Two Story Garage Gambrel Roof

Two Story Garage Gambrel Roof, http://www.alansfactoryoutlet.com/2-story-2-car-garage/ Alan's Factory Outlet two story garage is built in both an a-frame roof or a gambrel roof as shown in this video. The two story garage is delivered for free to the 7 local counties in Virginia and West Virginia. The prefab two story garage are also delivered in all of VA and WV.

The two story garage is delivered fully assembled with the roof hinged and raised on site. The two story garage is then bolted together on the same day giving you a prefab portable modular two story garage that savings you time and money.

The main benefit of the gambrel roof over the a-frame roof is that you gain additional head room on the 2nd level.

Alan's Factory Outlet display area is located at 643 West Main St. Luray Virginia for you to take a look at the two story garage on display.

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Автор rs2519 ( назад)
$40 k is not cheap but if it's Amish, it's good quality for sure. This
helps me have an idea of how much I need to save. What about the
foundation? Is that part of the cost? I called the 800 number but no one

Автор Mavin Zook ( назад)
nice frame

Автор 93mathis1 ( назад)
Do you all finance? 

Автор 93mathis1 ( назад)
Do you offer financing 

Автор hill wood ( назад)
the frame inside is perfect, so I would like know about roof , does roof
was made of steel?

Автор tobysoter ( назад)
Try your local Walmart 

Автор GeorgiaBoi70 ( назад)
Wrong! A standard roof is called a gable. 

Автор Tiffany Maxbey ( назад)
Sheds2go.com has some really nice shed building and garage plans to choose
from. Then you can build it yourself.

Автор Kony Montana ( назад)
I want to build a garage that can fit about 10 cars in it

Автор ladypainter57 ( назад)
I would love to make a small home with room for one car inside from one of
these. The second stall would be large enough for a small kitchen and
eating/ living area as well as a small bathroom. What is the cost of the
structure please? 

Автор BushmanSurvival ( назад)
How much? And can u ship to Ca.?

Автор Dennis Buchholz ( назад)
yea what are the hinges for? 

Автор This0is0pointless ( назад)
@Clowerdean well yeah but theirs ways of solving that issue

Автор This0is0pointless ( назад)
@jackies35 i wouldn't have a problem sleeping up there,heck i would
probably be in my 2 story garage almost all of the time if i had one anyway

Автор The Photo Booth Chick ( назад)
What's on the second level? I hope no one sleeps there? Right? LOL! Awesome

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