pulse jet engine

me and my dad starting our ifrst pulse jet in the front yard!

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Автор Robert Bardos ( назад)
looks like a garage fire waiting to happen...

Автор MeMad Max ( назад)
It's like running a jet engine on a "carburetor" instead of turbocharged
fuel injection... =D

Автор Jeff Sharpe ( назад)
Wut kinda metal r u using... Also the fuel is that propane?

Автор saultube44 ( назад)
The gas tank should be further away. How efficient is it? I mean, how much
push does it converts from a certain amount of gas burning?

Автор Tanky135 ( назад)
lol 1:52

Автор gold luck ( назад)
sounds like a auto playing fufuzala

Автор Steven Wright ( назад)
Thumbs up if you laughed when they both stepped away at 0:59.

Автор Robert Pooley ( назад)
@Thevoiceofreasonful Thankyou for sharing that useful information

Автор Jim McDonald ( назад)
A pulse jet engine that runs on compressed air and propane gas, fuck in ell
why hasnt anyone ever thot of that before now..it is about as useful as
wing mirrors on a submarine, ashtray on a motorbike or tits on a bull.

Автор The Paken Shet ! ( назад)
Can i grab it??!!!

Автор Colin Clarke ( назад)
@silverkudo theres a guy on u2b called 'xjet' he has a video on how to
build them and also has a book

Автор silverkudo ( назад)
how do you make one of those?

Автор maarten blokker ( назад)
@Podarias its the camera, the infrared filter is messed up =)

Автор xXPancake11 ( назад)
dude that thing is glowing blue.

Автор Savas Voulgaris ( назад)
how does it turn into purple instead of bright red/yellow?

Автор lilbubka smith ( назад)
0:37 dude ur hair is on fire!!!

Автор 42Musica ( назад)
alien technology...it glows purple.....

Автор L FeronFarrell ( назад)
lacking an IR filter i see (you can test cameras with a tv remote :P)

Автор McFuckNuggets ( назад)
@blizzard242 Interesting...

Автор blizzard242 ( назад)
@McFuckNuggets The purple glow is an artificial color caused by the
inferred sensitivity of the sensor on the camera and the Ir filter. The
temperature required to heat steal to the temperature to glow purple-white
is well above its melting point.

Автор McFuckNuggets ( назад)
It glows purple? wtf?

Автор GETABAGADRO ( назад)
i'll puke on your moms tits, and make you lick it up. If you had even the
slightest idea wtf you are talking, you'd realize how fucking stupid you
are for even trying to get the last word in. Man you sound like a very
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probably the kind of idiot who hangs around gas stations chewing skoal and
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Автор qtpie ( назад)
@GETABAGADRO your clearly retarded....i never said this is entertaining to
me, its a form of entertainment you mongrel sub human. clearly the inferior
blend of your ethnicity has lead to your mental retardation. i would
suggest that you kill yourself because someone of such low proletarian
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Автор GETABAGADRO ( назад)
@williamhad stfu you fucking maggot. that and redefine your idea of
entertainment. because if you think that this is entertaining, youre a
fucking idiot. i hope you build one of these, and then it blows up in your
face and your mom gets cervical cancer and dies. how's that for being an

Автор qtpie ( назад)
@GETABAGADRO calm the fuck down asshole, all i said is what they are doing
doesnt mean im "escaping the corporate choke hold" or whatever that
bullshit you said was...all this is is a form of entertainment and if you
cant realize that than you should just kill yourself because because your
fucking retarded.

Автор GETABAGADRO ( назад)
@williamhad yeah ok, and some people like to choke themselves and shove
vibrators up their ass when they jerk off, all this thing is a COMPLETE
waste of time/money/ and whatever they are using to fuel it.. it obviously
hasnt the thrust to do anything cool with. its just loud and cool to look
at, and i bet it smells like a methlab. so if your idea of excaping the
corporate chokehold by not watching tv, and in turn participating in such a
stupid activity, go forth and waste your time,eardrums.

Автор qtpie ( назад)
@GETABAGADRO some people like building things instead of watching tv.

Автор GETABAGADRO ( назад)
WTF is the point?

Автор COOLTYCHO ( назад)

Автор Henry Plauche ( назад)
Stolen alien hardware (glow) turned into high tech vuvuzela/jet engine.

Автор SlenderFish ( назад)
see in a few years wealll have pace shipes

Автор MRkallek91 ( назад)
@kieranmullen2 making shitloads of noise and awesome flames.

Автор Jarret Friedman ( назад)
Yeah now touch the pipe for a cookie :D

Автор cacneaunit6 ( назад)
How does it suck in the fuel is it like pressurized or does it just suck it

Автор soulchosen ( назад)
@SadisticGamerClan Correction - the V1 used a valved pulse jet.

Автор soulchosen ( назад)
@SadisticGamerClan I believe that was the V1 or 'doodlebug' which made a
rythmic thumping noise when it flew which cut out just before it fell to
the ground and exploded.

Автор dre savoy ( назад)
@7419026 yeah i work on jet engines in the AF if he would have just lowered
the fuel amount slowly and let the flame eventually die out then let the
pipe cool down on its own the metal would have a less a chance of cracking
i know on our engines if u turn it off stupid fast the compressor walls go
back to their normal size (the engine gets wider due to heat expansion) too
quickly and the compressor rotor blades which are still hot and also
explanded dig into the compressor inner wall

Автор eekcage ( назад)
very tidy example, measure the thrust yet?

Автор aumi20 ( назад)
sounds like a dog after stealing a bite of hot chorzio sausage

Автор wessendorf15 ( назад)
@SadisticGamerClan no it was a liquid rocket using liquid oxygen and
acohol. with a hydrogen proxide reactor.

Автор 7419026 ( назад)
@docfreezzzz thats exactly what i was thinking it would have been better to
let is cool over time amiright?

Автор spcoulson ( назад)
@mitsos306 Im guessing increasing and decreasing the amount of fuel u put
in...but im not actually too sure :S

Автор taufan8687 ( назад)
@xumuk3 i think more like vuvuzela

Автор TheCruzmeister ( назад)
I imagine when metal starts to melt into a purple color, something is wrong.

Автор thumbs317 ( назад)
the point of this is? or is this how the heat treat stuff in Connecticut.

Автор gglafatottari Drullusukkor ( назад)
@Tamalain i dont think it was the accual engine that was hated but large
amount of explosives attached ;)

Автор BoardTechGuy ( назад)
bong from hell

Автор Brandon Geiger ( назад)
is propane better than 30 percent nitro and u might crack the tubing if you
cool it that way or atleast warp it depending on the width

Автор docfreezzzz ( назад)
Hot metal plus cold water equals bad idea. Rapidly cooling nearly molten
metals results in a tempering effect. It is referred to as quenching and
drastically affects the grain size of the metal. This causes the metal to
become brittle. Not so hot for an expensive toy.

Автор Jordan Long ( назад)
is hosing it off the best idea?? wouldnt it cause the metal to become

Автор OutsideOfMadness ( назад)
wow i remember when these type of videos had like 20 views now they are
becoming more popular.

Автор Tamalain ( назад)
The Germans used these engines on the V1 series of cruise missiles. The
British really really hated these things.

Автор Pioneerz ( назад)
it sounds ugly

Автор MusicalAndTall ( назад)
@CreepinSav Properly designed ones can power RC planes.

Автор Scottizzle Datnizzle ( назад)
what is that even useful for?

Автор Szymon Cypt ( назад)
i like that, a lot

Автор streetrulez ( назад)
@simondb99 Goes great with Youtube's vuvuzela button

Автор McFuckNuggets ( назад)
LOL it glows purple

Автор gasflame62 ( назад)
Wow, it didint turn orange or red, it went from purple blue and white.

Автор xXCREEKSTARXx ( назад)
LOL it starts to glow violet and gets hsiny and shit YAY xD Nice man =D

Автор Simon dB ( назад)
High tech vuvuzela

Автор brandon schupp ( назад)
@Apeman1991 there u go

Автор rijste94 ( назад)
looks like a giant crack pipe

Автор 720moorhsum ( назад)
thats not a jet thats a jet powered bong!

Автор Nitrorodz1 ( назад)
Sweet project. Keep it up, maybe next time we will see you guys propelling
something with it, like a Go-Kart or something neat.

Автор MrZOMBIECAKES ( назад)
that looks like a sweet bong

Автор Shankovich ( назад)
We had to use the turbo fan in the lab to keep ours cool for a lab lol

Автор LolxDBart ( назад)
Is it melting the concrete ?

Автор mariyuso ( назад)
@TheRebornjason its actually just dark red when looked at by your eye, but
the camera picks up the IR light as white-pink.

Автор samn100 ( назад)
is that your bong?

Автор Korakot Low ( назад)
OMG the metal is white hot!!!

Автор steffankaizer ( назад)
i love when the camera shifts the lighspektrum it looks so cool and why is
everybody so mixed up about the material? just use stainles steel or an old
car exoust it will work just fine

Автор steffankaizer ( назад)
yea i bet its radioaktive too^^ lol

Автор sibling ( назад)
uhm you saw that it was mounted to steel frames and pointed to their
garage? Who the hell would want it to move around freely?

Автор madnesscombat5 ( назад)
arent most pulsejets made with stainless steel?

Автор megatwingo ( назад)

Автор joshman071888 ( назад)

Автор Chad Sweeney ( назад)
@SilvaPaws did you see that color transition? thats not IR, thats visible

Автор Ильдар Зайнетдинов ( назад)
Реактивная тяга

Автор David Messer ( назад)
Caution: Filling may be hot.

Автор lukesimianer ( назад)
ohhhh who drank the bong water hhaa

Автор firecad2006 ( назад)
my god that was fucken hot, im surprised the concert didnt explode.

Автор jeepnutnh ( назад)
you are correct, but that doesn't mean much. i work for a foundry that
produces many turbne parts and they handle temps in the 1500 degree range
every time they run. i assume these guys got some titanium based metal, but
even mild steel would work for testing (not that id wanna try that)

Автор bigtoyota479 ( назад)
I would think that material would be perfect for this application, but
prohibitively expensive, especially for backyard builders. Someday I would
like to build one of these, and a turbocharger turbine. All I need is some
money to finish wiring my shop, lol.

Автор criticalzen ( назад)
I just saw a fairly new material (Carbon Carbon) that can sustain
teperatures over 3000 degrees fahrenheit. That would probably work for
this. For a first build, it is very impressive. I heard that getting those
to stay lit is light trying to keep a candle going in a hurricane.

Автор bigtoyota479 ( назад)
Of course it's impractical. This is a first build prototype. Can't get it
right the first time around.

Автор Sean Kelly ( назад)
It could hardly blind any other part of you, now could it? And besides,
it's not hot enough to emit anything more than IR radiation.

Автор gtarbmx ( назад)
it doesn't have enough thrust to propel itself

Автор hotbasterd ( назад)
that color can blind your eyes!

Автор qwertyboy1234567899 ( назад)
nice amount of thermal shock there

Автор Melted Clowns ( назад)
A ULTRA killer bee with rocket engines. :-D

Автор xumuk3 ( назад)
Sounds like killer bee :-D

Автор criticalzen ( назад)
There is no way that metal could sustain those temperatures with continued
use. It does look cool but seems impractical.

Автор sycmuzak ( назад)
sure you could, the only problem is you would have like 10 lbs of thrust
and you'd never get it off the ground

Автор FractAlkemist ( назад)
You can buy them (or the plans, make it yourself) from United Nuclear. I
have seen them on bicycles! Like the way it glows near the end! How much
thrust is it? This is what powered the nazi buzz-bombs in WW2.

Автор supallama ( назад)
im 16 but i only weigh like 100 pounds do u think i could get two of thos
off you and put it on a makeshift plane?

Автор L00peey ( назад)

Автор help8help ( назад)
So where's the closest burn hospital to you? It looks like the only
precaution you took was a garden hose! One little mistake with that toy and
you'll be extracrispy in a fraction of a second.

Автор CaptainNorris ( назад)
This strange violet color is near infrared light which is visible for cams,
but not for human.

Автор pooptbuttlol ( назад)
actually its titanium that does that but i use sheet steel for mine

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