Brinkmann Smoke N' Pitt mods

Added bricks for heat retention. Lowered the smoke stack inside and raised the firebox grating.

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Автор Bill West ( назад)
Thank you I got mine a year ago used never knew which model it was

Автор hoshnasi (1908 лет назад)
Good comment!

I have since moved to lump only since the making of this video.

Автор rob rodgers ( назад)
suggestion: you would not have to worry about ash clogging the dampers and impeding airflow if you used lump charcoal instead of briquettes. also, briquettes have additives which bind them together; go the all natural route with lump.

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
@marctipp I used regular bricks wrapped in foil. If you want to do it right go buy what are called "Fire Bricks". They are the best.

Автор marctipp ( назад)
What type of bricks did you use? and where can I get some for my Brinkman Smoke N Pit?

Автор Scott Miller ( назад)
@sirlordwhitman I've heard that you only want to use hard woods for smoking, not soft wood or "sap woods". Something with the sap... I use hickory mainly, mesquite is also good, but you dont want a "heavy" smoke flavor with it.

Автор thedknuckles ( назад)
Great info. I love mine. I strip the rust down every year and repaint like new. Wether grilling or smoking, she is amazing!

Автор Hudson ( назад)
quick and informative... good job lol

Автор sirlordwhitman ( назад)
@hoshnasi would it be alright to use chopped wood from my sick maple tree?
Or would that be conducive to vomit?

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
@sirlordwhitman The offset fire box is mainly for "Slow and Low" smoking with some kind of wood. Mainly, the meat that is smoked is ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket and lots of other stuff.

I've never personally used the Brinkmann for regular grilling. The coal tray is lost somewhere. Not to say you can't! I just don't. Keep in mind, "Slow and Low" generally means 200ºF to 250ºF.

Автор sirlordwhitman ( назад)
just got this grill from my next door neighbor for free.. and I just started using it as a regular grill.. I've never 'smoked' anything in my life.. but I would think that a lot of burger grease splashing on the coals would keep it going than to have the charcoal on their own in the firebox, yes? Someone enlighten me..

Автор Ballistic BBQ ( назад)
I have a New Braunsfel off-set, which Brinkman bought out. Brinkman is making their smokers out of much thinner metal. I ended up having my whole smoker sandblasted then coated with powdered aluminum. This is the same coating used on car headers and it is working out great. My smoker is about 15 years old and it looks brand new. Not one speck of rust since I had it coated.

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
The grill is almost a year old and the firebox is starting to rust. However, the metal is still pretty solid. I plan on giving it the steel brush and some heat paint before the summer season though.

Will check out your vids soon!

Автор thorntonater ( назад)
hey great video. got a question for ya. How old is this grill? and did you have a problem with the firebox rusting out to the point its ruined? Check out my grill/smoker video tell what you think.


Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
Best of luck to you! Go on google and find the "BBQ FAQ" it'll have all you need to know and has a big section on our smoker on how to make it a smoken machine!

Автор Jimbo Jitsu ( назад)
Thanks, they are actually fireplace insert bricks, a lot thinner than the red bricks and designed to take lots of heat... I try to avoid foil in my cooking process, just a quirk of mine.

I will have a video up next week about how I use my brinkman... Nobody taught me how to use it somebody just gave me this BBQ and I started using it how I figured it should be used, which turns out to be kinda wrong...
Thanks for the reply !

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
I REALLY recommend that if the bricks you are using are just the plain old red bricks that you wrap them in foil. What can happen is the bricks can kind of "fire off" little pieces if they get really hot again, which could get on the meat.

Better to be safe then sorry!

Автор Jimbo Jitsu ( назад)
somebody gave me a brinkman, I started using it without knowing anything about them. I did add some bricks to retain heat better, I will give something like this a try.
Thanks for sharing!

Автор skeetmoses ( назад)
I'll check that out
Brisket for Tday sounds great!

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
Yes my firebox grate is bending as well. It was recommended to me to check out those cast iron grates that are flat pressed. They are ridiculously durable. Happy smoking. I think I'm doing a brisket for Thanksgiving so I'll post another video then.

Автор skeetmoses ( назад)
kool, i have the same pit and need to mod the firebox. I put some racks in and had soe bolts stand up the rack but eventually the racks started to ben due to the heat

Автор jonnny0311 ( назад)
Hey man make a vid with some ribs cooked in that thing man

Автор hoshnasi ( назад)
Picking up the meat tomorrow. Sitting on three bags of lump coal and 50lbs. of Apple wood.

Автор Ruben Lopez ( назад)
I seriously can't wait to sample your BBQ!!!1

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