Garry's Mod - Simple Train Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to build a simple train in Garry's Mod. Sorry for the bad quality. Fraps only recorded part of my screen and I was in a rush to edit/render this. Oh well.

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Автор Franco Cordero ( назад)
gmod is that ?

Автор Bradley Jefferson ( назад)
How do you connect rails? Someone please respond

Автор Cay ( назад)
how to fly ??

Автор ProWarGamer ( назад)
will anyone want to buy an admin on my server for 3 tf2 mano co keys

Автор Megaandy12 ( назад)
only 4 seconds? wow. WHAT!?!?!

Автор MangoProtagonist ( назад)
@ JmaesN it's just you

Автор Devin T Gaming ( назад)
Every time I put the back wheel base on it keeps rotating and sits off to
the side of the train and freezes

Автор ShadonicX7543 ( назад)
Where do you actually get those specific wheels (not necessarily connected)
in vanilla GMOD?

Автор Hyperion (903 года назад)
Btw I was using wheels instead of thrusters to make it more realistic

Автор Hyperion (938 лет назад)
How do you make it working while using only the one small train section
with wheels? I start the same way, just with attaching a seat on it instead
of the axis. But it always keeps breaking up everytime it reach some decent
speed! It looks like it would suddenly become very heavy and goes down and

Автор Mr. Nice ( назад)
It doesn't turn

Автор MaikBey (1548 лет назад)
you sent me a pm with this video, remember... it was 4 years ago. Here is
my like.

Автор iTzStarPvP_HD ( назад)
garrys mod you hear that? Hand me the addon or rail and roads and such
things. _.

Автор MrAaaaaa46 ( назад)
i put the trhuster things on it, then it started to flame and my train flew
away. what did i do wrong?

Автор the747videoer ( назад)
And when I mean by screwed up, the selection boxes are screwed up plus they
have a fucking wheel base

Автор the747videoer ( назад)
Aw the maker of PHX (which is put into vanilla GMod) screwed up the train
model :(

Автор MegaMech ( назад)
This is some pretty awesome stuff! Cheaper then making a real one XD

Автор Crekpozer ( назад)
4 senconds of video?

Автор Joshua Lorenzo ( назад)
how to make track switcher works?

Автор TheAndy9297 ( назад)
if u installed the game aound spring 2011 u have the parts already! :D

Автор 816nnm ( назад)
I thought he was using microsoft sam

Автор EPICMOTAGE ( назад)

Автор Noah Scanlan ( назад)
thththtththththaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is amazing

Автор Marioking707 ( назад)
@used4comments Hold Z

Автор door # ( назад)
how do you zoom in at around 2:02?

Автор MrRagingFury ( назад)
@MrGaryg7 derp.

Автор Douglas ( назад)
AWESOME, dude! thank you!

Автор Calum Price ( назад)
I am having problems with my train, it has two cars and has 4 speed
settings. Fast forward, (uses steamboosters, set to 1206) Forward (uses
torque) Reverse (again using torque) and Fast reverse (uses the
steamboosters backwards) However, it is making a grinding noise when
cornering. Is there something wrong? I have the train lined up with the

Автор snipsz39 ( назад)
How do i get wiremod?

Автор fagogarbejde ( назад)
everytime i shuld put a train on the tracks i make sure the wheels is in a
line when i weld them it make it a little easyer

Автор brodabeat ( назад)
u could make one train and dupe it -.-'

Автор VonCarlsson ( назад)
You download phx with SVN D:!!!!!

Автор Joseph Blust ( назад)
Mine shakes when I make it go.. but it still works. This is really easy and
a fun project to make. I'll give it 5 stars.

Автор Andrew Harrison ( назад)
@algirdas181218 I don't even play garrysmod anymore (this is freestuffrocks
on a different account)

Автор algirdas181218 ( назад)
@freestuffrocks1974 dude you sould just make 1 and the adv dupe it its much
easier that way (its Advanced Duplicator) :]

Автор algirdas181218 ( назад)
hey dude awesome vid thanks it worked it was really easy so thanks oh and
btw you should download smartsnap it makes a wire grid when you take out
your tool gun it is really handy so yeah :]

Автор geckorus10 ( назад)
ok, thats cool

Автор df3guy13 ( назад)
Can't you use thrusters only on the front car and it would be less laggy
but still move correctly?

Автор Duanci Maoka ( назад)
@freestuffrocks1974 Hahaha, lol. I maded my trains in 2 min. xD But nice

Автор Fick DICH ( назад)
This bitch keeps derailing... damn!

Автор shadowknight227 ( назад)
@freezingcrimson well, you can make it where there is a ball socket and
just place a hover ball and switch it with you physgun. and P.S. in the
wheels tool, there is a double wheel setting

Автор Pepperori L33T ( назад)
it's fucking easy

Автор GarrysmodRollercost ( назад)
Pretty nice! :) go check out my videos, 1-2 each week!

Автор TofTain ( назад)

Автор lewbylews ( назад)
I will admit sweet train but try getting wire mod and using adv pod with
wire thursters and wire em up with wasd or any other keys, attach a seat
too, might help 4/5

Автор h4x0rax ( назад)
Here here and here :D

Автор Carmine377700 ( назад)
I do that sometimes too, so you can drive it and control it from a distance

Автор lcskater10 ( назад)
awethome thanks

Автор 1arbiter1 ( назад)
gmod its a mod for HL2

Автор PivotSweden ( назад)
BTW Use weight tool on everything so it wont fly off the tracks. To bad ma'
CPU Fan doesn't work.. i want to pla gmod again sooooo badly. =(

Автор PivotSweden ( назад)
OMG when you said PHX i thought you said Pee Age Hax

Автор noobtoob100 ( назад)
Dr. FRAPPS I presume.

Автор Adam Harvey ( назад)

Автор Ben 1337 ( назад)
It is passable to do it. but you need wiremod.

Автор Donne41 ( назад)

Автор G4pcta ( назад)
u cant

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
Practice man. It takes a while to get it right but I've had a hard time
breaking them once they're done. Keep workin at it.

Автор freestuffrocks1974 ( назад)
omfg you make this look easy! its really hard. the axis constraint keeps
rotating the wheel bases crooked. how the hell did you do this in 7 and a
half minutes? its gonna take over half an hour to get 1 train done, forget
about 2!

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
The map is gm_wireconstruct

Автор HokageNarutoman ( назад)
somone help, what was the download thing called!?

Автор Rayion ( назад)
please respond! what map is this?

Автор blackburnswe ( назад)
why should the server get laggy with multiple thrusters? just dont use
sounds and effects

Автор SpaceKGreen ( назад)
...*bookmarks this vid* Heh, glad I looked this up... my first "successful"
train-like thing (i.e. didn't go off the rails) was one of those wheel
bases with a chair on top and badly placed thrusters, including some on top
to force it down onto the track. Then again, I also had a lagtastic
computer, so that didn't help... So thrusters on the inside of the wheel
base work better. I'll definitely have to remember that.

Автор Yorchi Elite ( назад)
Thanks for all i gonna try it :P

Автор trvius ( назад)
w w w . g a r r y s m o d . o r g listen to the damn video man!

Автор Nicholas Zustak ( назад)
Balance is better. You could do that, but. Nah.

Автор olliej999 ( назад)
how do i get all those parts(i got gmod 10)

Автор zip1996 ( назад)
its gm_wireconstruct

Автор Leilee ( назад)
thx for making this tutorial good job

Автор rexei ( назад)
nice thx for help

Автор robhult ( назад)
Can you link that extension?

Автор stendhal99 ( назад)
i has a sumb question is the train track stuff a dowload

Автор Phygar1 ( назад)
Thank you for this :)

Автор MaikBey ( назад)
well, a alternative way to link both train path is to use the rope ;-)

Автор Xplosiv08 (1403 года назад)
aWESOME TUTORIAL good job!!!

Автор HeavyRayne ( назад)

Автор CommanderKeyesII ( назад)
would it be possible to only put thruster on the Main Engine only? or would
that mess up the pull?

Автор janvoslos ( назад)
where can i download HL2,Counter Strike: Source, Day of Defeat source

Автор CommanderKeyesII ( назад)
I dont have a cursor when i play, its just blank screen, i also cant see
what weapon im switching to, have an idea?

Автор CommanderKeyesII ( назад)
? go to google and type in steam click the first website and download the
program, Note: you have to have HL2,Counter Strike: Source, Day of Defeat
Source, Etc. to run it

Автор janvoslos ( назад)
how can i install gmod i have downloaded it and it says valved stem is not
installed waht must i do??

Автор Conex Xenon ( назад)
hmm i weld the wheels and physical properthis and super ice and i need it
because my trains driving over 175kmh O_O

Автор xXpezcoolXx ( назад)
-_- you do know there's something call duplicator right?? You could of just
make one train and duplicate it... Still awesome :D

Автор DRZOID5 ( назад)
think i could use GM_bigbighuge?

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
I've not yet figured this out. I almost had it working by using no-collide
on the track piece and the switch piece and placing objects outside the
track to keep it from spinning wildly. That effort unfortunately failed.
I'm still trying to figure it out.

Автор Coltatious ( назад)
wow this was a great help every1 w/gmod that are my friends they could do
it but they wouldn't tell me cuz they said it would take 2 much time out of
their game life (lol) ANYWAI thanx soooooo much

Автор Korurinu ( назад)
My god, I do a google search for a train tutorial (looking for a train
using PHX on wireconstruct) and, first link, exactly what I need. Thank you
very, VERY much! SpaZ

Автор krauser611 ( назад)
Wonderful tut man! I wouldnt be so confused if more people made as good a
tut as u!

Автор trainlover657 ( назад)
how much is Gmod? in GBP?

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
Motors do not produce as high a velocity as thrusters.

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
This map is called gm_wireconstruct

Автор mikifp1 ( назад)
what map

Автор Nathan. ( назад)
you can also use the motor tool.

Автор Veetothejay ( назад)
This is awesome, thanks! And you have a nice voice :D

Автор Takashi866 ( назад)
Thx man now i noe how 2 hit the dummy with the train...

Автор talitubby93 ( назад)
Nice tutorial. Very basical said how to build it. 5/5:D

Автор freezingcrimson ( назад)
Thanks for all the comments guys. I realize it only recorded the middle of
the screen, but I didn't notice until after. I blame fraps. Anyway, I'm
glad this has been useful!

Автор InfernoTwD ( назад)
Great tutorial! I haven't tried it yet, but I've been wanting to learn how
to do this for a while. Thanks a lot!

Автор LCAfilm ( назад)
freezing crimson says: that was just how fraps did it. darn fraps! i found
out how to fix it tho.

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