Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
LaserSaber online store at: http://teslamaker.com/
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор Charles King ( назад)
Nice work, i have been checking on this capacitor as well. Instead of
replacing the batter, i hope to use the capacitor as side-by-side for the
current acid battery. Still got space to fit them in. Cause i am tired
changing car batter every 6-9 months cause of dead batter. Can you test on
this for me or share on your next video? thanks first.

Автор Lee Bradley ( назад)
12.7 - is a flat battery as 14.4 is fully charged...he is using 10 volts 🙈

Автор Lee Bradley ( назад)
lets put a flamable sock over these capacitors to make them hotter than
they need to be....why? 😐 because he's an idiot!

Автор Lee Bradley ( назад)
A standard lithium cobolt jumper pack can start the car. its a quick
discharge & resonably small .but the capacitors cant run your light horn or
radio. if it was this easy.... highly qualified Engineers that design cars
would be using capacitors 😑 wouldn't they! instead of a back yard hack
like this guy.....

Автор hunterrat ( назад)
i can push start my toyota on my own with one foot out the door so this
video isn't super impressive

can this start my old diesel is what i want to know?

Автор Jeffrey314159 ( назад)
10:30 If these super-capacitors only hold charge for a few days then they
can hardly be called capacitors at all!
Maybe they should be described as virtual batteries or superchargers.

Автор Alan Barth ( назад)
Nice but wouldn't they get hot & explode?

Автор Big Mike ( назад)
Circa 1980 I had a motorbike (Norton Commando) which was kick start and had
an alternator. I had a dead battery and found that replacing it with a
capacitor (probably 4700uF 50v at the time) allowed it to run perfectly
well. It obviously wouldn't work with an electric start machine and I
wouldn't trust it with a computer based system on a modern bike, but this
was old school technology and was e-bomb proof.

Автор Jack T ( назад)
im really surprised how comfortable you are handling fully charged caps of
any size, I'm guessing that ring of yours is conductive also!

Автор awesomeferret ( назад)
You drive a Scion? Heehee :)

Автор ifell3 ( назад)
never trust a mofo with dodgy thumbs!!!

Автор Sriram Bhagavatula ( назад)
Also, now jump starting power-equipment became portable, how long I can
leave the car idle, I do travel outside of the country for a month or 2 ,
so I am just checking it's suitability for my situation. thanks,Sriram

Автор Sriram Bhagavatula ( назад)
Hi, It's just wonderful to see useful R & D effort from your-side. Did you
also make the car a Hybrid-one by adding the LI-Ion battery ? How are the
results ? How much it would cost to turn my Honda Civic 2011 to be a
Hybrid, in your suggested approach. I appreciate your inputs and would like
to participate in your research efforts.

Автор Victor Rodas ( назад)
Your experiments contribute to make the tech education more affordable in
times when the Superior educational system is ripping off our students. I
made two 3D printers, one prosthetic hand and two 3D printed drones
(including a DJI Inspire clone). All that information including the .stl
files for 3D printing where gathered by me from Open Sources around the
world. I don't even have an electronics degree. I wish there were more
people like you.

Автор North Georgia 1-770-428-4600 ( назад)
where does the initial current come from? capacitors have to have a power
source and won't hold a charge for long.

Автор Hack Nup ( назад)
The nay sayers just didn't try it. I have a small one for my motorcycle and
it works very well. no more expensive batteries for me. The chickens are
awesome by the way. Fresh eggs are hard to beat.

Автор Digital Dynamic ( назад)
What's his commute to the chicken coop? I dunno, this might be an cock and
bull story but I haven't seen the bull yet.

Автор BrooklynWalker ( назад)
0:42, did you just TOUCH BOTH TERMINALS???

Автор technolust ( назад)
Well OK, let's say $66 for the caps, maybe $10 for odds and ends, let's say
$80. Wal-Mart has a lead-acid for $88. Battery weight isn't a problem, the
car weighs a ton.

Автор Alexandre Potvin ( назад)
Clean up your shitbox.

Автор h78i23jjy ( назад)
Sounds like a great way to kill an alternator.

If this works so great, then why didn't Toyota go with capacitors instead
of nickel batteries for their hybrid? Oh yeah, because this doesn't
actually work. At all.

My research and math says that 300 farads is about 9mah. ... That's not
even 1 amp. Car batteries are generally 75 amps.

Автор William Maynard ( назад)
that voltage meter and cap pack combo would also work great to find power
draining issues, the cap will drain much quicker than batteries and charge
right back up so you could isolate the issue easier

Автор Henry Jeynes ( назад)
This is CLEARLY fake, this guy must be working for Big Capacitor.

Автор DanieleBecchetti ( назад)
How fast does the mini pack discharge if you turn on the headlights with
the engine off?

And what about the same question with the 2.0 pack?

Автор Arief Rachman ( назад)
even though it enough to supply power to all electricity apliance in the
car, how that battery sustain to heat produced by the engine? battery like
that if enviroment too hot it will explode and you know what happen next

Автор Edinaldo Manuel ( назад)
Hi i really impressed with the job you have done with the hybrid
capacitors. As an hvac , all most we using capacitor on all job, I become
very familiar , but I did no about hydrid caps, from now you did I a great
job and I will do the same, change my battery , etc. Thanks for your
apresentation . I wonder if can share the electric schematic with me, if
you don't mine, pls send me to my email. Cheers. Edi, from Toronto, Canada.

Автор Dodgemakesit ( назад)
these caps wouldnt be able to start my 12v cummins diesel in cold
weather.... never

Автор chris howarth ( назад)
Hoax, the voltage would decrease dramatically even for a small current flow
because the voltage decreases exponentially across capacitors when they
discharge. The fact you started the car as well, requiring 100s of amps to
start, and your voltage is still the same as you showed on your cigarette
lighter proves to me this is no doubt a hoax.

Автор rock dawg ( назад)
frekin awesome

Автор Fern W ( назад)
how do you charge a boost pack in case it goes dead?

Автор Ed - Gato - Williams ( назад)
I wonder if this could be used to charge up my batteries in my motorized
wheel chair

Автор Mike Hunt ( назад)
He does not have 2,300F with 6 of them in Series.. Having 6 of them in
Series on that bigger pack lowers it to around 380F without the tolerances
included.. Someone needs to learn how Capacitors work, Also it is dangerous
to put that many high end caps in Series without some kind of charging
circuit to make sure they do not charge uneven. a simple led resistive
circuit would work fine..

Автор Steven Coffey ( назад)
How quickly can your recharge that boost pack, minutes or seconds?

Автор jay watts ( назад)
keep you a good batt in your trunk !!!!!

Автор Robin R. Koykka ( назад)
A variation of this may be excellent for motorcycles since they have a kick
starter, it's always nice to have a weight saving feature with them

Автор Richard Key ( назад)
trouble with that is a capacitor has to be charged first.

Автор Yolos Games ( назад)
would be even better in a motorcycle

Автор lue vue (1149 лет назад)
keep it up

Автор lue vue (1229 лет назад)
good job keep it up

Автор Robert W ( назад)
Just wondering, how long could a super-capacitory bank run a microwave. Say
It would have to go through DC-AC inverter then to small microwave.

Автор absolom7691 ( назад)
Nice vid. Be careful with that wedding ring working with automotive
electrical. Especially a large ring like that.

Автор B32Mike ( назад)
I've been using a bank made from 12x 350F capacitors (same as 2x small
packs in parallel) with a 12v 10 Ah lithium battery in parallel to keep it
from dying. It's in a 2002 Mustang GT with a 4.6L. I'm looking into adding
a small hold up solar panel so the devices would last indefinitely as well
as some circuits to isolate the battery from the alt and cranking. I'm
satisfied with it so far, dropped 30 lbs from the front end of my vehicle.

Автор Dima Prok ( назад)
I wonder if you add few small solar cells on the roof to keep them charged
when not in use.

Автор Lee Walker ( назад)
this is how it works ok. it starts with b and ends in ullshit

Автор Kevin Halls ( назад)
Six of those capacitors go for $287. That is a lot of traditional batteries
for the price. How many cycles can you get out of them?

Автор ScorpionRegent ( назад)
A car battery's main job is starting the car, but one of the things it also
does is stabilize the voltage to help guard the computer against voltage
spikes. If capacitors don't do that you could be putting your computer at
risk if you start running without a battery. It might be a better idea to
use the capacitors as a jump starter and a reserve power source.

Автор deimosian ( назад)
+lasersaber How long to these hold a charge? I.e. how long can you wait
after shutting the car off and still start it back up? Will it last

Автор Mdmchannel ( назад)
How do you keep it charged?

Автор Mike Gasner ( назад)
What makes this interesting? Are these things like 5 bucks each?

Автор Miguel Garcia ( назад)
firstly, before trying electricity / electronics, go learn something.
you're a complete ignorant.

Автор Vulcan750L ( назад)
If you combine a battery to these capacitors, wouldn't they drain the

Автор bendeko ( назад)
so is all this bs? im not an electrician or know much about car,whats the
word folks.thnx

Автор A LP ( назад)
can we turn on a car with 8 AA batteries (1.5V * 8 = 12V) ?

Автор Srvjediknight SRV ( назад)
more expensive than a 50 buck battery at walmart

Автор Cory Samoila ( назад)
the alternator should charge it

Автор Gene Harmon ( назад)
Now try that with a real car not one of those pansy Scions. Hook those up
to a Ford F-350 Super Duty diesel.

Автор Stan McBeth (STANTHEMAN770) ( назад)
It work great for very short term but, 'how will it do into the long term?'

Автор dasteufelhund ( назад)
I was expecting it to blow... Good work!

Автор RJ Flash ( назад)

Автор Roland Ding ( назад)
Did I hear chicken? :?

Автор DivineDragoonZu ( назад)
I'm totally using this for my amplifier and subs.

Автор Tony caffeine (993 года назад)
Where do I buy!!!

Автор Just Private ( назад)
Yeah this is no good, capacitors discharge completely the instant the
circuit is closed, and after that, unless they are recharged by the
alternator, they're useless... The only way this would be practical is if
there were a method for regulating the discharge, and to my knowledge
nobody has figured out a way to do that yet.

Автор Bruno de França Valli ( назад)
At 00:40 wouldn't he get shocked by touching both leads with his bare
hands? I am no electrical engineer, please forgive my lack of understanding
on this subject.

Автор Daniel Coutin ( назад)
the only think it can happen is that charge pack to blow idiot u have no
idea how a car works

Автор Ted “dator76” dator ( назад)
Rather than a capacitor. How about a lead battery desulphator. Instead of
getting 5 years out of a battery I think you could get 8 or more years. I
am using mine for it's second year. I have learned you cannot do anything
with a swelled (frozen) battery but sometimes I am able to save a battery
that will no longer start a car. I have stopped fooling with the really bad
ones and am doing all my batteries every 2 years. This seems to keep them
clean and more powerful. I desulphate mine for 3 weeks.

Автор Robert Applegate ( назад)
Besides being the source of the energy to start the engine, the battery is
the stabilizing element that insures that the system voltage stays in a
reasonable range. In addition, the battery is effectively the same as the
capacitors in that it provides pretty good filtering of the electrical
noise. Taking is out of the system in a car full of high tech 12 DC
electronics is not smart. Remember, stupidity is nearly always expensive!

Автор Devin Williams ( назад)
Lead battery is already obsolete in every aspect except cost basically.
Comparing to that type of battery is a stupid way to see if capacitors make
batteries obsolete

Автор Zyle ( назад)
Super capacitors have been around for a long time, they are not new. This
is not new technology, and there is a very good reason why they are not
used in place of a standard battery. Mainly the overall capacity, not the
voltage. Sure you can get enough voltage to kick the startermotor around,
and enough current. But the battery does a lot more than just provide power
to the starter motor.

Yes you can start a car with capacitors, you can start a truck with a
lithium battery pack from a drill.. does not make it a viable long term

Автор Markus Haefner ( назад)
Do you think parallel connection of supercaps and car battery is possible
without any troubles ? .. This could give you both advantages

Автор Michael Beeny ( назад)
Might be interesting to find out what the stand by current is when the
engine is off. This will decide how long you can not use the car between
start ups. Even a 50mA drain will soon drain the cells. One great advantage
of capacitors over battery's is that they will re charge after only a few
seconds, where a battery will need 20 minuets or so.

Автор Pepe Perro ( назад)
Capacitor discharges after 24hrs of sitting if not sooner. In cold climate
this would not work. If this Scion motor is already warmed up of coarse it
takes very little effort to start. You can also start the car with 36
pieces of AA batteries connected in 12V series and then parallel to
increase the amperage. It works better than this capacitor start with a lot
less cash to assemble

Автор aaronrose83 ( назад)
no way it has the amps!!!

Автор BADDBOYFILMS ( назад)
There's a lot of smart people out there. Not going to find smart ones
working on a life threatening job. Like a cop job. Cops aren't smart people
in a sense they don't invest things, they just consume. I like smart people
. I liked your idea, sir.

Автор BADDBOYFILMS ( назад)
That's really cool, I think. Makes all the old ideas look like it's only a
way to rob people of their money . Your creation,,,, I would rather buy
what you have than buy a sears diehard what I have... at $275.00 compared
to $11.00 of the Caps.

Автор Jae Yoon Park ( назад)
10000 likes! yeah!

Автор Slaynasty (1611 год назад)
hey fag i noticed since your last shitty appearance on youtube you knocked
your side mirror cover off! I guess you weren't ready to handle that bitch
car now that its 30lbs lighter!

Автор Horticulture and Bonsai est2005 (Doug) ( назад)
that wouldn't work with Peugeot's there made to go in to economy mode when
reaches 11v and will not start the car if volts are under 11v
I had a duff battery kept dieing after 2 3 days the volts read 11v and it
through us off wondering why wouldn't start because 11v should be enough
but went online and said on there Peugeot will not start on 11v so bought
new battery and fired right up

Автор Electrician by trade (1286 лет назад)
you may have an issue with heat on those... from the engine causing harm to
the caps.

Автор covington race ( назад)
Ffs people, it did start the car, those capacitors can deliver a lot more
than 12v, the car will draw what it needs, so those capacitors are only
delivering a fraction of what they can actually put out, if they discharged
instantly they could kill you

Автор Lucpins ( назад)
lol capacitor hold energy for a fraction of a second only. gotta have
something else plug with it to crank engine for 1 second. true it also take
fraction of a second to recharge

Автор biryak ( назад)
Whould be nice to repeat same test in Alaska at -40C

Автор Dict Bene Tan Limo ( назад)
fake... fake.

Автор turboslag ( назад)
Ok, this demo doesn't really surprise me, all that is needed is to look at
the science behind it. They are 350 farad caps, but in series the
capacitance is divided by the number of caps, so total capacitance is 58
farads. Charge on the caps at 14 volts is approx 5700 joules. 1 joule = 1
amp, through 1 ohm for one second, so this pack can deliver 5700 amps,
through 1 ohm for 1 second. Starting current for that vehicle would be
about 150 amps, so that means a starter motor resistance of about 0.1 ohms.
So this pack should theoretically deliver 570 amps for 1 second through the
0.1 ohm starter motor load, which should equate to about 4 starts, without
any recharge.
So, a test to determine the number of starts possible without the
alternator connected should prove the theory.

Автор Marshall Husvar ( назад)
Batteries and capacitors are two different things with two different
purposes. Batteries are for longevity, capacitors are for quick discharge.
Sort of like a naughty joke.

Автор CSDWELL Ultracapacitors ( назад)
It sounds like a good idea

Автор alectraproject ( назад)

Автор beachbummm69 ( назад)
now build one for a prius to replace the battery pack

Автор UnderMan UnderMan ( назад)
I call bullshit. So far. I know capacitors. They lose their charge quickly,
under a seconf.

Автор Mike j ( назад)
LOL using capacitors for something there not intended for.

You use capacitors to kill fluctuation, or use as an extra boost. Not to
power something, yes in theory you can. But its not what there build for.

Автор poopaky wowitstinks ( назад)
he obviously knows nothing about cars if he drives a scion

Автор poopaky wowitstinks ( назад)
but this is bullshit there is no way it could start it that fast even if he
had the key forward but not on for the fuel pump then started it and why
would this not work though maybe if he took out a battery so it would be
12.5 v and it tool longer to start maybe I could believe it

Автор Jason Blankenship ( назад)
Yeah and the alternator will keep it running but you need a battery off
sorts in order to use the accessories like lights and blower without
putting strain on the charging system

Автор Ray Thompson ( назад)
Its only good if your battery is dead and acts like a jump. but its no
replacement for a battery. you couldn't turn your accessories on without
the engine running or you will drain that thing quickly

Автор Elliot Lockett ( назад)
plot twist: actually running off the lead acid battery but he forgot to
switch the wires

Автор Charles OConnor ( назад)
Your car wasn't grounded during this. batteries provide ground.

Автор John Drew ( назад)
Liked it; But what stops them over charging and burning up?
And what has been the life span of these capacitors?
Also what kind of Diode did you use if any?
I did enjoy this video!

Автор John Drew ( назад)
This info is from the internet a university site!
I haven't copied it all.

BU-209: How does a Supercapacitor Work?

Discover how the supercapacitor can enhance the battery.

The supercapacitor, also known as ultracapacitor or double-layer capacitor,
differs from a regular capacitor in that it has very high capacitance. A
capacitor stores energy by means of a static charge as opposed to an
electrochemical reaction. Applying a voltage differential on the positive
and negative plates charges the capacitor. This is similar to the buildup
of electrical charge when walking on a carpet. Touching an object releases
the energy through the finger.

There are three types of capacitors and the most basic is the electrostatic
capacitor with a dry separator. This original capacitor has very low
capacitance and is used to filter signals and tune radio frequencies. The
size ranges from a few pico-farads (pf) to low microfarad (μF).

The electrolytic capacitor provides more farads and these larger units are
used for filtering, buffering and signal coupling. Rated in microfarads
(μF), this capacitor has several thousand times the storage capacity of the
electrostatic capacitor and uses a moist separator. The third type is the
supercapacitor, rated in farads, which is thousands of times higher than
the electrolytic capacitor. The supercapacitor is used for energy storage
undergoing frequent charge and discharge cycles at high current and short

Farad is a unit of capacitance named after the English physicist Michael
Faraday. One farad stores one coulomb of electrical charge when applying
one volt. One microfarad is one million times smaller than a farad, and one
pico-farad is again one million times smaller than the microfarad.

Engineers at General Electric first experimented with an early version of
supercapacitor in 1957, but there were no known commercial applications. In
1966, Standard Oil rediscovered the effect of the double-layer capacitor,
which makes the supercapacitor work, by accident while working on
experimental fuel cell designs. The company did not commercialize the
invention but licensed it to NEC, which in 1978 marketed the technology as
“supercapacitor” for computer memory backup. It was not until the 1990s
that advances in materials and manufacturing methods led to improved
performance and lower cost.

The supercapacitor has evolved and crosses into battery technology by using
special electrodes and electrolyte. While the basic Electrochemical Double
Layer Capacitor (EDLC) depends on electrostatic action, the Asymmetric
Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor (AEDLC) uses battery-like electrodes
to gain higher energy density, but this is affected by a shorter cycle life
and other burdens shared with the battery. Graphene electrodes promise
improvements with supercapacitors and batteries but such development is 15
years away.

Several types of electrodes have been tried and most are based on the
electrochemical double-layer capacitor concept, which is carbon-based, has
an organic electrolyte that is easy to manufacture and is the most common
system in use today.

All capacitors have voltage limits. While the electrostatic capacitor can
be made to withstand high volts, the supercapacitor is confined to
2.5–2.7V. Voltages of 2.8V and higher are possible but they reduce the
service life. To get higher voltages, several supercapacitors are connected
in series. Serial connection reduces the total capacitance and increases
the internal resistance. Strings of more than three capacitors require
voltage balancing to prevent any cell from going into over-voltage.
Lithium-ion batteries share a similar protection circuit.

Автор jay kallionosio ( назад)
This is too cool

Автор Frank Magowan ( назад)
That's a neat trick, but the cost + more frequent replacement would
probably add up to more than a battery would have over a 2 year period
(maybe less)

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