( назад)
Nice, i like the way you teach it

Автор KeishaButterfly ( назад)
This was awesome! Thanks so much for the lesson. I love this!

Автор HypnoticallyYours ( назад)
I love this so much! This might be my new workout routine! You're so
beautiful, teacher. Thank you so much for this video.

Автор paulina kd ( назад)
I love it!!!

Автор ADarkBrownSuga ( назад)
I smiled the whole time I watched this! The harvest dance makes me happy!!

Автор bibble1437 ( назад)
3 mesmerising really helped :-) xxx

Автор Dao Sino ( назад)
My daughter like your lessons, she is 4 yo. Continue to do so, you bring
joy with your dance! :)

Автор unique193 ( назад)
I LoveD thattt!!!

Автор twostepsfromtheblues ( назад)

Автор ArA♥ ( назад)
1♥ sista! I love heritage dance. I teach Carib(bean) heritage dance in
Netherlands. Love to see the African connection in our dance. Keep
spreading da love;_))

Автор MyKrabi ( назад)
Amazing video. Thank you. You are a gifted teacher.

Автор SuperBmrp ( назад)
What I meant to say was I had to do something in class where me and my
group had to learn a certain type of dance, we chose African and when I
found this video I learned the dance I love your videos and hope you make
more this was great

Автор SuperBmrp ( назад)
I h

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