Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор Lorne Thomas (3 месяца)
Any thoughts on this?

Автор Dejan Jancevski (6 месяцев)
I saw this and thought this is an interesting potential concept for the
future of automobiles.

Автор ssuuppeerrbbooyy (3 месяца)
Pointless to use this with a regular car.

Only hybrids and electric cars benefit from capacitors, because they can
store a lot of energy in short time, compared to lead acid battery. Then it
uses that as a buffer between the electric motor and batteries. Mainly its
used for energy recovery when you are braking. But that will be a thing of
the past with these new nanobatteries coming out (F1 uses them already, but
they are difficult to manufacture).

Автор christo930 (7 месяцев)
I would assume you are getting a very modest increase in mileage from not
having to charge the lead-acid battery? My guess would be that it's in the
range of 2%? The problem with caps is that they tend to not hold their
charge very long. I wouldn't expect the car to start after sitting for a

Автор whanson3503 (4 месяца)
So, I stumbled across this and have a few questions. I drive a big ol '09
Crown Vic named "Vicky". I also live in the frozen tundra known to some as
"Minnesota". This year I was up in Duluth and it just so happened that day
it got down to -50. Now that's not unheard of, it does happen. I was also
running my car, ham radio and AM/FM radio for 14 hours straight. Yeah 14
hours without turning the vehicle off. Wait no, I did once and that was a
mistake. Only a few minutes of being off, I couldn't start it. Which I
found odd because the battery is really only needed to start the vehicle
right? Well here is my list of questions if you could be so helpful. I am
really considering looking into your mini BoostPack setup with the attached
battery pack.

* Would more caps be better?
* If I had such a setup, would i have been able to do a repeat of my Duluth
trip and be able to start the car even after turning it off?
* What are the ranges of temps that these caps could tolerate?
* I also have the Goal Zero Nomad 7. I'd assume that would be enough to get
some charge back into the caps if I needed or if I let it just sit on the
pack constantly?
* If the vehicle were to die, then what?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I am just very interested in possibly doing
this. Thanks for the help

Автор InvisibleYetVisible (4 месяца)
Does putting six 2.5v caps in series not cause problems? Thats 15v? Don't
cars only really have a tolerance of up to 14v roughly?

Автор HardWayLearnt (3 месяца)
At 0:40 how did you not get electrocuted when you touched both terminals? 

Автор cmares5858 (5 месяцев)
A mini boost pack would be great to have in the trunk as an emergency

Автор neil rich (6 месяцев)
While the car is running the alternator is charging the booster pack - I
believe to need a shut off circuit or you can damage by overcharging.

Автор ThinkingBetter (3 месяца)
It's a great shame that people don't do the basic calculations of the
energy involved in so many experiments like these. Car batteries are needed
because they provide much more energy headroom for ensuring the extra
energy needed to maintain power to the alarm system, remote lock when the
car is parked and for starting an engine in freezing weather.

Автор Trev S (3 месяца)
They can provide about 300 amps briefly so yes they will work - if you
discharge them too much they are so power hungry they will read almost as a
short giving your car alternater a real hard time

Автор Elijah Gaylor (6 месяцев)
I can see this being a great item to keep in an emergency kit, will it hold
its charge a long time with no draw? 

Автор André Gm (3 месяца)
can you fast charge it with a crank ? i mean capacitors can chage up faster
than a battery, so all you would need is to run the right crank.

Автор Corolla Toyota (6 месяцев)
the battery lead could recharge it again while the car on , but the one you
made could stars your engine 8 - 10 times or a little more then it will die
, because you can not recharge it with electricity or new power to stars
your car later, , but the lead one could use it more than 2 years ... the
one you made could helps some person have a battery problem for while till
he buy new one after he get salary paid ... thanks 

Автор Richy GC (3 месяца)
Bet it wont start a diesel :)

Автор Nickolas Davies (4 месяца)
you need to add a diode to prevent your lip battery charging from the
alternator, and install a 12v balance charger as the lipo has zero
tolerance for unregulated charging, just my opinion if you want to protect
the battery and also consider some sort of metal box for fire protection as
lipos can go bad.

but keep up the research your already 99% their, thanks for sharing

Автор محمد أسامة بلعطار (6 месяцев)
how many volts are needed to start the car?

Автор busa e guerrero (7 месяцев)
can you make one for a motorcycle, keep up the good work.

Автор VanillaSnake21 (5 месяцев)
Just a random chicken at 2:49

Автор stefco100 (3 месяца)
make a dc-dc boost circuit 6 to 12 volts , get a 6 volt sealed lead acid
battery and use it as a hybrid 

Автор Bill Kolts (8 месяцев)
OKAY! I'm up to 3:39 in this video and your crying about how your
compaciteor set is starting your car ... okay , fine ... but what about the
charing system in keeping a battery chaged in which you DON'T have a
battery so whats up there ??? Burning out the capacitors ??? IDIOT !

Автор apeek7 (3 месяца)
Question: What happens to the charging semiconductors in your car? Lets
say you don't start the car immediately - you significantly deplete the
capacitor. At the last gasp the car starts...

Now you have an almost discharged capacitor drawing massive current from
your alternator. Are you at risk of damaging the diodes in the

Автор bhstone1 (1 месяц)
How are you able to engage a starter and turn over an engine with only 10V
DC? Most starters won't engage unless you have at least 12V DC.

Автор eTechTom (4 месяца)
I wonder what the long term gas savings is minus the battery weight? There
is also the savings of buying a new battery every 5 years.

Автор STAR SEVEN P.Cs (6 месяцев)
be good for a home race car build

Автор xxKoldshadoWxx (7 месяцев)
God I miss fresh farm eggs, way better than store bought.

Автор Oliver Whinnett (1 месяц)
I don't get it. What's the point in this?

Автор mtothem1337 (7 месяцев)
This would be great for race car application or go-karts, it would save
alot of weight and you don't have any extra electronics other then the
spark plugs that you need to run.

Автор Mike Hale (4 месяца)
What does outside temp do to your SuperPacK ie, winter temps or for that
mater summer heat?

Автор Mark Bartlett (6 месяцев)
350 Farad caps. Are they 350 each? All i remember is like 1 farad caps
being about the size of a large can of strong lager, 1 pint. Maybe that
would have been 240v caps im thinking. Hang on a minute, im now remembering
1 farad caps being used for smoothing car audio and they were huge too...
also low voltage. I'm confused...help!!

Edit: Just one last question, sorry... how many Cockerels are needed? ;)
Sorry. My serious comment above. :)

Автор transdetendal (5 месяцев)
@lasersaber just wondering , what mark of car is it and how big engine CC
does it run ? a really great concept you got there, i tryed c batts on my
bike ,but no point scored there sadly , not enough umpf to start it up.

Автор John Zollner (3 месяца)
Its a scion. A lawn mower rope can start it

Автор minecraftkid309 (7 месяцев)
These little BoostPacks are great for stuff like go-karts if they have
electric start (never saw an electric start go-kart before)

Автор soloartist232 (6 дней)
lol. yes there is hesitation. you near it crank twice before the engine
starts. my 2003 camry starts up like that too with a normal battery. if
your car was cranking 3-4 times before starting or crank slowly, it means
your battery is weak. there is something called a crank current. get your
battery tested. if it's too low it means your battery can't deliver the
correct current.

Автор AricDaNinja (3 месяца)
Just... why?

Автор Dave davidson (15 дней)
Good experiment.
What he didn't say was that in engineering, you have to give up some
characteristics in order to gain other more desirable characteristics. If
he doesn't go anywhere over the weekend, the car will be dead. Also, the
car had better start on the first go, because if it doesn't, it won't have
the power to try again. These are the luxuries he gave up for 30lbs of
savings. As the caps age, these characteristics may get worse. He also
shouldn't run the radio or keep the key on for any reason.

Автор BuzzFeedGuns (20 дней)
So I can make this and toss my battery?

Автор Andy Coakes (4 месяца)
i wonder why motor manufactures are not using this technology already

Автор Matt Mastracci (11 месяцев)
This guy is experimenting with replacing car batteries with capacitors. 

Автор Philip Rowney (8 месяцев)
I remember when a #1FaradCapacitor was the size of an oil drum!!

Don't miss the link for the full story from *Hacked Gadgets*


Replace your car battery with capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Автор David Wayne (4 месяца)
Learn a little alchemy and you can make Oil of Egg. It is great oil for

Автор SaberTigerLover (1 месяц)
dem chickens doe

Автор technics6 (5 месяцев)
Thanks for interesting experiment.

Автор Cotronixco (2 месяца)
I don't see a benefit to this. Only potential problems.

Автор Tracy Reed (2 месяца)
Don't you need to be extremely careful with those exposed terminals on such
a huge capacitor bank? I'd be worried about carrying around such a large
charge. Do you discharge it before taking it out of the car and handling it?

Depending on the leakage rate of the caps you may be able to put a small
solar panel and charge controller on the car to keep the cap topped off.
Probably still lighter than a traditional battery.

I like the sock!

Автор David J (2 месяца)
Those must be the best eggs ever. I'm glad to see you let the chickens roam
free without cages, you must be a pretty nice guy. I hope your battery
experiment works well for you. 

Автор akupehsluarketatAR (1 месяц)
since its lighter and compact, must be great for motorcycle.

Автор DiyEcoProjects (2 месяца)
HI lasersaber ... just revisiting your video. Can i ask a few questions

Have you used it during winter and big freeze?

Also, how much did it cost?

would it be suitable for house lighting, or is it just to shunt the engine?

Thanks, love what you do

Автор bigbangnone (7 месяцев)

Yea, replace your big heavy Lead-Acid battery with:
1) Boost-Pack
2) Solar cell to keep it topped off.
3) Jumper-Cables
4) Rain Poncho - to wear while you flag down someone to jump your dead
boost pack because of (vapor-lock) while you were in town.
5) Carry a bright blinking light. Who cares about the radio. It's a safety
hazard to stall on the freeway without lights.

Автор weylin6 (5 месяцев)
You want to keep your battery for long duration power, but having something
like these as a sort of emergency jump starter would be no doubt helpful.

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