Sarah's Trail of Blood (Voice of the Martyrs)

This is a short but powerful video from Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) about a girl named Xianzhi "Sarah" Liu who was tortured for six years in China for being a Christian.

I plead with you to support Voice of the Martyrs! Persecution is happening all over the world and God expects us to help. Please do!


Please email and embed this video in support of VOM, thanks!

Todd Tyszka

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Автор Anne Christian ( назад)
What the 'Church' in North America, can do for the Body of Christ, is to
first of all Pray for them. Then to, support them, through programs such
as, VOM. To give to those that can travel to where they are, and help them,
is the best physical thing we can do. I believe our suffering is coming
here also, one day.

Автор Anne Christian ( назад)
These are our Brothers and Sisters, they are part of the Body of Christ.
When they suffer, we as part of Christs body, suffer also. Pray that they
may endure and stay strong. They are being"'refined, as pure gold, without
blemish" to be the Bride of Christ. Pray that we may be as worthy, to
suffer for Him, Pray He comes soon for us.

Автор Sonya Cueva ( назад)
No greater love is this, that a man would lay his life down for a friend...
I CHOOSE to lay my life down for Christ... He didn't ask me to. He actually
died to give us life, and that more abundantly.

Автор SylviaPenguin ( назад)
Pray for the persecuted.When we pray for them it is like being there
together with them, sharing what they go through. Hebrews 13,3: "Remember
them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer
adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." Pray for God's love
filling you more up,Once you receive His true love within yourself, you
will start wanting to share around about Him with those who are around
you.But first you need growing in your own relationship with Him yourself

Автор eatsushi4free ( назад)
I was privileged to have met Sarah in person. She is very small, no more
then 5'0'' at the most. Its very horrific what she went through, especially
her being such a small woman. I can't imagine what someone's heart must be
like to hurt someone so small.

Автор G-DCallsMeBeloved ( назад)
Thanks for sharing this.

Автор MrSomethingscary ( назад)
i understand the utility of it, but it's what the lie would do to you
spiritually that is the real question. denying Jesus would obviously hurt
worse, so she didn't. not everything in life is a question what's "the
easiest way". some things are a matter of principle, or other transcendent
issues. if doing whatever felt best was the only priority then nobody would
stay married. nobody would keep any promises. w/o God you can't justify any
of these higher laws.

Автор Julian Deegan Fawcett ( назад)
if someone was torturing an important person in your life and all they
would have to do is lie and say they did not love you, Would you hold it
against them if they did? All in all, this woman is a moron. Proud of her
idiocy. This is the last time I reply.

Автор Ashlee Johnson ( назад)
Wow, I have been struggling with persecution, and I have never even been
tortured like that. I was fired for a mixture of things, but one was
because I shared repentance. I have been struggling with what happened, and
doubting. I want to be like all the martyrs...never giving in, always
having faith in Christ. never being afraid to share the truth of repentance
and trust in Christ..it is people'e souls we are dealing with!

Автор MrSomethingscary ( назад)
did i misinterpret your original post? i thought you were basically saying

Автор Julian Deegan Fawcett (1543 года назад)
What? No. Stupid question.

Автор MrSomethingscary ( назад)
so getting my wife pregnant was hateful?

Автор Julian Deegan Fawcett ( назад)
Let me tell you something. When you love someone. Really love someone, You
never ask them to bleed for you. That is not love, It's sadism.

Автор Jimmy Halim ( назад)
i've learned through the hardest way what it means to walk on a thin red
line as everyone around is just waiting for you to slip so they can kill
you with a clear consiounce. sometimes they don't even wait for a good
reason to do so. with only one escape from this fate by denying your faith
.i've seen Christians in developed modern countries but i've seen Christ
only in the faces of Christians i grew up with in what you may call "the
most God forsaken places" in 3rd world countries .

Автор Linda Clements ( назад)
The most GLARINGLY ABSENT EVIDENCE not found in this clip is: 1) Jesus said
"If you do not believe I AM, then you will die in your sins" The Jews KNEW
what that meant. When Moses said "who do I say sent me" God said "I AM". So
they KNEW Jesus was saying he was GOD. NOW that THAT is established, The
Quran is COMPLETELY nullified because THEY claim Jesus is a prophet. Well
He SAID He was GOD. So THAT means The Quran is propping up a LIAR as a
PROPHET. Ergo Islam = False Religion. PERIOD !

Автор HexaKnight ( назад)
I met this brave young woman today at church when she spoke at the VOM
Conference. Her true life's story hit home and I couldn't help but shed
tears. Her faith and the other speakers today shown me that our brothers
and sisters need so much prayer. It is their testimony and strong believe
in our Lord, Jesus Christ, that it makes me to re-evaluate my life and what
God's plans are for it. And I am proud to say I am I Born Again Christian.
Pray for those who don't know God and let Him do the work.

Автор GenerationActzYouth ( назад)
@nhchristian Hang in there brother you aren't the only one ~ a youth leader
from Columbus Ohio

Автор Sarah Miller ( назад)
What happened after all that? Did she die? Was she set free?

Автор GrayEagle48 ( назад)
Somebody should make sure Paul Crouch sees this. He was rubbing shoulders
with Chi com officials, He even told them that Jesus was a communist

Автор HermannTheGreat (1579 лет назад)
It's sickening to think that persecuted Christians could have been the one
to make a pack of Christmas lights we hang on our tree or house when we
celebrate Christ's birth...

Автор HermannTheGreat ( назад)
@nedboer It's because our Western society has given itself over to idol
worship and forgotten the God of those who helped establish the USA.

Автор Benjamin Helmus ( назад)
@JendayiFaith Thanks for your reply!

Автор Benjamin Helmus ( назад)
Still it's sick what Christians are beleived to do for their religion EVEN
after Jesus gave his life..... it just doesn't make sense someone should
die in name of of whatever the call a religion!

Автор nedboer ( назад)
how can people threat someone like that . purely satanic . why is the
western medea so silent about those things ??Luke 21;12.people willl ay
their hands upon you and percecute you ,delivering you up to the
synaggogues and prisons . my hart goes out to all those people like this
girl . may the lord support her . and the ones like her,Amen

Автор guess58385 ( назад)
@jimmyjamesWang I hope this is not from a professing Christian. There is no
refecltion of Jesus in that comment. John15

Автор lildaughter16 ( назад)
how did she get out of there???was she rescued ?? she is truly blessed

Автор 4thcoming ( назад)
Thanks for the video raptor.

Автор doitlord ( назад)
please sgare this with your friends - the whole world needs to know this
story. Let the light of God shine on what is happening in China

Автор doitlord ( назад)
Sarah, we know your story. We are praying for our brothers and sisters in
China who are suffering now. God is using Sarah in an amazing way. I pray
for His shield of protection around her and her family.

Автор Stev3n50 ( назад)
Here in America we really take everything for granted just wait for the
time people will look at us just like that. Then our test will really
begin! My wish and I pray that I myself will die a Martyr for Christ!

Автор Kevin York ( назад)
I would love to have a few minutes to talk to Sarah..I love this woman
already for her faith in Yeshua Jesus. thank you Sarah for being the
example we all aught to be..you learned well from the story of Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego when they refused to bow down to the golden
image..and faced a fiery blazing hot furnace for doing so....Halleluyah for
you...O woman of faith.

Автор Weallfart ( назад)
@jimmyjamesWang Do you actually think the Western world is the only place
where people kill babies?

Автор jimmyjamesWang ( назад)
@Weallfart, you are not worthy of China, you piece of shit. Her life is
amazing because God put her in China, instead of you boring 'free world'
where people dont give a shit for God because they are spoiled by the
drowning availability of Gospels and evangelism and religious freedom.

Автор jimmyjamesWang ( назад)
@catholicexodus, Chinese leader should keep on doing what they are doing.
Because the Chinese people has the wierd tendency of working against their
government. And Christianity in China has already grew into a stage when
there is nothing the government could do to stop its growth. Pounding the
Christians, in the Chinese cultural context, would actually strengthen
their faith and be more effective in Chinese evangelism because Chinese
people 'worships' martyrs.

Автор jimmyjamesWang ( назад)
@catholicexodus, the homoloving, baby-killing western leaders had better
repent as well.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
The use of blessed oil to protect them and their children and property,
will allow GOD to treat them like the children of THE KING OF Kings. and
not like the foster children of an false god. Fear has trapped the people
in those countries under the torment of the devil. The torment is not
needed to win souls. If if wasn't every Christian would have to live like
that. I will not allow the devil to use people to abuse me and my children.
GOD protects us. And wants to protect these people also.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
The use of blessed oil to protect them and their children and property,
will allow GOD to treat them like the children of THE KING OF Kings. and
not like the foster children of an false god. Fear has trapped the people
in those countries under the torment of the devil. The torment is not
needed to win souls. If if wasn't every Christian would have to live like
that. I will not

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
And the fact that the devil cannot be under your feet, like THE WORD of GOD
tells us, if the devil can motivate people to hurt you. I know the kind of
fear that these people are living under. And GOD can overcome that fear and
use them to change the course of their countries. Fear traps them in the
flesh and the flesh loves to be tormented. Binding the demons in the
attackers, without the attackers' knowledge (out of the attackers sight)

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
Yes and no. This woman will be at peace when she gets into Heaven. But
JESUS suffered on the cross so that we would not have to live in the kind
of hell that this woman and others like her are living through. The life
more abundantly that JESUS died for does not include having someone cut
parts off of your body or rape you until you are so crazy that you marry
the monster. Fear of being attacked is the reason behind the devil being
allowed to torment these people.

Автор steelersteve36 ( назад)
@apostlelaurinda Yes,I agree.Prayer does change things.And,it can even
change people! In the meantime,this woman is truly blessed. Blessed are
those who are persecuted for righteousness sake,for theirs is the kingdom
of heaven.Matthew 5:10 These christians who are being killed and persecuted
everywhere are such an encouragement to the rest of us.....that we can
endure too!

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
@catholicexodus You should make it your project to constantly pray for the
salvation and right standing with GOD of the Chinese leaders. If you can
see that it is wrong, you can pray to correct it.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
@hewdonler We must pray for the salvation of the people used by the devil
to torment others. We must pray for them to be saved and to serve GOD.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
@steelersteve36 We need to pray for the attackers to get saved and to serve
THE LORD. That is the only thing that will stop this kind of abuse.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
@shaunleeky Our words have power, we need to pray for the attackers to get
saved and to serve GOD. That is the only thing that will stop the devil
from using them.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
@toddtyszka We need to pray for the attackers to get saved and serve GOD,
that is the only way to stop these attacks.

Автор Laurinda Cole ( назад)
We should be all praying hard for the people persecuting these people, so
that GOD can change them. Without our prayers to stop the devil from using
the unsaved and the fear of those individuals who are being tormented, the
devil will continue to torment people. The unsaved people who are being
used by the devil are in bondage too. And worse than the Christians. The
unsaved will go to hell if they do not accept JESUS as their LORD. Pray for
the attackers to get saved and serve GOD.

Автор Shaun Vargas ( назад)
If You Are Christians! You Will Boycott ALL Things from Countries like
this! She Was Forced To Make Christmas Lights When They Hate Our People and
Abuse Them???? DONT BUY CHINESE or Muslem or Japanese! We Christians are
over a Billion Strong We Can MAKE CHANGE! just get the balls to fight!!!!
for our Brothers and Sisters!!!! Muslems Do It Because they hate!! We
Should Do It Because We Love! LOVE OUR PEOPLE

Автор steelersteve36 ( назад)
Praise the Lord for sisters like this.The bible says she is blessed.Would I
be as bold?I hope so!We can't forget our christian brothers and sisters in
countries where our faith is illegal.

Автор C Austin ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Usrey ( назад)
This is a response to drakgrotta - Christmas lights are tiny electrical
light bulbs (usually colored) used by Americans as a decoration during the
Christmas season (the month of December), ending with Christmas Day on
December 25), as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.
The majority of American families use Christmas lights.

Автор drakgrotta ( назад)
what is christmas light?

Автор catholicexodus ( назад)
2th 1:6-8 since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation
those who trouble you, and to give you who are troubled rest with us when
the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming
fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God, and on those who do not
obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Chinese leaders had better
repent. Powerful video. God bless VOM

Автор Vera Lau ( назад)
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is
the kingdom of heaven.

Автор Silvia Rodriguez (23 года назад)
wow this makes me be speechless and feel like im living like a queen
compared to those who are treated this way. may we never forget to pray for
them and follow their example.

Автор Weallfart ( назад)
China is not worthy of her.

Автор seekerofgod7777777 ( назад)
The Barbarity of Non Christian Regimes, The blood lust of islam and the
liberal assault upon Christianity seems to be unstoppable by men. Only God
can put a stop to all this mindless persecution. Please help The Voice of
The Martyrs

Автор flamenballerG37 ( назад)
It Is Well with My Soul by Horatio G. Spafford (not enough space!!!)
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my
soul. Though Satan should BUFFET, though trials should come, Let this blest
assurance control, That Christ has regarded my helpless estate, And hath
shed His own blood for my soul. My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious
thought! My sin, not in part but the whole, Is nailed to the cross, and I
bear it no more, Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

Автор Todd Tyszka ( назад)
I know the feeling, very humbling. I participated in the Voice of the
Martyrs conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this past weekend and felt
the same way as I heard the testimonies. Please keep this ministry, these
people and these countries in prayer and support VOM however you can.

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