Best Games of 2016

The best games of 2016! Our 2016 game awards show for PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile, Wii U, and 3DS games. These are our choices! What are yours? Let's argue in the comments.

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Автор gameranx ( назад)
Thanks for spending 2016 with us. Seriously. There would be no panini press without you.
Hope you're ready for bigger and better stuff in 2017 from Jake, Falcon, Andrew The New Guy, and Camera Guy Tom.

Автор Jesse Thiessen ( назад)
where are all the overwatch porn comments

Автор FXSS ( назад)
NO!!!!!!!!!! Pokemon Sun And Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор sun sky moon dawn ( назад)
I didn't like doom

Автор GAMING PRO 4521 ( назад)
I like Watch_Dogs 2

Автор VanManMovies ( назад)
Who didn't see no man's sky coming for biggest disappointment

Автор Arda Atasoy ( назад)
I think bf1 should have won best graphics

Автор SixPathsOfPein1987 ( назад)
most games you show sucks how mutch you get paid for telling that the yare the best ?

Автор Colby Kopacz ( назад)
I would've chosen overwatch for game of the year

Автор RadicalPeanutButter ( назад)
Final Fantasy XV Is GOTY

Автор annieandoreo ( назад)
Uncharted, Firewatch, and Doom were definitely some of my favorite games of 2016. Firewatch was great with its amazing scenery and landscape and it has a wonderful and interesting storyline. Doom was a great stress reliever with its brutal gameplay and its non-stop action. Finally, Uncharted just kept me on my toes close to the whole time. When Nathan had to climb ledges and leap across precarious gaps in the path it honestly made me want to scream and made me so nervous that he was going to slip and fall. You don't have to agree with me and I can agree that the other games mentioned were also good, but these three are just my personal favorite :)

Автор DPayneDeadpoolCLW Something ( назад)

He was right the fps thing got me pissed

Автор lolslayer ( назад)
Okay, I can accept the fact that doom is the game of the year, it is just a good game, but why wan't it the best FPS game too then if the best FPS game was nominated too?

Автор 3 First Names ( назад)
You clap your hands too much when you talk.

Автор George Georgiou ( назад)
Some of the best games is that one: Watch Here Guys : www.goldentowns.com/?i=497659

Автор gaming passion ( назад)

Автор brenden7797 ( назад)
Dark Souls 3 is my GOTY solely because its the only game that i was actually hyped for and and for just about a year now Dark Souls 3 has been pretty much the only game in my console
No other game has managed to keep me interested in it for as long as Dark Souls 3 has

Автор Tru Phantom ( назад)
We all know the real winner here. Minecraft Story Mode.

Автор kewkewklok ( назад)
how is titan fall a better fps than doom but doom is the game of the year??

Автор Tardis Lord ( назад)
No Don't Starve Together for Indie games?

Автор Artorias Abysswalker ( назад)
tbh this list sucks

Автор BAZE ( назад)
I was quite disappointed with games this year to be honest.

Автор hittingcover67 ( назад)
why fucking Winston

Автор Vygantas Sasnauskas ( назад)
The fact that Blood and wine got the nomination for the best RPG shows how fucking amazing is Witcher 3 and all the folks at CDPR

Автор FrankZito29 ( назад)
18:00 - Ahh, I love this channel... =) Keep doing your thing!

Автор FrankZito29 ( назад)
Dark Souls 3 is one of the most beautiful pieces of modern art in existence.

Автор Rekyor ( назад)
Battlefield 1 anyone?

Автор Roberto Alarcon ( назад)
where tf is Ark

Автор jesperthomasen ( назад)

Автор leFlapzz ( назад)
Clash royale 😭

Автор jose miguel ( назад)
there should moba top and strategy top. in moba i say it should be be dota vs lol vs hero of storms!!

Автор Alan Meigs ( назад)
Late to the party, love this channel, straight forward and sincere.

Автор Button Legend gaming ( назад)
What about horror

Автор Bunnzilla- Gameplay, Reviews And More ( назад)
proffesor kukui all the way!

Автор Laners1090 ( назад)
Wait, how did Winston win?! He's a character from a multiplayer only game!

Автор Mike Simão ( назад)
TF2 for my

Автор Nick Schill ( назад)
Holy shit your hair is worse than Donald Trump's toupee

Автор lolito lol ( назад)
GOTY is definitely OVERWATCH

Автор Steez Luis ( назад)
I just saw a comment saying overwatch to be the goty... what lol final fantasy didn't win even though it was in every category 🤔

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
DOOM is badass

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
the only game that is bad out of biggest dissapointment is mighty no. 9

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
wrench best new character

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
firewatch is really good

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
I love uncharted 4

Автор Sebastian Gonzalez ( назад)
overwatch seas the goty

Автор charliemcadam ( назад)

Автор Joseph Yi ( назад)
really? Doom? I didn't play any of the games of 2016 and I knew Overwatch should've been GOTY

Автор JacPod ( назад)
I really didn't play a lot of new games in 2016, but here are my favorites:

5. Dark Souls III (Didn't finish it)

4. Final Fantasy XV (Didn't finish it)

3. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (Level 42 in multiplayer, haven't played a lot of campaign)

2. DOOM (Almost done with campaign, bought it two days ago)

1. Titanfall 2 (Maximum level in multiplayer, currently playing the campaign for the fourth time)

And when I say, that I didn't play a lot of new games, I mean games that came out in 2016. I've played TONS of games in 2016, just very few that actually camne out in 2016.

Автор Conrad Sarban ( назад)
Uncharted 4 is the real GOTY

Автор orKezz ( назад)
I hate you for not putting overwatch first

Автор Jamego King ( назад)

Автор platinum mudkip ( назад)
YEAH!TITANFALL 2 DID GOOD! Also I expected Stardew Valley to be good and do good, I own it on both console and pc, as well as Overwatch. ABIGALE IS BAE

Автор mells festers ( назад)
gears of war 4

Автор Trey johnson ( назад)
Overwatch dose not even have a story

Автор joeybeann ( назад)
You talk too fast

Автор luca van marrewijk ( назад)
No Man's Sky didn't dissapoint me, because I'm not a retard that overhypes everything. People should have known that some INDIE Developer could just make such an AA Title. Besides, No Man's Sky is definitely going in a good direction now.

Автор Laurie Morgan ( назад)
Best graphics : uncharted 4
Best FPS : Battlefield 1
GOTY : uncharted 4 (by f**king miles!!!)

Автор Kiza Wee ( назад)
I can't deal with your hair. I literally can't

Автор Cheung Hin Cheng ( назад)
Winston? Now that's a surprise.

Автор bryan van der meer ( назад)
Who else thought overwatch would win best fps?

Автор Michael Earley ( назад)

i will take my giant baby bottle and my giant binkie now please

Автор Ali Imam ( назад)
I agree DOOM was a really good game with its glory kills

Автор Jason V ( назад)
shut up and give us the list.
Your topic and conversion is boring.

Автор Growing Up Gold ( назад)
Last Guardian is my fav!

Автор Soupy Wistle ( назад)
Dying light:the following is a dlc.but it's game size and grate.

Автор Dale ( назад)
naughty dog. always a winner in my book

Автор JJ Redfield ( назад)
Are you guys that afraid of someone disagreeing with you?

Автор Whatever Name ( назад)
Great list guys but Doom!? Seriously?? LOL

Автор LittlePixel ( назад)
Doom, Titanfall 2 and Uncharted 4 are the Best Games of 2016 ! (in my opinion)

Автор The Asian Beast ( назад)

Автор Cube X ( назад)
i would like to threaten you with death of my gaming skills and taste :) oh well

Автор BossBen 1017 ( назад)
Mobile- *CoM infinity*
*runs on android and apple*
-Great multiplayer
-Not very balanced but manageable
-something to play if you got 5 mins
-Variety of weapons to kill fuckers

Free World- *Unturned*
*free on steam*
-It's a HUGE multiplayer FPS with you having to worry about not just zombies but other players
-Many things to keep you playing having to worry about:
Healthiness/Infection spread
Always having to go on loot runs getting supplies for yourself or with friends
-New maps just came out
-Easter Eggs
-Structure placement(Build A Base or barricade a building)
One in particular... the
* deep breath *
Fire Breathing
Acid Spitting
Earthquake Making
Boulder Throwing
Thunder striking
Pirate Zombie...
Have fun killing him! :D

Anyway if you're looking for a free free-world game with zombies... give Unturned a go!
Although it looks like minecraft, it's a COMPLETELY different concept... fuck Minecraft

If fucking 9 year olds drove you out of Minecraft and you're looking for a "minecraft" style game give Unturned a go

Автор Tyler Szala ( назад)
R6 seige

Автор jared remsberg ( назад)
DOOM hell ya

Автор Matt Stender ( назад)
I liked doom but not as much as uncharted 4

Автор TortoRacoon ( назад)
Pokemon Go is and inferior Ingress with a Pokemon Skin, what are you saying!

Автор Casual derp ( назад)
Uncharted 4 or DOOM 4 sure

Автор Luke Benoche ( назад)
wow, its almost like you've never even played a video game.

Автор Anders Møller ( назад)
you should consider another wig.

Автор Zi Wang ( назад)
i really thought is going to be Overwatch lol

Автор MasterTrolLol ( назад)
titanfall 2!!!!

Автор yolo bro ( назад)
but your redoing it so forget it ill throw my note in the hat

Автор yolo bro ( назад)
No man's sky -_- really Microsoft really come on

Автор Gangsta Bear ( назад)
Overwatch #1

Автор SeekerMissile ( назад)
aside from Doom and Dark Souls 3 everything else is meh

Автор Mustafa Jawad ( назад)
Where the hell is FALLOUT 4??

Автор Mustafa Jawad ( назад)
Thank u for putting titanfall no 1 shooter. It deserves it

Автор MedDrex Random ( назад)
My goty is dark souls 3

Автор Coyoteshot Codes ( назад)
Fallout 4 should have been on the lists at least once, that game was amazing.

Автор legend of wolves ( назад)
i think we can admit that overwatch is THE best game of the year

Автор undermon ( назад)
fuck you i like star fox zero

Автор Langston Sanders ( назад)
Really disappointed that the Final Fantasy fanbase got shit on with no awards. We waited 10+ years for this game, its one of the most complex and deep FF adventures ever, all new fight system, upgraded graphics, and a story line that is beyond touching. Like that's crazy no one fought for this game. How diverse were these votes really.? Not a single one of the winning nominations offers 100+ hours of gameplay. Now thats investment.

Автор Kyle Ferguson ( назад)
Haven't played any of these games yet. on fallout 4 right now. Next is shadow of morder then shadow of war when it comes out. The only one in video I would wanna play is dark souls

Автор DoubleDuskGames ( назад)
No Hyper Light Drifter mention :|

Автор hardhitter HD ( назад)
Winston? I'm sure u meant harambe

Автор sutton tyler ( назад)
Titanfall 2 sux

Автор AtlasTheUnique ( назад)

Автор gingercookie 101 ( назад)
Cory In the House should have won.

Автор MAn SteVe ( назад)
Shadow Warrior 2?

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