Aliens & possiblity (Sumerians/ Nibiru) Michio Kaku

Cut clips from previous videos on youtube (under 5 mins)Also look up the drake equation. Did this for GA Southern University project English 101.

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Автор Jean Osorio (5 месяцев)
isint it silly how it is listen so nasa has top secret tape so why is that
here doesent that mean the tape is top secret 

Автор kriddie88 (10 месяцев)
WHY CAnt i fuckin react anymore!! WHAT IS THIS YOUTUBE!? MADNESS! MADNESS I

Автор MrZlathan3 (9 месяцев)
What's the music at the end?.

Автор norbo norebo (2 года)
I second the motion.

Автор Famous Amos (2 года)
@Eppa93 hey u need to really learn correct history cos it is already proven
Sumerians migrated to IRAQ from East Africa dumbass not Arabs which only
means Nomad it's not a race...maybe if u did research u would know that

Автор Grievance87 (1 год)
sounds much better ;) but they did work we don´t. i´m not in a mood to have
philosophical enlightments in the office. in nature or if i cultivate there
are many possibilities to observe the principles of life itself, its
mathematical structure and much, much more... on the other hand - "They
just had to work so hard for living they didin't have time to think
sciences or philosophy" - if you look outside, on the people, do you really
think its different today?

Автор carameloxx (2 года)
@Ioulum will you?

Автор carter murphy (1 год)
that triangular craft is called the TR-3b, a government made craft with an
engine powered by plasma mercury travelling in such fast rotation its
starts to interrupt the gravity to the 3 points which look like lights but
those are the engines with an outer shell made out of Quasicrystal which
you can go look up in depth but trust me, you will not under stand

Автор TheQneb (1 год)
Its obviouse that this Annunnaki, God, and others like Allah ect are the
same thing. Different cultures just have the story different way, but it
has about the same main goal. The stories are just not told literally,
because the people of early ages were so stupid, you couldnt talk them in
science. You had to teach them with stories like kids. Thats how the belief
systems were born. Or then someone just pulled them out from their hats to
controll people, its other possibility.

Автор magickjac (2 года)
Okay, you do realize that Canadians and Mexicans are also technically
Americans, right? As are Brazilians, Chileans, Guatemalans, etc.

Автор carameloxx (2 года)
when he said evil he means that it puts a blockage to a new age of space
and so called aliens witch i very much believe as aready millions of people
believe that they do in fact exists..perhaps aliens have a religion of
their own.

Автор TheyCallMeMoney420 (2 года)
it is a story about jesus that is meant to be taken literally except for
the parables. Jesus did walk the earth that is a fact. christians strive to
be like christ by following his example. so if you take his whole life as a
metaphor then doesnt that completely defeat the entire story? The story of
god sending his son to die on the cross and christians are supposed to
blieve in that to get into heaven so if you think of it

Автор 1ThousandShanks (2 года)
You don't want to wonder about the universe and think about the fact of
there being over 600 sextillion galaxies, each home to billions and
trillions of stars, each with its own system of planets, and 1 in a million
of those planets may have life. And if you can't figure out the math behind
that, just think that that's the KNOWN universe. Humans and Earth are
nothing compared to what could be out there. Who knows, maybe more humans.
No need for religious feedback, I'm no slave to any god.

Автор WorldWarChaos (1 год)
about time all this shit is getting out, give our tablets back bitches and
the stargate if it really exist, Sumerians/Assyrians were 200 years
advanced of there time more than the past progressed for the last 200,000

Автор theart1rm (2 года)
@crappyspeller420 I thought that was what I said. P2, many splits - KJB
supposedly being written by aliens. I coin the phrase "So which Bible are
you reading?" because their are many & they all say things differently. So
was their ever a real Bible? God's Bible? I don't believe that anymore. But
then what would it matter in the long run -God, Aliens, Man we are all
quilty sinners. Where did giving Man "Free Will" become an excuse to
abandon the innocent, the rest of us?


Автор Grievance87 (1 год)
"because the people of early ages were so stupid" - thats simply arrogant.
"Its obviouse that this Annunnaki, God, and others like Allah ect are the
same thing. " - and because you think it´s obvious other possibilities,
meanings, truths will stay hidden from you.

Автор TheQneb (1 год)
Well, they weren't stupid, probably had same potentional than we have if
not better. They just had to work so hard for living they didin't have time
to think sciences or philosophy so much I would guess. But do you honestly
think that story about god and story about alah is different?

Автор freidarulz (2 года)
the first people to translate the Bible in the King James version were put
to death - considered to be evil.

Автор stevegrello (2 года)
Its funny how we apply human logic to non human beings. That doesnt even
make sense universally speaking.

Автор SmokingJoePot (2 года)
@messi996 Close minded is what catholic religion have us believe like the
Catholic church's creation the Inquisition to torture and kill fellow bible
believers, muslims, jews and any other religion that wasn't of Catholic
religion. It didn't matter if you believed in god or jesus, if you didn't
join the Catholic church you were tortured or burned at the stake until you
converted. Now whos being forced to believe a closed minded belief?

Автор david riutta (2 года)
Not possible it doesnt exist lol

Автор Razvan Marin (2 года)
I reason you have not read the Bible.

Автор Gerard Takiwa (2 года)
the universe as i see it, with its benevolent nature and beauty, secrets
and honesty makes anything i say this. we step out of the ocean forward one
billion years and learnt nothing!

Автор kuzurame (2 года)
@carameloxx I believe that is "Humans" from Earth, Hopefully one day in our
lifetimes, we can be apart of that.

Автор LaPersonaNonGrata (2 года)
We are Tellurians!

Автор StyrbjornStarke (2 года)
I could listen to Kaku all day even if only understand about 10% of what he

Автор devillewheelz (2 года)
@sam2132008 GOOD THEORY BRO

Автор BlazeKing416 (2 года)
We are going to see how our little differences between colors and nation on
earth compares to the differences in the galactic community.

Автор ChillDudeID (2 года)

Автор Jim Henson (2 года)
My friend having died, Rely literary words are having no grasp on your
penal gland to effect you inner vision.I verified the existence of a higher
life forms after this place.it is nothing that can be uttered to inflict
the amount of horror on the faces of the Blues those who were on their way
to the cold dead room.they will be consumed and they go knowing it,frozen
in fear condemned. to be consumed ya thats right your food soup yum

Автор Antitheist75 (2 года)
There is all kinds of proof there is no god. How about Famine & Genocide
just to start? If there IS a god, why does he let these things happen? How
about young children who die of cancer or heart disease? If there is a god,
wouldn't he stop these atrocious things from happening? Now, there is no
need to reply with some lame, inane comment, as your kind likes to do,
because I have dealt with enough of "you people" to know there is nothing
that can be said or done to change your mind. Brainwashed

Автор c4pilot29902 (1 год)
To me, the Chicago O'Hare incident, the Japan Airlines incident in Alaska,
The Rendelshem Forest incident, the Chinese Airport incident, that old
black/white photo of a UFO from that older couple that cannot be proven to
be a hoax, the Betty and Barney Hill incident, the UFOs over Washington,
D.C. incident and the Phoenix Lights incident is enough credible evidence!!!

Автор kialandi333 (1 год)
hmm. when was the last time you heard of either sacrificing their children
in order to rid evil from their homes?

Автор secretk33per (2 года)
Trying to get scientists to go along with crazy theories is complete
nonsense. There isn't any geographical evidence to support a worldly flood.
Other than that, its Scientology.

Автор TheSpyro420 (2 года)
We are not alone man for real the universe

Автор Gerard Takiwa (2 года)
@carameloxx that is pork n the sky stuff. its called survival of the

Автор theart1rm (2 года)
@Thaulopi I suggest you read them. Facinating, intriguing story or
historical truth? 1st post I mispelled Enki as Anki - sorry about that. I
pose this question to you - that was posed to me: Can you prove they exist?
Answer: No Can you prove they don't exist? Answer No. Will someone tell us
the truth? If you read the Sumerian Tablets they don't know either. If they
be real they call our God "The Creator of All" & reference themselves Gods
because they lived for thousands of years & seeded us

Автор S0L0W21 (2 года)
the tablet has detailed writing that explain the sun and its planets? thres
many more than 9 dots on that tablet.. -,- someone tell me whats going
on... im lost...

Автор Antitheist75 (2 года)
Also, I'm not angry at god, or santa, or the tooth fairy. I find it absurd
to feel any emotions towards something which is not real. I laugh at your
god, and all things that go along with that nonsense.

Автор Djordje Petrovic (1 год)
Yeah...like noone can really define the word "god"... what that meant then
and what im means now...

Автор Riu Senju (2 года)
Is Jupiter, Planet X?

Автор Antitheist75 (2 года)
When you found out Santa wasn't real, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter
Bunny, you didn't come to the conclusion that god doesn't exist either?
Who's the idiot? Look around at what's going on in the world, outside of
your little town, and ask yourself, why would god let this happen? How
could god let this happen? That's when you'll find your answer, there is no
god! Break Out of your Brainwashed State of Mind!

Автор utopiandesign (2 года)
The facts as I best understand them: 1. Humankind is fundamentally
untrustworthy. 2. The fact that there is no open correspondence with
extraterrestrial life shows we are in quarantine from the rest of the
living universe. 3. Should we travel to other living worlds we would
pollute the life there as we have done here. 4. Those who have experienced
the paranormal, spiritual realm know that there are controlling forces
outside of our ability to control our destiny. Who we choose decides our

Автор SdaBlackbox (2 года)
@trizaholic *faceplam* how old are you?

Автор marodrinunez (2 года)
puede ser traducido al castellano

Автор carameloxx (2 года)
no shit.when i say americans i refer to one nation just as everybody dose
all around the world..yeah go play god and correct billions of people of a
definition thats has been changed ages ago...i guess il call myself a
"united statian" and have other people with your type of mind correct me
and say..wtf!

Автор poop dickerson (2 года)
Ok everyone quit with the bull and realize that nibiru isnt real.

Автор magickjac (2 года)
you realize it's "does" and not "dose" right? :D

Автор 1ThousandShanks (2 года)
We would be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ahead in technology, if
religion hadn't stepped in the way. I mean no offense to those that want to
just leave everything at, "God made us and the universe and we're the only
living intelligent beings in the universe", but the bible labeled science,
"Witch-Craft" and "Demonic". Christians burned the Library of Alexandria,
set us back hundreds of years in technology and we live in this shitty
world today.

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