Best Games of 2016

The best games of 2016! Our 2016 game awards show for PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile, Wii U, and 3DS games. These are our choices! What are yours? Let's argue in the comments.

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Автор gameranx ( назад)
Thanks for spending 2016 with us. Seriously. There would be no panini press without you.
Hope you're ready for bigger and better stuff in 2017 from Jake, Falcon, Andrew The New Guy, and Camera Guy Tom.

Автор alex bukaki ( назад)
WHY THE FUCK IS THERE NO FALLOUT 4?!!!!??!?! UNSUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Salim Can Ülkü ( назад)
ım happy yu guys actulay said you opinions not like other people says this is their opnions but they give overwacth the GOTY becasue so many people think it has GOTY so they get subscribe fro them but you guys select you one and didnt fear about losing subs good work!!!

Автор Salim Can Ülkü ( назад)
you guys wanted you DOOM by making this vid so now the extereme fanboys of a game and asshole says only their opinions is important are coming after you better get you preator suit you bfg you titan open you ultimate becasue there is gonna be a mountain creature going after you

Автор Harry Kaden ( назад)

Автор jacob ( назад)
uncharted was pure shit!

Автор African Grinch ( назад)
Need more Third person gaming.

Автор POLAR The Indie ( назад)
Darkest dungeon not even nominated in indie category, well done

Автор NotSimplyCake ( назад)
this is my list
best action adventure - hitman
best mobile - tiny thief
best indie - enter the gungeon
best character - captain lastimosa (titanfall 2)
biggest disappointment - scrap mechanic
best rpg (sorta) - guild wars 2 heart of thorns dlc
biggest surprise - rimworld steam release
best open world - watchdogs 2
best graphics - battlefield 1
best fps - battlefield 1
goty - enter the gungeon
woo indie games fun yay

Автор SFNG a ( назад)
Didnt like doom at all

Автор Raditya Zeeya ( назад)

Автор The random Pineapple ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds like Jesse eisenberg

Автор RoccotheFrog ( назад)
It should have been Lincoln

Автор Leonardo Chin ( назад)
mind to shared the link of overwatch's porn since u said it so good? hahah

Автор Lilian Trejo ( назад)
Best open world game my opinion is d l t f

Автор HighTechDog Go ( назад)
overwatch is goty

Автор BuddaNubZ Adams ( назад)

Автор floppy corncob ( назад)
what is your haircut?

Автор Temptation Gaming ( назад)
What about fallout 4 and skyrim remastered

Автор Roman Lumpkin ( назад)
i think falcon is the shit! dont get me wrong all you guys are awesome but i would really like to see what he looks like lol, Great shit guys always is ! keep it going and i will keep watching!

Автор Pro GamesDK ( назад)
Where was Fallout 4? Fuck Doom that is a shitty game

Автор Captain Janga ( назад)
also fallout I would of picked fall out 4 ...or drakes uncharted 4 but I respect gameranx opinion very much keep going your doing good👍

Автор Captain Janga ( назад)
good vote but I would of picked drakes uncharted

Автор Beck Mathews ( назад)
GOTY should go to Titanfall 2 which is highly underrated

Автор Amanda VanWinkle ( назад)
fnaf world!

Автор Dr. Samuel Hayden ( назад)
Get XDd

Автор GhostFox47 ( назад)
Can we get Destiny some love? Seriously nobody ever puts it on their top 10s and stuff

Автор ted van Bijnen ( назад)
I mis stragi

Автор Heather Elizabeth ( назад)

Автор Flarrow 5 ( назад)
my favorite game of the year is infinitive warfare

jk you had to know i was lying

Автор Retarded gamer ( назад)
DARKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK SOULSSSSSS 3 ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Fantastic Featherkitty ( назад)
I haven't seen undertale anywhere. plz explain why stardew valley is in here

Автор Fantastic Featherkitty ( назад)
undertale is an RPG

Автор Kolbe Jeffery ( назад)
watch dogs 2 was trying wwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too hard

Автор Kolbe Jeffery ( назад)
blood and wine shouldn't have been a nominee

Автор Biren Patel ( назад)
Best characters in my book are the heros and even the "villian" of Final Fantasy XV.... SE did a great job with character development and really had me invested in Noct's, Prompto's, Ignis', and Gladio's well being (and Ardyn is by far the most well developed "bad guy" in any story I have placed in recent times)

Автор Jun K ( назад)
no mans sky might have been the biggest disappointment of the year,
and i'mma let you finish

but konami's PT (now pulled) was the biggest disappointment of ALL TIME.

Автор kevin cabrera ( назад)
Titanfall 2 won for best FPS? I was happy that it got at least nominated but dam

Автор Jun K ( назад)
2016 was pretty rad for games, and i'm really excited for 2017 too.

firewatch wouldn't be my first choice for best indie, i think inside or oxenfree. stardew valley is rad also, but that is just my own opinion.
pokemon go i guess is a good choice for mobile, just because it had such a huge impact when it came out, even though nobody is playing it now.

edited to say that fuck yeah Doom was really awesome and definitely was my first choice for game of the year, it was so fun to play and really perfected everything, as far as i'm concerned. it was so much fun and an easy choice, there were so many great games last year, but doom was at the top. it was just plain fun.

Автор Rum Ninja ( назад)
9:10 Theirs a reason the Dark Souls series doesnt get a lot of love

Автор Chunky Games ( назад)
firewatch should of came out for the psvr

Автор Chunky Games ( назад)
is he wearing a wig??

Автор Blizzardy ( назад)
Holy fuck you are shit at DOOM, your probably playing on I'm Too Young to Die or something and you can't aim for shit and are using weak weapons to whoever recorded that footage for DOOM.

Автор Acidic flow ( назад)

Автор Zentz29 ( назад)
I just finally played Uncharted 4 bout a week ago. Fucking *love* that game.

I'd have changed the platforming to be a bit more realistic & wouldn't have made badies just constantly charge you, but it's still one of my favorite games...EVER.

Now bring on the new Kratos! Been waiting for this kind of GoW game for a *LONG* time.

Автор Gavin 12 ( назад)
nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo fing nnnnooooooooooooooooooo pokkemon go freakin pokemon go pokemon go is a discrace to the pokemon franchise wow you throw ballls pokemon iss aabbbout STRATEGY call me a babay go ahead im only twelve and freakin yet i know ive played classic and new and pokemon go just is underwelming trash roleplay or imagination is the only way to make it better and i will say it just like no mans sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор BudderDudder ( назад)
I didn't agree with half of the things they chose, but I'm glad they were so confident in their choices.

Автор Jake Gesseck ( назад)
Firewatch is one of my favorite games ever

Автор Mr_ Qcumber ( назад)
My favorite games
Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2


Lego Worlds

Автор Mr_ Qcumber ( назад)
Dark Souls 3 you mean Salt Simulator 2016

Автор Mike Pych0 ( назад)
The Division more like The Multiplication. I'm sorry.

Автор Bob Pothead ( назад)
If they said overwatch for more than 2 of the picks, I would have reached through the screen and physically strangled them with my pinkies. Overwatch is OVERpraised.

Автор Kourteous ( назад)
Wiiiiig.... lol

Автор shreerang ambike ( назад)
battlefield1 is waaaaaaaay better than Titanfall2

Автор TheIronCickenPete ( назад)
What about best racing game

Автор Ozan Ulutaş ( назад)
Lets see what the best indie game is. "firewatch > stardew valley" closed the video right there.

Автор TheShdow425 ( назад)
biggest surprise should have been rocket league

Or maybe that was last year

Автор Faithful Peak ( назад)

Автор leo173255 gaming ( назад)

Автор Jason King2004 ( назад)
No just noooooooooo

Автор Zach Dyer ( назад)
before i watch let me guess overwatch??

Автор Cringey Vlogs ( назад)
"Yes there is a lot of porn, and it is actually pretty good" omg lol

Автор Jorge Gil ( назад)
uncharted 4

Автор SprPsycho ( назад)
playing FF15 as i watch this... now im sad lol

Автор Mittensofthemorning ( назад)
Is this a "Best games of 2016" list or "The Oscars"? WTF?!

Автор Mr.Toaster Toast ( назад)

Автор Lyle Nery ( назад)
I think wrench was the coolest character because he has a good back story and funny personality.

Автор Anthony Magliocco ( назад)

Автор E,i Pearson ( назад)
what about undertale

Автор Jacob DuBrey ( назад)
Dishonored 2 and one are both great games. They Improved the graphics and story in dishonored 2. But gears of war 4 was realy bad compared to gears 3. 3 had a good story, wile four tried to improve it made it ten times worse.

Автор DigiBros- Gameplay & Tutorials ( назад)
FFXV should be on biggest dissapointments if not the biggest its got good gameplay and graphics but the story killed millions of fans.Half of the game was driving a car and the new director sucks

Автор Nauro Kigen ( назад)
wrench best character

Автор Cruu ( назад)
sports section????????????????????? :(

Автор TheNarrator ( назад)

Автор Bobbington happyhappy ( назад)
Inside should ha been the best Indie

Автор I'm random gaming ( назад)
4:28 some CHITTY and awful. I think that guy meant shitty?

Автор BleachCorp ( назад)
Man, I find it really sad no one really talks about unravel. To me, it deserves the best title of last year. Every element was so beautiful. The story (especially the ending) was so heart-stricken to me. I loved every second of it and am really disappointed no one really knows about it.

Автор Swarzlone R ( назад)
You should do a category, best story.

Автор Swarzlone R ( назад)
Star Fox Zero was not bad!

Автор Deadlocked 2715 ( назад)
For mobile i could see pokemon go or arc light be on the list but really super mario run you had to pay ten bucks for a few levels plus you need tickets just to play the actually fun mode

Автор Christian Emberts ( назад)
Overwatch was game of the year. WTF titan fall 2? Bullshit

Автор theyellow Truth ( назад)
I know im going to get hate for this but I honestly don't see whats wrong with no mans sky I might not have a ps4 but I always wanted to play a game were you can travel the galaxy and collect materials to get further in your journey

Автор Tigrex King ( назад)
Mine on your list was definitely Doom and loved that you choose it for your goty,

Автор Rocco de Giacomo ( назад)
Agree with you except for DOOM. You were right on all the positive points about the game, but one can clear only so many rooms of demons, before even the coolest animation wears a little thin. I did not finish this game.

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)

Автор Landon Amiot ( назад)
Inside is good

Автор Lollypopkingz ( назад)
mine is ark

Автор Komamura Taichou ( назад)
Do do do do... MADADAKINDOOMGUY!!!!

Автор Komamura Taichou ( назад)
DooD, Best Fucking Game (BFG) 9000

Автор CankenderVC 1 ( назад)
Uncharted 4 or Doom that's a hard choice

Автор Joey Bird ( назад)
dark souls 3

Автор inplainsight ninja ( назад)
we all start as a baby

Автор keco nation ( назад)
should not have said Pokemon go or clash royale

Автор alex marks ( назад)
Were was fallout guys?????!!!!!!!

Автор Brady Smith ( назад)
Overwatch should of been the goty, because it actually was officially and should of been best fps because, it is different other than the other military, super advanced EXO SUIT, and it actually takes skill in my opinion unlike call of duty or titanfall. (Again my opinion)

Автор Death Dragon ( назад)
Stardew valley

Автор Fusslar ( назад)
is this a helmet?

Автор king of war ( назад)
I was so happy Titanfall 2 won

Автор Nicolas Charlton ( назад)
in my opinion the best game of the year is uncharted 4

Автор coldhearted ( назад)
TF2 is the best

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