Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
LaserSaber online store at: http://teslamaker.com/
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор Penfold 'OoO' (3 месяца)
How much money would a capacitor-based car battery save you?

An often-quoted number is that hauling 100lbs around in your car adds 1% to
fuel consumption. If you remove a 30lb battery then you save 0.3% of your
fuel bill. If you are spending $50 per week on fuel (the average for
Australian drivers), this adds up to $2600 per year. 0.3% of $2600 is
$7.80 per year in reduced weight leading to better fuel economy.

Capacitors can be recharged hundreds of thousands (to millions) of times,
unlike lead-acid car batteries which will be dead after one (or two)
thousand cycles (at the most). If you replace your lead-acid car battery
every 4 years, you would have to change the equivalent capacitor-based car
battery every 400–4,000 years. So, in effect, you would never need to
replace it (nor would your children, or their children, or their
children...). Since a car battery might cost you about $100 every four
years, you are spending $25 per year on lead-acid car batteries.

A capacitor-based car battery would thus save you $25 + $7.80 = $32.80 (on
lead-acid battery replacement costs and in improved fuel economy) each and
every year.

Over the course of a 50-year driving career (20–70), you will have saved 50
* 32.80 = $1,640. If, on each anniversary of installing the
capacitor-based battery, you added the $32.80 you just saved in the
previous year into a bank account earning 5% interest, when you retire from
driving you would have about $6,900 sitting in the account. Give the
battery (and the account) to a grand-child and get them to do the same, and
they would retire from driving with $85,600 in the bank. If your
grand-child does the same thing, then your great-great grand-child will
retire from driving, with the exact same battery, 150 years after after you
built it, with $989,000 in the bank... Great-great grand-dad sure was a
smart fella.

Moving away from lead-acid batteries makes sound financial sense, provided
you think ahead far enough.

Автор electronicsNmore (6 месяцев)
Impressive since the capacitor bank is rated 16.2V / 58 Farads.

Автор joe a (2 месяца)
This here ladies and gentlemen... is how you destroy your alternator and
possibly much of your electrical system.

Автор deadboy600 (1 месяц)
Sure it starts a mouse engine in a Scion. Try that shit on a V8.

Автор Nevets (4 месяца)
Someone needs to strangle your cock...

Автор Fennecbutt (2 месяца)
And what if you want to use your lights or stereo while you're parked?

Oh wait, this is America...you just leave your gas guzzling Hummer

Автор Cynthia Avishegnath (3 месяца)
Low end lead-acid car battery
= 12V x 24 Amp Hours.
= 0.15 cubic foot
= 18 lbs
= $65

Lead acid cannot be discharged below 1/3 (33.3%) without damaging battery.
Therefore effective amp hour ~= 16 Amp Hour @ 12V.

Compared with
12 V x 1 amp hour
= 5 x 2.4V (overvoltaged at 2.7V) x 3600 amp seconds
= 5 x 3600 x {1 Farad 2.7V boostcaps}
= 36 x { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}

That is presuming we overcome the series capacitance being reduced by using
a regulator/switching circuit.

12V @ 16 Amp hour
= 36 x 16 x { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}
= 576 { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}
= 576 x 0.0028 cubic ft + spacing allowances ~= 576 x 0.003
~= 1.73 cubic ft
= 576 x 0.15 lbs
= 5.4 lbs + 2 lbs of harnessing frame + 1 lb of charging/discharging
regulator / switcher
= 8.4 lbs
= 576 x $15
= $864 + $50? homemade regulator / switcher + $?? homemade frame.

Without the regulator / switcher, you would have to multiply the number of
boostcaps by 5, which would make your supercapacitor battery-replacement
array heavier than the battery being replaced. Not to mention the size.

The regulator would be a 2.4 V - 12V step-up / step-down charge /
discharge. Efficiency of regulator = 90% ? at most ?? So you have to add
10%, 15% more boostcaps to compensate.

The alternative without the efficiency loss is an intelligent
parallel/series charge/discharge switching circuit.

Also, you SHOULD NOT charge boostcaps in series without a balancing circuit
across them, to ensure their 2.7V individual threshold is not violated. The
balancing circuit will cost you either efficiency (passive cct) or extra
money (active circuit).

You seem to be oblivious, not only to the reduction in capacitance but also
to the damage you are risking in charging the supercaps, when placed in

Hours of happiness constructing an expensive over-sized battery replacement
= priceless.
Damage due to charging boostcaps in series = ???

Now compare with $350, 150 Amp Hour, 100 lb, 0.75 cubic ft high end

Автор craig zale (1 месяц)
Love the farm animals in the back ground saying "Don't do it it's a trick!"
What does this do for the charging system strategies? How about baseline
reference voltages. It's your car good luck, we will be watching with
interest. You may want to buy an extra fire extinguisher. 

Автор David (29 дней)
Don't let any troll skew you to think this cannot be made cost effective.
The industry has a reason to keep YOU dependent.

Автор TheLuismondo (4 месяца)
Capacitors in series divide the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
Capacitors in parallel multiply the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
So if each one of them is 350Fs and you have 6, you can either have 2100Fs
in paralel (you need them to be rated at more than 16 volts) or 58.3Fs in

Автор Pedro Bermudes (1 месяц)
capacitors, the new battery.

Автор Flight Monkey (16 дней)
This is really Cool !😎

Автор TheSoxmania (15 дней)
I'm thinking of slinging 6 of these into a pack to make a rechargeable cell
for a 100W flashlight.... anyone think it'll get as impressive a life as it
would a recharge time??

Автор DJ Dragon (24 дня)
Has anyone actually done the math to replace a battery with super
capacitors? For the record it would take a super capacitor bank of (let's
use the maxwell 3,400 farad 2.85v at around $70 each) 43 super capacitors
totaling over 146,000 farads to equal a small 12v 40 amp hour battery.
(Most of today's cars use between 60ah and 80ah battery so basically double
my example) That's about 9 parallel circuits of 5 supercaps in series.
That's a lot of money. That's not even counting the extra circuitry needed
for proper charging, discharging, and voltage stabilization. Sure in the
old days when a car only had a starter and and ignition coil and some
lights this would be useful but not in today's cars. Cap banks are good for
jump starting a car with a dead battery. I have one from Snap-On that fits
in my pocket. 

Автор lerch25 (1 месяц)
It might even be better for the computer because it should really flatten
out any ripple coming off the alternator.

Автор Hari Haran (11 дней)
I am going to replace the 2500va diesel generator's battery with the boost
pack can you pls tell me how to do it ??

Автор twistedyogert (1 месяц)
Batteries have poisonous chemicals, could boostpacks replace traditional
lead acid batteries

Автор HunChem (23 дня)
I see the point of this, but... I have one little thing that came to my
mind. In winter, when the temperature drops below -10 °C (that should be
like 10-15 °F) will the caps be able to keep up their charge and

Автор Marcos Borges (1 месяц)
mmm, se me ocurre algo, y si pusiera en sistema con ladrón de Jouly para
autocargar los capacitores, ¿funcionaría?

Автор Kneedragon1962 (10 дней)
Capacitors are great for producing good cranking amps. They're not quite so
good if you need a little more - like the thing doesn't want to start and
needs 20 ~ 30 seconds of cranking over. As long as the engine fires up
straight away, it's great. Don't listen to the radio for an hour and then
expect it to start though... Make sure the switch for the light in the boot
works... and I have some doubts about how long it will stay charged for.
Old style batteries can also go flat over time, but I have a feeling it's a
bit worse with capacitors. His sat for a weekend, but those capacitors are
brand new, and I would hope he made sure there was no electrical drain
while it was switched off. Many cars do have at least one thing on all the
time which draws current, some have several. Many modern radio / music
player things will need a PIN to restart after all current is removed -
they think they've been stolen. But keeping them powered up takes current.
What about a car alarm?

In other news today, a couple of guys at Stamford University have
discovered how to make an aluminium battery, which doesn't quite give the
same voltage / energy density as a Li Ion battery, but it's in the
ballpark. In every other way, including cost of manufacture, weight /
density, safety, it's massively better. It is flexible, and unlike a Li Ion
battery, it can't burn if there's an internal short. And it can be
recharged very quickly.

Автор Jacques Poirier (10 дней)
when the engine runs, the battery acts as a damper and a reference for the
alternator regulator.
If you disconnect the battery when the alternator is charging, the
regulator sends full current to the alternator field coil and the
alternator delivers as much voltage than it is dynamically possible well
over 14 volts and every component not bulletproof will fry
it is a cheap insurance to keep a good battery in the charging circuit

Автор Derek Kick (20 дней)
Notice its a small car nothing Special about in it 

Автор Alexander Pivovarov (4 месяца)
Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V Boo…:

Автор Leo Etcheverry (1 месяц)
How was it after use ?

Автор T Oadaly (2 месяца)
Pretty cool, as long as you don't try running the lights and radio off
battery. ...most people don't anyway, but know that you really can't with

Автор Jeff Evenson (3 месяца)
30 years ago-on a 650 BSA Thunderbolt, I got tired of changing battery's
due to the vibration where I rode, so using only 1 large Capacitor with a
zenior diode and it always started on one kick. What the trick here is to
Use them like he does, but with the battery as that way the battery and
starter will last longer due to less voltage drop on first crank.

Автор Loren Husky (1 месяц)
Damn man. My car won't even think about starting on 10 volts.

Автор Stephen Furr (1 месяц)
I agree... I saw the terminals on the other end getting close to the steel
battery mounting plate and thought "That would suck if he shorted that to
the frame."
Then he wrapped it in a sock to insulate it. (Face palm)

Автор Lucien Macrose (3 дня)
What I want to know is.......what did the hens have say about it? :-) 

Автор Davin Yap (14 дней)
Good idea, but if the engine is suffering from a crank, no start issue, i
don't think the capacitor has any juice left after a few crank cycles.

Автор Sven nniss (1 месяц)
That's cool but totally pointless as one user said you'd have to charge the
caps up so if your out for a few hours those caps will be long discharged
and although caps can constantly recharge and discharge millions of times
there's always a possibility of blowing or a faulty cap not lasting as long
whereas a battery has warranty and 99% reliable. Also now batteries for
cars become smaller and more powerful this is kind of useless.

Though I've heard Mazda has capacitors they say when you break this charges
the caps to use that energy to take off again? So it still has a battery,
but it's not voltage you use to take off its mainly more fuel you use
constantly stopping and taking off where 'coasting' to avoid this is more

Also test those caps while your driving at 110km/h the alternator will
probably blow those caps, test using lights a/c sound system high beams
those caps will instantly die

Автор Onofe Eromosele (1 месяц)
I wanna buy some eggs, please!!

Автор John Wiggins (4 месяца)
I have a new found respect for capacitors...

Автор Chevez Ezaneh (4 месяца)
So can I hook these up alongside my regular car battery? I have room for
both and would just like to be able to start my car in -40c weather. My
biggest concern is that the caps will end up discharging while i'm away as
I usually let my car sit for weeks at a time. So that's where the regular
battery would come in handy to keep the capacitors topped off. Solar panels
arn't an option either because snow.

Also, I imagine that I would need to hook this up in parallel with my
battery to prevent doubling up the voltage?

Автор Mallrick (1 месяц)
well i dont think the alternator will charge this..loll but if your baterry
is dead and u dont have anyone to boost its realy nice!! i need 1 for

Автор chrileman16 (1 месяц)
that's one quite ass car!.

Автор Bram borgers (11 дней)
Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

Автор Llia Olsen (4 месяца)
My question:

At idle rpms, in traffic, at night, with lights on, raining, with wipers
running at least half speed. Will the Alternator provide enough power to
keep the caps charged under those conditions?

Автор stonner2k (3 месяца)
what would you have done if on Monday morning on the way to work it didn't
start up?? would you have just jumped it with one of the other ones? I also
take it you could carry one in the boot or trunk as you would say as a
buster just encase you ever need a buster?

Автор Erick Claussen (16 дней)
i what to buy these BoostPack , were can i do it ?? pls link , thanks
my friend

Автор tomaramudarurls (1 месяц)
2:48 he's talking to the chiken

Автор Adam Colon (4 месяца)
I'm confused what the point of replacing the 12V battery with the
You lose the consistent reliable features of the battery.

Is the upside simply that it's smaller and lighter?

Is it worth it?

Автор Anurag sharma (1 месяц)
i just have two questions.....
1) what will happen if i park my cars in garage for 5-6 weeks with boost
caps inside, will they be still be able to crank.
2) are they safe for alternator and other cicuitory, what if they blast up?
what if they put extra load on alternator, what if they start leaking

Автор TheBikemaster94 (1 месяц)
what would you do for overcharge Protection? I plan on building one from
Li-ion batteries using 2 12VBattery holders that take 8AA batteries each.

Автор Pixels303 (12 дней)
350 microfarads.. in series.. with 6 cells is 1/6th the capacity. Unlike
traditional batteries, capacitors will decrease in capacity when hooking in
series as the space between plates increases with added caps. It is a
static charge, which I am strangely finding odd would start a car. Good
luck holding the charge for extended periods of loads which modern
automobiles commonly use to drain batteries. Not a great idea, but if you
got nothing better to do, why not.

Автор Daymond Jones (1 месяц)
Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update:

Автор Astarot Ash (23 дня)
The problem with using capacitors, while great an all. They have a tendency
to lack in the long term storage department. They have a tendency to bleed
off energy when the said energy system is shut down. 

Автор David (29 дней)
Current price for this is about $8 each. (At 2.7V) you need 5. Total $40
out the door. OR $110 (add $15 Calif. recycling fee) for lead battery every
5 years. Acid to your landfill. LEAD to your rivers/fish. Your planet? NO

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