Liberty Prime vs Fallout: New Vegas (FNV Machinima)

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Длительность: 2:38
Комментарии: 2692

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Автор ram zeitouni ( назад)
Why are the game developers abusing communism since communists were about
to rule the world

Автор Ryan T ( назад)
Liberty Prime is a fucking G

Автор David Matthews ( назад)
Liberty prime rekted them

Автор thegoldenleg3nd ( назад)
Liberty prime is Chuck Norris in power armor

Автор Eminem12378 ( назад)
Pretty sure Prime has no HP limit so these fights are unfair 

Автор jake gordon ( назад)
Why doesn't the brotherhood use this to absolutely annihilate all the super
mutants, raiders, and deathclaws in the Wasteland?

Автор Not Google ( назад)
Liberty prime has 5,000,000 hit points sooo yeahhhh but has 0% resistance
still open though 

Автор MRMAN21 ( назад)

Автор solman ( назад)
Prime is just too much

Автор FolLex ( назад)
Всем привет из России!!!Hi from Russia!!!

Автор Cro martini ( назад)
i hope we get some type of diffrent liberty prime made by the comunists

Автор Iconoclasm_ ( назад)
0:51 How the fuck are Cazadores poisoning Liberty Prime?

Автор DiegoTheGreat89 ( назад)
I'm sure chinese people must love Liberty Prime.
Now this is a true freedom delivery robot

Автор SausyShip 8 ( назад)
Librity Prime will never be defeated 

Автор Ultra light ( назад)

Автор RjGhostWizard ( назад)

Автор RjGhostWizard ( назад)

Автор Yoga Fire ( назад)
Liberty Prime is a sexy beast

Автор Storm Blaze ( назад)
You need to consider the dps of liberty prime. Because everyone else in
this only does single attacks that suck. That's why he won. Now if he just
used his nukes, he may have lost. Maybe.

Автор MMBNMalternateaccoun ( назад)
Where do you find the mega ultimacollasal behemoth at in the game??? I
can't even find anything on the wiki...

Автор MMBNMalternateaccoun ( назад)

Автор Prismo Wishmaster ( назад)
1:20 nothing else needs to be said

Автор Cossack TwoFive ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs Yes Man

Автор Ziggyman 565 ( назад)
According to the code liberty prime cant take damage. 

Автор Jeff Helms (Big Daddy J) ( назад)
I want a robot like that

Автор Attack_Dog513 ( назад)
Pff please I could kill Liberty Prime easily if I had a fat man. In fact I
have. I'm not proud of it, but I have.

Автор UltraHDGaming Official (1143 года назад)
Of course they can't kill him, If you look at the game's file's in G.E.C.K,
you'll see he has roughly 1 million hp, or 100,000.

Автор Princess Peach ( назад)
Talk about shrekt. lol

Автор gravelandx88 ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs Chuck Norris vs Godzilla?

Автор LEGOOMAINE19O ( назад)

Автор aaron noga ( назад)
better dead than red

Автор Necromancer Raft ( назад)
how come the brotherhood still needed help from a damn kid that just came
out of a vault with liberty prime on their side :D

Автор - DeathMetalJR - ( назад)
Liberty prime vs the legendary bloat fly

Автор SHALL-0 ( назад)

Автор Gary Clear (odstbuddy) ( назад)
sign me up for 5 liberty prime allys so i can just kick ass with about 9
human sized ones as well. i would be so powerful

people say you and what army then i say me and this army bitches

Автор Mikhail Matximbarrena ( назад)
Fallout 3 wins !

Автор Radicaldanny ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs a security hologram (in the form of Vera Keys) from dead
money... ^^

With the Hologram transmitter inside of Liberty primes head. XD

Автор Dylan Schwartz (TheBluScout) ( назад)
no living thing can destroy liberty prime!

what the hell was the last thing liberty prime killed keep in mind i have
no dlcs for fallout 3

Автор RavionUltimate ( назад)
I always knew those damn cazadors were commies!

Автор LQuavius Cotton ( назад)
Democracy will never fall to communist mutants 

Автор Cross ( назад)

Автор AC1everName ( назад)
no one beats liberty prime

Автор Jimmy bones ( назад)
Try liberty prime vs legendary bloatflys in big mountain dlc

Автор Justin Peevey ( назад)
-Liberty Prime, 2011

Автор Mad Max Rockatansky ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs. 30 Legendary Bloatflies. Let's see if Prime can withstand
that much!! COME ON!!!

Then Frank Horrigan vs. Broken Steel OP Fawkes :D

Автор Sergeant Dornan ( назад)
He is too over powered!!! Dudley Puppy: Im callin in a AIRSTRIKE

Автор TheCrash ( назад)
liberty prime = op
and does 360 noscopes

Автор owen mcnamara ( назад)

Автор DontGiveAShit ( назад)

Автор Derek Seitz ( назад)
Only 3 Chinese Orbital Strikes Can Kill Him

Fallout 3

Автор Artorias of the Abyss ( назад)
During broken steel I was head to head with Enclave troops. Liberty prime
chucked a nuke at me.

Автор perfectbonzia124 ( назад)
Well crap i just shot liberty prime with a Farman to see how much scrap
metal it would drop

Автор perfectbonzia124 ( назад)
Chuck Norris vs liberty prime chuck Norris touches liberty prime with his
pinky liberty prime dies

Автор Viperlord7 ( назад)
tbh liberty prime has 5 million HP and is killed with a fucking Enclave
satellite death ray

Автор lee stock ( назад)
Liberty prime is invincible you know you can't kill him even with conceal

Автор Mathew Godfrey ( назад)

Автор homeskillakilla r ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs Joshua Graham

Автор soigon ( назад)
it''s true, NV is shit compared to F3

Автор 13ghettoDolphins101 ( назад)
dude a fuckin OAS (orbital air strike) took 8 tesla bullets in the broken
steel dlc (fallout 3) just to at least blow his head off a little... hes
fucking op as hell!

Автор Tristen Noble ( назад)
91 dislikes? Communist threat detected!

Автор Nigga stole my Yoshi! ( назад)
Liberty prime .vs legendarys from every fallout game AND dlc. If he wins
that, liberty prime vs. 100 legendary bloatflys

Автор Javier Charlier ( назад)
That settles is, I'm playing through fallout 3 again

Автор Jonah Skiff ( назад)
Is that roberta, the bloodhound of forenzia, at the end?

Автор Bob Baller ( назад)
Moral is:

Don't mess with freedom 

Автор Difficulty Tweak ( назад)
how do i spawn liberty prime in new vegas? there's a companion mod but the
requirement for it cant be downloaded

Автор Sergeant Dornan ( назад)
Liberty Prime vs Liberty Prime

Автор The Horse ( назад)
Hey, I Own New Vegas, I made it all the way to the strip got the platinum
chip, gave it to mister house, and soon vengeance will be mine (killing

Автор ArandomGuyLOL ( назад)
I modded my 360 spawned him in shot him with his laser head gun and he shot
me with that laser I was dead before I could say hi 

Автор SuperLlama42 ( назад)
Dream Match: Liberty Prime vs. Frank Horrigan.

Автор TheStormtrooperrr ( назад)

Автор Leytra Incorporated ( назад)
What ever liberty prime mod you used is broken. He should have used his
nukes at some point. Also maybe somebody could mod Optimus Prime in? {Hint
Hint, Nudge Nudge} BATTLE OF THE PRIMES!

Автор Salvador FeatherStone ( назад)
he should make prime fight a legendary bloatfly(s)

Автор Jesse Weinert ( назад)
Hostile detected, scanning. Heavily mutated humanoid specimen,
approximately 24 meters in height. Probability of defeat for this unit,
zero percent!

Автор EliteRiot _NCR ( назад)
nah fnv can still kill prime :3

Автор TheSubscriber678 ( назад)
Doesn't liberty prime have a infinite hp pool

Автор CATastrophic Gaming ( назад)
Megatron Prime.... Liberty Prime... Coincidence? I THINK NOT

Автор chris schmidt ( назад)
Liberty primes progamming wont alow him to die untill the scripted events.

Автор 1101Archimedes ( назад)
There's a reason they made him a Prime. ;)

Автор Lord McSwain ( назад)

Автор Gavin Straface ( назад)
Liberty prime v.s legate lainus

Автор Razgriz6464 ( назад)

Автор CaptainDaring ( назад)
Frank horrigan vs legate lanius

Автор ControlledChaos ( назад)
liberty prime is op as crap lol

Автор Charlie Moss ( назад)
err... call me a joy kill but liberty prime is invincible anyway

Автор Belac “Frost” Dennison ( назад)
Before Origins, there was only Liberty Prime 

Автор Matthew O'Connor ( назад)
How about Liberty Prime VS Miss Fortune and Mysterious Stranger?

Автор Esteban Sedano ( назад)
liberty prime vs liberty prime

Автор pvt blu ( назад)

Автор Deshon Harris ( назад)
😂lol here's a hint liberty primeis immortal and has no life!!!!!

Автор Hjembrent Kent ( назад)
That robot really hates communism

Автор MrctotheJN7 ( назад)
Diddn't even use his nukes...damn son.

Автор amr soga ( назад)
your move commies!

Автор Captain Martin ( назад)
Death is a preferable alternative to communism - So said by Liberty Prime

Автор Alexander Birkett ( назад)
should have brought frank horrigan

Автор Jake T (F4lloutBoy96) ( назад)
I have tried to kill liberty prime many times but its impossible, I have
come close but on an xbox with mostly simple crappy mods compared to PC
mods you can come close to killing him.

I had his eye laser weapon and kept firing it at him and dropped about 10
behemoths to distract him because his laser blows up people like bloody
mess doing alot of damage, he falls apart when he is unconscious but gets
back up instantly.

I think the falling apart script might be from the broken steel addon but
it can be done without it. I used modio for these mods.

Автор Legate Lanius ( назад)
1:40 He sure looks like a commie

Автор EvanDude345rv5 ( назад)
Liberty Prime just literary soloed New Vegas

Автор Colonel Commissar ( назад)
I so wanna be Liberty Prime 

Автор Benjamin Mitchell ( назад)

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