Best Spearfishing Film - One Fish Going East

Watch the FULL 1 hour Going East movie online at - https://vimeo.com/ondemand/16724

Join Chris Coates on an epic spearfishing adventure: http://coatesmans.com/

Onefish Going East is a NEW spearfishing adventure film from the makers of the best seller 'Onefish' http://onefish.co.za/

This time In The Zone Productions has taken a slightly different angle on their movie making style, with strong images, fantastic new heart stopping effects and loads of non stop action. You will see some of the most spectacular filming ever accomplished of spearfishing action and encounter new revolutionary In The Zone Effects.

Going East is an epic tale about Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari, a passionate Spearfisherman from the 'East' who lives and breathes spearfishing. He is fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world looking for that trophy fish.

This film includes 5 years of breathtaking stock footage. Starting the journey deep within the abundant waters of Qatar where Mohammed shoots monster fish like Amberjack, and Cobia. Then to Sounth Africa were Mohammed meets up with Chris Coates and the ITZ team for an adventure of a lifetime in search of that 'Onefish'. This is spearfishing that dreams are made of.

Join Chris Coates on an epic spearfishing adventure: http://coatesmans.com/

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Длительность: 6:53
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Автор Haruan sakit ( назад)
nice video

Автор Moomooflower :3 ( назад)
I'm just waiting for ProMLG360NoScopeSniperSpearfisherman :D

Автор Gelloe ( назад)
Balls of steel. I'd shit myself if I saw a shark that close.

Автор Jason Peng ( назад)
he knows where exactly to hit them not to draw blood ^^

Автор Jason Peng ( назад)

Автор Jason Peng ( назад)
holy shit those shots are on the spot..

Автор Manuel F ( назад)
Where can I 'buy' an instructor? Just kidding. Read that in the warning at
the beginning of the vid.

Автор Douman Seiman ( назад)
every shot is almost perfect. Impressed :O

Автор Icaro Ferro ( назад)
que lanterna era aquela, que ele estava usando no final do videio ?

Автор THE FISHERMAN 101 (405 лет назад)
love it

Автор THE FISHERMAN 101 (422 года назад)
what was the soundtrack?

Автор Struga Hosting ( назад)
This isn't not good ideas you killing fish brutal :(((

Автор thelocustemperor ( назад)
why you no use hand drawn spear?

Автор Ismail Yaish ( назад)
Come to the Maldives

Автор K Tran ( назад)
how do you know where the sharks are what if a shark swims up on you

Автор Daniel Murphy ( назад)
did the fish survive yknow the one with a spear in there heads?

Автор Valeria Salvato ( назад)
anyone know what music is playing in the back round?

Автор Pesca Sub - Rio de Janeiro ( назад)
Great video! Let's always make a clean fishing, eating our prey, leaving
the small fish alone, respecting the sea animals and the environmental
laws, as you guys have demonstrated.

Автор James Walton ( назад)
Amazing! As I also free dive, I'm very impressed by the endurance of the
hunter! but for me, the thrill is in the video, not the killing. I'm
worried! Are we killing off king predators, to the detriment of the ecology

Автор 2013danrazor ( назад)

Автор le Clay ( назад)
which Camera do you use ?

Автор Campbell Thornton ( назад)
And unfortunately I kill fish as a sport, as my dad doesn't let me bring
all my fish back! So annoying!!!

Автор Campbell Thornton ( назад)
What a awesome and great video!!! Has encouraged me to go out every
weekend. I'm inspired and want to be like you spearos! It's a dream of mine
to eventually work my way up to bigger fish and this video makes me want to
pursue it more and more. LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Martin Romain ( назад)

Автор Quinn ik ( назад)
hey everyone, if your read a lot of the comments, you will notice that all
of the dumb ones have the reply button disabled XD

Автор Muhammad Oling ( назад)
it's cool and effective way to get a fish, and of course very very fresh

Автор J. R. ( назад)
Wie krank ist es denn das sterben von Tieren mit schön hinterlegter Musik
genießen zu wollen!?? Nichts gegen das harpunieren aber das ist ein
Massakerfilm für kranke Hirne!! Probiere es doch mal nur mit der Kamera!

Автор Александр Бухонин ( назад)
the Best of the World!!!!!!!

Автор Eric Johnson (1615 лет назад)
I love spearfishing.

Автор VerticalWit ( назад)
these fish dont give a shit! where is this spearfishing paradise? xD

Автор Jalla Jalla ( назад)
Whats the name of the song?

Автор Game Master ( назад)
Hope a big white will cross your way soon and show you how it is to fight
without any chance....

Автор Gitonga Mwaniki ( назад)
Poor fishies.... :(

Автор Gussie Dudoit ( назад)
Mean spear fishing

Автор m modric ( назад)
Great video. Scenes, music, spearfishing... Everything.

Автор Xin Guan ( назад)
Many of these are impressively clean kills. Boom, straight through the
brain or spine- the fish is dead almost instantly, with a minimum of pain
and fuss. Congratulations, gents.

Автор Budi Man ( назад)

Автор Áron Darvasi ( назад)
I love this music. What is this?

Автор Station Vsnet ( назад)
nice headshot dan perfect music...I like

Автор Aaron Thao ( назад)
Honestly loved the video I thought it was amazing how most of the shots
always hit that main part of the brain

Автор Salty Adventures ( назад)
what is the thing he's holding in his right arm in part 6:17

Автор Gettindizzy ( назад)
Wouldn't those jellyfishes and sharks be dangerous?

Автор NR1BASS ( назад)

Автор Crazy dirtbiker ( назад)
does the fish survive

Автор Charles Barnett ( назад)

Автор DesertEagle117 ( назад)
Hey guys, I'm about to go spear fishing for my first time. Any tips to give
the fish a quick death?

Автор Victor Winqvist ( назад)
Love this movie =) But the red fins heäs got, what kind of fin is that?

Автор Demon50 ( назад)
I didn't know amber jack were very good to eat? I assume that's what you're
spearing them for?

Автор Devi1D0g 02 (HellHound) ( назад)
I love the hunt great job

Автор Matheus Gonçalves ( назад)
Beautiful diving here in Brazil do not have a sea so also do more excelent

Автор A Tapir Named Jeff ( назад)
how do you bring them back up? is the line on the spear attached to the

Автор MinasPraSempre ( назад)
Whack! Very edited, plus this music is annoying!

Автор laudi el merhi ( назад)
How are u guys breathing that's mad

Автор William Lozano ( назад)
What Wetsuit is that sir? if you don't mind me asking.

Автор GamjaElle ( назад)

Автор Joseph Tinsay ( назад)
This guy is joke compared to sulbin the badjau hunter

Автор Jablanche ( назад)
Fish assassin...

Автор GamjaElle ( назад)

Автор GamjaElle ( назад)
What is this song

Автор crazyking50 ( назад)
Something about this just seems wrong.

Автор MANGO LOVER ( назад)
You idiots they aint killing fish for fun, its just you vegans with your
mental brain

Автор teo sxoreston ( назад)
oh my fukin gad......just epic.

Автор Temu wel disturct yur sol ( назад)
such mlg qwikscoeps i r8 dis m8 8/8~!!!!

Автор Рыбалка и Охота ( назад)
Парни вам везет ))

Автор Serpie ( назад)
what is the name of this song???? :O

Автор fawwaz makmurabadi ( назад)
great fishing

Автор MrCalibra72 ( назад)
Very nice !!!

Автор Isaac Mzt ( назад)
Great video.. Are you using a Rob Allen 1200?

Автор Penha Costa ( назад)

Автор TBGamer ( назад)
what song is that ?

Автор tomihimi akashi ( назад)
poor fishy

Автор Michael Abdel ( назад)
That is successful hunting you idiot, what do you expect them to do splash
around like a beached whale. stealth is hunting just watch animal planet
you'll get it one day

Автор Welcome To The Family ( назад)
Guys, the song is Darude - Sandstorm.

Автор Megan Miley ( назад)
.this sickens me he is just shooting random stuff from the far which could
be a endangered species and turtles, Dolphins even sharks 

Автор joy delos reyes ( назад)

Автор KyneGG ( назад)
I'm a scuba diver. I cant imagine going 20+m down without my gear. This guy
has balls and nerves of solid titanium 

Автор joshua truman ( назад)
he is such a good shot they die like instantly 

Автор Erick Tambunan ( назад)
tembak ken ..

Автор Aldrich Ng ( назад)

Автор csigi ( назад)
fuck you

Автор Vincent Harvey-Lee ( назад)
disagree with the marlin shooting 

Автор Mrbigolnuts ( назад)
Why do all these spear fishing videos have music from gay Berlin night
clubs? I'm failing to see the relationship between gay clubs and killing
fish. But he is definitely a very good aim, most people are shooting just
behind the gills but hes always shooting through the head, pretty

Автор TheWhitedeath33 ( назад)
darude sandstorm XD hahaha 

Автор adam keurig ( назад)
all those slow motion kill shots are fucken cheap and stupid. have a little
respect for your prey

Автор Javian Morris ( назад)

Автор Charles C. Hurd ( назад)
great spearfishing bro!

Автор Tom Wilkie ( назад)
song please :) ?

Автор pilotvecihi (1738 лет назад)
bravo a good movie and soundtrack

Автор 12ginamos (1482 года назад)

Автор j martinez ( назад)
I hope you get attacked by a shark while your down there doing that shit!!!
Preferably a GREAT WHITE SHARK!!!!! LOL

Автор Glue Stick ( назад)
Whatta waste you know. Quite a dick move. Might as well eat it or
something. Why just leave it. It's a living creature, so you either kill it
to do something with it and not just let it be a waste. Be thankful.

Автор mikey b ( назад)
Hey everyone!!! If you watch the whole video, the ending credits will list
the song!! Wow!!

Автор Amoonsammy ( назад)
amazing video, the soundtrack is superb..

Автор Kristopher Leitzinger ( назад)

Автор Pierre Kloo ( назад)
killing sport??????????????? die in HELL

Автор Riley Brown ( назад)
Sad, im all for fishing, hunting and other sports such as that as long as
its a competitition, but in this its as if the fish dont even recognize you
as a threat, you just aim, shoot, dinner, kinda sickening.

Автор syeth mujahid ( назад)
Aqua Soldier? o.o

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