Kariza Multi Wear Scarf Dress

The original Scarf Dress! Versatile, Sexy, Cool! Kariza Designs offers many one of a kind products at www.KarizaDesigns.com

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Автор Crisalide74 (1 год)

Автор MuseGimm (1 год)
Takes me back to the 70's very nice

Автор bellarini70 (2 года)
Where can I buy this?

Автор Juan Luis Segoviano Alvarez (1 год)
hola... mi mama le encanto este vestido ... ella esta estudiando industria
del vestido ... le gustaria saber como hacerse uno... gracias .

Автор Jasmine Wines (9 месяцев)
Love it I love the pink one

Автор ftoom488 (1 год)

Автор Ilana GT (1 год)
nice! thanks por compartir, genial idea!

Автор Coni Cassity (1 год)
:D That was my point.. I was responding to the idiots comment. Peace.

Автор Sayda Belkefi (2 года)
salut pouvez vous me montrer une videos comment faire ces robes merci

Автор Coni Cassity (1 год)
Yeah, don't you people know that EVERONE on the planet speaks English???

Автор rinwadee noo.a (1 год)
oh very very good

Автор Daijha Cain (1 год)
me no compernday can you people speak english i cant under stand what your

Автор TheCasandra219 (1 год)
Nice music.

Автор Thulile Sibiya (2 года)
This is deep

Автор Idaunik (2 года)

Автор Dmary Contreras (1 год)
Kariza hello I have a question, the first outfit is a blouse or a scarf
bought rags or could help me with this question ... thanks

Автор AnnaGlushenkova (2 года)
Музыка какая?

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