How to use connectify

How to use connectify

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Автор Mar Pain ( назад)
Can i connect my desktop(win7) to my laptop(win7) using ethernet cable? my
laptop connected to internet wireless and i want my desktop to have
internet just connecting using etherbet cabal to my laptop.

Автор Djamil Dowlut ( назад)
i have an android(4.0.2)phone,plz help me connect it on my pc via
wifi??(message me on facebook Uwais Jahmeerbacus)thx in advance...

Автор Hema Mamdouh ( назад)
I've a problem when i setup the prog , i find that there is no internet
connection !

Автор Christopher Bennett ( назад)
although it does work 1/10 times i try to use it.

Автор Christopher Bennett ( назад)
I have it and my android phone is less than a year old and I have the
absolute wost time trying to actually get internet on my htc J it throws
out a signal and i can connect to it all day but the internet just doesnt
work. I strongly illadvise this product.

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
It means that your wireless hardware is not compatible

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
Yes provided both have wireless capability

Автор sai prasad ( назад)
can i connect my android phone to internet of my desktop which runs on
cable internet 

Автор Ajay Singh ( назад)
what to select in "share over" box? it's sayin "no sharable device
present".. pls help!

Автор Ajay Singh ( назад)
what to write in "share over" box? pls help

Автор lawliet maliki river ( назад)
how to get PRO ? pls comment ?

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
This usually means that DHCP is not working. Some PC's hardware does not
support this so it may not work for you.

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
This usually means that DHCP is not working. Some PC's hardware does not
support this so it may not work for you.

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
Depends on the power of your antenna

Автор ailwyn jann pojol ( назад)
how far can it reach? 

Автор Kauz Z ( назад)
my phone is saying its connected but its not going on the net, what do you

Автор MrInvincible312 ( назад)

Автор MrInvincible312 ( назад)
does it work with ethernet connection?? 

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
it will not no unless wifi cannot already ahndly your currenu unternet
speed. (Real max of 802.11n 300mbps =16MBps) so aslong as you have
broadband below 160mbps youll be fine

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
Im using the pro version. All you can do is pay or *Gasp* Illigely Download

Автор Srđan Sretenović ( назад)
are u using PRO version?Mine requires PRO to work,but i need to pay...

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
Yes that will work

Автор Manuel Morales ( назад)
How about, if I have a wired network (which has access to internet)
connected to my current PC (lan ethernet and stuff), and in the same PC I
have wireless, my router has the wifi mode disabled (or for example it
doesn't support wifi at all), will I be able to share my internet through
this wireless card (in my current pc) to for example my laptop (which has
wifi integrated)?

Автор Alaa Khassa ( назад)
thanks but i dont have a wireless card sorry

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
sorry but because connectify uses wireless it requires a wireless card

Автор Alaa Khassa ( назад)
I Have a Pc (windows xp) & i want to connect to a connection of connectify
i don't have a wi-fi card & no bluetooth card !! i i use 3G Modem :p :p :p

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
could you explain the question to me please

Автор Alaa Khassa ( назад)
i did'nt get it Sorry :'(

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
On a windows device just connect as you would to any other network but the
device must be able to suppoort wireless anyway

Автор Alaa Khassa ( назад)
How Could I Connect To A Connection Of Connectify ? :p Please Answer In A
Quick Time :(

Автор Russell Reformado ( назад)
@TheCjGCCJtnx...for giving me some information regarding to connectify!!

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@ShadowFiend151 THis app dosnt but there are alternative such as PDANET for

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@ShadowFiend151 This will not work if you dont have wifi because what it
does is create a wifi network for other devices to connect to

Автор Russell Reformado ( назад)
does it work if I don't have any wifi card and I'm using modem??? 

Автор Russell Reformado ( назад)
will it work on a phone just like android? 

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@lcthecoolone Yes you can use it as your router

Автор luis cruz ( назад)
does it work if you just have a modem ?

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
Step 1 For each viersion there is an option for advanced settings Click on
that 2 Under one of the options select WPA2 Infrastructure and enter you
password then try Otherwise you may have an incompatible network card

Автор 585skippy ( назад)
@TheCJGCJG please help, i downloaded conectify, and i set it all up and
everything it says its a hot sopt now, but when i try to connect to it on
my PSP it dosent work, its blacked out so i cannot select it, it also says
it has no security, so maybe if you can help me with security im in? plz

Автор thestreetninja1 ( назад)
@TheCJGCJG didnt work for me help

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@thestreetninja1 Yes it should work fine with the ps3

Автор thestreetninja1 ( назад)
Does it work for ps3

Автор angelus gat ( назад)
thanks man that really helped me out 

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@yomamasofat1000 After that check that there is actually internet. Thats
about all i can offer if you need help look on the FAQ Sorry if it didnt

Автор TheCJGCJG ( назад)
@yomamasofat1000 On your cousin's device view the IP address and look on
connectify for the IP range

Автор ThePredator ( назад)
Help. I tried to use this and create a network for my cousin, but when he
connects, it say's "No Internet Access". Why is this? 

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