Liberty Prime vs Fallout: New Vegas (FNV Machinima)

Click here to watch Legate Lanius vs Fallout: New Vegas Mutants (FNV Machinima)

Liberty Prime vs Fallout: New Vegas (FNV Machinima)

An old classic from Fallout 3 takes on mutants in New Vegas. Find more battles and machinima from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas at mans1ay3r's channel and subscribe to the Machinima playlist there for more!


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This video will show you
How to make Machinima
How to play Fallout: New Vegas
How to not be a communist
How to ride liberty prime
How to earn caps

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 2:38
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Автор lee stock (10 дней)
Liberty prime is invincible you know you can't kill him even with conceal

Автор TheSubscriber678 (2 месяца)
Doesn't liberty prime have a infinite hp pool

Автор perfectbonzia124 (2 дня)
Well crap i just shot liberty prime with a Farman to see how much scrap
metal it would drop

Автор Viperlord7 (10 дней)
tbh liberty prime has 5 million HP and is killed with a fucking Enclave
satellite death ray

Автор Mathew Godfrey (15 дней)

Автор homeskillakilla r (17 дней)
Liberty Prime vs Joshua Graham

Автор soigon (18 дней)
it''s true, NV is shit compared to F3

Автор 13ghettoDolphins101 (20 дней)
dude a fuckin OAS (orbital air strike) took 8 tesla bullets in the broken
steel dlc (fallout 3) just to at least blow his head off a little... hes
fucking op as hell!

Автор Tristen Noble (21 день)
91 dislikes? Communist threat detected!

Автор M'aiq the Liar (24 дня)
Liberty prime .vs legendarys from every fallout game AND dlc. If he wins
that, liberty prime vs. 100 legendary bloatflys

Автор perfectbonzia124 (2 дня)
Chuck Norris vs liberty prime chuck Norris touches liberty prime with his
pinky liberty prime dies

Автор Charlie Moss (4 месяца)
err... call me a joy kill but liberty prime is invincible anyway

Автор Javier Charlier (1 месяц)
That settles is, I'm playing through fallout 3 again

Автор Jonah Skiff (1 месяц)
Is that roberta, the bloodhound of forenzia, at the end?

Автор Bob Baller (1 месяц)
Moral is:

Don't mess with freedom 

Автор Air Mann (1 месяц)
how do i spawn liberty prime in new vegas? there's a companion mod but the
requirement for it cant be downloaded

Автор Whiterun Guard (1 месяц)
Liberty Prime vs Liberty Prime

Автор Good Morning Link (1 месяц)
Hey, I Own New Vegas, I made it all the way to the strip got the platinum
chip, gave it to mister house, and soon vengeance will be mine (killing

Автор ArandomGuyLOL (1 месяц)
I modded my 360 spawned him in shot him with his laser head gun and he shot
me with that laser I was dead before I could say hi 

Автор SuperLlama42 (1 месяц)
Dream Match: Liberty Prime vs. Frank Horrigan.

Автор TheStormtrooperrr (1 месяц)

Автор Assozat (1 месяц)
What ever liberty prime mod you used is broken. He should have used his
nukes at some point. Also maybe somebody could mod Optimus Prime in? {Hint
Hint, Nudge Nudge} BATTLE OF THE PRIMES!

Автор Salvador FeatherStone (1 месяц)
he should make prime fight a legendary bloatfly(s)

Автор Jesse Weinert (1 месяц)
Hostile detected, scanning. Heavily mutated humanoid specimen,
approximately 24 meters in height. Probability of defeat for this unit,
zero percent!

Автор tinger123 NCR (2 месяца)
nah fnv can still kill prime :3

Автор CATastrophic Gaming (2 месяца)
Megatron Prime.... Liberty Prime... Coincidence? I THINK NOT

Автор chris schmidt (2 месяца)
Liberty primes progamming wont alow him to die untill the scripted events.

Автор 1101Archimedes (2 месяца)
There's a reason they made him a Prime. ;)

Автор Lord McSwain (2 месяца)

Автор Gavin Straface (3 месяца)
Liberty prime v.s legate lainus

Автор Razgriz6464 (3 месяца)

Автор CaptainDaring (3 месяца)
Frank horrigan vs legate lanius

Автор exclusive250 (7 месяцев)
liberty prime should have been the the main protagonist in fallout 3

Автор ControlledChaos (4 месяца)
liberty prime is op as crap lol

Автор Caleb Dennison (4 месяца)
Before Origins, there was only Liberty Prime 

Автор Matthew O'Connor (4 месяца)
How about Liberty Prime VS Miss Fortune and Mysterious Stranger?

Автор Esteban Sedano (4 месяца)
liberty prime vs liberty prime

Автор pvt blu (4 месяца)

Автор Sanic Hegehog (9 месяцев)
Liberty Prime vs. Mysterious Stranger.

Автор Deshon Harris (5 месяцев)
😂lol here's a hint liberty primeis immortal and has no life!!!!!

Автор Hjembrent Kent (5 месяцев)
That robot really hates communism

Автор MrctotheJN7 (5 месяцев)
Diddn't even use his nukes...damn son.

Автор darth Zealot (5 месяцев)
should have brought frank horrigan

Автор Jake T (5 месяцев)
I have tried to kill liberty prime many times but its impossible, I have
come close but on an xbox with mostly simple crappy mods compared to PC
mods you can come close to killing him.

I had his eye laser weapon and kept firing it at him and dropped about 10
behemoths to distract him because his laser blows up people like bloody
mess doing alot of damage, he falls apart when he is unconscious but gets
back up instantly.

I think the falling apart script might be from the broken steel addon but
it can be done without it. I used modio for these mods.

Автор Legate Lanius (5 месяцев)
1:40 He sure looks like a commie

Автор amr soga (5 месяцев)
your move commies!

Автор Captain Martin (5 месяцев)
Death is a preferable alternative to communism - So said by Liberty Prime

Автор EvanDude345rv5 (5 месяцев)
Liberty Prime just literary soloed New Vegas

Автор Mc Ted (5 месяцев)
I so wanna be Liberty Prime 

Автор Benjamin Mitchell (5 месяцев)

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