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Автор ControlledChaos (3 дня)
liberty prime is op as crap lol

Автор exclusive250 (3 месяца)
liberty prime should have been the the main protagonist in fallout 3

Автор Charlie Moss (8 дней)
err... call me a joy kill but liberty prime is invincible anyway

Автор Caleb Dennison (9 дней)
Before Origins, there was only Liberty Prime 

Автор Esteban Sedano (12 дней)
liberty prime vs liberty prime

Автор R. Bailey (2 месяца)
Merica! Fuck yeah! 

Автор ThatGuyGaming54 (2 месяца)
How did you get Liberty Prime in NV? Is is it a mod, or does he actually
have a spawn ID in NV?

Автор Naval_Assassin25 (2 месяца)

Автор Captain Martin (28 дней)
Death is a preferable alternative to communism - So said by Liberty Prime

Автор darth Zealot (1 месяц)
should have brought frank horrigan

Автор UberKoala (4 месяца)
Liberty Prime vs Gojira

Автор Kapooka98 (3 месяца)
1:38 who is he?

Автор Benjamin Mitchell (1 месяц)

Автор Anthony_Sposato (5 месяцев)
Liberty Prime - The biggest badass in Fallout history!

Автор Viktor Reznov (1 месяц)
I so wanna be Liberty Prime 

Автор paloma piromana (2 месяца)
so, you are comparing mortal npc with the super almost immortal robot?

Автор amr soga (27 дней)
your move commies!

Автор JeggyReggy (1 месяц)
Iiberty is to kickass

Автор MrctotheJN7 (26 дней)
Diddn't even use his nukes...damn son.

Автор Ando San (5 месяцев)
Liberty Prime vs. Mysterious Stranger.

Автор Professional Spectre (2 месяца)
The outcome was never really in doubt.

Автор Berglind Eva Smáradóttir (5 месяцев)
is liberty prime in fallout new vegas ? (STUPID QEUSTION)

Автор Ianaiuppa Jones (5 месяцев)
Communism is a lie! Lol, fallout universe is so great

Автор sleepybrownbear (4 месяца)
Liberty Prime vs 10 Legendary Bloatflies

Автор Jack Pine (1 месяц)
The guardian of New Vegas

Автор Daniel Carrillo (4 месяца)
hank horrigan vs liberty prime

Автор Rahheemme (4 месяца)
Does Liberty Prime even have a death condition? CAN it die?

Автор Hjembrent Kent (25 дней)
That robot really hates communism

Автор Madcat221 (2 месяца)
Wave Motion Beam Spam: LIBERTY PRIME in a nutshell.

Автор Legate Lanius (1 месяц)
1:40 He sure looks like a commie

Автор david199867 (3 месяца)
liberty prime should have said..."ive got balls of steel"

Автор Romeo Rodriguez (4 месяца)
the prime vs 10 behemoths

Автор Caidan Wagasky (2 месяца)
How about 100 behemoths

Автор Mikhail Faustin (4 месяца)
These Xbox ads are getting really old really fast...

Автор pvt blu (17 дней)

Автор Deshon Harris (24 дня)
😂lol here's a hint liberty primeis immortal and has no life!!!!!

Автор Jake T (1 месяц)
I have tried to kill liberty prime many times but its impossible, I have
come close but on an xbox with mostly simple crappy mods compared to PC
mods you can come close to killing him.

I had his eye laser weapon and kept firing it at him and dropped about 10
behemoths to distract him because his laser blows up people like bloody
mess doing alot of damage, he falls apart when he is unconscious but gets
back up instantly.

I think the falling apart script might be from the broken steel addon but
it can be done without it. I used modio for these mods.

Автор Алексей Слободенюк (1 месяц)
fnfjfhrmrurrjrurjrjfhv jffjfrkrr
vsbnsdg r12433edhmcc

Автор Johnny Klebitz (2 месяца)

Автор MaggotTaco (4 месяца)
Liberty Prime vs Godzilla

Автор kaasnol (5 месяцев)
armor? 0:11

Автор Arokhsteel (4 месяца)
was that last mutant a mod?

Автор Harry Varney (4 месяца)
dosent liberty prime practically shoot alien blaster shots but as a beam

Автор alejandra alagastino (3 месяца)
One thing librety can't die only by and bomb strike

Автор Redfox Bennaton (4 месяца)
Chuck Norris vs Liberty Prime.

Автор Matthew O'Connor (11 дней)
How about Liberty Prime VS Miss Fortune and Mysterious Stranger?

Автор EvanDude345rv5 (1 месяц)
Liberty Prime just literary soloed New Vegas

Автор MaggotTaco (4 месяца)
Liberty Prime vs Godzilla

Автор TheGuyWithTheLongAssNameThatYouKeepReadingWithoutAReasonSeriouslyStopItItsStupid (5 месяцев)
liberty prime vs all NPC and all creatures in fallout 1-new vegas

Автор TheProjectUltimatum (8 месяцев)

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