Best Games of 2016

The best games of 2016! Our 2016 game awards show for PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile, Wii U, and 3DS games. These are our choices! What are yours? Let's argue in the comments.

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Автор gameranx ( назад)
Thanks for spending 2016 with us. Seriously. There would be no panini press without you.
Hope you're ready for bigger and better stuff in 2017 from Jake, Falcon, Andrew The New Guy, and Camera Guy Tom.

Автор דורון פדר ( назад)
As a member of the glorious PC gaming master race i have to say that mobile games are considered a piece of crap,i rather plan no mans sky for 40 hours than palying a mobile game

Автор Zohaib Ahmed ( назад)
I just love bf1 it's just so much fun the graphics,gameplay and mechanics we just phenomenal I feel it should get more love

Автор CrappyGames PT ( назад)
extremely fun to infiltrate buildings and stuff with my drone and then desactivating security and killing people with the help of pipes and etc
what i dont like is that you can fast travel to any store without even going there.
it takes out the feel that the world is huge, and a 10 minute ride can become a 2 minute loading screen.

Автор Grommis ( назад)

Автор Urban Dopudja ( назад)
my game of the year is firewatch :D

Автор Euriah Is Nerd ( назад)
My pick was uncharted 4 for game of the year

Автор Mark Hoffman ( назад)
Uncharted is poop.

Автор super bowie ( назад)
Fall out shelter

Автор priyatham priyatham ( назад)
wtf are those super graphics of uncharted 4 man

Автор jimmy586586 ( назад)
Once again proves that just how amazing The Witcher 3 is for the dlc alone could make it into the list

Автор ectheleon11 ( назад)
that has got to be one of the worse Tupe's ive ever seen...

Автор RDash5001 ( назад)
Dishonored 2 need more love.

Автор Guy Berryman ( назад)
who else gives game of the year to Dark souls 3?

Автор Austin Eads ( назад)
Isn't Final Fantasy XV good to you guys at all?

Автор Austin Eads ( назад)
Ganeranx would've put the damn TF2 characters...

Автор Austin Eads ( назад)
Naughty Dog? Recently they've only made great games. They're pretty good.

Автор Rene Hupfer ( назад)
an hard-r D

Автор Rene Hupfer ( назад)
an hard-r decision

Автор Aaron Keene ( назад)
Hoping Gears 4 is in here

Автор Marlon Moller ( назад)
Believe successful economy artist subject sorry anyway winner van.

Автор FAT JAXSON ( назад)

Автор GalaxySmasher 2003 ( назад)
I love wrench he's so mlg

Автор Riley Ayre ( назад)
Why wasn't BF1 on GOTY gameranx

Автор Riley Ayre ( назад)
My favourite game of 2016 was Watch Dogs 2. The story (I thought) was amazing! The game mechanics were good, and I just fell in love with the characters.

Автор Dean Krol ( назад)
Wow! Not a single mention for Ratchet and Clank. That game was awesome and really re captured the feel of old school PS2 gaming updated for this generation. Now should I be a baby and say something really shitty to you guys? lol :-D

Автор mrwigson c ( назад)
you guys should aceapt , clash royale is better than pokemon go

Автор Maximiliano Hernandez ( назад)
dishonored 2??

Автор Jonathan Farrell ( назад)
how much were you paid to nominate Mafia 3XDXDXDXD

Автор Dark Yoshi ( назад)
I've been hearing so many good things about Dark Souls 3 and I'm thinking about buying it but I never really got into that series. It's known for it's difficulty and I do own the first Dark Souls and I absolutely suck at it. I want to get into this series so bad but I don't want to buy Dark Souls 3 and then not be good enough to get through it or not have the time to get through it. I'm really 50/50 on the purchase and that's why I wanted to ask this comment section.

Should I buy Dark Souls 3? I'm basing my purchase on the majority opinion.

Автор Nivek Phelps ( назад)
The very first one watch dogs 2 should of won

Автор Jayson Cloud ( назад)
I subscribed on, " clash Royale?" "NO, WRONG!" HAHAH xD

Автор Jacques Lewis ( назад)
Stardew Valley is the best Indie game of the year.

Автор Cadet Klaaz ( назад)
The Division may not have been the best game released, but it was one hell of a well created open world.

Автор Joshua Ewest ( назад)
Best game of 2016 mighty no. 9

Автор Joshua Ewest ( назад)
Watch dogs 2 should have been game of the year really look at the graphics

Автор Ray Tackett ( назад)
Skyrim special edition prob has my number one followed by battlefield 1

Автор Kalyn Asher Montague ( назад)
Titanfall 2 deserve the love! While I love Doom, and think it deserves the accolades it is getting, Titanfall 2 is a huge underdog and is so damn good.

Автор Asexual Artist ( назад)
Undertale though?

Автор Creep ( назад)
I was hoping ds3 for GOTY but DOOM is also amazing.

Автор NinjaWalrus ( назад)

Автор Zac Irvin ( назад)
But thank god they didn't pick the best FPS for Overwatch. That game sucks.

Автор Zac Irvin ( назад)
Wtf?!? Uncharted 4 had the best graphics of all time.

Автор Guillaume Bregeon ( назад)
100% i stand by your decision for Doom. Just gets your heart running like hell and highly pleasurable.

Автор The Wolf McCall ( назад)
What about best voice actor?

Nolan north would have won for sure

Автор THE NIGHTINGALE ( назад)
Game of the year should be uncharted 4

Автор THE NIGHTINGALE ( назад)

Автор Jack Pytko ( назад)
What about hyperlight drifter?

Автор QUINNITHY ( назад)
Dead Rising 4? Like if agree

Автор TrueProGamer ( назад)
you forgot about strategy/turn based games how dare you XD

Автор Matt Gonzales ( назад)
we have seriously different opinions on what an "rpg" is

Автор Zero ( назад)
overwatch is way too overrated in my opinion, but doom deserves to be no.1

Автор Youssef Samer ( назад)
finally someone agreed that uncharted 4 is the best action adventure game of the year

Автор Ariel Coloma ( назад)
i need to buy a new graphics card lol

Автор Francis Lee ( назад)
best action adventure: uncharted 4
Best fps: Overwatch
Best indie: inside
Best characters: all overwatch except symmetra and torbjorn cus they are fucking cunts
Disappointment: NO MANS SKY
Best mobile: clash royale
Best RPG: tied with blood and wine and dark souls 3
Biggest surprise: Actually Overwatch cus Blizzard is all MMORPGs
Open world: Blood and wine
Graphics: Doom and Blood and wine and uncharted 4
GAME OF THE YEAR: N/A(jk) tied with doom and uncharted 4

This is fucking right because my opinions are always right and everyone elses is bullcrap

Автор Crazy gaming nerd ( назад)

Автор mohamad masri ( назад)
My best game was uncharted

Автор Aiden Stechelin ( назад)
DS3 Was actually the only "real" RPG out of all those games nominated

Автор Jordan H ( назад)
2016 was a decent year for videogame 2017 looks promising 2013 and 2011 were the last really good year for videogame in my opinion.

Автор Ya Pal Flutters ( назад)
I think Titanfall 2 is a real underrated game. It sucks to was released right in between battlefield 1 and call of duty.

Автор Pendejo Amigö ( назад)
I did like hitman but uncharted deserved it

Автор psdtrix123 ( назад)

Автор Spencer Yates ( назад)
For me I only have a top two which are Dark souls 3 and Overwatch.

Автор Ryan Jung ( назад)
Wasn't around to watch this video when it came out, but Forza Horizon 3 wasn't a nominee for open-world games? I would understand if it didn't win it, but it wasn't even there. And Watch Dogs 2 is definitely a surprise.

Автор Rocket ( назад)
doom is a stupid overrated game. all you have to do is kill different creatures in very violent ways. nothing else

Автор tommunist10 ( назад)
Dark Souls is the same thing as Zelda. It's been 2 decades since Ocarina of Time came out, Dark Souls has nothing that Zelda doesn't have and doesn't have a lot that Zelda did have. Compare games from 1977 to 1997. That's 2D Atari games with no sound where you're just a square that moved, to Ocarina of Time. Compare games from 1997 to 2017. Nothing's different, gameplay wise. This is a fact. Tell me what's different. Dodging? Health potions? Map structure?... nope, fuckin nothing different, same exact shit as shit from the 90's, just a tiny bit better graphics. Dark Souls III IS a bad game. There's no two ways about it lol the fact that it's hard (which it isn't) shouldn't substitute the fact that the game isn't very well made.

Автор GvendyCrap ( назад)
Stop nominating Pokemon sun and moon

Автор Frosty. ( назад)
i've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand more times.. *Pokemon Go* isn't a game.

It's a weak cash grab abusing our memories of playing pokemon as kids. There is no real gameplay. Hence why it died pretty much all at once. Everyone realized "oh wait.. this isn't a game.."

Автор william parr ( назад)
I pesonally think battlefield 1 should have gotten more recognision

Автор Skipemelade 101 ( назад)

Автор Reece LeClair ( назад)
Dark Souls 3 is my favourite of 2016

Автор Tom Arthur ( назад)
I wish there was an RTS category

Автор Avery Retodo ( назад)
" Yes there is a lot of porn, and yes its actually pretty good"

Автор JustMEx xMOnt ( назад)
My gaming experience this year, much like the last few, has been limited but here's my list

10. NBA2K17 and MaddenNFL17 and WWE 2k17
9. Infinite Warfare (Mainly because of the MW remastereds)
8. Let It Die
7. Aragami
6. The Last Guardian
5. Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt
4. Overwatch
3. Dragonball Xenoverse 2
2. Watch Dogs 2
1. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 was just so good, plus. The story has replayability not because of dialogue choices but just the different renders, outfits, and cheats. And the multiplayer has very few bugs, is fast paced and fun I would be playing it right now if the combat in For Honor and repping my Faction didn't take priority

Автор Floating Fires ( назад)
why the hell did wrench not win EDIT: I think I'm the only viewer here that agrees with the FPS winner, at first I thought that it was gonna be complete CRAP. I bought it, played, and absolutely loved the story, new loadouts and, multiplayer.

Автор CatCrossed ( назад)
Damn straight DOOM is the GOTY

Автор Danik Apanasovs ( назад)
When Jake said there's no perfect game, I'm pretty sure he forgot about Dishonoured

Автор Overwatch Pro ( назад)
Dirty lol XD

Автор CriispyBacon ( назад)
Lincoln Clay sounds like Mac from It"s Always Sunny when he is playing Murtaugh in black face lol.

Автор slimy sasuage ( назад)

Автор aypierre ( назад)
Why the fuck is Winston a "best new character". Holy fucking shit is Overwatch overrated.

Автор kizuna95 ( назад)
Best mobile game in my opinion is Summoners war . Didn't come out this year but who cares lol

Автор kizuna95 ( назад)
Why is titanfall so underrated ?? I love it

Автор Meaty games ( назад)
Instead of overwatch in the god nominees, just have garden warfare 2. Even though it's a third person shooter

Автор Mcdoggus ( назад)
Anyone else notice the sneaky bloodborne clip at 9:19 in amongst the Dark Souls 3 footage under best RPG?

Автор An Angry Albino ( назад)
Titanfall 2, Doom, Shadow Warrior 2, Dark Souls III, Stellaris, GOTY Witcher 3 Blood and Wine.

Автор Daniel Cioffi ( назад)
His reasoning for not giving the best character award for sam drake is probably the reason they should have picked him.

Автор Nathan Limbachia ( назад)
I think the uncharted games are incredible and sure their a bit samey but I love a good story. I got bored of Doom pretty fast because I didn't really like the run and gun aspect of it. I've played the Witcher 3 through on PC and twice on PS4, I'm looking forward to the expansion packs when I get around to them. I really wish I had played the first two games before the third though because the story the back story of all the characters carries through to the third.I like a good story something that some games leave behind.

Автор Sam Fisher ( назад)
Unravel is best indie game wtf

Автор Firetracks ( назад)
Dishonored 2 got one nomination and WoW got none?

Автор Firetracks ( назад)
I was going to ask about Emily but then I realized that she wasn't new

Автор David Aykac ( назад)
I have never seen a shittier game release in my damn life than POKEMON GO. Not even No Mans Sky. At least that game could be startet

Автор Weketeke5678 ( назад)

Автор zemaaa brattee ( назад)
Im still stuck at Need for speed undegroud 2 why ? becouse I have Dual core 1.87ghz and graphic card 256mb SOOOO yeah see ya in 2040 then I will play games from 2016 :(

Автор Mamamartyr ( назад)
Andrew is soooooooooo cute!

Автор DarkShadowWolf ( назад)
Titanfall 2 YES!

Автор Jakob Filz ( назад)
nope. doom ftw.

Автор lucas skyscoper ( назад)
Bf1 goty

Автор Mi Sipote ( назад)
Why doesn't bt from titanfall appaer in the best new characters come on

Автор PlaySet ( назад)
I love The Last Guardian!😋

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