Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
LaserSaber online store at: http://teslamaker.com/
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор trichome333 ( назад)
Battery tech has come a long way. My next car will be electric and i bet
they switch to new cells sooner than traditional cars. Very good video.

Автор Brad Werner ( назад)
This is garbage even a small car like that would draw a couple hundred amps
which would blow those caps up secondly a capacitor will not discharge for
a sustained amount of time through a short like a car starter motor any
charge stored in those caps would be gone in the blink of an eye much less
than the second or so it takes to crank the car over. 

Автор laser83polska ( назад)
This little thing is what we all should have in case of emergency start up,
something to boost your car battery. Love it!

Автор Scott Morris ( назад)
Where can one get one of those little 12 V outlet Voltage testers?

Автор Tyson Edwards ( назад)
dumbass won't even show the rpm to prove it. can't even hear it start for
shit. get a life.

Автор FishMB2015 ( назад)
If this is legit it would be cool to keep one in the car in case of a dead
battery. Of course the voltage leakage would be a problem.

Автор Jeremy Miller ( назад)
Just keep in mind that the computers on the car need 12 volts. I see that
if you let it set several days it drops below that. If you keep using it
could possible knock out a very expensive brain in your car. But i do like
the video. I am experimenting with off grid wind energy and I think a
hybird battery and capacitor might be a affordable way to go. And a small
12 volt battery in parallel with that pack would protect the voltage from
dropping to low. Over all nice video thanks for the up load.

Автор michael fawcett ( назад)
try it on a 2.5 D van engine

Автор Michi Lo ( назад)
I did something like this too. but i had to use 8 Capacitators. It now
works for over a year. It was pretty expensive when i first made it
(arround 250 $) but now i am going to replace them for some smaller and
cheaper versions.

Автор Adam Nickerson ( назад)
Be careful if you use a battery charger to charge those up some can put out
18 or 19v in high mode which would damage the caps after they were fully

Автор No Name ( назад)
I bought the LiFePO4 A123 ANR26650M1A 12V 2.3AH 4S1P from A123RC instead,
$45 and 389 grams only. No need to worry about heat and vibration any

Автор Duck ( назад)
This video makes me want to play cs go for some reason

Автор Patrick Timlick ( назад)
Very cool science. What is the discharge rate on your capacitor when there
is no parasitic load? (I.e nothing is attached). How fast does it accept
full charge? How many amp-hours does it hold? Why did the chicken cross
the road?

Автор molliarti ( назад)
Hi mate, you think it has the same durability as a normal battery?

Автор Javier Torres ( назад)
Most intrested at you video is yours chikens

Автор BigFro420 ( назад)
Much much love, no negative, constructively asking about the static load
applied when the alternator kicks off at 14.4 and kicks back on right away
when the voltage (and amperage) goes down? Does this cause undue stress on
the alt? And how about a master cut off switch to hit before you leave and
when you return to eliminate parasitic draw? This is very similar
technology to agm just different cells. No question a hundred year old
technology needs a rethink. Much love 

Автор Justin Moore (2015 лет назад)
Man, Keep posting your experiments and ideas, they are interesting to watch
and learn from! Sorry for all the hecklers and neigh sayers with big Monday
morning QB comments.

Автор Jake Graham ( назад)
350F?? That is not physically possible.

Автор iLovesToHatez (1140 лет назад)
You have those zip loc in the car... i can only assume mold is growing, not
only under the hood.

Автор PAUL A. RHODES, SR. ( назад)
I like to wash my engine, trans-axle and under-body. This preference of
mine prompts my concern about the waterproof nature or lack thereof of your
super-cap assembly and subsequent hybrids combined w/li-on batteries.
Please advise

Автор ray leclair ( назад)
ok i have to ask because i'm thinking of using capasitors for an eletric
bike i have, the lithium is way to costly, so how how big of a capasitor
would it take for it to be 15amps, i think i would need 8 for 12v and my
bike is 48v so i'm looking at 32 of them unless they have them in 12volts,
now the problem is to find them

Автор Ra'Heem Baines ( назад)
Lol, the chickens hilarious the squawking noises.

Автор Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network ( назад)
You can actually calculate the exact capacity of the supercaps you used in
kwh and compared it to the classic battery.. I'm guessing probably 50-100x
less. I don't argue they can't be used to start the engine, but so are my
lipo lipo batteries for rc cars..

Автор Larry Burks ( назад)
I don't believe this at all. As a former electrician, I know that when you
put your two fingers on the bolts that connected the capacitors, you would
have blown your fingers off IF they have any charge whatsoever...

Автор kingcrimson234 ( назад)
"listen to that folks" ... listen to what? i couldn't hear anything with
that tiny scion motor. get a real car.

Автор Paul Lodge (Camarosource) ( назад)
PLEASE NEXT TIME, ask your wife to keep quiet while you video tape... oh...
chickens.. my bad.

Автор Bill Nolan ( назад)
how did you harge the boost caps initially? What happens if they go
completely dead? How long does it take to charge them? What was the max
volt reading you ever saw while de=riving to work? Do you think its'
overworking th e alternator? Keep up the good work my man lord knows
you ve got it down with the chickens !

Автор Bill Nolan ( назад)
So one large boost cap has more ferrets than all 6 of the littleones. Why
dont you just use one large one?

Автор Tim Kepler ( назад)
Pretty cool. Keep on Tinkering "D

Автор CT Anthony ( назад)
Dude where did you get the volt checker that goes into your cig. lighter???

Автор t0uki ( назад)
If you added an isolator, this could be a legitimate replacement for a car

Автор Shane LeBlanc ( назад)

Автор Wilkyn Ramos ( назад)
Thats good for emergency situations.

Автор Terry Thomas (1495 лет назад)
It keeps starting because it is A Toyota ! The most reliable car in the
world !

Автор Jay Means ( назад)
that's gonna burn up ur alternator's regulator without a battery to run the

Автор Cactii 101 ( назад)
Did you touch both leads at 0:41? Wow - you're a pretty lucky fucker to
have both fingers still.

Автор Jack Hawk ( назад)
After Watching This Video : How to replace thumps ups to thumps down?

Автор Hieu Don ( назад)
UPDATE Please, after you test and how long is this capacitor pack tested?
is it safe to put in the car now? I have a Honda Odyssey 2002. Is it safe
to put this in the car without damage to the electronic mother board etc..
? the cap to to 16.2 volt. while car battery only 12.5 volt right? is the
high voltage damage car electronic ? ( I have to get new battery every 3-4
years max on this Minivan which I want to buy capacitor but worry about it
damage my car electronic. thanks a lot guys. Professional please email me:
mcviethieu at yahoo. thanks again a million.
I saw ebay people sell circuit board for protection to the capacitor? do I
even need it? because capacitor not go over 14.5 volt right, from the
alternator? and the Capacitor x6 = 16 volt?

Автор Aghast ( назад)
Very cool!!! Is there a danger in handling that many capacitors? what if
they discharged on you? insta-death?

Автор George Wilkerson ( назад)

Автор Landrew0 ( назад)
Ultracapacitors (which are also more expensive per energy unit than
batteries), can store only about 5 percent of the energy of comparable
lithium-ion batteries.

Автор thra5herxb12s ( назад)
Do they store enough current to restart the engine after the systems such
as clock and radio memory and alarm / imobiliser have drained a little
overnight. Also for how long can they hold a good charge. I have experience
of small electrolytic capacitors and they dont hold charge for more than a
few hours. I would be interested in substituting my leisure batteries for
some super capacitors if it would work well enough.

Автор Meiers Daniel ( назад)
web news

Автор Brian Hale ( назад)
How long could you run a electric car off my huge 88 KV capacitors they are
new government surplus intentioned for the AWACS airship as radar jammers
have 5 of them

Автор Luciano Junqueira ( назад)
How long is your l acid battery life?

Автор Geoffr524 ( назад)
I was looking at this video, because I wondered if I could use a super
capacitor bank with a Goal Zero Yeti 400 watt power pack. On the Goal
Zero site, it says you can not jump start a car with their Yeti power
packs, but with a Super Capacitor, I think I could jump start a car, that
has a dead battery. Also a Super Capacitor could help with surge current,
that could kill a Goal Zero Yeti power pack without the capacitors. If I
am out at a camp site with a dead car battery, it would be cool to get out
the Yeti 400, that was charged up on solar, then with the Super capacitor
connected between the Yeti 400, and the car, it should start up.

Автор Jerry Lifsey (MrJDL71) ( назад)
What was the cost of the boost pack and mount vs car battery?

Автор Orlando Giron ( назад)
I would bring this around for backup.

Автор TheDrakenZ ( назад)
not certain, i'd see the alternator suffering from this.

Автор Damian Williams ( назад)
Did anyone else see the Turnigy cables before you saw the logo? :)
Hobbyking eh?

Автор TheAdviseMaster ( назад)
Your are good man

Автор Jet Pilot ( назад)
I have a really hard time to believe this.

Автор rlrsk8r1 ( назад)
So what we're looking at here is that caps can A: Be safely discharged all
the way without damage, B: can supply a lot more current at once than a
battery of similar size, and C: Are lighter in weight than a lead-acid car
battery. Once the car is running, it uses the battery to smooth out the
ripple coming from the alternator, which capacitors should be able to do as
well. Only problem I see is driving accessories with the car off. A dome
light or clock shouldn't be a problem, but if you leave your headlights

Автор jon pullen ( назад)
lol i cracked up at the chickens and rooster I felt like I was at my aunts
farm. They used to come into our trailer because my wife would feed them

Автор EGY ( назад)
Maybe sound good, the less weight, and some starts in cold weather. But,
the reality is, the charge is too short than regular car batt., you now,
the car need to supply the current no have in the capacitor pack, mean,
less current retention than regular batt, = MORE FUEL SPEND to run the
alternator. When the accessories consume manies ampers, the current in the
batt., give the necessary supply to the proper function in the car & the
alternator don't work hard to supply ampers to the batt. to charge it; the
cap. bank, supply the ampers, but DO NOT hold to much charge in the bank to
give the opportunity the alternator to charge in low demand, because the
accessories of the car DEMAND to much current. Cap. bank = more fuel

Автор ATCRyderX© ( назад)
ok but how does the alternator react to this setup over time?

Автор jo black ( назад)
A lot cheaper then the big one
Auto parts stores rob you for the big one
Thank you 

Автор Youcef Hamouni ( назад)
350 farads ???? wow I didn't know they exist !!!

Автор crackerworld ( назад)
I'm waiting for my 6x 2.7v 500F (16.2v 83F) module to arrive, I'll connect
it in parallel why I'm gonna do that? well I have plenty of reasons :D

Автор Sarahfoot98 ( назад)
My chickens have the same conversations as yours.... lol

Автор Lucien Macrose ( назад)
What I want to know is.......what did the hens have say about it? :-) 

Автор Ricky Lourens ( назад)
Loving the feathered spectators you have there. :D

Автор Jacques Poirier ( назад)
when the engine runs, the battery acts as a damper and a reference for the
alternator regulator.
If you disconnect the battery when the alternator is charging, the
regulator sends full current to the alternator field coil and the
alternator delivers as much voltage than it is dynamically possible well
over 14 volts and every component not bulletproof will fry
it is a cheap insurance to keep a good battery in the charging circuit

Автор 74REvolution74 ( назад)
hi did your caps improve after being used for some time Im testing some
green caps out they start a small car great but no luck with my diesel van
so far.

Автор Kneedragon1962 ( назад)
Capacitors are great for producing good cranking amps. They're not quite so
good if you need a little more - like the thing doesn't want to start and
needs 20 ~ 30 seconds of cranking over. As long as the engine fires up
straight away, it's great. Don't listen to the radio for an hour and then
expect it to start though... Make sure the switch for the light in the boot
works... and I have some doubts about how long it will stay charged for.
Old style batteries can also go flat over time, but I have a feeling it's a
bit worse with capacitors. His sat for a weekend, but those capacitors are
brand new, and I would hope he made sure there was no electrical drain
while it was switched off. Many cars do have at least one thing on all the
time which draws current, some have several. Many modern radio / music
player things will need a PIN to restart after all current is removed -
they think they've been stolen. But keeping them powered up takes current.
What about a car alarm?

In other news today, a couple of guys at Stamford University have
discovered how to make an aluminium battery, which doesn't quite give the
same voltage / energy density as a Li Ion battery, but it's in the
ballpark. In every other way, including cost of manufacture, weight /
density, safety, it's massively better. It is flexible, and unlike a Li Ion
battery, it can't burn if there's an internal short. And it can be
recharged very quickly.

Автор nicholas Johnson ( назад)
I can't wait until 20 years in the future where you can reach your hand
through your monitor and slap the hell out of the other person.... I know
just wishful thinking

Автор nicholas Johnson ( назад)
Awesome work buddy, screw all the negativity.... Everybody nowadays thinks
they're so smart because they have a Google button on their phone... Here's
to us the people who get our hands dirty trying to explore and learn. and
to hell with everybody else in their mommies basement with nothing but
cruel words of opinions...

Автор Bram borgers ( назад)
Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

Автор Hari Haran ( назад)
I am going to replace the 2500va diesel generator's battery with the boost
pack can you pls tell me how to do it ??

Автор Pixels303 ( назад)
350 microfarads.. in series.. with 6 cells is 1/6th the capacity. Unlike
traditional batteries, capacitors will decrease in capacity when hooking in
series as the space between plates increases with added caps. It is a
static charge, which I am strangely finding odd would start a car. Good
luck holding the charge for extended periods of loads which modern
automobiles commonly use to drain batteries. Not a great idea, but if you
got nothing better to do, why not.

Автор Matthew Ballinger ( назад)
For what it’s worth, I did some math. Each of those capacitors can store
0.35 WHr of energy (my math, data sheet confirms), but only if fully
charged to 2.7V, and fully discharged down to 0V. If we assume the car
charges the pack of 6 to 14 volts, and that 9 volts is where the
electronics in the car stop working (ECU, radio, injectors, etc) we can
extract only about 30% of the total energy capacity of the capacitors. So-
30%*0.35WHr*6 = 0.63 WHr total for the pack. A cell phone battery is about
6-10 WHr for comparison.
What does 0.63 WHr give us?
Head lights (70W) – 32 seconds
Soft stereo (1W) – 37 minutes
Loud stereo (15W) – 2.5 minutes
Dome light (10W) – 4 minutes
Cranking (1800W) – 1.26 seconds

Автор Davin Yap ( назад)
Good idea, but if the engine is suffering from a crank, no start issue, i
don't think the capacitor has any juice left after a few crank cycles.

Автор Bananaphone93 ( назад)
any benefits over a regular battery?!

Автор TheSoxmania ( назад)
I'm thinking of slinging 6 of these into a pack to make a rechargeable cell
for a 100W flashlight.... anyone think it'll get as impressive a life as it
would a recharge time??

Автор moterdude1959 ( назад)
I can't imagine that starting a car. I thought they just store energy for a
short period of time. If that is true I would think that would last a long

Автор trifidsagitarius ( назад)
A hoax

Автор Erick Claussen ( назад)
i what to buy these BoostPack , were can i do it ?? pls link , thanks
my friend

Автор Flight Monkey ( назад)
This is really Cool !😎

Автор Steven King ( назад)
My watch battery could start that "car" 

Автор Steven King ( назад)
ITS A CAPACITOR BANK NOT A BOOST PACK. They are very expensive and do not
have the capacity of a simple lead acid battery. Don't listen to this ass.
A car starter is high amp low volts draw. Perfect for a capacitor, but
don't run the radio for 20 minutes and then try to start it. 

Автор Wonderdream 4ever ( назад)
Notice its a small car nothing Special about in it 

Автор rheniformer ( назад)
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that this is not a hoax and say I
am very surprised, I would have bet against this working because I always
considered capacitors discharged instantly like a bolt of lightning! Which
is why they are used in ignition systems and camera flashes. I may have to
try this to convince myself.

Автор Black Wolf ( назад)
Why not have a battery AND a capacitor parallel (this should extend your
battery life immensely)! By reducing or even elliminating stresses on the
battery, like sudden huge current draw demand when starting, and once
started then immediate rise to 14V. So at the point of starting, the
current to the starter would be supplied initially from capacitor and not
the battery, so it would improve starting, and once started, the battery
would assist the alternator to recharge the capacitor quicker, so it also
takes some load off the alternator, as well as at the same time not
suddenly increase the charge voltage to battery, reducing the stress of
that on the battery also. Plus you would keep the reliability knowing
you'll be able to start the car after sitting there for a week not started.
If you want to make improvements, keep the battery, but add a capacitor.
What i would do is install a brand new battery at same time a capacitor is
installed, and see how long the battery would last with that setup. It may
or may not increase the battery life to 4 to 6 years instead of the current
1 or 2 years. But i know that starting a car is almost a full short on
battery while it's internally being shreded to bits every time,
elliminating this stress should keep a healthy battery for a very long
time. Also, power flactuations or sudden drops in battery voltage would be
elliminated or evened out, like at times you turn on wipers, indicators,
headlights etc.

Автор Daniel Franks ( назад)
Great video! Love the chickens too! Used to live on a farm and it was
always fun to have them wandering in and out of the barn (and house)

Автор Astarot Ash ( назад)
The problem with using capacitors, while great an all. They have a tendency
to lack in the long term storage department. They have a tendency to bleed
off energy when the said energy system is shut down. 

Автор HunChem ( назад)
I see the point of this, but... I have one little thing that came to my
mind. In winter, when the temperature drops below -10 °C (that should be
like 10-15 °F) will the caps be able to keep up their charge and

Автор DJ Dragon ( назад)
Has anyone actually done the math to replace a battery with super
capacitors? For the record it would take a super capacitor bank of (let's
use the maxwell 3,400 farad 2.85v at around $70 each) 43 super capacitors
totaling over 146,000 farads to equal a small 12v 40 amp hour battery.
(Most of today's cars use between 60ah and 80ah battery so basically double
my example) That's about 9 parallel circuits of 5 supercaps in series.
That's a lot of money. That's not even counting the extra circuitry needed
for proper charging, discharging, and voltage stabilization. Sure in the
old days when a car only had a starter and and ignition coil and some
lights this would be useful but not in today's cars. Cap banks are good for
jump starting a car with a dead battery. I have one from Snap-On that fits
in my pocket. 

Автор Jim Mowreader ( назад)
Capacitors have this nasty habit of instantly dumping their entire stored
charge into anything that leads to ground...like a wet firefighter who's
attempting to pry you out of your car if you get in a wreck. Cool
demonstration but NOT a good idea to try in the outside world.

Автор Dr Greg Tyree ( назад)
Ohhh......btw...Why the sock? Just asking......Cheers!

Автор Dr Greg Tyree ( назад)
Great Vid! Excellent idea except for those who live in cold climates would
find this system would not be viable due to lack of "Cold cranking
amperage" in your Boost-pack. I like how your thinking but this is still in
the "Great idea" stage. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Автор Presto Chango ( назад)
how did you touch both leads at 0:40 without getting electrocuted?

Автор David ( назад)
Don't let any troll skew you to think this cannot be made cost effective.
The industry has a reason to keep YOU dependent.

Автор David ( назад)
Current price for this is about $8 each. (At 2.7V) you need 5. Total $40
out the door. OR $110 (add $15 Calif. recycling fee) for lead battery every
5 years. Acid to your landfill. LEAD to your rivers/fish. Your planet? NO

Автор Onofe Eromosele ( назад)
I wanna buy some eggs, please!!

Автор Jeremy Burleson ( назад)
Will your alternator charge the capacitors or do they just die out?

Автор Loren Husky ( назад)
Damn man. My car won't even think about starting on 10 volts.

Автор Christoffer Of Sweden ( назад)
that's one quite ass car!.

Автор Anders Karlsson (1815 лет назад)
I think that the hybrid version would be very interesting. A small battery
to keep the voltage over time, and a capacitor bank to give enough current
to easily start the car.

Автор deadboy600 ( назад)
Sure it starts a mouse engine in a Scion. Try that shit on a V8.

Автор whiteeye ( назад)
that chicken :D

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