These People Should Be BANNED from Walmart!!

These People of Walmart would probably get banned or kick out of the store because they are crazy!

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Автор two joints Martienz ( назад)
why ur teeth always blue

Автор squirtle turtle ( назад)
I hate walmart

Автор Phil Brown ( назад)
If they were banned, there'd be no more videos

Автор Abigail Jeffery ( назад)
I have NEVER be to Walmart

Автор Subl!meGold ( назад)
hey, whats wrong with bringing a monkey to the store? we do it all the
time. we bring walabys and lemurs and spider monkeys.

Автор Ferenc Deák ( назад)
Get your face off the screen so we can see the pictures

Автор Gary Manning ( назад)
you to funny Bro

Автор Hey.Its.Trista. ( назад)
I've never went to Walmart.

Автор AleJuan Cooper ( назад)
hey pigs are dum they nono

Автор Rebecca Vitale ( назад)
Their walmartians

Автор Joshua Dennis ( назад)
I hate the background music

Автор Angel Urias ( назад)
this video had me dead😂😂😂

Автор Azhar Maxamuud ( назад)
This guy is so funny

Автор Jungkook's bae ( назад)
i have not been to Walmart

Автор Joseph Roberts ( назад)
I always bring my monkeys to Walmart.

Автор Madison Flores ( назад)
The "blue lady " Is lapis from Steven universe

Автор Angus Gray ( назад)
I live in Britain

Автор TheRealJordanCarter ( назад)
hahahahaha your funny im gonna sub to your channel 😂

Автор Zoe Swith ( назад)
i mean people can waer what they want accept the girl with strip club

Автор Zoe Swith ( назад)

Автор Roy Lekkala ( назад)
Ethe boat ones norlal

Автор rodolfo rivera ( назад)

Автор Maurice Benchabat ( назад)
look at her oh! i got to admit she is in style

Автор xxJERBEARxx ( назад)
My dad proposed to my mom in Walmart

Автор Pro ___ ( назад)
my brother has one of those monkeys lol

Автор Joanne Moran ( назад)
😔 I've never been in Walmart

Автор Sharon Russell ( назад)
I haven't ever been to Walmart before.......

Probable because I live in the U.K.....

Автор Tom wan ( назад)
you sooo gay.

Автор Walnut •3• ( назад)
Love his accent

Автор Tyler Moore ( назад)
It obvious this guy isn't very familiar with America

Автор Duke Nukem ( назад)
Haha you're a funny guy, thumbs up.

Автор dtz1000 ( назад)
very amusing commentary. thanks.

Автор HappyAs Larry ( назад)
Kelvin Ni you are a funny man :)

Автор Thumper 1611 ( назад)
Where's Warmart?

Автор V ( назад)
I think your accent is changing 🙂

Автор V ( назад)
Hey king

Автор kiya ladd ( назад)
why should those people be banned if they want to do it let them do it

Автор Jakob Robb ( назад)

Автор VaDe Muji ( назад)
Who doesn't lay in a cart

Автор TheDarkfrostElf ( назад)
5:24 dude she's cosplaying

Автор Arsh Clair ( назад)
keep up the good work

Автор Declan Jackson ( назад)
I haven't been to Walmart because i live in Australia not america

Автор Shayan Khan ( назад)
Kelvin please don't be mad at me I'm just asking this is not an insult or
anything don't some Chinese people eat monkey brains

Автор MoreKedikiz ( назад)

Автор Sam'nFinn ( назад)
10:18 Spoon dog!

Автор bobby riddick ( назад)
what is a k pop fan

Автор Jacky Young ( назад)
i havnt been to walmart

Автор DTTAStudios ( назад)
she is an over sized smurf

Автор CreeperBoy - Gaming ( назад)
9:49 lol

Автор Heidi venuto ( назад)
Why did you even do this video I like your vids but this is werid

Автор Elliot Jackson ( назад)
not everyone has been to Walmart people aren't American

Автор dain tucker ( назад)
Ive not I'm British

Автор Chills 52 (Collin hill) ( назад)
53 dislikes? Must not have visited walmart

Автор crikey012 ( назад)
Who else hasn't been to walmart???

Автор Ninja Dog ( назад)
I agree with some of them but some of them is just their decision

Автор INDIVELOPE Games ( назад)
thumbs up if u still give thumbs up only because you like the videos u

Автор Elizabeth Wolfie raps ( назад)

Автор Samuel Warence ( назад)
I live in the UK

Автор Noah Cabral ( назад)
Maybe she went super Sayin 3 :)

Автор SOSO KITTYY ( назад)
he isn't looking at the camera and he is in the left side I think they're
is another camera

Автор PILLOW EATER ( назад)
I haven't been to walmart

Автор Jeff the gamer5 ( назад)
they are called walmartions

Автор I'm a Banana ( назад)
Haven't been in walmart...😒

Автор Alisha Howard ( назад)
Wow Kelvin aren't they weirdos!!

Автор Jorge Salazar ( назад)
Kelvin you are the best YouTuber

Автор Diamondlord 555 ( назад)
king kong in wallmart omg!!!!!!!

Автор Ubayedhur Rahman ( назад)

Автор TheYoutubeNinja ( назад)
He says: everyone has bein to wallmart. Not true. I live in the Netherlands
where wallmart isnt a thing.

Автор 54321 NUKE ( назад)
1k = 1 Kelvin

Автор Big Penis ( назад)
Thats my sister. OMG I will now show her this. OMG

Автор bluerag_13 ( назад)
there are 33 dislikes rn

Автор TOTODILE Gaming ( назад)
My eye brows are pretty dank

Автор SLO MO Coco ( назад)
Not everyone has been in Walmart cos I live in Australia

Автор neo terry ( назад)
last. or maybe not

Автор Dawood Ahmad ( назад)
I've never been to Walmart! There is no Walmart in the UK

Автор yattee palomo ( назад)
whats walmart

Автор Eithan Boggs ( назад)
Sum guy walks up Yay my favorite meat kid lol

Автор Sniffybutcha Is twitter ( назад)
Kevin u are actually too underated btw I'm English so are other people
probz so not everyone has a Walmart

Автор bens_gaming ( назад)
I have never Been to Walmart

Автор Snoopy ( назад)
he should have more likes than pewdiepie subs

Автор Bianca Barry ( назад)
AYE I sit in the cart still

Автор iAppear ( назад)
Never been walmart no walmart where I live

Автор Shawn John ( назад)
count how many times he said what the heck

Автор Yung phenix Member ( назад)
How does he only have 152k subscribers?

Автор Panth er ( назад)
HEY I still sit in the cart and I'm 10 😂😂

Автор Korey Jones (gaming) ( назад)
the girl on left of thumbnail should come over to my walmart and not get
banned ;)

Автор RagingGalaxy Bros. ( назад)
he sounds so congested

Автор Pk Productions585 ( назад)

Автор Josselyn Sanchez ( назад)
people like the video if you went to Walmart but if you disliked it means
you never went to walmart

Автор retarded unicorn 8 ( назад)
and the reason men were wearing girl stuff is beacuse they are

Автор juice35juice ( назад)
I like your hair

Автор APOCALYPS E ( назад)
Can you shout me out

Автор SlimeBattler - Minecraft & More ( назад)

Chinese man talk about Walmart chow

Автор NOS ;/ ( назад)
I've never been to Walmart but I'll still hit that like button

Автор Rocky Road ( назад)
2:06 see closely if u see it says 321 save mean she need to save her life

Автор Rocky Road ( назад)
I'm like Patrick star I see someone hot I go over and find how lucky I am

Автор THE AWESOME1 ( назад)

Автор Tristian Diaz ( назад)
Save Money Live Better! 😂😂😂 I go to Walmart almost every day! 😂😂😂

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