Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор Penfold 'OoO' (28 дней)
How much money would a capacitor-based car battery save you?

An often-quoted number is that hauling 100lbs around in your car adds 1% to
fuel consumption. If you remove a 30lb battery then you save 0.3% of your
fuel bill. If you are spending $50 per week on fuel (the average for
Australian drivers), this adds up to $2600 per year. 0.3% of $2600 is
$7.80 per year in reduced weight leading to better fuel economy.

Capacitors can be recharged hundreds of thousands (to millions) of times,
unlike lead-acid car batteries which will be dead after one (or two)
thousand cycles (at the most). If you replace your lead-acid car battery
every 4 years, you would have to change the equivalent capacitor-based car
battery every 400–4,000 years. So, in effect, you would never need to
replace it (nor would your children, or their children, or their
children...). Since a car battery might cost you about $100 every four
years, you are spending $25 per year on lead-acid car batteries.

A capacitor-based car battery would thus save you $25 + $7.80 = $32.80 (on
lead-acid battery replacement costs and in improved fuel economy) each and
every year.

Over the course of a 50-year driving career (20–70), you will have saved 50
* 32.80 = $1,640. If, on each anniversary of installing the
capacitor-based battery, you added the $32.80 you just saved in the
previous year into a bank account earning 5% interest, when you retire from
driving you would have about $6,900 sitting in the account. Give the
battery (and the account) to a grand-child and get them to do the same, and
they would retire from driving with $85,600 in the bank. If your
grand-child does the same thing, then your great-great grand-child will
retire from driving, with the exact same battery, 150 years after after you
built it, with $989,000 in the bank... Great-great grand-dad sure was a
smart fella.

Moving away from lead-acid batteries makes sound financial sense, provided
you think ahead far enough.

Автор fortyninepages (3 месяца)
If this is possible, wouldn't it have already been marketed and sold in
shops as an emergency start up battery? I know I'd buy one. Just needs a
case and crocodile clips.

Автор joe a (10 часов)
This here ladies and gentlemen... is how you destroy your alternator and
possibly much of your electrical system.

Автор electronicsNmore (3 месяца)
Impressive since the capacitor bank is rated 16.2V / 58 Farads.

Автор Andrew Lucky (3 месяца)
this is fake, he turned on the car with his keys at 2:43. 

Автор Jeff Evenson (25 дней)
30 years ago-on a 650 BSA Thunderbolt, I got tired of changing battery's
due to the vibration where I rode, so using only 1 large Capacitor with a
zenior diode and it always started on one kick. What the trick here is to
Use them like he does, but with the battery as that way the battery and
starter will last longer due to less voltage drop on first crank.

Автор John Wiggins (1 месяц)
I have a new found respect for capacitors...

Автор Dylan Thorner (1 день)
Cool! I plan on making a cap bank like this for an inverter. Thanks for

Автор Cynthia Avishegnath (6 дней)
A supercapacitor is not actually a capacitor.

It is an electrolytic oxidation reduction process, in which the electrodes
are not chemically involved.

It is a pseudo-capacitor, using battery technology. But because there is no
ox-redux on electrodes, charging/discharging is phenomenally higher than
usual batteries.

Without playing with words, it is actually a battery. A battery where
technology has managed to decouple the electrodes from the electrolyte.

Therefore, it is not like the usual electrostatic capacitor, because you
cannot reverse the polarity. Therefore, you cannot use it for analogue
circuit boards without biasing and limiting the whole circuit to its
midpoint voltage.

Because it involves an electrolyte, *it has a limited lifespan*, unlike
electrostatic capacitors. The lifespan of a supercap is probably between 5
- 10 times that of a lead-acid.

It is not actually a capacitor. It is a pseudo-capacitor. It is a battery
that *somewhat* conforms to C = q/V.

There will come a time, when voltage latency will be prolonged in such
supercapacitors or in alternative of nanotube technologies. When that
happens, its voltage profile would no longer conform to C = q/V but to
usual batteries, and then could we still call them "capacitors" ?

We have to wait till the engineers at MIT perfect their graphene nanotube
capacitors. What are they doing? It's been 3 years since they announced it.
Or was it 5 years ago? No progress? Are they selling a pipe / tube dream?

Автор Christian Curry (49 минут)
That dangerous they could explode 

Автор Adam Colon (1 месяц)
I'm confused what the point of replacing the 12V battery with the
You lose the consistent reliable features of the battery.

Is the upside simply that it's smaller and lighter?

Is it worth it?

Автор SonofGodly (2 дня)
where can i get one of those cig lighter volt meters?

Автор stonner2k (22 дня)
what would you have done if on Monday morning on the way to work it didn't
start up?? would you have just jumped it with one of the other ones? I also
take it you could carry one in the boot or trunk as you would say as a
buster just encase you ever need a buster?

Автор TremereTT (1 день)
btw. you don't need to put eggs in the fridge, if you don't wash them! eggs
have a natural protection coating that preserves them, just don't remove it
by washing it off.
you won't eat the egg-shell anyway.

Автор Cynthia Avishegnath (6 дней)
Low end lead-acid car battery
= 12V x 24 Amp Hours.
= 0.15 cubic foot
= 18 lbs
= $65

Lead acid cannot be discharged below 1/3 (33.3%) without damaging battery.
Therefore effective amp hour ~= 16 Amp Hour @ 12V.

Compared with
12 V x 1 amp hour
= 5 x 2.4V (overvoltaged at 2.7V) x 3600 amp seconds
= 5 x 3600 x {1 Farad 2.7V boostcaps}
= 36 x { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}

That is presuming we overcome the series capacitance being reduced by using
a regulator/switching circuit.

12V @ 16 Amp hour
= 36 x 16 x { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}
= 576 { 500 F 2.7V boostcaps}
= 576 x 0.0028 cubic ft + spacing allowances ~= 576 x 0.003
~= 1.73 cubic ft
= 576 x 0.15 lbs
= 5.4 lbs + 2 lbs of harnessing frame + 1 lb of charging/discharging
regulator / switcher
= 8.4 lbs
= 576 x $15
= $864 + $50? homemade regulator / switcher + $?? homemade frame.

Without the regulator / switcher, you would have to multiply the number of
boostcaps by 5, which would make your supercapacitor battery-replacement
array heavier than the battery being replaced. Not to mention the size.

The regulator would be a 2.4 V - 12V step-up / step-down charge /
discharge. Efficiency of regulator = 90% ? at most ?? So you have to add
10%, 15% more boostcaps to compensate.

The alternative without the efficiency loss is an intelligent
parallel/series charge/discharge switching circuit.

Also, you SHOULD NOT charge boostcaps in series without a balancing circuit
across them, to ensure their 2.7V individual threshold is not violated. The
balancing circuit will cost you either efficiency (passive cct) or extra
money (active circuit).

You seem to be oblivious, not only to the reduction in capacitance but also
to the damage you are risking in charging the supercaps, when placed in

Hours of happiness constructing an expensive over-sized battery replacement
= priceless.
Damage due to charging boostcaps in series = ???

Now compare with $350, 150 Amp Hour, 100 lb, 0.75 cubic ft high end

Автор Leslie Willoughby (1 месяц)
One thing to note: He started on 10v in this video-neat but low voltage is
extremely harmful to a starter. Obviously depending on the crank time, and
the starter load but low voltage will actually heat up on the brush end of
the starter and melt the solder out of the commutator bars.

The car's computer is maintaining a memory and that is what pulls down the
caps. It is usually about a 1/2 amp load-continuous. You could probably
remedy that by throwing a solar cell on the dash.

It gave me some ideas....

Автор Steve smith (6 дней)
Caps have a habit of biting you if you touch the terminals.

Автор mele host (6 дней)
You could get one of those lithium-ion car starters is case you need to
jump start the vehicle.

Автор bruce kazakos (18 дней)
the radio does not consume that much current,but on the other hand,if you
switched on the heater,or the lights,well that is another story.

Автор Chevez E (1 месяц)
So can I hook these up alongside my regular car battery? I have room for
both and would just like to be able to start my car in -40c weather. My
biggest concern is that the caps will end up discharging while i'm away as
I usually let my car sit for weeks at a time. So that's where the regular
battery would come in handy to keep the capacitors topped off. Solar panels
arn't an option either because snow.

Also, I imagine that I would need to hook this up in parallel with my
battery to prevent doubling up the voltage?

Автор jeff king (19 дней)
And the results of 9mth test is.....?????

Автор Ken MacMillan (4 месяца)
What's the point of this?

Автор Michael Carouth (22 дня)
Replacing Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update
---This guy, Lasersaber, has a cool Youtube channel with lots of neat do it
yourself science experiments and useful projects.
Those supercapacitors are available at Amazon and such. Just put enough
together to get the voltage you need--- like you would with batteries.

Автор GrafKrolock82 (3 дня)
Oh my... at one point i scrolled to 07:12, heard the sound and thought:
"Strange cranking sound"... and then i realized "Oh, chicken..."

Автор CogitoErgoCogitoSum (1 месяц)
And when your car has trouble starting that one cold morning? You try
starting your car a few times and your capacitors drain of all charge.
Then... youre fucked.

Автор TheLuismondo (2 месяца)
Capacitors in series divide the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
Capacitors in parallel multiply the value of 1 of them by the number of
capacitors (if they are the same value)
So if each one of them is 350Fs and you have 6, you can either have 2100Fs
in paralel (you need them to be rated at more than 16 volts) or 58.3Fs in

Автор Elizabeth Sainog (17 дней)
How is your capacitor array in very cold temperatures? A lot of batteries
get sold where I live on the 1st cold snap like -20° to -40° celcius. Do
you think that your device would have the capability to start the car in 12
hours in that tempurature providing the engine block heater was on 4 hours
a head of time? How about no block heater? Do these capacitors lose more
more at lower temperatures?

Автор Scuba Jamaica (1 месяц)
Quote: Reply #35 on: April 04, 2013, 06:22:56 AM »
"It will start my car fine but while the car is running it discharges for
some reason."

Did you ever figure why this happened?

Автор Brian Sinper Gx (10 дней)
I think its genius how you mange to put this together, noting that you have
a rather small car, however different vehicles require different voltage
to get a crank. Considering that different climates play a difference in
how your battery react. 

Автор kirby wade (27 дней)
Most people don't know that the batterys sole purpose is to start the
engine and run electronics when the key is in the acc and on position when
the engine is off. Once the engine is running the alternator powers the
vehicles radio, lights and engine control computer. The alternator also
keeps the battery charged, and in this instance the capacitor bank, doesn't
over charge it via a voltage regulator. Also this technology is already on
the market but as a battery jump box, some have deep cycle batteries and
others have capacitors which like a deep cycle battery can hold a charge
for long periods of time.

Автор Miodrag Zizovic (2 месяца)
This post have been changed due my wrong assumption about working
principles of super-conductor. I apologize to video poster and others to
which found my post correct, and also I want to thank Sara Hearth and
oldwrench2000 who corrected me.

Автор thomas smith (25 дней)
hmm this a great idea for race car drivers

Автор lou holis (15 дней)
Wornder how this would work in the chevy volt & help in electric range,
weight would be reduced , there is no starter in the volt just an on off
switch. Might have to give it a try since GM is using a 150 year old
tecnology 50# battery in a futuristic car.

Автор Nevets (1 месяц)
Someone needs to strangle your cock...

Автор jahnkeanater (1 месяц)
All those eggs. makes me wonder if you know how to basic? lol

Автор Susan Chen (1 месяц)
energy = .5 C v*v=.5 x 350 x2.7x2.7 , six capacitors series connection so
C=1/6 * 350
but voltage =2.7 x 6 total energy = .5
so energy storage is still 6 times of single capacitors, series connector
capacitor reduce to 1/6 but voltage 6*6 ,

Автор d7j6f1 (12 дней)
a small solar charger stuck behind the rear view mirror and it`ll just keep
the caps topped up so you can leave it to do its thing :):)

Автор Pavle Pajic (2 месяца)
U pozadini sve vreme se cuju kokosi i petao kukurice a lik prica o

Автор SonofGodly (2 дня)
dude I like ur chikens

Автор skoronesa (29 дней)
.....And the first time you forget to turn off your headlights or music
before shutting down the engine you are out of charge and sca-rewed.

Автор emf4kv (3 месяца)
10:03 the alternator puts out more power than you will need because no
matter what you are using that is electric, you always need more than that
to be able to charge the battery. Otherwise, you will eventually end up
with a dead battery. The real question is what do you have to power while
the vehicle is not running. This pack is great for a car without an alarm

Автор masso172 (1 месяц)
This is interesting, but what advantages would you say this has over a
standard battery? 

Автор bill hines (21 день)
Those lil' capacitors can do amazing things, especially when you combine
them with something else (like your hybrid comment). That was a quick
start, good job!

Автор Richard Burns (1 месяц)
Where the hell are you, Jurassic Park?! 

Автор Ian Rivera (1 месяц)
Do some long-term testing to see if it has any negative effects on the
alternator. Also, be careful adding a lithium ion cell to that circuit
since improper charge/discharge of lithium ion cells can lead to
catastrophic failures (fires/explosions).

Автор miamifiction (1 месяц)
But how much time does the capacitors need to be fully charge again? To
start the car is one thing, but to turn on the radio, the lights is

Автор Jack Doe (1 месяц)
It is at this point interesting to point out that if the car can start from
nothing but a capacitor, then the alternator will supply the remaining
power after internal combustion has occurred and the linear action of the
piston has been converted to centrifugal forces by cam action and such
force is then transmitted through the belts to the before mentioned power
supply!, additionally, the difference in weight is massive!!!, CAPACITORS

Автор Llia Olsen (1 месяц)
My question:

At idle rpms, in traffic, at night, with lights on, raining, with wipers
running at least half speed. Will the Alternator provide enough power to
keep the caps charged under those conditions?

Автор julian marcuzzi (13 дней)

Автор Drew Jensen (1 месяц)
The one thing that makes my slightly skeptical is he is touching away the
two posts at the same time and at various times ends of the caps. I would
have believe they would discharge and give him a good jolt.

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