Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Night And Day, The Gay Divorcee, 1934

Cole Porter's Night and Day, sung by Fred Astaire, danced by Fred And Ginger. Does cinema get better than this?

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Автор Barbara Merino ( назад)
wish people danced like this today

Автор Barbara Merino ( назад)
wish people danced like this today

Автор Robbert Voges ( назад)
this is so beautiful it always makes me cry

Автор María Esquíroz ( назад)
#GingerRogers & #FredAstaire

Автор axiomist ( назад)
Now THAT is how you seduce a woman's heart !

Автор 2002kind ( назад)
I adore the expression on Ginger's face after and Fred asks, "Cigarette?".

It's perfect.

God, they dance so beautifully together.

Автор Tom Dockery ( назад)
That title takes on a new meaning after the Court's ruling.

Автор José Manuel Sánchez Gómez ( назад)
Better than this?? No way!!!

Автор Lynnea Woxberg ( назад)
My Mom and Dad danced wonderful "light fantastic" routines in Ballroom competitions and were inspired by Cole Porter and Fred and Ginger.

Автор Classic Movie Hub ( назад)
Born Today, June 9, in 1891 the Fabulous Cole Porter...

So many wonderful songs... "Let's Do It," "You Do Something To Me," "Love
For Sale," "What Is This Thing Called Love?," "Night and Day," "I Get A
Kick Out Of You," "Begin the Beguine," "I Love Paris," "I've Got You Under
My Skin," True Love," "Just One Of Those Things," "Anything Goes," "From
This Moment On," "You're The Top," "Easy to Love"... among many others...

One of my favorite Porter songs by the incomparable Fred and Ginger :)
Fred & Ginger dancing to "Night and Day"

Автор Steven Dunetz ( назад)

Автор Essigmutter Essigmutter ( назад)
die weltweiten Manager können das auch !?! ha...

Автор Örn Leifsson ( назад)
They are magical together - there's something about the 1930's style of
women that's so perfect, the hairstyles and the dresses, it's modern but it
still has some remnants of classical elegance, Ginger is sublimely
beautiful in the movies she made with Fred.

Автор Peter Taylor ( назад)
OMG everybody was so young....

Автор Ricardo Puentes De Busk ( назад)

Автор Chris “retrogurlaz” Mc ( назад)
Nobody could make love through dance like Ginger and Fred❤️
Cigarette? I could use one after watching that;)

Автор beawild (1152 года назад)
There hasn't ever been another dancing partnership like this one. The song
is also a winner.

Автор Francisco Ferrer Galiana ( назад)
Exquisita versión de Noche y Dia de la pelicula "La alegre divorciada.
Ginger Rogers yFred Astaire, Magnificos.

Автор Francisco Ferrer Galiana ( назад)
Una maravilla visual
para disfrutar escuchandola

Автор jayoungr ( назад)
Simply heavenly. I love the little flutter of his fingers at 2:30.

Автор Michelle Little (332 года назад)
I can't think of 2 people id rather watch

Автор mca1218 ( назад)
This is the dance that started it all. Yes, it was their second film, but
the first film that introduced the Astaire 'seduction' dance, where his
love scenes with Ginger were their dances. He peruses, she resists, and at
2:01 he finally pulls her into an embrace and they begin a silent overture
with their feet. Even when she later pushes him away and appears to run
off, she then stops and lets him catch up to her so they can continue the
dance. The ending, of course, is a glorious double entendre: after wiping
his hands in victory, he offers her a smoke!! Audiences in 1934 must've
been dumbstruck, but it paved the way for Top Hat, Swing Time, Shall We
Dance, etc. 

Автор Pete Carma ( назад)
She is soooooooo freakin good!

Автор poetcomic1 ( назад)
at 2:04 after Ginger has rebuffed him twice Fred pulls her into the rhythm
of the dance with a gesture of such elegant beauty it is heart-stopping.

Автор Stanley Goldstein ( назад)
Such style, such class. It doesn't get better than this - but boy it's all
gone in what passes for music and art these days.

Автор Brenda Gornick ( назад)
Their dance just captures the push and pull of their emotions and romance
until finally he conquers all her hesitations and fears - sweeping her off
her feet and leaving her breathless - I laugh every time I watch this at
the end of their dance, when he dusts his hands and offers her the
cigarette. XD 

Автор Tony C. ( назад)
Nope, none better.

Автор Brandibb ( назад)
"Cigarette?" HAHAHA

Автор AJ Krivenko ( назад)
Such style and grace. Love Fred and Ginger dancing :)

Автор Carla Yanina Gomelsky ( назад)

Автор Philip Croft ( назад)
One of my all time favourite songs--'spend my whole life making love to
you'--right risky lyrics even today. Of course, making love in those days
meant ' Billing & Cooing' er--Snogging.

Автор daniel pillow ( назад)

Автор Lalo Muñoz castillo ( назад)

Автор G. Wall ( назад)
Why was it that those Great composers were all Jewish?

Автор Alaina Urbantke ( назад)
Question: Does cinema get better than this?

Answer: No, it absolutely does not. There's nothing better than Cole
Porter, Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers all in one film.

Автор Irén Lipák ( назад)

Автор Glenda Parker (1002 года назад)
In all the films that they made I just can't believe "REAL LOVE" was not an
They look so lovingly on the screen. Was there a real romance?

Автор Craig Forester ( назад)
Pure Magic!

Автор guggle86 ( назад)
Has anyone seen the fairly recently discovered film footage of Fred Astaire
dancing with Dorothy Stone in the stage production of The Gay Divorce
(1933)? Dorothy Stone replaced Claire Luce when she was injured during a
fall dancing over the furniture in a later number. I haven't seen it, and
don't know of anyone who has, but I am assured it exists.

Автор Yetty Sudarman ( назад)
There is no replacement for Fred Astaire and I don't think in this lifetime
there'll be another. My late husband I cherished all the Astaire/Rogers

Автор Javier Castro ( назад)

Автор Mark Bender ( назад)
Fred was so good and Ginger was absolutely GREAT, she had to do all of
Fred's steps BACKWARDS and in HEELS!

Автор Aubury R. McLaury ( назад)
Cole Porter

Cole Porter, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers....America's great
immortal geniuses! 

Автор Jason Lyons ( назад)
He would have been 115 today - and could probably still move better than I

Автор Marty Howe ( назад)
24 people suffer from "GFS" (Gerald Ford Syndrome) where one stumbles &
falls frequently down stairs & such. Seriously, is this not as erotic as
soft porn? Man alive, I can't dance a step, but the body language and
emotion involved in doing this is quite awesome. This is what is known as
class! (Hello Miley Cyrus, et. al.).

Автор Charles Almon ( назад)
I wish the sound was better

Автор BETTY BUTTON ( назад)
Fred and Ginger . . . I could watch this 100 times over, night and day, and
not tire of it

Автор John Ferguson ( назад)
Perfection in every way!

Автор Railssa Alencar ( назад)
No, it doesn't.

Автор siletsahar ( назад)
Wonderful!! ❤

Автор englandmadethewest ( назад)
That's Goddam dancin'.

Автор Walter Van der Wahl ( назад)
Fred & Ginger saved RKO from going bankrupt- the studio wasn't doing well
till those two did Flying down to Rio. Even though they didn't receive top
billing they stole the show. Fred danced with many leading ladies including
Joan Crawford, a early contract dancer in her own right.Ginger starred in
many other movies while dancing with Fred in their ten films. 

Автор macroevolve ( назад)
'The Gay Divorcee' - Little did they know that would have a different
meaning 80 yrs. later.

Автор LadyHalcom Mussical ( назад)

Автор 65Dubya ( назад)
lovely to re visit ginger again. she certainly is up there with rita,
eleanor and cyd. perhaps better. whatever your opinion, a pleasure to watch.

Автор Barry Griffin ( назад)
To say Ginger was "a good companion" is a narrow point of view,certainly
wasn't as skillful as Fred but this dance is not about technicality.Ginger
conveys the dramatic import of the dance throughout,particularly at the end
in her expression of wonder at this wonderful dancer who has just won her

Автор 123benny4 ( назад)
Check him out dancing with Eleanor Powell.

Автор Genosukesan ( назад)
Who said white people couldn't dance? Hahaha!

Автор Jon Rice ( назад)
Romance and high art. Magnificent.

Автор Cynthia Voormeij ( назад)
Love this! Dancing and love makes a person so happy!

Автор Greta lovesapples ( назад)
Her dress is so beautiful and perfect for this dance.

Автор Gabriele Tarchetti ( назад)
sempre meravigliosi

Автор Sasha Lawrence ( назад)
I wonder how many times he stepped on her dress during filming the part
where they're side-by-side.

Автор PCplays99 ( назад)
All I can say is - PERFECT!!

Автор meathwoman100 ( назад)
Possibly the most perfect dance sequence ever performed and filmed.

Автор Bryanna Arnold ( назад)
well u also have to consider who was dancing in a scirt bigger than she
was, im supprised niether f them tripped.... it is beautiful though

Автор Kevin Robery ( назад)
Yeeeeaaahhh...maybe...but the chemistry, man...the chemistry! Read some of
the critiques of Fred and Ginger over the years. Fred was the master;
Ginger, the gifted protege.

Автор Karim Al Hassani ( назад)
Just wonderful!

Автор Richard Drew ( назад)
Just watch and marvel...the perfect posture and body line Fred maintains
thruout and the limber back of Ginger....its just a piece of dramatic dance
perfection....Grtz from Key West, Rich

Автор cecee chisolm ( назад)

Автор William Glover ( назад)
Thank goodness they put their talents on film So many other talents are
lost forever.

Автор Kevin Robery ( назад)
What amazes me is how these old-school directors (and censors!) could
create such incredible intimacy through the art of film...and without
having to depict all the torrid details. Just look at Ginger tracking
Fred's eyes as he gently sets her down. Mu guess? Yeah. Maybe the
implication is that they ended up in the sack later that evening...at least
by today's standards. What REALLY may have happened? My guess...again?
Well...watch the whole movie, and maybe racy at times, it's just not shown.

Автор Kirk Conway ( назад)
Yes,,, It was a classic time and era, in the early 30's economy was was in
the depression, and films like this were a treat to watch for most people.
two of the best and most stylish male and female dancers in film were
reallly something to watch. ginger was mad at the situation and fred wants
to make her forget her troubles ,and ginger eventually laments to dancing
and getting close to fred.

Автор Leo Kleiboer ( назад)
I know its an old movie. but I love it. Classic !!!

Автор RImusclebear1 ( назад)
To thin balding, And look at that beautiful art!

Автор poetcomic1 ( назад)
How he PULLS her into his dance at 2:02... is miraculously elegant.

Автор etaoinbshrdlu ( назад)
At 2:35-2:40, It is the Astaire-Rogers 'double helix'! A classic move.

Автор Kevin Robery ( назад)
Oh. And Ginger's expression at the end, after Fred gently lands her on the

Автор Kevin Robery ( назад)
Seriously. Nobody does this anymore. Nobody knows about this stuff either.
This is absolute artwork, poetry in motion, symmetry, chemistry...Fred and
Ginger at their best. Thank God for film! And be watching...for something
new and exciting!

Автор alwayslovelordelijah ( назад)
I don't smoke, but I would take that cigarette. :)

Автор Marvin The Jazzman ( назад)
You can't beat Fred and Ginger. They dance with such simplicity and passion.

Автор Tom Samuels ( назад)

Автор John Ferguson ( назад)
So smooth and ultra-professional!

Автор Andi Herrmann ( назад)


Автор RisikoFromTheVault ( назад)
Well obviously the real talented one between the two is Astaire. The man
looks light as a feather, with a perfect timing and an astonishing
precision, sadly Rogers is not a close match for him, merely a good

Автор Samuel Kaplan ( назад)
A secret to their power is visible at 2:22-2:24 when for two second they
merely walk and yet manage to convey utter tenderness. It's something they
do in other dances too. They were the most moving walkers in the business.

Автор chris jagmin ( назад)
Song (and dance) of the day

Автор LINDA LEAR ( назад)

Автор Sueli vna ( назад)
Perfect together!!!

Автор Gricelda Cruz ( назад)
Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Night And Day, The Gay Divorcee, 1934

Автор Lygia Deserto ( назад)
O melhor dançarino de todos os tempos; Perfeito.

Автор Sayyad Osmanov ( назад)

Автор Emily Rose Dawson ( назад)
true lol but Fred made creepy attractive with his classy personality and
amazing talents!:)

Автор jay love ( назад)
fred & ginger dancing smooth as silk perfect together!!!

Автор LauraKathryn89 ( назад)
I could watch this pair dance all day

Автор bravaLiz ( назад)
The epitome of ROMANCE!!!

Автор bravaLiz ( назад)
And Rogers designed her own gown for this number.

Автор bravaLiz ( назад)
One of the most romantic moments in all of cinema history..

Автор Today's Memory ( назад)
Thanks to +Classic Movie Hub for today’s memory of
Cole Porter's birthday
June 9, 1891

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