Torchlight - Final Boss Ordrak


The ending of the main story line of Torchlight. (Not the end of the game because The Shadow Vault unlocks - infinite dungeon like Fate)

My first time up against the boss. He's easily the most fun boss in the entire game. The others were just pushovers. You'll see I died in the middle of the video. I didn't have the skill that puts a debuff that increases damage taken or it would have ended a lot quicker. The skill I'm using for 90% of the fight is Devastate.

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Автор charlie cantillan ( назад)
finished it one try....I had alchemist summoner build maxed out all summons
and had rank 6 summon spells I basically wrecked him

Автор Agent1W ( назад)
I just completed a TL run with a sword-and-board Destro. Good times!

Автор Agent1W ( назад)
+lietuvis112112 Not a big Diablo fan, I take it.

Автор Jenson Smexy ( назад)
I have a sword that does 7649 dmg

Автор Shane Sellman ( назад)
i killed this boss on very hard with a char mod warlock

Автор Le Tony ( назад)
Not funny. Just Idiot use cheat

Автор renz apay ( назад)
but i have finished it without using any hacks........many times..... so

Автор renz apay ( назад)
listen to this......... "i have killed ordrak...........atleast 7
times......i remember......"....... and the one last battle with him is
just 1 shot ,,,,,, and killled ordrak.......using cheat engine......
haha..... i hacked my damage to a million times...... then killed every
enemy with 1 shot........ LoL

Автор Pavle Pavlovic ( назад)
its hack and slash , only new things u get whit progress is more skills and
better weapons , there isnt much more to it , its like Quake 3
mulitiplayer, u just kill enemy's and thats it.. that worked for me cuz i
played it over and over again for 10 years , now im gonna check torchlight
, hope its good like diablo 2 was

Автор lietuvis112112 ( назад)
This game is fun for first 10 floors, later it's the same shit over and
over again.

Автор Papa Hale ( назад)
i just completed torchlight 1 and i found it very boring, just doing the
same quest givers with the same quest to do the same thing, go into a
dunegon kill everything in it and find find sumthing, yes i liked the story
and the style but thats just my opinion

Автор Theo Braithwaite ( назад)
STUPID auto correct I meant I

Автор Theo Braithwaite ( назад)
This was the last boss :O I died a couple Of times but u always thought
there was like 3 more or something :/

Автор lolzorze ( назад)
i completed ordrak on xbox 360 Heroic and easy i am taking a step up every
time i complete him.

Автор Adrian Christ ( назад)
Just finished this fight, took me twice as long lol

Автор Kevin Baculanta ( назад)
was too bored to play, i was curious about the ending though, thanks for

Автор msharma97 ( назад)
I did it in 6

Автор Naoufel Benkirane ( назад)
lol ordrak is the siege breaker in diablo 3

Автор kowallski1234 ( назад)
How did you get 1000+ damages?

Автор Ordav1113 ( назад)
OMG you did it in less then 8 hours ???????

Автор Xaris Lazaridis ( назад)
so im a idiot cause my parents doesnt give me money to buy it? or because
im a children?

Автор Xaris Lazaridis (1652 года назад)
im a idiot cause i have pirated or maybe my parents doesnt have money cause
i live to cuprus? when you dont know about the others life then dont talk
if i had money why should i get pirated ?

Автор SebberGaming ( назад)
And you, mister, are an idiot. No explanation needed.

Автор James Bunce ( назад)
It took me 1 hour to kill hum as ranger I had hardly any good stuff and I
was only level 10

Автор FlyingAce1016 ( назад)
game crashes half way through fighting him everytime runtime error :( never
had a problem till now

Автор Alex Coffin ( назад)
8:25 Friendzoned...

Автор Andre Lucas ( назад)
Help Me, I just take 500 to 700 damage on it! Why so little? (I'm

Автор Kelazun ( назад)
Wasn't fate made by same people?

Автор valcaron ( назад)
Oh wait... THIS was the final boss? I defeated him when I jumped back into
an old savegame a couple weeks ago, but there really was no end sequence...
so I beat Torchlight and didn't even realize it.

Автор Potato Milkshake ( назад)
Please, just consider buying it on steam, or TL2. Heck, I bought it 2 years
ago when it was just 3 euros. If you liked the game, please just give the
devs some cash so they can keep on making games!

Автор Xaris Lazaridis ( назад)
i just download the game from piratebay and is COOL is like diablo 3 i play
alchemist and im lvl 25 (i just start playing )

Автор TheMilki98 ( назад)
this is a clone of fate but i still like it :)

Автор VietCrea ( назад)
no its not. read description :p

Автор Matthew Lewin ( назад)
I love ordrak on very hard mode. I get cramps from spamming my 1 key.

Автор Mr. Chiar ( назад)
is that the final end?

Автор Schenks ( назад)
sounds boring to me

Автор dungeonmaster16 ( назад)
first time fighting the final boss is always a low chance of success in
kill and loot rpg's. reason its a kill and loot is so you can do side
quests alot, go back to old floors to lvl up and get secrets or do the
advanced maps or portals to get good exp and items.

Автор 21maximax - Geometry Dash ( назад)
@kraa22123 yes

Автор kraa22123 ( назад)
alchemist is the best :D yes ???

Автор FunkyZombiez ( назад)
Can't beat him... I'm still level 23 :(

Автор Thomas Clark ( назад)
floor 35

Автор Daniel Valdés ( назад)

Автор JOTTABYTE ( назад)
It is nothing special it is not hardcore.

Автор Bernabe rial ( назад)
how comes this is the last boss after killing it i went into another mine
.... are those just fillers ? xD btw i did much better... lvl 34 deva 1400
- 2664 dmg xD

Автор slayerbillaras ( назад)
in what difficulty you play?

Автор Seth Jusay ( назад)
hahahah!!!!!! this games is like fate!!!!!!

Автор allealle9090 ( назад)
oh i luw to spend my time in shadow vault whit my destroyer,alot of fun if
u ask me

Автор tim3slave ( назад)
I experimented on hard difficulty with a destroyer following the unorthodox
ultra tank build of 1 str/ 4 def, plus got all the block and defense
bonuses. I am know at Odrak and even if he is barely scratching me I can
not hit him as well ;))) I have a feeling it will ake me about half an hour
to take him down.

Автор frenchfrey65 ( назад)
This game for a clone is so awesome! for 20$ hell yeah! And it's better to
play if u have 2 characters, that way if one finds something that ur other
guy needs u can SHARE IT! SO AWESOME! and having a pet in this game is way
more useful and easier to handle than Fable... HE CAN SELL UR SHIT FOR YA

Автор TheMisantrop09 ( назад)
@HDMGDH look at the video it was 35

Автор hazeTWO2 ( назад)
LOL :DDD sooo n00b..... maybe i should create mah gameplay :D if ya all
wanna c some real micro skillz :D

Автор SouthOfHeaven33 ( назад)
lol i killed this guy a couple of weeks ago...i didnt know he was the final
boss though lol, i just keep going through the floors

Автор Andrei Draghici ( назад)
@billy51020 an minor excuse for something that is completely the same :)

Автор billy51020 ( назад)
@toxicitzi I didnt know that the mini boss in d3 was related to dragonkin
and had 4 legs and had wings. Anyways, Ordrak is awesomely fun your first
time around.

Автор Andrei Draghici ( назад)
oh wow what do you know. its the boss in diablo 3 boss gameplay preview :P

Автор Dolbbes ( назад)
I killed this boss few days ago and i took the easy way out in this fight.
I used Doomquake and Titan stomp and nothing more. Few potions now and then
and it was easy.

Автор irgend wer ( назад)
omg i am still at the beginning fllor 13 or something like that.. shortly
after the libary... at which floor he is waiting for me?

Автор DanTurek25 ( назад)
see my video i killed him for 2 minutes :D

Автор darkalemanbr ( назад)
I killed him in Very Hard with my destroyer. It took about 15 minutes and I
died 4 times.

Автор IkerCasillastheGod ( назад)
just bought Torchlight absolutly love it its highly addicting P.S. FIRST

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