Best Spearfishing Film - One Fish Going East

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(Best selling Spearfishing DVD of 2012)

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Onefish Going East is a NEW spearfishing adventure film from the makers of the best seller 'Onefish' http://onefish.co.za/

This time In The Zone Productions has taken a slightly different angle on their movie making style, with strong images, fantastic new heart stopping effects and loads of non stop action. You will see some of the most spectacular filming ever accomplished of spearfishing action and encounter new revolutionary In The Zone Effects.

Going East is an epic tale about Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari, a passionate Spearfisherman from the 'East' who lives and breathes spearfishing. He is fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world looking for that trophy fish.

This film includes 5 years of breathtaking stock footage. Starting the journey deep within the abundant waters of Qatar where Mohammed shoots monster fish like Amberjack, and Cobia. Then to Sounth Africa were Mohammed meets up with Chris Coates and the ITZ team for an adventure of a lifetime in search of that 'Onefish'. This is spearfishing that dreams are made of.

If you liked "Onefish' then this is an absolute must for your collection.

Visit http://onefish.co.za/

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 6:53
Комментарии: 2199

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Автор Peter Peters (2 месяца)
It's wrong to kill all the fish just for fun. Stop this madness. 

Автор Xie leigh (4 месяца)
Seems brutal

Автор djmocok (3 месяца)
What would you do if you come across a 3M great white?

Автор Asperanik (3 месяца)
But that could be dangerous! when the fish's are bleeding that could
attract sharks!

Автор zandrello (1 месяц)
How long are they able to stay under usually? Do you guys like, train your
lungs to stay under longer than a minute? Seems like it would be really
difficult to dive that deep over and over. Pretty amazing!! I would love
to try this sometime.

Автор MrFleischery (1 месяц)
whats the music?

Автор chr8me (6 месяцев)
I couldn't do this it's unfair, fish don't know how to fear humans like
most creatures do.

Автор boh bah (1 месяц)
fucking criminals you should be attached by a storm of marine snakes

Автор meandgyp (6 месяцев)
I would love to Hunt the Hunters. would not eat them though, just feed em
to the wildlife. Funny how HUNT rhymes with CUNT. Sorry for the
language but........

Автор trucidotk (6 месяцев)
whats the song

Автор Jenova Casting (3 месяца)
Song ?

Автор Fillios Odonoju (4 месяца)
what happened to all those fish corpses?

Автор Christian Robinson (2 месяца)
people against hunting are just bitching for the sake of bitching, to make
some noise and piss people off. they know that of all the causes in the
world that require attention and care, protecting "helpless animals from
the cruelty of hunters," it's such bullshit. PETA actually wants to have a
funeral for a bunch of turkeys killed in a trucking accident or something.
PETA tried to sue a woman who defended herself from a bear attack. they are
the epitome of retarded and the fact that they raise animals higher than
humans shows their lack of faith and belief in God

Автор Your Mother (2 месяца)
Song name?

Автор Yiannis Patanas (1 день)
Darude sandstorm...

Автор Asperanik (3 месяца)
where is this?

Автор Rutger Wullaert (17 дней)

Автор zephyr Dok (15 дней)
Spearfishing is a sport, hobby and for many a way to live. Some say it's
too easy, but when was the last time you held your breathe for 2 minutes!
Yeah, thought so.
I give props to these ppl.

Автор Donovan Gionis (18 дней)
This is actually more humane than normal fishing. The death is more

Автор strangetamer (2 месяца)
I want to try spearfishing soooooo bad!!!

Автор LiveLoveMacaroni (2 месяца)
wouldn't the blood attract sharks?

Автор Ivan Ugresic (29 дней)
Whats the song

Автор Ch0plol (3 месяца)
Fantastic spearfishing video.

Автор Francesco Lanza (3 месяца)

Автор АС (1 месяц)
fish allows him to come very close

Автор Santiago Quirola (3 месяца)
2:33 LOL! 

Автор Rich Petty (2 месяца)
It says at the start that they were all consumed. Why are people acting so
above it? It's better than most fish that are trawler from the bottom of
the sea not sustainable

Автор xXxMinecraft xXxProxXx (1 месяц)
dat song :D

Автор mistralin1 (6 месяцев)

Автор Jordan Hunt (2 месяца)

Автор mahasajan (5 месяцев)
he could have taken atleast 2 fish at one hit!

Автор Muay Wub (5 месяцев)
Human logic :" Hey a beautiful creature.....better kill it"

Автор Richard Salvador (4 месяца)
These guys ride in a motorboat to isolated deep blue ocean areas where the
fish are tame. So, this is so easy a kid can easily do it. I am from the
island nation of Palau in the western Pacific and I spearfish there when I
go there - though it's been a while! :o) and also in Hawaii waters where I
live. Palau is where you can find the best spearfishermen in the world. And
they fashion their home-made spearguns from local materials that they put
together, oftentimes using regular 2by4 lumber for the gun shaft, locally
available pipes for the spear, and water faucet materials for the
trigger!! This feels to me like spearfishing in a giant aquarium!! lol! I
can show these folks what it's like to really fish, that is, to swim after
wild fish and spear them. All that they're doing is like child's play!
Hahaha!!! :o)

Автор Hynek Švarc (1 год)

Автор Andrew Birch (3 месяца)
Can anyone please name the music track used?


Автор TheLastGunfighter (8 месяцев)
Inappropriate use of awesome music: You're fucking spear fishing not a
people are awesome compilation Bertycox was wasted on you.

Автор Filip Uhnger (1 месяц)
Whats the musik

Автор Sandstorm9562 (8 месяцев)
Killer spearo footage but man does that music suck bigtime!

Автор sleezy sliders (8 месяцев)
Wow... These fish let you into their environment without any harm and you
go out and shoot their face

Автор Dylan Merchant-Colling (3 месяца)
I have a couple of things to say in reply to the people commenting
negatively on this. I'm not going super hostile about it, but I have a
strong opinion and I think people need to understand the basics before
jumping to a conclusion.

First off, I know people who aren't used to this sort of thing will see it
as being brutal. However, I urge you to watch a nature documentary showing
the predatory nature of all omnivorous or carnivorous animals. It happens
and that's just life in the wild. In popular culture most people are
sheltered from killing. Your steak comes as a steak and most people keep
thinking of it that way and don't consider that a cow died for you to be
able to eat it.

Also, people seem to think people who hunt are somehow wrong in doing so.
Just so you know, mankind has hunted for its entire existence and relied
upon meat for its survival. In the past couple of hundred years technology
has made it possible for you to sit in a cafe sipping your latte and eating
a danish before going back to your office job in a city. That is an
exaggeration, but you get the point. Calling someone out because they
quickly and humanely dispatch of an animal (be it a fish or mammal) for
food is just wrong on so many levels.

I spearfish and bowhunt myself, and I have witnessed the death of animals
more than a couple of times. We aren't bloodthirsty, but it is in our
nature to provide food. Wherever you get your food, be it a supermarket or
your spearfishing catch, it all comes from the same place. It takes great
skill to do what this man is doing here. We see someone backflip a BMX bike
and everyone goes ape. But a man trains for most of his life to be able to
freedive and spearfish at a master level and he's brutal and somehow an
outcast of modern society.

Come back to me when you can hold your breath for 5 minutes underwater and
successfully and humanely gather fish with a spear gun and then we'll see
if your opinion changes. Until then, I suggest you watch another video.

Proud hunter and spearfisherman

Автор Steve Fabillar (4 месяца)
Typical Human, having fun by killing animal!!!!

Автор marinebigman (1 месяц)
What's the name of the song??

Автор RalphMichle (5 месяцев)
You should get eaten by a shark!!!... Having fun killing something that
cant defend, there are so many nice things one can do that are fun and
meaningful. This is just gross. You should be ashamed!

Автор Ron Really (27 дней)
Guess they are like drunks. Started out stupid and got worse. Hope you

Автор Spearfishing Onefish (2 года)
Here is the trailer for our new video Onefish - Going East. So far in just
one day the video has gotten over 6000 views. Something that was previously
unheard of in the spearfishing community.


Автор Philipp Sandfort (5 месяцев)
why dont u guys use a knife to do a deadly hearthstrike after hitting them,
if they are not a 100% precisly hitten , i´m fishing, too but minize the
pain for them ..

Автор Oscar Trojgaard (1 день)
2:38 LOL!

Автор Selwyn Madarang (9 дней)
What song is this... It's sick🙌

Автор Robbaz99999 (15 дней)
I understand that it is a rather cruel way to kill and I mostly disagree
with hunting for fun but if people never hunted the human race would have
gone extinct thousands of years ago. It is just an animal instinct to hunt
and if its being eaten then its no different than a lion that tears chunks
of meat out of its prey before it eats it.

Автор Jimmy Jim (15 дней)
Idk spear fishing just doesnt seem sporty to me i mean im not against it
but the fish are like right there is it really that hard to do. To me it
seems like the equivalent of shooting sitting ducks. Im not trying to bash
spear fishing but i just feel like theres better/more challenging ways of

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