Arma 2 (DayZ): The Airbase Expedition -pt1

While exploring in Chernogorsk I hear talk of a group meeting at a church, upon getting there and joining with them we decide to head for the airbase far in the north to get supplies and weapons.
In this part we gather what we can in the city for the journey and try to find others to help us.

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Автор MrYellowBoss ( назад)
pfff, the good old days when your gear was accutualy worth something.

Автор KaabelTV ( назад)
Thats why you got friends in real life to play with.

Автор Konnor D ( назад)

Автор membu ( назад)
Just shooting straight up is fun for you? Try chopping the legs off someone
who's unarmed and placing morphine just about 50m infront of them. And just
as they've finished patching themselves up, I do it again. And again. And
again. Untill they die of blood-loss. I also might draw pentagrams with
fireplaces and dance around them at night while chanting something in utter
giberish. I love this mod.

Автор SchmeddyBallz ( назад)
moron why shoot the dmr in a city? Especially cherno and then waste all
your ammo before pulling out your pistol?

Автор Jew Killer ( назад)
old dayz :( cant someone make an old dayz server and stuff? would be really
cool :)

Автор Konnor D ( назад)
lol yup dats the fun part of the game.

Автор Maiev shadowsong ( назад)
that`s why games like this sucks... ppl dont trust (you) and stupid guys
who just camp fors ages just to kill you 

Автор gigiben132 ( назад)
play with friends, dont play with people FROM the game. you will find it
very hard to find a good trustworty team-mate.

Автор Emil ( назад)
well, lesson of the day: never ever trust anyone. And in buildings and
cities there are often other people, so always be careful when moving in
urban areas since people tend to gather there. 

Автор Konnor D ( назад)
Rule #1. Dont trust no one.

Автор Pexxy ( назад)
You should do like frankie .. Like First get behind him then say calmly

Автор luciano1kreuger ( назад)
well, get some friends to play and make a clan. you can join me if you want
:) the server i play on is: US 1011 and the server has a teamspeak to it
will say it on the server, contact Fl4sh pvt.Xcution3r

Автор shredhead67 ( назад)
you could actually buy it you know....its not exactly expensive and well
worth it too :P

Автор shredhead67 ( назад)
pretty much my experience too, the only people that haven't shot at me are
people I know, there are too many trigger happy people thinking its call of
duty and kills mean something. 

Автор dave091790 ( назад)
I'd work together with you. :) I'm gonna be getting my gaming PC soon,..i
hope this will be different for me. lol

Автор Boloxias (1787 лет назад)
Why do these comments get always get top comments nowadays?

Автор tigerbalm ( назад)
This game has too many flaws! That's why I'm not playing. I'm already sick
of hackers in BF3...

Автор Titan Fighten ( назад)
dude this is a mod if you want arma for free there are torrents but i
wouldnt reccomend getting either unless u will play original arma 2 like me
because the dayz game will come out december

Автор petargrad ( назад)
Get in a huge clan,people are afraid to shoot a man of big clan

Автор ascotr ( назад)
your just unlucky - i've had more successful encounters than unsuccessful
ones. Instead of saying "i'm friendly", say "are YOU friendly?" and stay
hidden. If they dont reply, you can run away unseen :) or shoot them ;)

Автор Fuzzyx58 ( назад)
Wiki "Prisoners dilemma" that will explain why

Автор Niveus ( назад)
Wait until stand alone comes out and buy it. Or buy WarZ

Автор Travis Fishwick ( назад)
ANY BODY know where to download the full game free 

Автор dbwjdwnsyjj (828 лет назад)
ㅂㅅ들굳이밖에서좀비잡네 그리고스나로좀비잡네 개 ㅂㅅ양키놈들

Автор NordicLegacy ( назад)
No Maxis

Автор jonah the bear ( назад)
i hear you draw bloodsucker r34

Автор Mees ( назад)
verne ur such a fag

Автор Matthew Featherby ( назад)
But what if you own a console and a gaming PC like me then? I am patient
and capable of setting up the games, but according to what you said I must
be very impatient. Isn't that stereotyping?

Автор Se Beng ( назад)

Автор Sanjuro Makabe ( назад)
I pointed out what that stereotype is based on, and from the limited number
of people I know, it is true more often than not.

Автор Alex Austin ( назад)
Yes,but for the price, it is better, pc may have exclusive games, but so
does console. Exerting effort doesn't always make something better. Not
really wanting an argument here, lets just call it a frriendly debate. To
be honest, I want a pc just for arma and skyrim anyway. I just didn't agree
with the whole console stereotype idea. :0 

Автор Special Gamer Tv ( назад)
ค ว า ย!!!!!!

Автор TheGrimSniperD289 ( назад)
Well some console players(such as my self)like realisim.I am in a milsim
unit for Bf3 on 360,but I've always wanted to play ARMA 2 and Day Z,but
times are tough and I can't get a PC that can run it.Don't just assume that
all console players play CoD,have a xxx______xxx gamer tag,and hate

Автор Sanjuro Makabe ( назад)
Compare the most popular console titles with the most popular PC titles.
Compare the mechanics of games (complex controls and the ability to mod it
vs simple & instant). Hell, compare the platforms themselves. PC takes
effort to choose the components, set up your OS, drivers, graphics etc.
while consoles are plug and play. I don't think it's wrong to assume that
the average console player is less patient than the average PC player. 

Автор Chris Bozelli ( назад)
3:18 Slender man D: 

Автор TheGrimSniperD289 ( назад)
That's an ignorant statement.

Автор Lord Arumba's Onion Knight ( назад)
Find people on the forms?

Автор Alex Austin ( назад)
its so stupid how you think that just because someone has a console it
makes them different to you, pc users stereotype us as being impatient and
just run and guns sort of players. It's childish really, i watch this video
becasue it's a good game, just because we play on console, how does that
make us anyless patient than you.

Автор HTDGMTDYTDY ( назад)
i would really enjoy this game on console because im not buyiin a good pc
anytime soon

Автор FunkmasterRick ( назад)
Have you tried taking an in-game shower? I bet it's because you smell like
salami and rot.

Автор Mad Max Rockatansky ( назад)
not MGS and Splinter Cell fans like me. Not every console user is
adrenaline hyper dude.

Автор JegErN0rsk ( назад)
I've experienced that way too many times!

Автор Jwc (325 лет назад)
People do, You just have to wait a while to find those right people. I have
already found 2 groups of people who wanted to group up and we still travel
together to this moment.

Автор Fatcat Online ( назад)
haha, i do get your point. but thankfully, i enjoy my lonely walks along
the zombie infested beach. Admittedly, it is more fun with more people,
but, i learned the hard way that you cant trust anyone, when you have a car
and someone says 'hey pick me up' and kills you for your loot, you learn to
run over any and all bastards on the road, just sayin' ;) it only took a
few times for me to learn to lie and wait for hours at times for some
random passerby to walk along the way and take them out :) 

Автор juan moraga ( назад)
es de pc o play station 

Автор tubesox000 ( назад)
lol that is good. Alert ! Alert ! Asshole in bounds!...Alert! lmfao

Автор ShitJitsu (1900 лет назад)
lol thats a good one...i will bet my last button that the americans will
kill you and then claim we should get a freindly fire mod going:)how about
a big red arrow that hovvers over a bandits head with this guy is an
arsehole in bright flashing letters...no that would be a good laugh

Автор ShitJitsu ( назад)
in that case i ...i always move with a buddy...you kill me my buddy waits
for you to loot then we kill you:)..ps are you the type who just lies in w8
for ages to gank another player?in a zombie appocalypse it might get very
lonely being the only wanker alive:)

Автор ShitJitsu ( назад)
dont worry m8 the paranoid are hard to play with...but i met some cool
geezers on my travels,i carried a wheel for a guy to sort his bus....when
we got done he let me help myself to a nice m14 and a heap of mags...some
people are just cool

Автор Death Korps Of Krieg ( назад)
cause everyone are MOTHERFUCKERS at dayz Damnit

Автор Fatcat Online ( назад)
Agreed, This GEN of console can't handle this type of game/mod, maybe in
the next gen it could be possible for pc and console to work and play hand
in hand (I doubt it) but maybe. I just get tired of hearing people who do
pc talk shit about console and people who do console talk shit about pc. to
me neither is better than the other because I enjoy both for seperate
reasons o.O 

Автор Fatcat Online ( назад)
it's just the individual's preference in gaming. I myself am a bandit, i
shoot first and ask questions later. I dont like going and finding what I
need, I much rather save my strength, and wait for someone to come along
that has them already. Not everyone wants to team up with a group of people
and make a party to survive the zombie and bandit onslaught :P also, learn
to trust noone but people you know outside of the game. its the only safe
way to play. 

Автор Christian White ( назад)
Im a console gamer, but i want to get this game. Im using a MSI Intel Core
i5, HD Graphics 3000...ddr III 2 gb mem...will my computer run this ?

Автор Ryan Spellins ( назад)
They already have a reputation thing going on, you kill another player you
become a bandit no matter if you die you will be a bandit

Автор brad buffett ( назад)
Consoles couldn't handle dayz.

Автор tubesox000 ( назад)
I have a good idea. They should have a feature where you can hold up a
white flag and proclaim friendly to someone. Second the system should keep
track of your history of trustworthyness to see if you shot any freindlies
in the past and at what rate. So it would create this whole human element
of trust and giving players second chances and so on. 

Автор Gufberg ( назад)
I think the trick is to be in a group of players - if you outnumber them
they are more inclined to be friendly. 

Автор Isaac Wiese ( назад)

Автор Jon Forman ( назад)
Everyone else's video's show people grouping up, and helping eachother
out,when i go on and play dayz, i run for 25mins collection things and what
not just to get shot by some cunt hiding somewhere, everytime i play its
the same thing, NOT ONE PERSON GIVES U A CHANCE TO TALK, they just shoot,
even when i c someone first, i carefully move over to them, talk in direct
chat say hello im friendly, he'll turn around and shoot me. I DONT GET Y

Автор romanic999 ( назад)
best survival hardcore shooter ever

Автор Veesh ( назад)
why are the zombies so jittery/laggy its like they just jump out of no
where i hate that! at least have a running animation and make them fast..

Автор Matthew Stearns ( назад)
true but i have such a shitty pc to be able to play this. 

Автор AussieCrum ( назад)
Nah because areas will be half the size on console 

Автор Nicho Korchenko ( назад)
It's not the consoles fault dickbag. Personally I wouldn't want to play
this hacked up piece of shit TDM fest.

Автор giant regrigerator ( назад)
PCs are way better but they just cost a let more.however there is a huge
range of gaming computers which allows computers to suit every gamer also
its much easier to buy games on PC especially through steam.

Автор LIAM SHORTALL ( назад)
Great vidow but please come out onto ps3

Автор EmpiresErased1 ( назад)
You are correct about some points. But console players think highly of this
game. Lol. 

Автор SlackinPanda ( назад)
never said thats all they did. i play consol as well but only play Forza 4,
only because it isnt on the PC. I mentioned CoD because its a FPS and so is
this and most people who play FPS games play that or BF3, and niether are
quite as slow as this, and it seems kids who play consols these days have
the attention span of a retarded goldfish and wouldnt be able to play it
without going "omfg this sucks." I never said there wernt those people out
that would like this game.

Автор tehrealsurfer ( назад)
Yeah because ALL console players play ONLY CoD, right? /sarcasm

Автор SlackinPanda (193 года назад)
he already said its his goal to have it on consol. he is the lead developer
which means his word goes, however thats not to say he wont look at it and
go "....nah.." so just because he said thats what he wants doesnt mean
thats what he will do.

Автор SlackinPanda (274 года назад)
because, a lot of console users dont like very slow gameplay that is DayZ.
its not meant to be like CoD, its slow, tactical and in all honesty very
slow. it seems consols these days are filled with people who want insta
action...not wait, go slow and survive action....not saying there arnt
those people.

Автор tehrealsurfer (1606 лет назад)
Well YOU seem to know everything about the world and human behavior, so
tell me, why? 

Автор Matthew McLaughlin ( назад)
i killed you and verne logged

Автор Matthew McLaughlin ( назад)
Is your In GAME NAME Christopher, cause if so, i might have killed you when
shooting at your heli

Автор burentu ( назад)
Agree, the last thing we want is the COD "community" in this game.

Автор Gorilla ( назад)
guess what buddy rocket is trying to get it onto console ha! dip shit

Автор IamTheWillrus ( назад)
This is why you're the sweaty laughed at idiots of the gamer community. You
think your glorious overpriced box is the greatest thing to have graced the
earth, and you deserve all the best games and no-one else can have them.
Well it isn't, and you don't. Grow up.and grow a pair of balls.

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
Uh how?

Автор Izaak Baxendale ( назад)
Cheers I thought it could, thanks for the conformation!

Автор quintosh ( назад)
putting together a pc that can run this doesnt really cost all that much if
you pick the parts yourself, those 'out of the box ready' computers are
just a ripoff when it comes to price/quality

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
uh not being funny can be asked to fight with you stuck up rich kids
anymore night night:]

Автор parkerparkerm ( назад)
yeah that will run it just fine lol. my friend has 16gb of ram, i7, and he
can record and get 40-50fps with settings on very high

Автор Izaak Baxendale ( назад)
what about i7 with 6gb ram, quad core would run much faster

Автор parkerparkerm ( назад)
maybe. i5 with 8gb of ram is generally the standard im hearing, my REALLY
crappy 6 year old processor with 2 gb of ram = no

Автор Izaak Baxendale ( назад)
if my laptop can run bf3 will it defo be able to run this?

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
Why do PC players think they are better? you are a gamer...so are we we are
the same dont act like some kind of pro because you asked your mother and
father to buy you a £700 PC.

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
No we would not.

Автор Nikita Kulagin ( назад)
Russian Server ?

Автор Muppy_Seamen (Autisim) ( назад)

Автор primetimesuspect ( назад)
Where's the BOOMA biotch

Автор Muppy_Seamen (Autisim) ( назад)

Автор Muppy_Seamen (Autisim) ( назад)

Автор Muppy_Seamen (Autisim) ( назад)
and we can make a sandawich with zombie handsssssss zombie hands can cut ur
face and then u bleed across the place.(04:19) then u have a bloody face
which attracts more zombie handsssssss oh its fun to frickin to play and
its fun to fucking slay and we make guns out of clay then we kill zombies
right now today then we get so so fuckin high then we akwardly DIE!!!

Автор RGxxCoco ( назад)
No around like 1.2k dad paid around 900 somthing dollars.

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
2k from a summer job.

Автор RGxxCoco ( назад)
*Summer job* sorry.

Автор RGxxCoco ( назад)
16 about to be 17 in September, I have a job and dad help me payed for it

Автор 15Evanoboy ( назад)
2k... may i ask how old are you? 

Автор RGxxCoco ( назад)
I don't have a £700 pc it's 2k$ pc and cause consoles are won't be able to
run it in a long time.

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