400,000 Year Old Human Remains Found In Israel? -- Find Could Change Evolutionary Picture

Archaeologists in Israel find possible 400,000-year-old modern man remains while excavating a cave in central Israel. If the find turns out to be genuine, the landscape of human evolution could be altered forever.

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"Homo sapiens lived in Eretz Yisrael 400,000 years ago"


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Description: Jaskinia Ostrężnicka, Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska (A cave in Poland)
Date: 02.05.2008
Source: Wikimedia Commons http://bit.ly/dXHvPo
Author: Przykuta http://bit.ly/g6kVUR
Permission/License Terms: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. http://bit.ly/9CazAD


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Автор Heinrich Berg ( назад)
We should totally believe this, because it's not like jews are known for
lying, tricking, deceiving, forging, or anything...

Автор Exotik Angel ( назад)
This is vry intriguing. We shuld b amazed by this discovery. So, I want 2
knw y is there so much hate? It doesnt matter where any1 came frm. The
human race is dominant among all!! Nt the "different races" of ppl. We r
all human & shuld respect 1 another. Id b miserable if i had so much hate n
my heart. I believe God is the creator of all...

Автор TheHelixballerone ( назад)
Conservative New Media. You are so full of shit! Post the fossil evidence.

Автор VTeach ( назад)
I would assume they used carbon 14 dating. I have been teaching ancient
history for 17 years and am amazed by some of these comments. Very

Автор superlynn27 ( назад)
Pls can somebody explain to me how do they know that it is 400,000 years

Автор peruda hudson ( назад)
fuck what the bible says. religion should not be brought into it. the
religious idiots are scared shitless the truth will come out because they
will loose control of the fucktards that believe shit like the bible

Автор Jackson Warren ( назад)
is lol... what a job remembering this... stuff. The Egyptian pyramid at
Giza shows a man with a NW Coast Cdn 1st Nations eagle mask, or crest. The
Eagle design, crest or mask shown is a representation of 1st Nations' or
American Ndn's traditionally styled leadership. The feather head dress worn
by the same figure ~ is an identical representation as well of the (Central
SE)American Ndn representative of & symbolizing leadership. The feathers
upon the head-dress represent a life, or feather earned in keeping with the
same ancient motive agenda spiritual alignment & healing/teaching 'mission'
of & within the whole. Mother earth. Additionally Our Crests, the
Thunderbird & Sun designs found in 'ancient' Summaria indicate the true
origin or path of necessary learning/leadership, in mapping both separate
neanderlithlic groups together 2 attain immersion & collaborative unity in
the protection of life, health & well-being within the whole, organism ~
Mother Earth. Furthermore, the trade references in asia leave little 2 the
imagination in relation 2 our old common origins. Pacific settlement
islands & mainland areas. & as has been reported lately ~ the presence of
coca in king tut's hair support our evidence of global trade alliances
between old continents (Americas/Pacific) & the (Euro-African or Atlantic).
Search just 2 the SE of St Croix west of the bahamas on google if u don't
believe me please there is an old Lemurian structure of mine visible
underwater & no it ain't 'atlantis'. In the egyptian hyro-glyphs u will
notice the same shaped skull being present among 'the descendants of the
gods' as was practiced, or designed by my American Ndn family in S America
& NW Canada. The skulls were bound on women as babies 2 enable greater
brain function & capabilities like energy communication within the whole,
Mother earth, or without... 'Space Bros' ~ 'Supernatural Associates' &C
Additionally i do support the fact that we do have & have no prejudice in
combining, or spreading our bloodline, spirituality or life/love compatible
teachings throughout all genetic groups. Again i will point out the fact
that the Old Hebrew teachings referencing the tree of life, & Circle of
Life r a teaching commonly known among American Ndns as well while the Jews
in old times were employed as slaves, in the construction of said pyramids
in Giza, with the American Ndn Leadership references. The dynamics of
construction additionally were left in tut's tomb model-sized. Rounded
'sleds' or attachments which enabled the rolling of square blocks up hill &
into place. Anyone notice how much more precise & exact stone works were
completed here in S America? More experienced stone carving population.
stones like easter island & quartz. Of course, the NW Coast & NE Central
Americas were more spiritually immersed with the system & maintained a
fully bio-degradable, non-traceable existence in keeping w traditionally
styled positive impact living. Check out the clam beaches we built out of
rocks after the last great glacial melt, along the Cdn NW Coast (google)
when many still claim we migrated from Asia. 10,000+ yrs ago. The true
settlement areas r also visible using google ~ between Haida Gwaii(Queen
Charlotte Is) & Vancouver Is at the 3 Rivers location... Free your mind, &
your ass will follow... <3 <3 <3 O ~=) 

Автор Wilson Takiwa ( назад)
blacks were the original Egyptians, the Romans integrated with the black
cush in Egypt is why you get black Egyptians mummies with red hair and so

Автор Wilson Takiwa ( назад)

Автор gldkdd ( назад)
Obama say corpsman daaaa

Автор gldkdd ( назад)
I do not think he can think that big

Автор Steelbreeze420 ( назад)
based on what actual science? Not even close to 6,000...thats completely
scientifically illiterate. Well if math and numbers dont mean anything its
close then. But if you use actual math and science, this debate is long

Автор Peter Hernandez ( назад)
even if it is proven, science will never except it, it might destroy all
the years of lies that suited all there past textbooks, oh no, we can't
embarrass them.

Автор illegalconspiracy ( назад)
How do we know that everything including the universe did not evolve out
from modern man 70 billion millennia ago. I think the chances of things
happening that way are just as valid as the claims made by evolutionist.

Автор illegalconspiracy ( назад)
How do we know they are not 4 trillion years old. As long as we are picking
big numbers for the age of bones, why not shoot for the galaxy. How about
40 trillion years old.The problem is evolution would never happen no matter
how much time it was given. It would never had a cause, energy, guidance,
knowledge, ability or anything else to have engineered biological life.
Evolution is just random slaps and dashes, kind of like randomly throwing
paint on a wall thinking it will be a Mona Lisa. 

Автор Ariphael ( назад)
The bible is finished, it hasn't been updated. . 6000 years is no longer
accurate, however, it's technically close to that number.

Автор Haifa Tiraoui ( назад)

Автор Daniel Fulton ( назад)
bible still says the earth id 6000 years old...

Автор Simon Bolivar ( назад)
The problem is that scientists HATE being wrong and will stick to their
theories even when wrong. The scientific logic needs to change immediately!
To much evidence has shown that science of today is misleading and wrong
despite all the evidence from around the world. If you have taken a
geography or biology college course you will know that the deserts of the
middle east were once, one HUGE oasis with water, trees and life. This is
why it has the most oil, which is really carbon. 

Автор Simon Bolivar ( назад)
Flawed theory. How can the remains of the oldest known person in Israel be
part of a theory that man was made in africa then migrated outward? If
these are truly the oldest remains found then would it not tell you that
its the opposite and the migration was to Africa and not from Africa? First
you have to know about geography and how the Earth has changed. Its obvious
that at some point all lands were connected. So really all it takes is
another find to debunk that theory as well. 

Автор Phil Brooks Best in The World ( назад)
You dummy ass America?????? lol WOW

Автор Dennis Morrison ( назад)
Yea, you can! LOL!

Автор Dennis Morrison ( назад)
Last time I looked the President was not white so what is your point?

Автор Dennis Morrison ( назад)
Man I will pray for you. Such hate can only come from satan. I pity you
truly. Jesus would be truly ashamed of you.

Автор Dennis Morrison ( назад)
We did not evolve out of Africa! We were CREATED in Eden.

Автор nussecke1980 ( назад)
Tutankhamen had red hair and freckles. His ancestors were Greek, which were
in those days famous for their fair skin and hair. Do some research. The
king needn't be a black man, even in a society with lots of black people in

Автор nussecke1980 ( назад)
Using slang language as a parody and failing is bad, but hurling "drug
user" at another person who doesn't think you're funny is worse. I didn't
say Egypt was exclusively black. I said its inhabitants were African with a
multicultural heritage. "Arab" is by the wy a very wide definition and has
been ever since. The people of Iran for example are not Arabic, they are
Persian and very proud of it. What makes you think that Egyptian society
"failed" because it was multicultural? 

Автор nussecke1980 ( назад)
Ancient Egypt was "black". It's Africa, you know. The country where maaaany
black people live. And the people living in Egypt today are of persian,
greek and arabic ancestry. 

Автор nussecke1980 ( назад)
Yes, just what I thougt. *sigh* I don't know what's worse, your blank
crazyness or your poor English. If you're not a native speaker, I
apologize. If you are, omg... go back to school.

Автор Dwayne Johnson ( назад)
I know it's Hard bud.. I feel your pain.

Автор nussecke1980 ( назад)
Maybe a hut like this would be a nice place for you.

Автор Dwayne Johnson ( назад)
And During this time he was still wandering the hillside and dwelling in
Caves in the caucus Mountains of Europe.. ( Fact )!!!! And the was a time
you didn't even exist at all. Africa taught the Cave man how to wipe his

Автор Dwayne Johnson ( назад)
Dude... I know it hurts... When the white man " discovered" Egypt.. He
realized that Egypt Was winding down From thousands of years Civilizations
and 31 Dynasties...

Автор Dieter Soegemeier ( назад)
Although the majority of humans on this planet are still dumb there are a
growing number of people who are becoming aware of the truth. And are
actively searching for the truth of our forgotten history, this our right
and we want it. We know instinctively that nam and others have been here
for hundreds of thousands of years and also know how others have tried to
conceal everything older than 6000 years, but that is over. Welcome to the
modern world, whats left of it. We can still fix it.

Автор Anthony Brown ( назад)
You people are idiots I found a rock in road

Автор utubuser10 ( назад)
last time I looked, 400,000 was a heck of a larger number than 6,000?

Автор Dwayne Johnson ( назад)
And if what these impostors found is true.... These remains were most
Certainly of African Descent!!!! There was no such thing as a White man
400,000 years Ago. EAT IT!!!!

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) Pbuh had two sons: Ismael (Ishmael) and Ishaaq
(Isaac) Pbut. The Arabs (Ishmaelites) are the descendants of Ismael (Pbuh)
and the Jews (Israelites) are the descendants of Ishaaq (Pbuh). Ishmaelites
(Arabs) are the brethren of Israelites (Jews). Thus, Prophet Muhammad
(Pbuh) is from the brethren of Prophet Musa (Moses) Pbuh. [Genesis
16:12/25:18] Dear you must study scriptures with clean heart. I will pray
for you.

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
Without knowledge you cannot perceive reality. I advice you to study the
sacred scriptures for God sake.

Автор expatronaut68 ( назад)
Absolute boring shit! No photos no proof no scientific evidence no
references to research team or who found this...Paul inept !

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
However, it is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who is like Moses (pbuh): ■Both had
a father and a mother, while Jesus (pbuh) was born miraculously without any
male intervention. [Mathew 1:18 and Luke 1:35 and also Al-Qur'an 3:42-47] ■
Both were married and had children. Jesus (pbuh) according to the Bible did
not marry nor had children. ■ Both died natural deaths. Jesus (pbuh) has
been raised up alive. (4:157-158)

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
If these two are the only criteria for this prophecy to be fulfilled, then
all the Prophets of the Bible who came after Moses (pbuh) such as Solomon,
Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Malachi, John the Baptist, etc.
(pbut) will fulfill this prophecy since all were Jews as well as prophets ■
Both were married and had children. Jesus (pbuh) according to the Bible did
not marry nor had children. ■ Both died natural deaths. Jesus (pbuh) has
been raised up alive. (4:157-158)

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
Almighty God speaks to Moses in Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 18: "I
will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and
I will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I
shall command him." The Christians say that this prophecy refers to Jesus
(pbuh) because Jesus (pbuh) was like Moses (pbuh). Moses (pbuh) was a Jew,
as well as Jesus (pbuh) was a Jew. Moses (pbuh) was a Prophet and Jesus
(pbuh) was also a Prophet.

Автор HappyQuailsFarm ( назад)
What are we looking at? Wouldn't it make sense to show the remains?

Автор Alientcp ( назад)
And where are the remains? U know, have to show the evidence.

Автор Stephen Anthony ( назад)
what a dumb ass video

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
Dear what I have quoted is from the books of Hadeeth (with reference) and
they are not my own sayings. Muslims follow God's last scripture (Qur'aan),
His last Messenger (Prophet Muhammad Pbuh), and His last religion (Islam).

Автор Johnny Table ( назад)
Neandertalls? I miss that Geico caveman sitcom that was on and canceled so
quick. That was funny, he said "keep your penis in your genus" cuz he was
dating a white chick.

Автор Abbeo ( назад)
Nice fairytale! 10/10 would read again.

Автор Muhammad bin Muhammad ( назад)
The Prophet said, "God created Adam in his complete shape and form, sixty
cubits in height. When He created him, He said (to him), "Go and greet that
group of angels sitting there, and listen what they will say in reply to
you, for that will be your greeting and the greeting of your offspring."
(Sahih Bukhari 8:74:246)

Автор spaceshipjessica ( назад)
Some how I just Knew!, there'd be some bull shitting racist Democrat in the
comment section, spouting their anti white horse shit.

Автор 2028 END ( назад)
2028END d o t com. Don't miss it!!!

Автор LiaMaKaChauHai ( назад)
really ton of fake circulation story in youtube around the world specially
to those who allow and giving youtube advertisement in his video will get
higher chances to click shit my ass

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
yeah, all the immigrants streaming into america every day really hate it.
was it america that made you into a racist moron? lol so what are you going
to do about you nazi? what's your "final solution" to the sub-human white
devils problem? you wanna put me in a concentration camp? 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
you dummy ass America has its hands in everything why do you think white
American government is (hated) all around the world!! "sic" dumb!!

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
how about the genocide in rwanda? is that my fault too you lunatic? forcing
small children to fight your battles? rape as a weapon of war? raping women
with machetes? white people didn't do that shit. again, there are good and
bad people in every race, religion, country, etc... you have become what
you claim to hate. your hate perverts your thoughts. m.l.k. jr would be
rolling over in his grave, hearing you spout your nazi ideology. you should
be ashamed. goodbye flowers "adolph" galore

Автор Tracy Mcdonald ( назад)
Flowers galore... Beat the fuck out of that evil devil bitch.. She knows
damn well her pink monkey race has destroyed EVERYTHING on this planet in
the name of God.. They think everything in this world is theirs for the
taking, but they fail to realize their time is up!! The only contribution
they've made to any society is global white supremacy. They have changed
every constitution in damn near every country they can get their filthy
hands on, to fit a global white supremist agenda!! DEVILS!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
GODDAMN ANGELS so goddamn long to clean up your DEMONIC EVIL WICKED mess!!
You R "sic"!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
Qaddafi was trying to break away from the (stranglehold) that these western
white demonic racist countries has on the African Continent as a whole!!
The United Snakes of America has its demonic tentacles everywhere globally
you cause nothing but death disease and destruction and you want to (KEEP)
it like that!! The west ain't done a (GOTDAMN) thing to alleviate pain want
and need in over five centuries since your invasions of different countries
around the world globally so what is taking you 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
wealthy racist demonic white countries want especially Africa/Alkebulan to
be strong and self sufficient no way just look at what was done to Qaddafi
he wanted to make Libya the bread basket of Africa to feed all of Africa
and your demonic wealthy white racist countries (FREAKED) out got
rid/assassinated him! And don't tell me your demonic views about Qaddafi he
had his problems and made mistakes he's human but your western wealthy
white countries has problems and make mistakes to at least 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
OMG!! you really believe that (shit) that whites R the most charitable race
in the world stop drinking the kool-aid because you R delusional if what
you believe is true than why is this planet in the state that its in
globally!! you western demons (TAKE) far more infinitely more than you have
EVER given to this world/planet to little to late racist demonic white
supremacy western devilization is the death of this planet! You R just dumb
pathetic laughable! You really believe that these western

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
no sources? can't say i'm surprised. your lies were quite obvious.whatever
happened to you to make you so hateful and prejudiced, i offer my sympathy
and pity. understand, there are good and bad people in every race. whites
are the most charitable race in the world. billions of dollars of aid goes
to africa every year. missionaries and peace workers go build wells and
schools, or try and help victims of all the wars and other brutalities some
africans inflict on each other. 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
well you have your way (lies) and I'll have it my way the (truth) shall set
you (free) dumb "yeti's"!!

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
what scientific research? i notice you gave no sources for that
claim,again. is an outlandsih rumor about some inbreds walking on all fours
the best you can come up with? you must be proud of yourself, engaging in
the same type of prejudiced, hateful rationalizations of those who would
oppress blacks.all you racists are the same. haters and liars, who can only
justify their hate by convincing themselves the object of their hatred
isn't worthy of anything better. 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
mmmmm!! just like (Tarzan) where (Jane) in Nairobi hoeing!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
neandies talking was grunts and more grunts like (chimpanzees)!! Smh!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
yeeeaaahhh!!! riiiggghht!! laughing!! Superior beasts!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
we black folks R coming to the realization that you beasts just can't help
yourselves its in your DNA make up to be beastly devils demons!! White
man/White woman is the Great Satan!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
oh!! I've always known you mutated pale face apes would chimp out once the
truth got out about your kind mankind so it really doesn't matter how much
you "yeti's" bitch and moan about all of this scientific research on you
people the jig is up the genie is out the bottle so to speak U look up they
walked on all fours a Eurasian family from the Caucasus reverting back to
walking on all fours look up non blacks born with (tails) Caucasians
Eurasians Asians y'all all related from time to time! True

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
cont... i've already given you info and sources showing that you are as
qualified to speak about neanderthals and dna as a pet hamster. true!
you're just a hateful little lunatic aren't you? blaming all your problems
on others i bet. anyway, i'll be waiting for those sources, i'd like to see
where this crazy train began. lol 

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
do you know how to read ancient hebrew? idiot... i notice you didn't
provide any sources for your so called "scientific" "true" claims, as i
did. could that be because you have no credible source, and are completely
full of shit? and no, your former roomate at the looney bin is not a
credible source lol you must be proud of yourself, propogating the same
bigotry and hatred that compelled white slave owners to treat other races
as sub-human. cont... 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
you fucking albino demons have tampered with and manipulated the bible in
its translation from ancient Hebrew to modern English you fucking demons
have even changed the (Shabbat) Sabbath from Prime Creators/Gods holy
commandment "Saturday" to "Sunday"!! So don't talk about the bible to me
demon I know what I'm talking about!! And white people and other non blacks
R mankind your not even considered human genetically because of your
(neanderthal) bloodline DNA!! Neanderthal was NOT human!! True!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
wowww!! showing your true colors now or lack there of!! can't handle the
truth racist aggressive violent negative behavior you just proved my
point!! Y'all non blacks can't help yourselves its in your bloodline DNA
you R (neanderthals)!! she-devil cave bitch!! bye!!

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
howard the duck hollywood argyles alley oop

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
lol, your fucked up, lol, i'm not a liar or a racist... i'm much more
intelligent than you, i don't live n a cave, and the last guy to call me
bitch is still missing... bye

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
did you see my other comments? the ones where i continued to thoroughly
pwnd your craziness. i assume you are not sub-saharan, so yes, you are part
neandertal, and if you were not born in africa, you probably got some white
up in you as well lol. google "could neandertals talk" and you will see
articles from daily mail, scientific american, ny times, bbc, nbc news,
telegraph, new scientists, etc... all contradicting your ridiculous claims.
where is your source? 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
stop lying fool I know my genealogy bloodline DNA!! Do you know yours? you
R the most assuming dumb bitch I've come across in a long time don't know
shit about nothing!! Always assuming!! Neandies were zoo animal superior
beasts your descendants not mine!!

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
also, "mankind" does not mean "kind of a man" dummy. it is simply a term
that springs from the creation story in the bible if i'm not mistaken. god
supposedly created different "kinds", therefore, "mankind" are you really
this stupid?

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
she-devil lying racist stank!! laughing!! shut the fuck!! You wouldn't know
the truth if it smacked your "yeti" ape cranium upside "yo" hard head with
a two by four club!! You will die believing (LIES)!! "Sic"ass dumb cave

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
cont but that's still not all. some scientists associate brain
lateralization with language, and neandertals had the same 9:1 handedness
ratio as modern humans. all the evidence we have suggests neandertal could
in fact have language. sorry, but you will have to rely on the wonderful
accomplishments of africans to show your superiority over us non-blacks, or
the obvious advanced culture in africa right now to show me "who the true
apes are". we're all humans numbskull 

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
unless you are from sub-saharan africa, you are part neandertal as well.
all you have to do is a quick google search to see that i am telling the
truth. your info is outdated, obsolete, from, the 1800's,and obviously part
of some bigotry you have. were you abused by a white guy or something? not
only does the fossil hyoid suggest neandies had an identical voice box, but
foxp 2 gene is also identical to modern humans, which is associated with

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
im a typical hairless ape... lol.. i swing thru da jungle tearin limbs off
ah trees n' I'll knuckle yo head before you count to 3

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
fuck yeah ! i am the truth,! creatures from hell

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
shut up just shut the fuck up I have ears to hear what he said I don't need
a lying dog ass fool telling me what I heard!! The commentator science
reporter as told by experts scientists in the field of anthropology said
that neanderthals R related to mankind but were not actual homo sapiens
sapiens (true man) themselves which means neandies were never human beings
mankind R Caucasians Eurasians and Asians kind of a man but not quite a man
homo habalis UR kind non blacks R related to neanderthals

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
north africans seem to have mated with neandertals as well. only
sub-saharan africans don't seem to have done so. the man is the video who
say they were not human is just some reporter, not a scientist. learn how
to evaluate your sources. there is no scientific consensus on that issue as
of yet. again, neandertals had a voice box IDENTICAL to our own, so they
were very likely capable of language. in addition, evidence such as red
ochre at burial sites suggests they had culture as well. 

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
no!! tell the (truth) only mankind mated with neanderthals cave men
Caucasians Eurasians Asians and all of these people R related to
neanderthals by bloodline DNA mankind kind of a man but not quite a man
genetically speaking this is old scientific facts/news where you been!!
This very video states that neanderthals were not human and if your not
human you cannot speak/talk no more than a chimpanzee or gorilla can
speak/talk they have no voice box have do you know of any great ape that
can talk!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
the information is out there if you really want the truth!! But I really
doubt that a creature such as yourself really wants the (Truth) huh!!

Автор lazir camacho ( назад)
you titled old human remains, and where is the remain you show only the
cave entrance do you really known what the remain is very much different
from the word entrance got me next if you titled the video make sure is is
related to what you produce

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
your crazy, lol.. but i like how you said "U can't handle the truth!!"...
lol that was funny...

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
all humans are part of the great ape family. also, there was a time not too
long ago when no human being had "science", actually, you yourself don't
seem to "have science", what with your utterly ridiculous claim that
israelis are not "evolutionized" lol 

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
you have been grossly misinformed flowers nomore. no, they were not homo
habilis, they were home neanderthalensis, although there is controversy as
to whether they should be called homo sapiens neanderthalensis, considering
the evidence that they had language and culture. i think you may be a few
petals short of a whole flower there, if you know what i mean.

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
while flowers is still an idiot, she is partly correct. everyone tested who
wasn't a sub-saharan african does have traces of neandertal dna. the irony
is that flowers most likely is not a sub-saharan african., and also has the
neandertal dna. 

Автор mebe84 ( назад)
all humans are part of the great ape family numbskull, including you.
secondly, only SUB-SAHARAN africans do not have neandertal dna. lastly,
there is no scientific consensus on the issue of whether they had language,
but the scientific fact is that they COULD in fact talk, as their voice box
is virtually identical to ours. consider yourself thoroughly pwnd, and stop

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
you white folks and other non blacks R in such denial now that you know who
the true ape on earth is you people R going crazy over this scientific
fact!! Neanderthals could no more talk than a chimpanzee or a gorilla
scientific fact the (truth)!! lol lol lol!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
UR not dealing with the (truth) all non blacks have neanderthal bloodline
DNA check it out for yourself geneticists scientists from around the world
has stated this fact as scientific fact!! just because your in denial
doesn't make it not so!! lol lol!! the only (true huemans) R the black
skinned Africans that never migrated out of Africa homo sapiens sapiens
true man and woman now Caucasians Eurasians Asians R mankind kind of a man
but not quite a man homo habalis!! U can't handle the truth!!

Автор flowers galore ( назад)
UR denial is laughable all non blacks have neanderthal bloodline DNA in
them Caucasians Eurasians and Asians on what planet are you on geneticists
scientists today have found between 1%-6% neanderthal DNA in all so called
humans outside of the continental continent of Africa it would seem that
Black skinned Africans that never migrated out side the African continent
have ZERO% percent of neanderthal bloodline ape DNA do your own damn
research this has been proven scientific fact for a long time!

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
why tall people are in the valley and short people are on the mountains...
ect ect...

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
same thing as people migrated north and settled in different environments,
the longer they stayed in a specific environment the more prominent their
specific race became... why people from italy are slightly different from
those of sweden.. and people of kenya to those of zimbabwe... japanese to
cambodians.... ect ect

Автор StarletAndTheHoods ( назад)
yes Judaism is a very old religion that Islam and Christianity derived
from, and was started in north africa, but they were not black skinned,
they were originally a reddish skinned people as was the original man who
we all come from.. some of these people migrated further south deeper into
africa and through generations of staying in that environment became darker
and darker with curlier hair due to the environment. god blessed us with
bodies that adapt to our environment over generational time

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