Top 5 NEW Games of December 2016

The best games releasing December 2016 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more.! What do you plan on playing this month? Speak up in the comments!
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Walking Dead S3 Episode 1
Platform: PC PS3 PS4 Xbox One Xbox 360 PS Vita
Release Date: 20 December 2016

Space Hulk: Deathwing
Platform: PC
Release Date: 9 December 2016

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 2 December 2016

Dead Rising 4
Platform: PC Xbox One
Release Date: 6 December 2016

The Last Guardian
Platform: PS4
Release Date: 6 December 2016

Super Mario Run
Platform: iOS
Release Date: 15 December 2016

Super Mario Maker
Platform: 3DS
Release Date: 2 December 2016

Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Rogue One: Scarif
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: 6 December 2016

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Автор EDGE GAME ( назад)
*wmz - Z181506969265 help raise money for a new computer*

Автор EDGE GAME ( назад)
*wmz - Z181506969265 help raise money for a new computer*

Автор KimchiMan ( назад)
I like this vid - I don't wanna miss out single game

Автор Magic Dexay - Голодные Игры ( назад)
Space Hulk: Deathwing really looks like Dead Space, and you didn't say that

Автор Ninja Tenzin Boy ( назад)

Автор Hiep Dinh ( назад)
their is another new game it is astroneer

Автор Tomasina Covell ( назад)
I don't really like any of them but the war hammer looks possible, and the
Iko Jap one too perhaps, but that Mario franchise makes me want to hate,
they can go screw themselves, I hate the site of anything to do with Mario,
and it's so per-crisis. I'm still waiting for Whore Of The Orient, and a
better reboot of L.A. Noire with actual gumballs on the police cars and
emergency vehicles, oh and what about the next Max Payne, I hope that's not
as disappointing as the latest Mafia III which becomes an utter bore after
the first few hours.

Автор Dean Gullberry ( назад)
Space Hulk:Deathwing hud reminds me of republic commando

Автор deyvan maldonado ( назад)
Titanfall 2

Автор Simon Pojarski ( назад)
No mans sky foundation update

Автор Brandon Low ( назад)
The legend 27 keeps kicking my ass

Автор LordBritOne ( назад)
haha nothing on that list i want haha shame lol oh well

Автор Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck) ( назад)
damn what is the track that started to play when dead rising 4 start, it's
pretty good

Автор oshada lasantha ( назад)

Автор Cale Tierney ( назад)
What happened to Forza Horizon 3 : Blizzard Mountain? Did I accidentally
skip past it? Just kidding, but seriously why no Blizzard Mountain?

Автор irakli chxikvadze ( назад)
delete channel

Автор Brody Pullishy ( назад)
Space Hulk Deathwing isn't #1? What is this heresy?!

Автор RyannBaws ( назад)
Meh, you know it's bad when you've seen like 15 of these "lists" in the
last 2 hours, Googled "games in 2016" and browsed those lists, and you
STILL can't find a single game that interests you.

Even our gaming industry has gone to shit. All of the "good" games are
sequels of old, great games, the you can only play for so long before
getting burned out. It's sad that the major producers of those "old great
games" just take the easy route, and profit off of a slightly updated
version of the same titles for each new generation vs trying to build
something unique.

And then you have all these upcoming Indy developers that just want to make
these whack ass side scrollers & pop culture pandering stories. The large
companies that aren't making the same version of the game they made over a
decade ago are just trying to design something that will be fun to watch on

Sigh. Or maybe I'm just getting old and games have lost their steam. GTA V
was the last game that I truly enjoyed(or that I have enjoyed in about 5
years outside of Telltale Games, which are also getting boring), even
though it's kind of just an updated version of older GTA's. I think the
reason games like GTA still catch my attention is the open world, free roam
format, and the attention to detail in a sense where there's so much "new"
to discover, new scenery, good story, filler.

Автор Meme God ( назад)
emmmm where is final fantasy XV?

Автор Bob ( назад)
Anyone wanna gameshare? I got Battlefield 1, Fifa 2k16 and Need For Speed
2015. My gamertag is Lordhirbz758 message me if interested

Автор Tosat ( назад)

Автор Max Thompson ( назад)
I hate the idea of the last guardian

Автор Kim Smith ( назад)
Why top 5 ?
Why not 10 ?

Автор James Pope ( назад)
Im getting steep

Автор Ben James ( назад)
will the new walking dead be on ios and android like it usually is?

Автор Sandybuzz gaming112 ( назад)
dishonered 2 and watchdogs

Автор Vinstinctify1 ( назад)
heres what ill pick on: dead rising 1 was FAR from near perfect.

Автор RavenOW ( назад)
dead rising 4 had a negan refrence? 2:04

Автор asifur rahman ( назад)
The Last Guardian... what a game! i loved it

Автор Clint Krause ( назад)
Next month do SubNautica

Автор Samurai Sam ( назад)
Gonna check out that star war VR demo

Автор john david ( назад)
What's the first and second music used in this video?

Автор Kieran Patton ( назад)
Had a 250 like comment deleted...... fuck you

Автор Ike of Pyke ( назад)
AND LET IT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Grim Dark (The Boney King of Nowhere) ( назад)
Why are the tyranids firing space marine anti tank rockets?

Автор Marcus Halberstram ( назад)
bunch of garbage.

Автор madhippy3 ( назад)
Trico's behavior isn't intentional it is shitty AI that never got fixed in
the decades of production.
Keep in mind this was supposed to be an early PS 3 game as in it could have
been an late PS 2 game. The decade of production has given us some very
interesting characters and atmosphere and a fresh polish, but mechanically
this game is basically PS 2.

Автор Darkcore X ( назад)
Was that Lucille in the dudes hand in dead rising?

Автор Takintokun Plays ( назад)
The Last of Us 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор DJ DEVIL HULK ( назад)
I though Space Hulk: Death Wing was on consoles too?

Автор SparkleMuffinPlays ( назад)
It's a shame no one bought Mario Maker... WTF are you talking about,
conservative estimates have it 3.5 million copies sold. That's more than
1/4 of Wii U's sold.

Автор Anon ymous ( назад)
To be honest i am getting sick of the zombie thing. Too many games are
using it now.

Автор Jakob Gifford ( назад)
I'm gonna call it right now: The Last Guardian will be a disappointment to
many players.

Автор Alinutz Alin ( назад)
I want to play The last guardian on pc

Автор Toxic_ Hobo ( назад)
wtf??? Why is everyone so hyped for last guardian??? it looks shit

Автор Patryk Hanik ( назад)
Wanted to pickup Super Mario Maker for the 3DS but apparently it doesn't
have level sharing so it's a miss for me.

Автор Carl ( назад)
It's so sad the Battlefront is reduced to nothing more than a platform to
advertise upcoming movies.. Just why.

Автор Fukklogic ( назад)
Ark survival evolved is getting it's official release Dec 6 that should
have been on the list

Автор MarshmallowMadnesss ( назад)
Can we get ONE split-screen racing game? Hello?

Автор DjStiv3 ( назад)
they compare the space hulk game to left for dead? the fuck? doom/quake is
what you compare it to.

Автор Dominic Martinico ( назад)
Pretty curious to see your guy's top 10 best games of 2016

Автор Anus Bananus ( назад)
games that require intelligence or wit are not that popular anymore
eh?every month is so dissapointing

Автор jin blank ( назад)
GAMERANX what would you replace steep with now that you know it's bad

Автор alex todd ( назад)
all of these games blow

Автор Kingofnails Music ( назад)
Guess I will still be playing bf1 for December then

Автор Jon Idoncair ( назад)
TLG the boy looks like an early PS3 model while everything else in the game
seems to be PS4 lol

Автор pankaj chandwani ( назад)
ps4 is making us cry #gtx 1070 player

Автор Poncho Boss ( назад)
the last of us part 2?

Автор Dmitry Dark ( назад)
There Best iOS Survival - Rustland!

Автор Drearier ( назад)
INB4 The Last Guardian is an overhyped pile of crap like No Man's Sky.

Автор Anthony McRae ( назад)
"NEW games" - shows walking dead

Автор Marquis ( назад)
If you dont know if Steep will be good, why did you put it on the list

Автор Marquis ( назад)
Why only 5? Usually there are 10

Автор heathenbreathinfire ( назад)
If I had the money, I'd be playing the Last Guardian since I loved Shadow
of the Colossus and always wanted to try Ico too. Since I had to replace my
fried video card though, I'll be finally getting to try Doom.

Автор Sony Is Run By Nazis ( назад)
I saw the thumbnail and got my hopes up for an alien isolation sequel. It's

Автор El Barto ( назад)
Fucking Zombie XMas Tree!

Автор Joshua TL ( назад)
so 1 WALKING DEAD SEASON 3 EXIST and 2 did TLOU 2 get a reveal trailer
after this video

Автор Cory McNevin ( назад)
I seriously could care less about any of the "tell-tale" games?
Why are they so popular? You pay so much for a "game" that you play for 20
minutes and than buy another episode and than play for 20 more minutes and
so on until you're done. You get what, a good story out of it and the
feeling of being in control?
By no means am I calling them bad, I enjoyed the Walking dead Season 1 but
would never play another tell-tale game. They're slow-paced, boring, have
almost no replay value, and have the same appeal if I just watched it
played online. And they just feel like garbage now pumped out to sell while
people like the topic.

Автор Kale Clelland ( назад)
these games look shitty

Автор Carter Herrigstad ( назад)

Автор Haohmaru HL ( назад)
So basically just last guardian and that's it

Автор The_Macho_Turtle ( назад)
what....if they are following the comic of twd then the zombies are
decomposing . pretty soon the zombies well riot and well no more zombies

Автор Sir Blabbermouth ( назад)
Ohmygod Walking Dead.

My body is ready.

Автор Emma Gya ( назад)
Stop pronouncing "Ico" wrong please.

Автор Ricky Morales ( назад)
I thought space hulk deathwing was for Ps4 and Xbox too?

Автор Emotional Goon ( назад)
I honestly can not wait for the new battle front 2 game...I just hope they
don't fuck it up again and crush more of my childhood memories...I have
very high expectations for the game (As the original bf2 was one of the
first games I played on PlayStation 2) Hope they add the rebel and CIS
campaigns (Maybe hero campaigns?) But , galactic conquest I want back! But
, more added like buying and upgrading vehicles ,units,weapons...More
factions like pirates...Random events on planets like wompa attacks on
hoth(Taking you back into the hunting mode) could loose your planet to
wompas ...Theres so much they can do...I still play bf2 today and galactic
conquest is my favorite mode...Let's hope they have learnt there mistakes
and can make a decent starwars game! :)

Автор IONIC ( назад)
I thought the exact same thing as you Jake about Steep needing to be more
like SSX. I even told them in a feedback form after the Alpha and Beta but
obliviously they never listened. But then again that's like saying be more
like Ea Sports lol

Автор demonboy191 ( назад)
I'm pretty excited for kingdom Hearts three

Автор AG Gameplay ( назад)
What about the new South Park game?

Автор Yadier J. Garcia ( назад)
what happened to kingdom hearts 3

Автор Jigga FIRE ( назад)
not much for me this December

Автор westyk52sparky ( назад)
dead rising 4 £50 on pc. hope i can get it in the after xmas sales £30 like
i did with forza h3

Автор Hide Yah Mom ( назад)
Steep feels like the spiritual successor to Shaun Whites Snowboarding

Автор Rheazen WTF ( назад)
Really? Last g? It seems so fucking boring :s

Автор john pardon ( назад)
can you make a video for the poor people again. :D you know. those people
who are forced to play f2p garbage. (like me)

Автор Evilcheese2875 ( назад)
Great video:)

Автор EXPERT DONKEY ( назад)
How about ark survival in ps4??

Автор generic_Name ( назад)
I'd completely forgotten about The Last Guardian XD

Автор AERIAKILLER ( назад)
Ark survival evolved on PS4 finally

Автор Fred Plewes ( назад)
uncharted 4 co-op, ik it's dlc but..

Автор Bounty Hunter ( назад)
You missed shadow fight 3

Автор General Durandal ( назад)
The only zombie game I want, right now,
is one where you are in an fully-open-world, (meaning you can go in any
where you can build/barricade any place and turn it into a home,
where you can move things to block-off roads, or doors,
where zombies can't just completely break all your barricades,
(what normal zombie would be able to destroy a bus?)
with no special zombies, just shambling zombies that hoard,
where you need to eat, drink, and sleep,
where not bathing will make you easier to be smelled/tracked by zombies,
where every npc has it's own personality,
where anyone can go crazy, (sanity meter, that npcs have too)
where you can join or lead a group of survivors,
where you play as your own created character,
where you start before the outbreak,
where you actually do your character's job before the outbreak.
Easier said than done?
Probably, but Project Zomboid is the closest you can get to that.
(just missing before the outbreak, npcs, movable road baricades, and

Автор TriX_Inth3_MiX 26 ( назад)
Where is South Park fractured but whole?

Автор Xgamer2462 ( назад)
I actually really like you mentioning DLC. There are lots of times where
media outlets do not mention upcoming DLC so I am glad that you guys do:)

Автор Mr.Mumbles ( назад)
The Last Guardian is coming out? there may be hope for Half Life 3 yet.

Автор kickass2455 ( назад)
I'm personally more excited about the new South Park game. I loved the
first one. They got the feel of being in South Park perfectly in my
opinion. And I can't wait to see how much they're going to expand off the

Автор Alix Swansborough ( назад)

Автор Davorn Urynmar (Davo) ( назад)
Javier? Pena?

Автор Philth Collins ( назад)
shit list

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