Russian train black smoke. Epic video

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Автор vitalioz ( назад)
2.0 TDI

Автор Michael Gillette ( назад)
fuckin disgusting

Автор gregory alderete ( назад)
it doesn't smoke to much

Автор Alex_The_Gamer 1516 ( назад)
does this thing(s)(front) look freaky to you? it sure does to me :P

Автор Henk Hartog ( назад)

Автор กฤษณะ สุวรรณบุบผา ( назад)
Destroy the environment.dislike.

Автор x x ( назад)
because fuck you greenpeace

Автор zezu zaza ( назад)
happily smoking with that smoke-never thinking about dunhill

Автор Anonim_Chanel ( назад)
Sorry 3ТЭ116, the engine went into the dressing

Автор Amtrak America ( назад)
Crappy locomotive.

Автор IM ( назад)
Russian Version of VW TDi. :D

Автор 199854a ( назад)
Is the turbo spinning at all? Lmao

Автор JIGA BACHI ( назад)
When fuel consumption and burnt valves and pistons are not a concern...burn
baby, BURN !

Автор Kevin the train hunter ( назад)
Oh hey look, A VW diesel. Dont worry emission companies, this is all

Автор Harold Smith ( назад)

Автор Riley Goss ( назад)
It's supposed to do that.

Автор Cristian Matache ( назад)
i mi place foarte mult

Автор TestTubeBabySpy ( назад)
Its one of those new external combustion engines.

Автор Cristian Matache ( назад)

Автор Space Watch ( назад)
in a town I go to for vacation there deisel. do this then agian the from
1953 and 1954

Автор firenze 87 ( назад)
I don't care jokes or somethings funny stuff i just would like to know that
why this locomotive is so bloody Smokey... anyone? Thanks guys.

Автор Martin Richardson ( назад)
ok so why is it chucking out flames and so much black smoke?

Автор Антон Шоренков ( назад)
А Ваши?

Автор Антон Шоренков ( назад)
Такие перегрузки терпят наши локомотивы!

Автор madscientist 666 ( назад)
every russian thing are old. from ak47 until this train

Автор Christian the gamer / the reactor ( назад)

Автор Christian the gamer / the reactor ( назад)
next thing you know theres gonna be a global warming

Автор homes girls ( назад)
This crazy

Автор W. Konrad Röntgen ( назад)
Well. A WW2 submarine diesel, that have a blown-out turbo.
So, why do not breate fire, anyway?

Автор Kevin Cain ( назад)
Isn,t that a motor from a MIG FIGHTER

Автор Сергей Яковлев ( назад)
разнос двигателя

Автор Danilo Peterson ( назад)
At least this line must be electrified by now (note the hardware being
installed). In New Amerika, they as well have old worn out diesel
locomotives that blow turbochargers, throw rods, etc. -- but with one
difference: NO catenary be erected! Shameful!

Автор mikmacarthur ( назад)
old loco refitted with modern vw engine.

Автор premioll ( назад)
EURO 6 :(())

Автор grisha842682 ( назад)
the comment one of the employees, "our environmentally friendly trains"

Автор Dave Robinson ( назад)
They need more fire & less smoke

Автор [̲̅G̲̅][̲̅A̲̅][̲̅M̲̅][̲̅E̲̅][̲̅S̲̅] [̲̅&̲̅] [̲̅M̲̅][̲̅O̲̅][̲̅R̲̅][̲̅E̲̅] (726 лет назад)
And that day, 9 railway workers died because off the smoke..

Автор Zoltan Batinas ( назад)
looks like a blown turbo...or oil getting in the engine somehow...

Автор destro lock84 ( назад)

Автор Mitchel Cameron (1175 лет назад)
Takes rolling coal to a whole new level.

Автор mmmbilly ( назад)
aaaasaaaand now they all have cancer

Автор Alan Bear ( назад)
And this is the good train

Автор John Doe ( назад)
VW has nothing on the USSR

Автор Avoozl ( назад)
All aboard the hell train with a one way ticket to Hell, Norway.

Автор 2000davidulik ( назад)
Nějak to nemá seřízený. :)

Автор Eurorunner Herkules ( назад)
EURO 6 with adblue

Автор f4ntom ( назад)

Автор Moon Light Fox ( назад)

Автор Autumn Leaf ( назад)

Автор Craig M ( назад)
Emission control system developed by Volkswagon

Автор Locos PPG ( назад)
Norm Euro7

Автор Jaroslav J. Peterka ( назад)
Samovar is out of control!

Автор ARADIĞIN HERŞEY ( назад)
avradını sikem bi bakım yapın pezevenkler böyle tren mi olur mk bebek

Автор Trainbrain1949 ( назад)
Careful what you say. the KGB might be reading this........

Автор Alex M ( назад)
train from hell :)

Автор superROTV ( назад)
Is that train on fire?

Автор Michal Štefanko ( назад)
This is gonna end up with engine running on oil from turbo and it will
become unstopable until it totaly brake down and lose compresion somehow

Автор Sta Belev ( назад)
Real Roaling Coal! ))

Автор vee5086 ( назад)
Smoke and it burn its a rocket train.

Автор Jarmo Maltio ( назад)
Russian shit :)

Автор tran anh toan ( назад)
OMG. Even steam train couldn't produced that as much black smoke like that.
That is why earth is warmer.

Автор Emballz Channel ( назад)
Dude if I was driving the train I woulda jumped outta that cruddy thing

Автор Keijo Hoviaro ( назад)
Onkohan veturin merkki wolkkari ja ehkä pientä juijausta päästömittauksissa

Автор Stefan Gabi ( назад)
is that a vw or a renault?

Автор Aditya Bodhe ( назад)
bloody keep running this engine n soon russia wont be a superpower :D

Автор FrozenHaxor ( назад)
Is this the upcoming Euro 7 standard?

Автор Ewa Łukaszewska ( назад)

Автор Cartoon And Fun ( назад)
not better than indian alco

Автор Rangapriya KV ( назад)
and u foreigners thought Indian alco's were bad, smoky and polluting???...
u guys fare much worse than us...

Автор Riley Kirk ( назад)
Everyone, this train uses a russian copy of the fairbanks morse opposed
piston diesel, probraley 12 cylinders (24 pistons). They usually dont use
turbos and im pretty sure the injectors are very, very worn out. Or maybe
the operator was underrevving it pinned down.

Автор Steffen Lehmann ( назад)
Gut für die Umwelt !!

Автор Ryan Casner ( назад)
tier 4 achieved

Автор AlexanderDZN//Alexandru G. ( назад)
This is not euro 6. It is like euro 50...

Автор Иван Иванов ( назад)
тепловоз работающий на чистой нефти)))

Автор billt460 ( назад)
And Obama's worried about "Global Warming" and the Keystone Pipeline.

Автор Максим Жук ( назад)
Русские не сдаются!

Автор Patryk Malinowski ( назад)
This is the New Russian Euro 6 Engine Train in 2015 they managed to
upgraded from Steam to Diessel. Well done Russia 😂

Автор João Guimarães Filho ( назад)
Vai fazer fuma¢a na pqp....!!!

Автор Susi Acker ( назад)
XD Und da sage nochmal jemand VW-Autos sind klimakiller!

Автор Santiago ESPAÑOL ( назад)
A esa locomotora le han hechado petroleo sin mas , directamente sacado del
pozo .

Автор Vencygentoryx Ketsalcoatl ( назад)
A co na to Zieloni? :-)

Автор Kandela Brown ( назад)
Intake air filter needs cleaning.

Автор Opauszki Zalán ( назад)
this is a new steam engine

Автор Teh Novo ( назад)
Cho-cho-cho mazafaka.

Автор Stefan Lage Ambecker ( назад)
No eco shit brutal russian power!

Автор the mining gamer ( назад)
rip planet earth lol

Автор oncdbc01 ( назад)
The pollution train....

Автор Mikec0087 ( назад)
Power by Volkswagon

Автор A. J. Reed ( назад)
It's the test bed for a new VW engine

Автор rear speaker ( назад)

Автор Adelin Zgamboi ( назад)

Автор Vladimir Petrov ( назад)

Автор hematogen50g ( назад)
We still use steam locos as well! Bears with balalaika drive them.

Автор jippymartinez ( назад)
Ha Ha even the el stupido russian convicts are laughing.

Автор meller games RYTP ( назад)
Fools. These are just burned in stagnant oil pipes. If there was any damage
- the engine would go into the dressing. (Check out google it) can be seen
as it sees flames.

Автор Colin Gantiglew ( назад)
Jesus! A smoke screen for a dreadnought to be proud of!

Автор William Johnson ( назад)
Finally nice to see a difference with green peaces new fleet in service.

Автор Simon John Hinton ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that's not normal...running a bit rich me thinks.

Автор Ricardo souza ( назад)
Queimando óleo crú! o motor deu pro bico!

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