Santa's Been Naughty this Year - Very FUNNY Christmas Video!!!

https://www.maax.com/ Funny holiday video: These 2 girls get a funny Christmas surprise! Santa gets caught! *If you liked our video, click on like* #EnjoytheExperience #Funny

Video Production - Experience 7 http://www.experience7.ca/english/index.html
Director : JP Serra
Director of Photography : Daniel Lanteigne
Assistant : Léo Lecours-Pelletier
Editor : Mathieu Boucher

Holiday Video Concept & Actors - MAAX Bath Inc. Marketing Team

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Длительность: 1:21
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Автор ZhapiFuzz ( назад)

Автор Jlordc Putski ( назад)
very hot they caught him naked in the bathtub

Автор Rocco Budija ( назад)
Lol wtf I thought Santa was going to eat the cookies but he is using them as those certain cucumbers they use for tanning and all

Автор Gabriel repetto ( назад)
um yea you might want to take out the VERY FUNNY part in the headline or even better leave in very and add boring The blond was hot though call me.

Автор Gary Morton ( назад)

Автор Kaylee maldonado ( назад)
Eell. General

Автор Creza decan ( назад)

Автор C. Vanessa ( назад)
Oh darn it I was hoping they were gonna show Santa's candy cane! And that ain't Santa ,he's too thin and one more thing, cucumber slices over the eyes, not chocolate chip cookies silly!  Hmm do you think a threesome occurred?? Ohhh the mind reels. They should call it Fifty Shades of Santa.

Автор Ryan Marsh ( назад)
Santa is real.

Автор Ryan Marsh ( назад)
Santa real.

Автор AllCanal ( назад)
This is hilarious! ...give santa a human personality
Hey RonsLazyFisherman and His Lionness, you guys don't get it?  ...It is a joke, just laugh!!

Автор Fallschirmjagr66 ( назад)
Hilarious! I think that Santa got the best presents(hubba hubba)!

Автор Joseph Audi ( назад)
Its a humorous way to show usually less fun products! Funny. Just on the edge.

Автор His Lionness ( назад)
This is a Company ad?  I hope you don't plan to send this out - I for one would be very offended at the end.  Just redo the ending at least so it isn't so tacky.  This is just not appropriate.

Автор RonsLazyFisherman ( назад)
You got to be kidding me, are you pimp company??? WTF. this is just not right please rethink this.

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