Homemade Coil Winding Jig

I was asked by someone on youtube how I wound my coils. So this is a a jig that I made that allows me to wind them with hands free and to keep track of the number of turns.

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Автор Sanu ( назад)
Loved it......

Автор don pepe Vb ( назад)
I want to build one to make voice coils

Автор Ken Bird ( назад)
Well engineered.

Автор Offgridd ( назад)
Nice setup with standard cheap components!

Автор Yves Baggi ( назад)
is your foot pedal resistance continuous?

I have one that is simply a 4 step thing, as the pedal is pushed down a
plate touches another in effect shorting a resistor, then nothing for a
whil and then anothe plate touches the first and another resitor is shorted
etc. and there are 4 or 5 plates like that. so all in all it's pretty
useless for this kinda application,

But nice build really.

Автор wa4aos ( назад)
neat project

Автор k9wax ( назад)
Very cool jig. By the bye, the space pen story is an urban legend: search
snopes.com for "space pen".

Автор Lorenzo Aldave ( назад)
from 3 idiots movie 

Автор Antonio Joaquín Marcelo Tiscornia ( назад)
Excelent! Very smart

Автор Petelecaster ( назад)
Love your counter

Автор dougspair ( назад)
@gearboy12550 ..for tattoos...Chuck Norris uses a hammer and sharpened

Автор Jared Beekman ( назад)
@Kntryhart Chances are you can use a belt found at any hardware/automotive
store. If you have a place that sells lawncare devices they probably have
shorter belts based on your needs.

Автор Ali Samer ( назад)
i have one design of my own ,i am using an power supply from an computer to
get 12V and i have an motor from a battery power drill machine ,and an PWM
controller ..i have place the pwm potentiometer on my chair 's leg ..so i
can operate it with the leg ... here ..take a look ... watch?v=f64QJ9uxfS0

Автор Ali Samer ( назад)
nice,but ...counting is not a good idea ,you can do it with an electronic
calculator for pocket ...you take an magnet and place it on the well and
you can place the magnet into the eccentric place and an reed relay has to
stand in the magnet's way ..so at every turn the reed relay is gonna put to
wires together ...wires that comes from the equal key from calculator ,and
when you want to count you start the calculator and do 1+ and then rotate
the weel and coil and the calculator is gonna count 

Автор Bait28 ( назад)
@Whammo1963 tension on the spool will cause the garden hose effect and it
should wind even.

Автор normellow ( назад)
Gangster !!!

Автор Avery Banks (TheAngryLiberal) ( назад)
show us winding a transformer faggot

Автор sergio roa ( назад)
hey bro can you tell me were to get the plastic spools that you use in the
proces cus a bin looking for those but I dont know were to look at please
can you tell me were to found it 

Автор Headshothorror4488 ( назад)
I want 10 wrap coils. What wire do i buy (exact name) ? And cores ?

Автор bbcisrubbish ( назад)
@Kntryhart. I have some drive belts which come in 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
diameters in metre lengths. Cut required length, hold the ends together and
pull over a heated knife blade. This melts and welds it into a circle.
Leave to cool and solidify. I use mine on a small lathe and other odd and
end tools.

Автор Jonas Ygona ( назад)
wow nc work you got there thumbs up by the way can i make a copy of that
machine design you made and ill buy the parts pls put all the details and
some instructions so that i can follow....thk again and nc job.... 

Автор TheDullahan ( назад)
@Whammo1963 Because the wire is cylindrical, it naturally will not pile
upon itself. If the two spools are kept at the correct distance, the wire
will naturally slide over itself and go back and forth evenly on the new

Автор Catvore ( назад)
Schematics please!

Автор Simplefix 2969 ( назад)
excellent! thumbs !

Автор Mephysto65 ( назад)
Great job! Just a doubt: how do you avoid wire overlapping across the
length during wiring motion? 

Автор coolramone ( назад)
Did u say 22 0 gauge wire or what? T/Y

Автор MrTXWolfie ( назад)
I really like your design just gotta get off my butt to make it. Could of
even used a light dimmer switch in place of the pedal ... on/off and turn
it to the right speed .... just a thought that popped in my head while
watching the video. 

Автор seasonedtoker ( назад)
brilliant video! I will probably implement a small AC motor from a drill
sharpener. but thank you for sharing your design, I hope you don't mind me
copying it ;) cheers mate

Автор Journeyman ( назад)
Great creation! 

Автор Ivan Azymov ( назад)
I'm searching for a voice-coil winding thingamajig. This is inspiring in
it's simplicity (and return on value). I'm definitely refering to this when
I desing my voice-coil winding aparatus.

Автор robert ortiz ( назад)
homie you are the shit good job

Автор william valle ( назад)
Respond to this video... smart man . you are like me .simple and efficient.

Автор xialong123 ( назад)
@umery2k75 HAH! il have to remember that one....

Автор renato “jun” .admana ( назад)

Автор vlado anton ( назад)

Автор Charles McCune ( назад)
thats pretty cool it realy is. now you just need to set it up to were if
you want 27 windings you set it and push button and it stop at 27 cool
either way it goes I have to build somethign like that if I want to start
building or rewinding generatiors if I need to

Автор Cameron Matthews ( назад)
a bike odomitor would work but you would need a more steady power source to
have a steady rpm

Автор rene kenshin ( назад)
Genius nice rig but the counter is a bit noisy maybe you could incorporate
a digital counter instead that runs on battery well only my opinion

Автор 79chemdog ( назад)
very creative good job.

Автор Alessio S ( назад)
nice machine you made, thanks for sharing it. Nice video!

Автор Raoul ( назад)

Автор Todd Cooper ( назад)
i think you need a counter weight to balance out your cam

Автор NovemberNix Nikunj Thapa ( назад)
Really a smart work there... (Creativity with full of common sense) Thank
you for sharing you knowledge.

Автор Peter Krska ( назад)
And so off to space went the spaceman. Upon wanting to write something, he
pushed down on the pencil and started to write. The pencil tip broke due to
the pressure. Darn said the spaceman, I don't have a knife to widdle down
the wood. He got so angry he slammed his fist down and cut his finger. He
continued to write using his blood!!!!

Автор Fazıl Aktekin ( назад)
by using a piece of wodden or plastic stick of course...

Автор Eric Blair ( назад)
I don't see how you are distributing the wire uniformly side to side on the

Автор Umar Farooq ( назад)
@Stonefisk What a brain you got. I had shared this story with many people,
but none had answered in the way you have.I'm totally impressed, I never
thought about that part of the story. Awesome.

Автор Umar Farooq ( назад)
Great work man...... This reminds me of a joke. One day NASA decided to
send their man at the space for the first time. They had a problem as how
they would write in space, as PEN won't work, because of zero gravity. So
they spend like months in desigining a PEN costing a million dollar, that
would be able to work in space and thus people can write.. During the
presentation of this PEN, a kid comes from the crowd and lend him a pencil.
He said, why don't you just take pencil with yourself.

Автор Umar Farooq ( назад)
You can make electromagnets. You can make Audio Speaker coil with them. You
can use them in your electronic circuits, accroding to your application.
You use them in your Cars, these are used by spark plugs in cars.. Coils
are used in electric motors.What ever you want to ask, feel free to ask me,
friend. I would really like to help those, who are having difficulty :)

Автор electroncraz91 ( назад)
Nice setup, i like the sewing machine motor with the hand free pedal and
the lap counter! :D

Автор The Lightning Stalker ( назад)
The lap counter thing is pretty clever.

Автор factorargento ( назад)
Good machine!

Автор Bernard Black ( назад)
transformers and guitar pickups.. and among of other things

Автор andytysn ( назад)
nice work!!

Автор BDub ( назад)
Sweet winder man! Do you have any problems with overcoming the tensile
strength of the wire from the feed spool? ..err, any wire breakage?? LOL.

Автор BasementBen ( назад)
Can it be done with bifiliar, or trifiliar? Thanks.

Автор Kntryhart ( назад)
What is the belt? Where did you get that? Have all the other parts. Thanks!

Автор Kntryhart ( назад)
Excellent idea and nicely assembled! I will need to make a copy of your
design...maybe this weekend! :-))

Автор jphdg ( назад)
Nice job there. Well done.

Автор Generatorblue Generator blues ( назад)
I will be using a sewing machine motor for my winder as well. Thank you for
showing your machine. I have turned bicycle wheels into turbines and
generators. Now I must put it all together. I need a coil winder for sure.

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