Russian train black smoke. Epic video

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Автор Rik Ryall (2 месяца)
As alluded to elsewhere, the 1980s-era Soviet TE10s were green in colour
only. This is probably the worst one ever. Not my vid, found on YT.


Автор Christian Andersen (20 дней)
That is a lot of workers.

Автор вася пупкин (21 день)
кто то там на Марс собирался лететь. Вот на таких дровах????

Автор Laurent Laborde (29 дней)
i'm pretty sure it's not supposed to do that :)

Автор Robert Franke (1 месяц)
Und wir deutschen müüsen ja Autos fahren,die beim Kaltstart Blumenstaub
versprühen..... Dolles Ding....

Автор Peter Kapica (25 дней)
I'm amazed. You passed the euro 6 emissions congrats

Автор Ismalith (23 дня)
Well they had been some attempts to press oil out of slate, I guess in this
thing they put this idea further and put the slate directly into the

Автор 22fret (16 дней)
What's wrong with that loco? This can't be normal...

Автор Triplex5014 (2 месяца)
Why do Russian locomotives smoke like hell? :D
I thought American ALCO locomotives are number 1 in smoking, but it seems
that I'm wrong :D

Автор video125co (4 месяца)
Dreadful camerawork

Автор mightyfinejonboy (1 месяц)
meanwhile in mother russia...

Автор blubb7711 (5 месяцев)
serious coal rolling.

Автор crazy_daring_do (1 месяц)

Автор Jáger Máté (5 месяцев)
41 Prius owner disliked this :D Diesel Power! :D

Автор Len Vantil (29 дней)
Mmm I wonder what the greenhouse effect is coming from

Автор Zack Casey (2 месяца)
Russia should consider electrifying their trains.

Автор Y10Q (2 месяца)
blown turbo or some shit

Автор Smok Eustachy (1 месяц)
noo wali ogniem z rury

Автор Jaroslav Staníček (2 месяца)
As alluded to elsewhere, the 1980s-era Soviet TE10s were green in colour
only. This is probably the worst one ever. Not my vid, found on YT.


Автор Jonny Longdick (1 месяц)
Oh Mother Russia! I love you!

Автор マチューヨッムラ (1 месяц)
Good, Euro VI certification successfully passed ! 

Автор MrMjsmith626 (3 месяца)
Should hit with some nitrous oxide and "CLEAN UP" that engine...LOL!!.

Автор The Person (1 месяц)
What kind of attraction is this ?

Автор Jake Augostin (2 месяца)
Blown turbo that has caused diesel and oil to leak into the exhaust
manifold and burn.

Автор Ivan Semenov (2 месяца)
of course in is not normal and usual to see smth like this... you see how
people amazed on it...

Автор Joe Langel (4 месяца)
Fuck you so al Gore

Автор 554687858 (1 месяц)
What a mother-fucking piece of shit.

Автор toca56 (1 месяц)
Olej bierze...

Автор Pavel Hlaváček (2 месяца)
As alluded to elsewhere, the 1980s-era Soviet TE10s were green in colour
only. This is probably the worst one ever. Not my vid, found on YT.


Автор GaaraTheLord (1 месяц)
On the Railway to hell xD

Автор cees klaas (5 месяцев)
Russia go to the extreme,poor diesel engine,russian power

Автор Wyskyt69 (4 месяца)
Zero emission:-)

Автор Porsheboygt3 (1 месяц)
Holy crap!

Автор bob dinamic (5 месяцев)
and we wonder why the planet dies

Автор Nakul Rana (5 месяцев)
41 people got instant cancer.

Автор julian brown (2 месяца)
Fukin disgusting! nasty muthafckrs..... 

Автор ricardo espinoza (3 месяца)
pinche chingadera solo contamina tírenla al fierro viejo

Автор JerryFish (3 месяца)
EURO norm, it's over nice

Автор kenmtb (3 месяца)
Cool video. That train brings it's own weather 

Автор Tom Tee (6 месяцев)
Stick to potato farming and leave the building of engines to people with

Автор Dylan Houser (19 дней)
So many gallons of fuel, so little distance covered... 

Автор Alfred Abplanalp (1 месяц)
Solche Dreckschleudern wie diese Lok *gehören längst verboten* !!!
So lange solche Loks in Dienst gestellt sind, können wir die Klimaziele

Автор CEOkiller (3 месяца)
Everyone smoke in Russia, even train, da?

Автор kapariz44 (25 дней)
Bleedin' loco either needs an overhaul or a journey to the scrapyard - it's
knackered. A waste of fuel and an environmental disaster. Have they no
diesel mechanics there?

Автор viper96k (11 месяцев)

Автор Bullraemus (3 месяца)
That's good for the OZONE!!

Автор Martin Gasperz (6 месяцев)
2Tackt Diesel halt

Автор Hugo Mediani (3 месяца)
Trash mechanical

Автор timetofly08 (4 месяца)
I havent found a video that has the first word in the title as 'russian'
that i dont like.

Автор Amenda 24 (1 месяц)
As you said, EPIC. Why did it spit so much fire??

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