Suli Breaks - Why I Hate School But Love Education [Official Spoken Word Video]

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As the cyclical and seemingly never ending debate about education rages on, the topic - somewhat ironically, often poses more questions than it provides answers.

But what is the value of mainstream schooling? Why is it that some of the most high profile and successful figures within the Western world openly admit to never having completed any form of higher learning?

Paying homage to Jefferson Bethke's "Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus", a piece that received 22 million views in the space of a week, I address a number of these issues in my offering "Why I Hate School, but Love Education".

With scores of school leavers wanting to further their education with no guarantee of their dream job at the end of it, we should ask ourselves whether qualifications still hold the same value now as they did in previous years?

Does success in the school system correlate to success in life? Or is the school system simply geared towards fact retention and regurgitation?

What is true education?


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Автор George Schlaline ( назад)
God is the key

Автор Ben Moore ( назад)
I am teaching my self how to code and how the stock market works

Автор Oloading 24 ( назад)
Steve francis?

Автор Kyle Buswell ( назад)
Nuff love.

Автор Alex P ( назад)
you should redo this video with what you've learnt about filming in you're
more recent videos. its your best. its amazing. deserves better filming.

Автор Alex P ( назад)
you should redo this video with what you've learnt about filming in you're
more recent videos. its your best. its amazing. deserves better filming.

Автор xX squeaker Xx ( назад)
"Being grown up is doing what is expected of you, not what you want to do"

Автор Cameron Field (CamBam) ( назад)
Love this video! (Then realises I need a degree to be in the career I dream
of doing :( )

Автор Eric The Working Class Scum Bag ( назад)
Inspirational !!!!

Автор ecksdee ( назад)
i hate how UK just scam literally eveyrone with super overpriced tuition
NOT including overpriced books cost...

Автор Silentsapphire LPS ( назад)
Simply... beautiful. "If you don't build your dreams someone else will hire
you to help build theirs." Wow...

Автор Ash ( назад)
Well school is.... dependent on the situation, if you wanted to become a
doctor you'll need school but if you wanted to become an author, animator
or someone in the creative arts then you don't really need school, I mean
sure get a bit of extra education but still if you don't need it don't use
it, If more and more people did this society would realise the drop in
students and eventually allow students to do what they want

Автор Samuel Mack-Poole ( назад)
I actually hate this video. 8 million views! How many of those people will
be Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Henry Ford et al? The fact is that
university is the greatest platform for social mobility. I am very thankful
for my education.

Автор Marcos Toscano ( назад)
Now who's watching in 2K17?!

Автор Jesus H. Christ ( назад)
There are different types of intelligence. Some of my friends who grew up
in upper-middle class have no grit because of their posh lives. We'll go
camping and they are the biggest babies about bugs and getting muddy.

Автор น้องกระดอง เดินดิน ( назад)
You should see some Thai school 😭 , Nice clip

Автор megapanka ( назад)
Says here's the statistics -> precedes to show he does not to know what
statistics are and just names a bunch of random people out of a pool size
of... well 7.5 billion, who happen to be rich and/or famous.

Автор uZzY ( назад)
I hate school cus I don't wanna be behind a desk for the next 6 years so I
can be behind one for the rest of my life. I wanna do something I enjoy

Автор ColdFusion2:17 ( назад)
There are only three types of people that will pass high school. Those with
good memory. Those who play sports. And those who are rich. That's the damn
truth. Cause I remember this dumbass rich classmate of mine manage to get
inside one of the most prestigious university. And students who play sports
all of a sudden get scholarship while the average students get put down.
Iam not saying that school is bad. We all need school for education. But
the school system favours the most popular.

Автор jk thump ( назад)

Автор 2k Blogs ( назад)
So inspirational so educational so powerful. Thank you. ✊🏽🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✊🏽

Автор Riley Charumbira ( назад)
this guy inspired me today

Автор Natasha Wiles ( назад)

Автор Natasha Wiles ( назад)
I'm touched

Автор Patrick Wang ( назад)
Damn. So true

Автор Bird Anonymous ( назад)
Schools are so lazy now. It tears my heart.

Автор Ollie Hanslip ( назад)
anyone got any tips?? next year i will have exams, and i was wondering,
should i keep chasing my dream to be a pro athlete or get a job cos i dont
know if it could go wrong trying to acheive my dream

Автор Elijah Johnson ( назад)
every time he speaks I cry cuz he always speak the truth

Автор #LovestoneMusic ( назад)
Did anyone notice that the second to last sentence has a typo? Just notice
that, not looking to cause a problem.

Автор iamvalmira ( назад)
i love this!

Автор Mads Buch ( назад)
anecdotes are not statistics. Lissting names is not statistics, it is
anecdotes. Though I completely do agree with the point of the movie :-)

Автор AQ13 ( назад)
can you subscribe to me

Автор Michael Hope ( назад)
that is one hell of a powerful message

Автор JAY ( назад)
how have I just seen this

Автор S Salem ( назад)
I've stressed myself to the point of having anxiety attacks and mental
breakdowns over homework and I'm sitting in my biology class watching this
while crying because I think I just failed a algebra test. I love this....
I can't let a grade define my level of intelligence.

Автор Caz Cash ( назад)
To just follow something you like to do is scary because you might change
your mind or realize that to make money with that particular love or talent
may come in a from of a career or job you don't like. What i always think
when i hear a message like this, is that the people being used as examples
are or were driven to do a particular thing. For someone who does not known
what he wants to do with his life, is school not the answer?

Автор Irving Guevara ( назад)
whats this guys name? is it Kevin Ngogo? im using him for my essay. Need
answer asap

Автор The V8 ( назад)
my parents agree with this

Автор neema mushi ( назад)
beautiful and very inspirating

Автор Ayush Saha ( назад)
as much as I love this vid, but those genius ppl like gates are real
geniuses. the chances of you being that is really small. thats why the
proportion of dropouts that are unsuccessful are more than ppl like gates
and jobs.

Автор SadzGamez ( назад)
that was smart and all but zuckenberg. come on how can you get it wrong

Автор Spencer Summerhays ( назад)
David Beckham is educated because he scored a nice goal

Автор Real Chipmunk ( назад)
I understand his message but I'm just tired of us, developped countries...
We complain about our educational system while many countries are still
fighting for that right. We're so ungrateful, we have so much to be
thankful for

Автор Katerina Zissouli ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Автор Youtube Account 16 ( назад)

Автор megapanka ( назад)
I love people mention Bill Gates never finishing college, but fail to
mention the following:
First, he was ACCEPTED INTO HARVARD. He studied a shitload, and almost had
A's constantly. He dropped out to form one of the biggest companies to ever
exist, Microsoft.

Автор Ronnie Platts ( назад)
You speak the truth

Автор sungkar citizen ( назад)

Автор Walt Yisrael ( назад)
I watched this about four years ago during my high school senior year and
my teacher basically ridiculed him.

She was such a good slave.

Автор Savage Dolphin Garbagecast ( назад)

Автор Yolo Lexi ( назад)
School has become less about education and more about passing. I go to
school to pass, I have no intentions of learning, tbh.

Автор Ryan McCormack ( назад)
I get what he's saying, but Mark Zuckerberg actually went to Harvad (didn't
graduate) but he would have founded Facebook without the help of his fellow
Harvad University students in one of their dorms. Guess how they got

Автор Dominic Mcg ( назад)
What about the survivorship bias? for every person who does well without a
higher learning degree there are thousands more who don't do well given the
same circumstances

Автор Meme Road men ( назад)
I hate school like meeting friends

Автор matt pidgeon ( назад)
This video is amazing but education did not mean as it did over a decade

Автор Ulvi Bektashi ( назад)
Great vid but you pronounced coup de grace wrong buddy.

Автор Miki is myself ( назад)
waw man you are great thats the only one word that can defined you

Автор Wako Griffin ( назад)
we have a right to education. That means we can deny it if we wish right?
nah they FORCE you to go to school the cunts

Автор 5goodfellas ( назад)
Been preaching it since day one. The one's that don't believe me will stay
the same and be average. I'm made for 1 dream, 1 championship, 1 ride.

Автор Mason Yonker ( назад)
Don't let your memes be dreams people

Автор Unique ( назад)
When you realise it's fro 2012..
Who's watching in 2016? XD

Автор Austin Chilango ( назад)
I wanna meet this guy man. He's an inspiration to the world.

Автор Lxxrt ( назад)
This is true , you can be educated all by yourself towards any SUBJECT or
outcome , self taught people almost always become the most successful

Автор Fjorald Cacaj ( назад)
This man honestly touched my heart I had goosebumps watching the whole

Автор Alliston Thomas ( назад)
Speak it! Speak it! POWERFUL!!!!!!

Автор Austin Dellahoya ( назад)
I watch this video all the Time , love it to much

Автор Barbara Freeman ( назад)
I think you can get a lot out of school, and knowing certain things, like
knowing your math when you are working in a STEM field, but, I really
appreciate your input on thinking for yourself, and in the real world when
students are hired, often they have regurgitated so much crap, that they
can't function in the real world to solve the problems an engineer faces!
Thank You!! I am in the university, and some of what I learn I know I won't
remember every little thing, but, I know it is teaching me how to think
critically!! Thank You!!

Автор Stony Grunt ( назад)
seriously you are one of the most intelligent people I know, because of
this I will not let my school grades make me happy or sad, because I know
that grades don't define my intelligence. To be intelligent, you have to
need a creative and open mind and that's exactly what you have. Thanks for
the great video man!

Автор Collinz ( назад)
''If you dont build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs''

Автор HUNRUSPWNZ ( назад)
the school system is a slave factory

Автор john shu ( назад)
he has a foreign accent?

Автор Lucky Xazi ( назад)

Автор Allstar Baller ( назад)
i like the video but ur first point is weak THE people who are successful
without good education is way lower than educated ppl that are successful

Автор Combinez ( назад)
The key is READ! Read to get Education Read to get a Degree Read To Get the
key to the 8 doors of Heaven Read to get your life better Read...Read....

Автор Ya Nigga Obeezy ( назад)
the only thing muhammad was successful in was teaching blasphemy and his
satanic cult

Автор perryp25 ( назад)
Generally speaking, I would stay in school until you know for sure what you
want to do specifically. You are far from the only one who wants to work
for themselves and hates the idea of a desk job, however not many people
actually know what they would die for in life, especially at a young age
and it takes knowing and executing daily tasks in order to achieve success
in whatever you want to achieve or become in life. I feel that many people
don't understand the reality of not staying in school to get a degree and
tend to complain because of a failed test or semester (if you are in
college) and look for an "easier" way out. Not pointing fingers however
just know that if school makes you feel uncomfortable enough to quit, REAL
LIFE (in this society) and the REAL WORLD will make you feel 10x more
uncomfortable. So unless you love something enough to be willing to take
that on everyday, I would definitely stay in school and work towards a
degree as it will surely help provide you with more
opportunities/experiences compared to not having one

Автор Luis Yuchengco ( назад)

Автор Wellington Mapiku ( назад)
i'm listening...silenced ....i'm there man

Автор JustALovelyLdy ( назад)
this is something to really think about!

Автор Daniel Cressy ( назад)
im starting my own business. Yea while i agree with some things mentioned
in this video. I think that people should finish high school to get used to
the amount of hard work needed to live a successful life. But I think they
should find out their dreams and see if there is a way to make their dreams
come true whether thru college or some other way

Автор Daniel Cressy ( назад)
i wish i can show this to my school. I mean...they tell us all of this
stuff that we should know. Example algebra or how to do well on your exam.
Or using in text evidence. Geez...they have no idea what i wanna do when i
grow up. No, i dont wanna sit at a desk working for someone else's
business, i want to do my own work. something i would enjoy.

Автор DanishPsychoBoy ( назад)
My dad might not be a traditionally ''educated'' man (he is what is known
in Danish as Elektromekaniker, which would something like Electrical
Engineer in English), but he has a lot of life experience, and one thing he
keeps saying have stuck with me for the longest time, ''Everyone want's
their kids to be well-educated (seeing a vocational education as a lesser
form of education), but they are also the first ones to bicker about not
being able to get a plumber, or carpenter''.

Автор kaly ( назад)
I usually hate these kind of videos but this one actually touched my heart.
Especially after I've seen his “I'm sorry” mv. I want to be a photographer
and I would honestly prefer not to go to college for four years. But my
family would be disappointed af.

Автор Godfather ( назад)
Why is it call building if it's already built?

Автор Definite G ( назад)
Great vid but you misquote scripture

Автор Moa Kylin ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор Frank Rustay ( назад)
bless up from jah Suli Breaks words hit u to the core bless up fam much
love keep up the teaching of the true facts of life

Автор Laekyn Collins ( назад)
my school literally blocked this video

Автор Kim Seok Meriem ( назад)
fuck u

Автор Juwaria J ( назад)
is he Muslim? he said pbuh prophet Muhammad

Автор Mordon ( назад)
Your not as good as my boy retro snickers

Автор LIl Kah ( назад)
does that mean that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark had no college degree

Автор Peace Love ( назад)
so real...thanks!

Автор benjamix2 ( назад)
i think after the effect of the weed passed he ran to the college in

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