The world's smallest republic, Molossia.

The world's smallest republic, Molossia.

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Автор Peachya Peachy ( назад)
you're kidding me..

Автор Dragan Serdar ( назад)

Автор 1470cool ( назад)
Tax evasion at its finest.

Автор paul jackson ( назад)
any one watching this might also want to google sealand

Автор Michelle Mudge ( назад)
Am I the only Hetalia fan who clicked this just to find out how to
pronounce Molossia's name? and I kind of what to go here...

Автор MOOSE NUCKLE ( назад)
fuck no sea land can destroy molossia America got its back

Автор Smoney of Sealand ( назад)
Sealand could destroy molossia

Автор PickA Shoe ( назад)
my all his citizen lives underground and they are making nuclear missile.

Автор ViscountStratton ( назад)
He's not close minded, he's rational. Unlike some people....

Автор abdulaziz alzeer ( назад)

Автор Andrew Earthrise ( назад)
Sealand is bigger

Автор karim Belhocine ( назад)
i wanna live there, how can i get "molossian" passport?

Автор Bilo Bilo ( назад)
hhhh this is a joke right? this man is mad

Автор Oussama the ( назад)
i am from morocco and i want to be a molossian citizen :p

Автор apestaartje321 ( назад)
I'd say thats rather self-evident.. I might be politically ignorant but
that sounds like the most pointless convention ever XD

Автор Ńøt Ïdk ( назад)
"The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the
other states." --Montevideo Convention (signed by most of the countries in
the Americas, including the US)

Автор Ńøt Ïdk ( назад)
Recognition has nothing to do with it. The constitutive theory of statehood
isn't usually cited anymore, everyone uses the declarative theory now, not
to mention under the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of
States these states (with a population, a territory, government and the
capacity to open relations with other states) are technically (or, de jure)
sovereign states. In other words, the political existence of the state is
independent of recognition by the other states.

Автор tovarmiton7 ( назад)
Lets TAKE it over we have guns freedom

Автор Robert Vincelette ( назад)

Автор Charles White ( назад)
i love this man

Автор NatHarwood ( назад)
Neither of those things are true given that they are not recognised; they
have no more validity than me converting my bath into the Sovereign State
of Bathland

Автор Marios Tsoutsoukis ( назад)
The smallest country, not the smallest republic...

Автор Juno G. ( назад)
well, one thing they dont have a problem with, overpopulation.

Автор Vladmir Makarov ( назад)
Haahahha they declared war on east Germany

Автор Maddison Tirado ( назад)
I resect u imma move to molassia

Автор Vincent Wolf ( назад)
beneath the what?

Автор Elinora NiBhriain ( назад)
Or a Boy Scout patrol !

Автор Elinora NiBhriain ( назад)
You could be right...I heard rumours that Sealand is in negotiations with
Jose Mourinho, the head coach of Real Madrid.... As a European I have heard
stories of the wonderful natural ability of the Sealand soccer team, so
they probably don't need Mourinho. My personal ambition is to attend the
University of Sealand, I just hope I'm good enough:

Автор DallasHammster ( назад)
Personally, I think their soccer team would be crushed if they had to go up
against Sealand...

Автор ab3nk ( назад)
oh..wow they have train station and a train as well... do the leader need a
bodyguard? hey pick me for secret service!!! as long i can carry gun

Автор Rune Kommune ( назад)
Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of Coral Sea Islands

Автор sdhdgasd ( назад)
Republic of Dave

Автор ViscountStratton ( назад)
This place makes Sealand look like a hell hole. Long live Molossia.

Автор KING AMONGST MAN ( назад)
I wonder how thanksgiving is for that family

Автор Besi Bekteshi ( назад)
Je i madh Kevin...vazhdo keshtu, se ka mundesi ne vitin 2030 te perfaqesosh
ti dhe jo ALBANIA NE OKB

Автор apestaartje321 ( назад)
Haha, it's 'real', but not recognised.. so basically no. Still funny though.

Автор Jacob Harris ( назад)
But what about Breaking News?

Автор Tinderbox ( назад)

Автор Superjerk213 ( назад)
Is this real though ?

Автор Certified Noob Gamer ( назад)
Legalize weed and ill move there.

Автор Demerf ( назад)
Go to war with the US

Автор Big Brazilian Fan ( назад)
This reminds me of Family Guy when Peter Griffin formed his own country
called Petoria.

Автор TheCanadianVendingMachine ( назад)
They are a threat to national security, we have to nuke them.

Автор TheCanadianVendingMachine ( назад)
Yes, they have a very tight border patrol

Автор riddogid1231 ( назад)
Is that even possible?

Автор Disco Ruben ( назад)
I would like to declare war!

Автор Big Kent ( назад)
fucking retarded

Автор Will Schmidt ( назад)
Do I need a passport to visit?

Автор 94mrlazy ( назад)

Автор Twiddify ( назад)
BRAKING NEWS republic of Molossia declared a war on US and responsible for
911, they are also believed to have weapons of mass destruction. Shit just
got real boys

Автор TheCyborg38 ( назад)
triforce at 1:02

Автор Luke Harrison ( назад)
At 1:06, you can see the President admiring the proud state rail.

Автор VLGaming ( назад)
Poor him he looks desesperate :(

Автор El Pappie ( назад)
he never technically said that you need to listen in the begining and read
the title more properly

Автор Stifmeister1 ( назад)

Автор PooooLsharK ( назад)
Warning! Though ppl are believed to have brains, videos like this may still
irritate and disturb them.

Автор Kusettajapoika ( назад)

Автор TheAlexj56a ( назад)
so stupid

Автор 1984corkery ( назад)

Автор CONCEPTUALMAN ( назад)
It's a nice idea but the problem is if you are a sovereign nation then
defense may be an issue . None of the U.S. government agencies are
obligated to come to your defense if bandits decide to raid your place .
Interesting to see how it plays out , though .

Автор weasel945 ( назад)
Their railroad system is best the in the world.

Автор Ayrshore (970 лет назад)
Yes, but it's not a republic! Mind you - neither is 'Molossia'...

Автор Jenni Roesberry ( назад)
yes, he says it Foreign Aid Day" XD

Автор NSlasher ( назад)
LOL just lol

Автор DiamondDoll9 ( назад)
I'm going to have a principality in my backyard...it's probably frickin
awesome to have your own country.

Автор Manadox97 ( назад)
Great nation, could be destroyed by a swat team.

Автор Xluis3011X ( назад)
A war between molossia and sealand would totally destroy the world

Автор pokebobstupid ( назад)
But his puppets didn't like how he ruled :(

Автор ComixBlade ( назад)
I'm gonna donate to make his nation bigger and I will ask if I could be his

Автор Ńøt Ïdk ( назад)
not really...It's fun. It's a nice hobby.

Автор PESEOF ( назад)
I was kidding, this thing of micro nations are the most stupid thing...

Автор Ńøt Ïdk ( назад)
microwiki org uk make the spaces periods (.)

Автор Dan 123 ( назад)
Peter Griffin eat your heart out.

Автор jym Last ( назад)
technically sealand isnt a a " country"

Автор MrUnidyne ( назад)
It's 1.3 acres of private land that is a "micronation". Essentially, it's a
hobby taken to the extreme. It isn't diplomatically recognized. Check
WIkipedia for "Republic of Molossia".

Автор Viktor Svanström ( назад)
Fuck Molossia! Sealand FTW

Автор PESEOF ( назад)
In house we are 3 too... Im going to do a republic in my apartament... What
do you think guys???

Автор pj j ( назад)
Could I get Diplomatic immunity?? Or Can I be Your Sec Of State? I'd Gladly
have a residence there..As Long as I can keep my UK one---Cheers Mate!!

Автор jassim36 ( назад)
يا حبيبي لو اهد عليه عيال خالتي الصغار يحتلونهم هههههههههههههههههههههههه

Автор Monty2289 ( назад)
da fuck this place is real?

Автор legofan370 (1667 лет назад)
wait hold on, this place is real? i thought this was just the set for
kickassia. huh didnt know this was really a real place.

Автор Mohamed Ramadan ( назад)

Автор Hamit Emal ( назад)
komplett strom and water in 71672 marbach am neckar.de closed

Автор Hamit Emal ( назад)
water no and strom no for 71672 marbach am neckar.de wegen ufos sighting

Автор Elinora NiBhriain ( назад)
They have a wonderful soccer team, and their healthcare and educational
system is 2nd to none. I plan to visit there next year, and climb the
highest peak....Hail proud Molossia

Автор Ńøt Ïdk ( назад)
Cool. Microwiki. org . uk is a nice website.

Автор ViscountStratton ( назад)
Well heck, my family's got 10 acres of land, this gives me an idea! :D

Автор cfrewyeah ( назад)
"it'd be nice to be accepted by society as the president of my own
country......" and then he starts playing with a toy train set

Автор BulletShogun ( назад)
Thats cool. How did he do it legally

Автор MellowWeasel ( назад)
The people of the Principality of Novum Angliae officially recognize

Автор Mistgaetan39 ( назад)
Militarisme et autorité nationale sont quand-même bien les choses qui
définissent ce pays micronational ! Mais quel est le rapport avec le
drapeau ???

Автор Rorshein (377 лет назад)
This is sad.

Автор HoneyBee ( назад)
Hetalia believes your a real country that deserves to be noticed XD

Автор Roĉjo Nigrakorako (1663 года назад)
They are.

Автор John Baker ( назад)
Happy Wednesday folks. Off to Fin Mgt final exam. Good thoughts will be
graciously accepted.

And for anyone tired of nationalistic hoo-hah....here is an alternative
vision for ya.

Автор ZIGZAG_ViBeS ( назад)
Shuk Norris has the Molossian nationality

Автор kirby4d (845 лет назад)
"If you say anything nasty against Kevin, you get shot."

Автор kirby4d (941 год назад)
@iodine333 yea call or email them. you cant live there tho.

Автор kirby4d (958 лет назад)
@0000kris0000 youre gayer

Автор ChelseaGTA ( назад)

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