Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор fortyninepages (1 месяц)
If this is possible, wouldn't it have already been marketed and sold in
shops as an emergency start up battery? I know I'd buy one. Just needs a
case and crocodile clips.

Автор electronicsNmore (1 месяц)
Impressive since the capacitor bank is rated 16.2V / 58 Farads.

Автор Ken MacMillan (2 месяца)
What's the point of this?

Автор Andrew Lucky (29 дней)
this is fake, he turned on the car with his keys at 2:43. 

Автор emf4kv (1 месяц)
10:03 the alternator puts out more power than you will need because no
matter what you are using that is electric, you always need more than that
to be able to charge the battery. Otherwise, you will eventually end up
with a dead battery. The real question is what do you have to power while
the vehicle is not running. This pack is great for a car without an alarm

Автор Patrick Bonneville (2 месяца)
Those lil' capacitors can do amazing things, especially when you combine
them with something else (like your hybrid comment). That was a quick
start, good job!

Автор Adam Keith (2 месяца)
how are you recharging them? Im guessing the alternator would blow these

Автор TheLuismondo (8 часов)
Capacitors in series divide the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
Capacitors in parallel multiply the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
So if each one of them is 350Fs and you have 6, you can either have 2100Fs
in paralel (you need them to be rated at more than 16 volts) or 58.3Fs in

Автор John Hobson (10 дней)
I've been a mechanic all my life and would have never thought of something
like this, I'm very impressed and for those asking what the point of it is,
now that I think about it, there can be a tremendous amount of applications
for something like this heck you may even be able to run your homes
electrical needs and even get completely off the grid which is what I think
I'm going to attempt, this has given me all kinds of ideas, THANKS !!!

Автор john sanz (25 дней)
Is it legal D:?

Автор ThinkingBetter (7 месяцев)
It's a great shame that people don't do the basic calculations of the
energy involved in so many experiments like these. Car batteries are needed
because they provide much more energy headroom for ensuring the extra
energy needed to maintain power to the alarm system, remote lock when the
car is parked and for starting an engine in freezing weather.

Автор Allan J (29 дней)
Does he have a fucking toaster in his car?

Автор Ryan O (1 месяц)
yes a sock.. That will protect it from grounding LMAO... kiding, but really
tho! very cool video mister. I may try this but I have a jeep xj cherokee
and I run 2 optima red tops in order to run many different accessories on
my rig, lites, winch, inverter, camp fridge, etc... I wonder how this will
work for me all that concidr3d?

Автор Lorne Thomas (7 месяцев)
Any thoughts on this?

Автор Laban Baxter (2 месяца)
How long could that power a 100w inverter?

Автор bhstone1 (5 месяцев)
How are you able to engage a starter and turn over an engine with only 10V
DC? Most starters won't engage unless you have at least 12V DC.

Автор Oliver Whinnett (5 месяцев)
I don't get it. What's the point in this?

Автор patrick donegan (1 месяц)
How long will the charge hold for?
Every day?
One day a week driving?

Автор leerman22 (1 месяц)
Would the current leak even though the car is off? I leave my gps plugged
in and the capacitors wouldn't be enough. Maybe if I add an "Emergency
Booster" button to my car for the winter that engages the capacitors only
when I need the extra amps to start in the winter.

Автор costiqueR (2 месяца)
I think that the people don't know that the batteries are just big
capacitors , having exact same behavior on same dimensions/capacity. Guys,
don't discuss about this, the differences between capacitors and batteries
are coming from their fabrication technology.
Capacitors :1 F = 1 s4·A2·m−2·kg−1 = 1A*1s/1V so for 2 V (14V-12 V
interval) you need 2 F just to have 1A current during second.
Car battery: 100 A·h can deliver 5 A over a 20-hour period at room
temperature for same 14V-12V interval..
Let to discuss about 55Ah common car battery. Normal voltage for charging
is 13.5 V maximum 14 V and the lower limit is 12 V so you have 2 Volts
potential difference to work. 55Ah means 2.75 A in 20h. To obtain
equivalent capacity from capacitors you need 2.75A*20*3600s for each volt
so result is multiplied with 2. Result? 2.75*20*3600*2= 396000 F (Farads)
In this movie we see 6*350F=2100 F which is 200 times lower capacity of
the car battery.
What means this? Simple. You can start your engine with a capacitors
module, but just if everything is perfect and you are sure the engine will
start from first attempt. Don't expect to have energy remains for the
second try...or let calculate: starting current is 20A so you need 20*2=40F
just to have energy for a second. 2100F (total)/ 40 F => 53 s of full
functionality. Not too bad but sure not to change the car battery. So ...
Car battery is strong recommended, you can have a capacitor module just to
help the battery or to start cars with depleted batteries. Don't forget:
car alarm and other electrical devices have working nonstop so capacitors
will be depleted if you don't start engine often...

Автор cmares5858 (8 месяцев)
A mini boost pack would be great to have in the trunk as an emergency

Автор HardWayLearnt (7 месяцев)
At 0:40 how did you not get electrocuted when you touched both terminals? 

Автор Paul Handley (4 месяца)
This is a hoax. There wouldn't be enough current for long enough to start a
car. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool
ALL the people ALL the time!

Автор USAEVANTOLICO (5 дней)

Автор L3gion3r (5 дней)
find a way to use the eggs to start your car

Автор dereileak (8 дней)
the best setup is both a battery and a capacitor bank, as it will make the
voltage extremely stiff and never shift around

Автор Juann Cruz (7 часов)
what about heat resistance?

Автор peter Cooke (1 день)
very impressive

Автор ro jo (6 дней)
hey lux, once again you had to charge them

Автор f18hornet (10 дней)
A quick question to those using language?
*¿How does using language make you look better?*

Автор Corey Schroedter (3 дня)
Curious how this would perform in a newer car, such as my 2013 Dodge Dart.
I've researched into lithium batteries and was considering cap batteries
also. This car has a huge amount of electronic components running on it at
just about all times (contrary to what that scion probably runs). I may
have to try this out just for shits n' giggles. I am tired of heavy ass

Автор Peter Marreck (10 дней)
I like the part where he shamelessly features the chickens and their
ambient sounds. I could almost smell the chicken poo.

Автор laloelchocolate (12 дней)
Can you recharge them let me know please

Автор Blakrex (1 день)
I would've thought the alternator would ruin them.

Автор Ryan Toomey (4 месяца)
The capacitors should be hooked up in PARALLEL, NOT IN SERIES, because with
capacitors in series the total capacity is the reciprocal of the addition
of the reciprocals of each capacitors, giving you a much smaller total
capacitance value, smaller than the value of the smallest capacitor. In
parallel, the values of capacitors add up to give you a much larger

For example, if you have 10, 10 Farad capacitors in series, the total
capacitance value will only be 1 Farad, but if you have them in parallel,
then the total capacitance value will be 100 Farads.

Автор FishInTheTrees (13 дней)
Terrifying jump cut.

Автор Darrell Jones (19 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Miodrag Zizovic (10 дней)
This is fake. At the 0:41 he touches anode and cathode simultaneously - in
case those capacitors ware full, and they must be to be able to start the
car, his arm at least would be very badly hurt... 

Автор ktraughb (18 дней)
Your lack of technical knowledge on series parameters of capacitors is

Автор Andy gajadhar (27 дней)
I think the chickens were more curious than us 

Автор AmIonArock (26 дней)
wonder what would happen in cold weather, when motor is real tight. I
think this is a cool experiment by the way. Not totally sure why, but it
seems to me like your trying to replace a car battery with capacitors 

Автор ironmancdb (19 дней)
You have already saved 3 pounds of weight in your car by leaving your brain
at home thinking that this is 1)economical 2)efficient 3)plausible and
lastly but most certainly not least 4)true

Автор 123bebebe (20 дней)
Actually this is good idea, but not as a replacement for a lead acid
battery, but as a reserve battery. You can just put super capacitors in
parallel with a battery, and add high current diode so capacitors won't
suck energy from battery

Автор Bill Flower (21 день)

Автор Christopher Young (24 дня)
One question. How do you charge the cap initially without frying your
charger from the inrush? Also how come we cant hear the car starting and
the voltage doesn't dip when you start the car? hocus pokus?

Автор ro jo (6 дней)
my thoughts also caps need to be charged, and they do not hold charge long
enuff to start a car

Автор Joseph Perrotta (1 месяц)
Ya! Nothing like staring a car in the middle of the summer when the metal
is warm or shortly after its been running. Try that when its minus 20
sitting overnight see if their worth it then! If they were worth making
don't you think they would be selling these as an alternative?

Автор mikeyd19841 (26 дней)
Will the alternator keep them charged still? I wanna try that! Great video!
I dont know much about capacitors but i guess it is time to do some
research and watch your videos!

Автор Oscar Diaz (1 месяц)
the only thing i think is that those capacitors could mess up from the
constant charge or maybe your alternator messing up from doing all the
heavy lifting. But if that doesn't happen i guess you would save money. 

Автор chimp3376 (1 месяц)
Have done this myself, saved lots of weight in my track car.

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