Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор HardWayLearnt (2 дня)
At 0:40 how did you not get electrocuted when you touched both terminals? 

Автор Albert Baaren (2 дня)
great something to fool with in the weekend for me . see if i can amaze my
dad with your find :P

Автор ssuuppeerrbbooyy (5 дней)
Pointless to use this with a regular car.

Only hybrids and electric cars benefit from capacitors, because they can
store a lot of energy in short time, compared to lead acid battery. Then it
uses that as a buffer between the electric motor and batteries. Mainly its
used for energy recovery when you are braking. But that will be a thing of
the past with these new nanobatteries coming out (F1 uses them already, but
they are difficult to manufacture).

Автор apeek7 (4 дня)
Question: What happens to the charging semiconductors in your car? Lets
say you don't start the car immediately - you significantly deplete the
capacitor. At the last gasp the car starts...

Now you have an almost discharged capacitor drawing massive current from
your alternator. Are you at risk of damaging the diodes in the

Автор André Gm (15 дней)
can you fast charge it with a crank ? i mean capacitors can chage up faster
than a battery, so all you would need is to run the right crank.

Автор stefco100 (17 дней)
make a dc-dc boost circuit 6 to 12 volts , get a 6 volt sealed lead acid
battery and use it as a hybrid 

Автор Trev S (18 дней)
They can provide about 300 amps briefly so yes they will work - if you
discharge them too much they are so power hungry they will read almost as a
short giving your car alternater a real hard time

Автор eTechTom (24 дня)
I wonder what the long term gas savings is minus the battery weight? There
is also the savings of buying a new battery every 5 years.

Автор Andy Coakes (23 дня)
i wonder why motor manufactures are not using this technology already

Автор David Wayne (1 месяц)
Learn a little alchemy and you can make Oil of Egg. It is great oil for

Автор Mike Hale (1 месяц)
What does outside temp do to your SuperPacK ie, winter temps or for that
mater summer heat?

Автор arbonac (1 месяц)
What is the name of the little cigarette lighter plug in that reads the
capacitor power?

Автор InvisibleYetVisible (1 месяц)
Does putting six 2.5v caps in series not cause problems? Thats 15v? Don't
cars only really have a tolerance of up to 14v roughly?

Автор technics6 (1 месяц)
Thanks for interesting experiment.

Автор whanson3503 (1 месяц)
So, I stumbled across this and have a few questions. I drive a big ol '09
Crown Vic named "Vicky". I also live in the frozen tundra known to some as
"Minnesota". This year I was up in Duluth and it just so happened that day
it got down to -50. Now that's not unheard of, it does happen. I was also
running my car, ham radio and AM/FM radio for 14 hours straight. Yeah 14
hours without turning the vehicle off. Wait no, I did once and that was a
mistake. Only a few minutes of being off, I couldn't start it. Which I
found odd because the battery is really only needed to start the vehicle
right? Well here is my list of questions if you could be so helpful. I am
really considering looking into your mini BoostPack setup with the attached
battery pack.

* Would more caps be better?
* If I had such a setup, would i have been able to do a repeat of my Duluth
trip and be able to start the car even after turning it off?
* What are the ranges of temps that these caps could tolerate?
* I also have the Goal Zero Nomad 7. I'd assume that would be enough to get
some charge back into the caps if I needed or if I let it just sit on the
pack constantly?
* If the vehicle were to die, then what?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I am just very interested in possibly doing
this. Thanks for the help

Автор cmares5858 (1 месяц)
A mini boost pack would be great to have in the trunk as an emergency

Автор Stephen Rardon (1 месяц)
this is cool!

Автор Nickolas Davies (1 месяц)
you need to add a diode to prevent your lip battery charging from the
alternator, and install a 12v balance charger as the lipo has zero
tolerance for unregulated charging, just my opinion if you want to protect
the battery and also consider some sort of metal box for fire protection as
lipos can go bad.

but keep up the research your already 99% their, thanks for sharing

Автор lumberluc (1 месяц)
This is very cool! Welp, better get my hat on and get to work on this.

Автор Jeremiah Ward (1 месяц)
Nice. Wonder if it would work in a v6 with a premium sound. 

Автор tilrock (1 день)
He didn't get shocked because the cars electrical system is 12 volts which
is generally not enough voltage to overcome your body's natural resistance.

Автор Brandon Bare (3 дня)
Seems like a good emergency backup in a roadside emergency kit. 

Автор dansolodan (3 дня)
I would recommend always heat shielding capacitors. The electrolyte will
dry out and you will get nowhere near rated life if you use them in an
engine compartment w/o heat shielding. Heat is the #1 enemy of capacitors.
Shield them or mount them in the cabin or trunk instead (use at least 4
gauge if not 2 or 0 gauge wire if mounting in the trunk).

Автор bradishigh (4 дня)
its not very hard to start up a micro machine little bullshit scion 1.6
4banger with some D-batteries.. And do you hear the chickens and pigs
making noise in the back calling you a fag.. obviously you dont have a job
or work and have way to much time on your hands, enough to make stupid ass
youtube videos. great job you douche you stole 10 minutes of my life and
for that you should burn

Автор Nick Wilson (6 дней)
why do you think car manufacturers are not using these?

Автор jermaine lee (5 дней)
can you make me one and ship i will pay you i have paypal

Автор George Louis (5 дней)
Don't put your socks in there!

Автор Juventus Ventuno (9 дней)
what would the application be? The standard battery can run my radio and
heater for 30 minutes then still start the car. and in freezing temps. that
would be a test to consider replacement potential.

Автор Bent Andersen (8 дней)
Was about to say you should cook some soup out of that rooster :P But I see
that would prolly won't give much egg's in the future :)

Автор Dayrax (10 дней)
So, how long have you work with capacitors in you car?

Автор kansascitycomputers (7 дней)
you could add a circuit for a solar powered trickle charger with a guage to
make sure the caps stay charged

Автор montey1017 (13 дней)
how many cranking amps are you getting? enough to crank a little scion is
impressive, but I want to see a V8 or a diesel start on it.

also, what happens if the voltage regulator fails? no failsafe to keep it
from exploding?

Автор Luke Etyrnal (10 дней)
keep it topped off with solar cells

Автор boB Gudgel (11 дней)
Oooops. Nevermind ! you did the experiment ! Impressive ! 

Автор ThreePhaseHigh (15 дней)
However I will be over for fresh chicken dinner do I need to bring the ax! 

Автор dante danis (14 дней)
How about using two 9V batteries?

Автор manmann lee (20 дней)
You want to know the reason why not using that technology because they want
more money they make you pay for junk they want to make you pay for non
quality everything that's manufacture in a car is junk you have to buy the
aftermarket parts to make your car better that's why when you buy a body
kit for your car at last a lot longer because the parts that the
aftermarket use on these cause or junk they not good is not like how back
in the day when you bought a Cadillac and you slamming into a wall nobody
dies because it was good American-made that's what we had American muscle
now all our parts and labor is by emigrants is no American muscle anymore

Автор Dave Miller (11 дней)
The issue is that your starter plunges into the engine and cranks a gear.
If test with a low charge too many times the gears will start to strip.
Another note is that after the car is running, the votage meter inside is
showing the alternator output, not the battery.

Автор thedog556 (25 дней)
+lasersaber could you hook these up to a regular 12v car battery instead of
the lithium iron battery or standalone? im going away to buffalo for
college and i may need some sort of cold weather starter system for my car.
if so, could you send me instructions on how to wire it all?

Автор Daniel Hyunh (26 дней)

Автор geoffrey walker (1 месяц)
Ok ???

Giving these are caps. How in the world do you get them to HOLD a charge
with no battery? I'm talking overnight.

Автор fullboostturbo1 (1 месяц)
The only problem with this setup is that you might be able to start your
car up, but use the radio for a small amount of time and without the motor
running and constantly charging the caps, you will lose power completely,
as caps are not like batteries and do not hold any amp hours of power
reserves like a lead acid battery.
Caps are used for short bursts of power release, that is why people with
large wattage car audio systems use them, as they release the power when
high power base notes are projected, then the caps recharge quickly for the
next bass note.
Hope this clarifies using caps as a main battery in not Ideal, unless you
used them with a smaller sized lead acid battery or solar cell to keep them
charged all the time.
And as someone already stated using just caps would make the alternator
work 99% of the time, and actually running the electrical system of your

Автор reddragon27284 (1 месяц)
What about coupling the capacitors with a small solar panel on the
dashboard to keep the cap bank charge topped up.

Автор preston121068 (26 дней)
Check into Graphine super compositors. Even lighter, smaller,
indestructible and hold a charge 100's of times better than any
conventional capacitors. Good luck!

Автор Bogdan Chiorpec (20 дней)
Get lost dude ! Hoax!

Автор mark oshields (26 дней)
wonders if this can be used in conjunction with the car battery, or could
it be used in a way to be stored inside the car somewhere connected to
something that would keep it continually charged. If the alternator were
to fail, be able to take this and connect it to battery and be able to keep
car running without using any extra accessories other than lights at
night. And if this would work what would be the actual miles at night
using only lights and the engine requirements draw of power, considering
the alt is completely dead and non charging?

Автор Malc Tulloch (1 месяц)
What a brilliant idea, that would also work on a motor cycle too by the
look of it.

Автор Jordan_Live (15 дней)
Would be great if you get stranded as a quick starter. 

Автор Jeff R (1 месяц)

Автор ElGatoLoco698 (1 месяц)
I'm curious, why is this so special? I understand capacitors are much
cheaper, lighter and smaller than batteries but when wired in series like
that, there is no reason it shouldn't work. Granted, it's a hell of a lot
better than a battery but I just don't understand the surprise. 

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