Walk Down Soi 4 Nana in Bangkok, Thailand and some sexy Thai ladies.

A walk down soi 4 in Bangkok past Nana Plaza towards Sukhumvit Road passing some sexy Thai ladies.

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор Willy Pong (3 года)
Thanks for the vdo me kindda miss soi nana been there once I have a great

Автор jaydy71 (3 года)
Soi Nana is like my 2nd home. Found my wife there and we're celebrating our
10 year anniversary soon. I've also made some good friends there, most of
them thai but also some farang folks. We still stay there every 6 months or
so. Yeah, it's mostly about prostitution there, but if you can keep an open
mind you can meet some great people there. You might even get lucky and
meet the love of your life. Or even just a nice lady to spend a good time
with. Just don't be too judgmental.

Автор joesamui (3 года)
Stryker bar, Big dogs, and Morning Night bar, sounds like a typical
afternoon for me !! Nice vid, thanks

Автор TimmuzLierop (3 года)
Hilary bar 1 also good for afternoon :) play some pool! Stryker also nice,
golden bar etc.. Nice vid!

Автор James Martin (3 года)
Spent over a month in Bangkok and watching your video made me relive some
very exciting and fascinating moments of the Vacation. Seeing the video
also gave me a sense of just how wet and humid the air was there. You
definitely needed water, often! hehe. those bars on the right you passed
are excellent for making friends.

Автор jkcrhdy (2 года)
Would love to be sitting in Hillarys Bar 2 now shooting pool having a beer
talking with Nicky, Joy Joy and May and all the rest of the girls. On my
way back soon!

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