How to use connectify

How to use connectify

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Автор ailwyn jann pojol (1 год)
how far can it reach?

Автор thestreetninja1 (2 года)
Does it work for ps3

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
Depends on the power of your antenna

Автор Russell Reformado (2 года)
will it work on a phone just like android?

Автор juippiz98 (1 год)

Автор angelus gat (2 года)
thanks man that really helped me out

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
It means that your wireless hardware is not compatible

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
it will not no unless wifi cannot already ahndly your currenu unternet
speed. (Real max of 802.11n 300mbps =16MBps) so aslong as you have
broadband below 160mbps youll be fine

Автор Downoff (9 месяцев)
how to connect my android?

Автор Christopher Bennett (1 год)
although it does work 1/10 times i try to use it.

Автор Russell Reformado (2 года)
does it work if I don't have any wifi card and I'm using modem???

Автор Kauz Z (1 год)
my phone is saying its connected but its not going on the net, what do you

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@yomamasofat1000 After that check that there is actually internet. Thats
about all i can offer if you need help look on the FAQ Sorry if it didnt

Автор yomamasofat1000 (2 года)
Help. I tried to use this and create a network for my cousin, but when he
connects, it say's "No Internet Access". Why is this?

Автор Ajay Singh (1 год)
what to select in "share over" box? it's sayin "no sharable device
present".. pls help!

Автор Ajay Singh (1 год)
what to write in "share over" box? pls help

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@yomamasofat1000 On your cousin's device view the IP address and look on
connectify for the IP range

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@lcthecoolone Yes you can use it as your router

Автор Alaa Khassa (2 года)
I Have a Pc (windows xp) & i want to connect to a connection of connectify
i don't have a wi-fi card & no bluetooth card !! i i use 3G Modem :p :p :p

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@ShadowFiend151 This will not work if you dont have wifi because what it
does is create a wifi network for other devices to connect to

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
Yes that will work

Автор Hema Mamdouh (1 год)
I've a problem when i setup the prog , i find that there is no internet
connection !

Автор Russell Reformado (2 года)
@TheCjGCCJtnx...for giving me some information regarding to connectify!!

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
sorry but because connectify uses wireless it requires a wireless card

Автор Christopher Bennett (1 год)
I have it and my android phone is less than a year old and I have the
absolute wost time trying to actually get internet on my htc J it throws
out a signal and i can connect to it all day but the internet just doesnt
work. I strongly illadvise this product.

Автор Djamil Dowlut (10 месяцев)
i have an android(4.0.2)phone,plz help me connect it on my pc via
wifi??(message me on facebook Uwais Jahmeerbacus)thx in advance...

Автор 585skippy (2 года)
@TheCJGCJG please help, i downloaded conectify, and i set it all up and
everything it says its a hot sopt now, but when i try to connect to it on
my PSP it dosent work, its blacked out so i cannot select it, it also says
it has no security, so maybe if you can help me with security im in? plz

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
Im using the pro version. All you can do is pay or *Gasp* Illigely Download

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@ShadowFiend151 THis app dosnt but there are alternative such as PDANET for

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)

Автор Manuel Morales (1 год)
How about, if I have a wired network (which has access to internet)
connected to my current PC (lan ethernet and stuff), and in the same PC I
have wireless, my router has the wifi mode disabled (or for example it
doesn't support wifi at all), will I be able to share my internet through
this wireless card (in my current pc) to for example my laptop (which has
wifi integrated)?

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
Yes provided both have wireless capability

Автор lawliet maliki river (1 год)
how to get PRO ? pls comment ?

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
could you explain the question to me please

Автор MrInvincible312 (1 год)
does it work with ethernet connection??

Автор nlatkar (1 год)
But it will not change my internet speed ,in wifi right?

Автор Alaa Khassa (1 год)
thanks but i dont have a wireless card sorry

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
On a windows device just connect as you would to any other network but the
device must be able to suppoort wireless anyway

Автор luis cruz (2 года)
does it work if you just have a modem ?

Автор thestreetninja1 (2 года)
@TheCJGCJG didnt work for me help

Автор Junior Dos Santos (10 месяцев)
Can i connect my desktop(win7) to my laptop(win7) using ethernet cable? my
laptop connected to internet wireless and i want my desktop to have
internet just connecting using etherbet cabal to my laptop.

Автор Alaa Khassa (2 года)
i did'nt get it Sorry :'(

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
@thestreetninja1 Yes it should work fine with the ps3

Автор TheCJGCJG (2 года)
Step 1 For each viersion there is an option for advanced settings Click on
that 2 Under one of the options select WPA2 Infrastructure and enter you
password then try Otherwise you may have an incompatible network card

Автор nlatkar (1 год)
Does it works on broadband connection?

Автор sai prasad (1 год)
can i connect my android phone to internet of my desktop which runs on
cable internet

Автор Srđan Sretenović (1 год)
are u using PRO version?Mine requires PRO to work,but i need to pay...

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
This usually means that DHCP is not working. Some PC's hardware does not
support this so it may not work for you.

Автор TheCJGCJG (1 год)
This usually means that DHCP is not working. Some PC's hardware does not
support this so it may not work for you.

Автор MrInvincible312 (1 год)

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