Aliens & possiblity (Sumerians/ Nibiru) Michio Kaku

Cut clips from previous videos on youtube (under 5 mins)Also look up the drake equation. Did this for GA Southern University project English 101.

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Автор hustla433 ( назад)
the god you are worshiping is the nature we the stupid monkey human race
destroy everyday

Автор Papo Papo ( назад)
What show is this Michio Kaku speech from?

Автор The Lizard ( назад)
NASA and the government know for a fact that aliens exist. A lot of the
technology they have is from reverse engineering their technology. The US
government have been working with aliens for decades, just take a look a
Project Paperclip and the Dulce Base. There are so many sightings every
day by people all over the world that the US government and NASA really
must come clean and disclose all their information sooner or later.

Автор Jean Osorio ( назад)
isint it silly how it is listen so nasa has top secret tape so why is that
here doesent that mean the tape is top secret 

Автор MrZlathan3 ( назад)
What's the music at the end?.

Автор kriddie88 ( назад)
WHY CAnt i fuckin react anymore!! WHAT IS THIS YOUTUBE!? MADNESS! MADNESS I

Автор 757BigB ( назад)
I'm too high for this...

Автор Peter Whitlock ( назад)
It started with the Hill HOAX and she was proven to have had FANTASIES for
over 4 years of meeting aliens and spoke all the time of it to her husband
and had plenty of dreams of it too. It was proven that her husband was just
going along with her story because he loved her deeply and she was lying
her story to cover another story... a racist event on the way home and
great fear and hiding in a side road was the real story...since then plenty
of other did the same lie stories. Not one UFO here.

Автор Peter Whitlock ( назад)
Cont.. you must give land to each circle and be able to be PLUG AND USE so
all you do as a village or city can be transferred to other as one
upgrades. You will then know what I bring is beyond all others and you will
let the holy lands be set by all that is holy BUT EACH MUST BE NEUTRAL
OUTSIDE EACH HOLY VILLAGE OR CITY OF SET KIND (yes you can have mixed kinds
and cities BUT NOT ALL). The line is the middle of all things...who's land?
LIFE's land and we but care for the life forms as duty. 

Автор Peter Whitlock ( назад)
If you wish true freedom i will give it but if you wish violence I will
curse you and yours for what you dared. you must build simple villages from
a single building in core and then concentric circles from that
core...arches, tube, arches tube to a set limit solid wall outside. seal
the villages to serve others of the same and cities built the same. Cover
my planet and i shall set you all free FROM all RANDOM AND EXTREMES but in
the wish to do so and experience it first hand always open.

Автор c4pilot29902 ( назад)
To me, the Chicago O'Hare incident, the Japan Airlines incident in Alaska,
The Rendelshem Forest incident, the Chinese Airport incident, that old
black/white photo of a UFO from that older couple that cannot be proven to
be a hoax, the Betty and Barney Hill incident, the UFOs over Washington,
D.C. incident and the Phoenix Lights incident is enough credible

Автор DefinedART ( назад)
Quit hating on the british maaaaan :(

Автор Marcus Jordan ( назад)
bull shit so much of this is miss info and to the unlearned it must seem
true but one only has to do some reading and seeking for the self

Автор lonnieke ( назад)
i know you are but what am i

Автор IslandMystic ( назад)
NO, Stitchin was a fraud. One minute everyone calls abductee's nut cases,
the next they are heralding "aliens" as our Creator. All because they
believed all this BS of Stitchin's who was laughing while getting rich-now
he's in hell paying. People believe anything but the truth! Sumerians are
extinct, lol, due to false worship. Annunaki were elite HU-mans, and Nibiru
was a Sumerian word...not a planet. All texts are now translated, and they
were misrepresented by Stitchin. 

Автор ken reece ( назад)
Now is this far out ?? The Samarian tablets clearly are amazing and
important. Did Zechariah S. Really know the translation ?

Автор richardb2837 ( назад)
The day aliens come, it will rewrite what we all know, religions will fall,
and maybe knowledge would be everywhere and for all

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
and i think "that story about god" (haha) is some kind of different in the
bible, because of spiritual prinicples you nearly could call eastern. but i
also see these many similarities. not only between bible and koran. so i
have to answer your question with "yes and no". sorry for my english.

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
sounds much better ;) but they did work we don´t. i´m not in a mood to have
philosophical enlightments in the office. in nature or if i cultivate there
are many possibilities to observe the principles of life itself, its
mathematical structure and much, much more... on the other hand - "They
just had to work so hard for living they didin't have time to think
sciences or philosophy" - if you look outside, on the people, do you really
think its different today? 

Автор TheQneb ( назад)
Well, they weren't stupid, probably had same potentional than we have if
not better. They just had to work so hard for living they didin't have time
to think sciences or philosophy so much I would guess. But do you honestly
think that story about god and story about alah is different?

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
even if it´s some kind of late for an answer, maybe you´re interested.
maybe you found some, but as you know more questions will come up. i highly
recommend the work of klaus dona, there you will find artifacts... not gone
public but they help to continue the puzzle. have fun being astonished :)

Автор Shol ́va RIchthys ( назад)
"because the people of early ages were so stupid" - thats simply arrogant.
"Its obviouse that this Annunnaki, God, and others like Allah ect are the
same thing. " - and because you think it´s obvious other possibilities,
meanings, truths will stay hidden from you.

Автор VIKINGODIN ( назад)
@kialandi333,do you live on the same planet that the rest of us do or
what??I seen a video just the other day how some fuck up waste of skin
Indian woman/devil,drowns Her son because she said he had a little penis! A
child is what I am talking about here,and it gets a whole lot worse that
woman was clearly fruit and nuts but some people in the world a capable of
things you need to see to believe,very very sad indeed

Автор carter murphy ( назад)
guys were a few months into 2013 and no sign of the second sun so quit
trippin balz 

Автор carter murphy ( назад)
that triangular craft is called the TR-3b, a government made craft with an
engine powered by plasma mercury travelling in such fast rotation its
starts to interrupt the gravity to the 3 points which look like lights but
those are the engines with an outer shell made out of Quasicrystal which
you can go look up in depth but trust me, you will not under stand 

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
As a matter of fact, it happens all the time. Just recently there was a
woman who killed her daughter while trying to exorcise a demon from inside
her. Google it, you'll find all kinds of stories, about people from all
different religions.

Автор kialandi333 ( назад)
hmm. when was the last time you heard of either sacrificing their children
in order to rid evil from their homes?

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
You assume too much.

Автор Nodark Technologies ( назад)
FYI, your belief dates back further then the 1st century.

Автор Mega tron ( назад)
Stupid Crackers.........I mean look they taste nasty with cheese :c

Автор Djordje Petrovic ( назад)
Yeah...like noone can really define the word "god"... what that meant then
and what im means now...

Автор TheQneb ( назад)
Its obviouse that this Annunnaki, God, and others like Allah ect are the
same thing. Different cultures just have the story different way, but it
has about the same main goal. The stories are just not told literally,
because the people of early ages were so stupid, you couldnt talk them in
science. You had to teach them with stories like kids. Thats how the belief
systems were born. Or then someone just pulled them out from their hats to
controll people, its other possibility.

Автор affluence8 ( назад)
are you kidding? So your saying the human race is intelligent?

Автор Samz ( назад)
Well if you mean the label 'Muslims' I agree. But in terms of what they do
and why they are Muslims i'd have to disagree. The practices that Islam
holds pre-date Christ. But I'm not gonna open up a debate here.

Автор lewdable ( назад)
You, see, this is why people like you need Jesus. I have no problem
learning about the universe and all the interesting stuff. Trust me, that's
why i was on the video. HOWEVER, we ( and by that i mean you) must not get
caught up in your own "wisdom" and believe arrogantly that you are too
educated to believe in God. Looking at the intricacy of the universe, it is
stupid( i called the idea stupid) to not be atleast agnostic. You trying to
understand God with your puny human brain only confuses.

Автор lewdable ( назад)
What is this, What are you really trying to say. Your pitiful attempt of
misrepresenting Christianity is beyond repulsive. People like you just
stroll around YouTube looking for war, but if a war yu want a dat u wi get.
U no kno seh we bus shot a Jamaica. Anyways, lol. after, i spoke so
respectfully to you, you turn around and give this apathetic, inconsiderate
attempt at tearing down the beliefs of others. Plus, you included a
personal attack, by calling me stupid in a most blunt manner.

Автор david riutta ( назад)
Not possible it doesnt exist lol 

Автор JACOBFLARSEN ( назад)
Pluto is not even a planet any more.. All this is complete bullshit. Wake

Автор Goldie Loxx ( назад)
@mobfiggak- Let me guess. You're an English major. I read many similar
comments in amazement. 1. Everyone knows you will not trouble yourself to
find the person who wrote the comment. 2. Are you willing to pay expenses
to find the person ? 3. Once found, do you plan a physical assault or
murder? 4. No one can make you angry unless you allow them. Your comment
will be more profound & thought provoking if you express your disapproval
with an educated opinion rather than threat of violence.

Автор Famous Amos ( назад)
@sowhatbitch103 let me tell u something bitch 1st of all don't call blk ppl
negro's cos it will get yo ass whooped especially by me 2nd I'm sick and
tired of these cracker theories that try to dumb down African culture and

Автор sowhatbitch103 ( назад)
Dude -____- just shut up...this has nothing to do with race. If anything it
would work in the favor of the negros.

Автор sowhatbitch103 ( назад)
Major ownage!

Автор sowhatbitch103 ( назад)

Автор S0L0W21 (467 лет назад)
the tablet has detailed writing that explain the sun and its planets? thres
many more than 9 dots on that tablet.. -,- someone tell me whats going
on... im lost... 

Автор norbo norebo ( назад)
This is a re run lecture.They should not have reruns. This is not cable tv.

Автор norbo norebo ( назад)
I second the motion.

Автор THEKINGS001 ( назад)
Thank you, Viva Assyria My Brother...

Автор ImFromIraq19 ( назад)
The British can't hurt us. Don't forget you are the son of the Tigris, and
Euphrates rivers, Chaldeans & Assyrians can never die.

Автор THEKINGS001 ( назад)
Assyria's national Flag...

Автор THEKINGS001 ( назад)
3:17 My ancestor's, What the british done to Assyria is un-called for we
are humans The truth is coming out now will Arise again We are the first we

Автор ChillDudeID ( назад)

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
Please go back to being dead. 

Автор Jim Henson ( назад)
My friend having died, Rely literary words are having no grasp on your
penal gland to effect you inner vision.I verified the existence of a higher
life forms after this place.it is nothing that can be uttered to inflict
the amount of horror on the faces of the Blues those who were on their way
to the cold dead room.they will be consumed and they go knowing it,frozen
in fear condemned. to be consumed ya thats right your food soup yum 

Автор Jim Henson ( назад)
Nibiru Translation fruit tree from which we came, All that is here is given
a 3600 year cycle,to improve life,well we didnt .Call its name in your
dreams and prey it goes away.

Автор waslurkinginspace ( назад)
Can't you delete the immature comments?

Автор norbo norebo ( назад)

Автор Famous Amos ( назад)
@Eppa93 hey u need to really learn correct history cos it is already proven
Sumerians migrated to IRAQ from East Africa dumbass not Arabs which only
means Nomad it's not a race...maybe if u did research u would know that

Автор Eppa93 ( назад)
i wouldn't really giving black people credit... it would be giving the
sumarians the credit, and they lived in the land which we today call iraq.
Arabians you moron they are not black, if enything they are more a
brown/yellow sandish collor.

Автор Famous Amos ( назад)
Hate to give blk ppl credit so they say the aliens did everything or we
learned it from the aliens....bullshit propaganda!

Автор Jedi Angel (182 года назад)
Sitchin is taking huge liberties with his "deciphering" of ancient
text/tablets. You'll discover this if you look up the translations
yourself. His books are, in fact, fiction...fiction attempting to rewrite a
false history. The tablet with the Sun and planets, can actually be
translated Saturn and it's moons, based on ancient Saturn (the god Saturn)
worship. Ancient aliens? Perhaps, but we have to check references on these
guys and look at all possibilities.

Автор Unfamiliar Sun ( назад)
1:13 Sounds like she said "Yeah,We See A Dick"


Автор hebince44 ( назад)
That's not a problem, my friend. Muslims never lived in the first century.

Автор 1ThousandShanks ( назад)
You don't want to wonder about the universe and think about the fact of
there being over 600 sextillion galaxies, each home to billions and
trillions of stars, each with its own system of planets, and 1 in a million
of those planets may have life. And if you can't figure out the math behind
that, just think that that's the KNOWN universe. Humans and Earth are
nothing compared to what could be out there. Who knows, maybe more humans.
No need for religious feedback, I'm no slave to any god.

Автор 1ThousandShanks ( назад)
I appreciate how you said that I "might" be a fat lazy prick, but I'm not.
I'm an animal, just like you. Nothing special about me besides my scars and
tattoos. And if you read my comment I clearly meant you no offense and was
speaking my openly free mind, but you seem to have taken it a little to
harshly. I blame Christians because it is a fact, not an opinion. And you
shouldn't assume shit all your life, fat lazy pricks that dont go to church
have a family to work for or have better shit to do.

Автор Hiran Karmacharya ( назад)
i just want to ask what is your definitation of GOD...are u one of those
who believe earth is flat and sun revolves around it . we are talking about
quantum physics now .. if god created the universe than where he used to
live before he created the univesre ,u mean there is different univesre for
god and other creatures. u stupid think there is somedbody in the sky
looking at u and planning for u get over ur self ..u not that important for
this univesre i feel sorry for ur blind belief wake up

Автор Ronald Schmal ( назад)
I have learned whatever you believe in, or don't believe in, YouTube just
isn't the place to do it. We all can argue our points and belief in
something or not in something till we are blue in the face, and at the end
all we have done is pissed each other off, if you want to believe then
believe, if you don't then don't.

Автор IJustMadeAComment ( назад)
You're the one who is brainwashed into thinking that God only does good for
everything. You seem like someone who believed in God as a child, then
something bad happened, and then all of a sudden you say "How could God let
this happen, God doesn't exist!" That is your belief. But to say that is
"proof" that God doesn't exist is insane. Clearly God has created this
universe to have adversity, pain, hardship, as well as triumph and
pleasure. That doesn't mean God doesn't exist. Like it or not. 

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
Also, I'm not angry at god, or santa, or the tooth fairy. I find it absurd
to feel any emotions towards something which is not real. I laugh at your
god, and all things that go along with that nonsense. 

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
You ever try listening to your nonsense? Try living in the real world for a
minute. See, after I post this, I'm done with you, because there is no
sense arguing with a fool. BUT, I know you want to continue the
conversation, because deep down, you know you're WRONG, and what you are
trying to do by discussing it is to make yourself believe what you've been
fed all your life by your brainwashed friends, brainwashed family,
brainwashed community, and the priests who are getting rich off of you.

Автор lewdable ( назад)
im sorry to say it, but you are brainwashed. You are so caught up in
venting your anger on God for things that human sin has brought upon
humanity. Remember, all things work out in the end. The kid that dies of
cancer probably dies because the lord knows that something worse would
happen to them down the line. Or, they could end up sinning and being lost.
In everything, remember, God knows all best and things thhat seem cruel
actually make sense if you could see the future like God can.

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
To all Christians and Muslims, Stop living in the 1st century, and start
living in the 21st century. Yours Truly, God.

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
Very Well Said!!! If it wasn't for Christianity we could be traversing the
stars right now. Christianity alone set us back 600 years! It also amazes
me that these people want to live their life by a book written almost 2000
years ago. Get with the times people!

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
There is all kinds of proof there is no god. How about Famine & Genocide
just to start? If there IS a god, why does he let these things happen? How
about young children who die of cancer or heart disease? If there is a god,
wouldn't he stop these atrocious things from happening? Now, there is no
need to reply with some lame, inane comment, as your kind likes to do,
because I have dealt with enough of "you people" to know there is nothing
that can be said or done to change your mind. Brainwashed

Автор IJustMadeAComment ( назад)
I'm not saying God creates only good things. Obviously we live in an
equation which is not 100% pleasant for us. Maybe that is the way it is
"suppose" to be, I'm not sure. You can't call me brainwashed. It's not like
you know an empirical truth that there is no such creator of the universe.
Your just making an assumption. There's no proving there ISN'T God. Really,
it only our conviction in our beliefs that matter at this point. 

Автор poop dickerson ( назад)
Dude, most people today don't even go to church and look at them... They're
all fat lazy pricks who do nothing to help anybody in any way. And you
might be one of them. So don't go blaming the church, Chiristians, and

Автор poop dickerson ( назад)
Ok everyone quit with the bull and realize that nibiru isnt real.

Автор Antitheist75 ( назад)
When you found out Santa wasn't real, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter
Bunny, you didn't come to the conclusion that god doesn't exist either?
Who's the idiot? Look around at what's going on in the world, outside of
your little town, and ask yourself, why would god let this happen? How
could god let this happen? That's when you'll find your answer, there is no
god! Break Out of your Brainwashed State of Mind!

Автор Goldie Loxx ( назад)
I would be happy to find intelligent life on You Tube.

Автор IJustMadeAComment ( назад)
You're an idiot. 

Автор 1ThousandShanks ( назад)
We would be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ahead in technology, if
religion hadn't stepped in the way. I mean no offense to those that want to
just leave everything at, "God made us and the universe and we're the only
living intelligent beings in the universe", but the bible labeled science,
"Witch-Craft" and "Demonic". Christians burned the Library of Alexandria,
set us back hundreds of years in technology and we live in this shitty
world today.

Автор Razvan Marin ( назад)
I reason you have not read the Bible.

Автор carameloxx ( назад)
you relize i speak with slangs.

Автор magickjac ( назад)
you realize it's "does" and not "dose" right? :D

Автор carameloxx ( назад)
when he said evil he means that it puts a blockage to a new age of space
and so called aliens witch i very much believe as aready millions of people
believe that they do in fact exists..perhaps aliens have a religion of
their own.

Автор carameloxx ( назад)
no shit.when i say americans i refer to one nation just as everybody dose
all around the world..yeah go play god and correct billions of people of a
definition thats has been changed ages ago...i guess il call myself a
"united statian" and have other people with your type of mind correct me
and say..wtf!

Автор magickjac ( назад)
Okay, you do realize that Canadians and Mexicans are also technically
Americans, right? As are Brazilians, Chileans, Guatemalans, etc. 

Автор erchachanfles ( назад)
Why does it fukn stop there

Автор xvoui ( назад)

Автор Srdjan Raicevic ( назад)
serbenda sarbraska surbadija sirus serbs STAR PEOPLE 

Автор Blazeking416 ( назад)
We are going to see how our little differences between colors and nation on
earth compares to the differences in the galactic community. 

Автор TheyCallMeMoney420 ( назад)
it is a story about jesus that is meant to be taken literally except for
the parables. Jesus did walk the earth that is a fact. christians strive to
be like christ by following his example. so if you take his whole life as a
metaphor then doesnt that completely defeat the entire story? The story of
god sending his son to die on the cross and christians are supposed to
blieve in that to get into heaven so if you think of it

Автор Neo Fontaine ( назад)
i completely agree. but who are we to decide what is a metaphor and what's
truly meant to be taken literally. there are still some people that think
the world was created in 7 days... I mean come on... so I'm saying, to be
safe, try not to think of everything literally because once you throw it
all into the metaphor area that's when you can start thinking about it more
from a learning perspective instead of just "oh this is a story about
jesus" (the new testament)

Автор TheyCallMeMoney420 ( назад)
NOTHING in the bible should be taken literally? its all stories and
metaphors? have u even read the bible? plenty of literal writing. its a
mix. parables are metaphors

Автор Neo Fontaine ( назад)
you shouldn't think so literally. if you know much about the bible it tries
to teach by telling stories and parables.... the literal meanings don't
matter. it's the metaphorical meanings and ideas you should be looking
into. i think the idea of passing down knowledge is something that someone
( a god) did to humans or maybe plain evolution did. which would make
"mother earth" our god. nobody knows.. but we all shouldnt take anything
written in the bible literally. it's all stories and metaphors.

Автор Stardustchild01 ( назад)
.....*facehoof* seriously.... this is not serious at all. 

Автор Tristan T. Alcala ( назад)
Would you believe that we are all GODS? Bible says so, "we were made in his
image". Imagine humans 10,000 years in the future. Imagine what our bodies
and minds will be capable of. We are the CREATORS. Look around, the
governments of the world knows this. We are in the brink of a mass social
breakdown. People are getting restless all over the world. Society is being
pushed and tested by its people. THEY will announce something soon, or,
maybe we just need to look at the heavens for answers.

Автор Justin The Wolf ( назад)
@sabutai1 Strength alone wont allow a species to thrive,survival of the

Автор Gerard Takiwa ( назад)
@carameloxx that is pork n the sky stuff. its called survival of the

Автор Gerard Takiwa ( назад)
the universe as i see it, with its benevolent nature and beauty, secrets
and honesty makes anything i say this. we step out of the ocean forward one
billion years and learnt nothing!

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