Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update

Testing to see if capacitors can make a traditional 12V battery obsolete. Plus an update on the original BoostPack.
BoostPack in freezing temperatures update video: http://youtu.be/GUXM1XuLUIs
More info and links to parts at: http://laserhacker.com/

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Автор Paul Handley (1 месяц)
This is a hoax. There wouldn't be enough current for long enough to start a
car. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool
ALL the people ALL the time!

Автор Collin C. MacMillan (3 месяца)

Автор Ryan Toomey (1 месяц)
The capacitors should be hooked up in PARALLEL, NOT IN SERIES, because with
capacitors in series the total capacity is the reciprocal of the addition
of the reciprocals of each capacitors, giving you a much smaller total
capacitance value, smaller than the value of the smallest capacitor. In
parallel, the values of capacitors add up to give you a much larger

For example, if you have 10, 10 Farad capacitors in series, the total
capacitance value will only be 1 Farad, but if you have them in parallel,
then the total capacitance value will be 100 Farads.

Автор ThinkingBetter (4 месяца)
It's a great shame that people don't do the basic calculations of the
energy involved in so many experiments like these. Car batteries are needed
because they provide much more energy headroom for ensuring the extra
energy needed to maintain power to the alarm system, remote lock when the
car is parked and for starting an engine in freezing weather.

Автор Protectprep (1 месяц)
Puny capacitors are for girly men.
This bank below is a bit manlier ….

Bank of 20, 450 Volt Nippon Capacitors.
Total Volt: 9,000
Total µF: 48,000
Weight: Approx 50#


Автор Oliver Whinnett (2 месяца)
I don't get it. What's the point in this?

Автор bhstone1 (2 месяца)
How are you able to engage a starter and turn over an engine with only 10V
DC? Most starters won't engage unless you have at least 12V DC.

Автор HardWayLearnt (4 месяца)
At 0:40 how did you not get electrocuted when you touched both terminals? 

Автор geetarwanabe (3 месяца)
Won't the capacitors discharge if you don't drive for a couple days?

Автор HandsomeStranger1963 (3 месяца)
i don't have the patience to read all the comments. but as for the
capacitors losing voltage if the car is not used for a few days why not
just keep a small solar panel on the dash or mount it permanently. This
would easily and cheaply make the capacitors a very reliable car "battery"
and let you leave the radio on all day and still be confident to start up
first time every time.

Автор cmares5858 (6 месяцев)
A mini boost pack would be great to have in the trunk as an emergency

Автор Adam Keith (6 часов)
how are you recharging them? Im guessing the alternator would blow these

Автор ThePokeLoVer (17 часов)
Can u teach us to do it and toturial

Автор Mike K (1 день)
have you seen what the life of the alternator will be by using this system?

Автор Austin Pieschel (1 день)
That is not very good for the electric system in the car. A car is designed
to use a 12 volt dc battery not capastors.

Автор Mind|Sculptor (1 день)

Автор Heath Ledger (2 дня)
make an electric car with that shizznit.

Автор jordypoe (4 дня)
Really cool stuff! Thanks for doing this experiment for us to see.

Автор marinostb (5 дней)
What's the lifetime of these capacitors if they are used in cars? Also will
they work for summer temperatures at 45C / 113F and Direct sunlight
temperatures at 70C / 160F ?

Автор Phillip Gamito (5 дней)
Hey Lasersaber! I'm curious if you had to do anything to balance the cell
charge. Guessing that's 6 cells rated to 2.7v, 2 series of 3, wired in
parallel. Have you experienced damage, if you aren't using a balancer?

Автор ThingsDemystified (6 дней)
How this device could be useful is if you're stuck with a dead battery. You
could use a solar panel to charge it.

Автор mech223 (6 дней)
I would not recommend doing this. The series resistance of the capacitors
is probably lower than the battery, so it will source more current at stall
to the starter motor, which could unnecessarily stress it. The caps also
store less energy, so the system will be less reliable in situations where
there is a long time between charge and start.

Автор sean fletcher (6 дней)
do a vid about the golf cart in the back

Автор John Puccetti (6 дней)
All the new research is with capacitors. I think this is the future.

Автор kent (8 дней)
Wouldn't the alternator break or those battery explode while you are

Автор TheSRBgamer63 (9 дней)
Easy to start warm engine lol,how about at winter ,also how about diesel
engines :P,that ur car have some small engine i guess,bigger engines will
need more power to start.

Автор Richy GC (4 месяца)
Bet it wont start a diesel :)

Автор Killer Watts (11 дней)
I am looking forward to doing some projects with this type of setup. These
"Supercaps", "Boostcaps", really make a lot of projects and practical
application ideas possible. Great work I appreciate all your vids and
projects, keep moving forward.

Автор sunnyrichter (11 дней)
I dont understand where the cap got its charge

Автор hanif century (15 дней)

Replacing My Car Battery with Capacitors

Автор whanson3503 (5 месяцев)
So, I stumbled across this and have a few questions. I drive a big ol '09
Crown Vic named "Vicky". I also live in the frozen tundra known to some as
"Minnesota". This year I was up in Duluth and it just so happened that day
it got down to -50. Now that's not unheard of, it does happen. I was also
running my car, ham radio and AM/FM radio for 14 hours straight. Yeah 14
hours without turning the vehicle off. Wait no, I did once and that was a
mistake. Only a few minutes of being off, I couldn't start it. Which I
found odd because the battery is really only needed to start the vehicle
right? Well here is my list of questions if you could be so helpful. I am
really considering looking into your mini BoostPack setup with the attached
battery pack.

* Would more caps be better?
* If I had such a setup, would i have been able to do a repeat of my Duluth
trip and be able to start the car even after turning it off?
* What are the ranges of temps that these caps could tolerate?
* I also have the Goal Zero Nomad 7. I'd assume that would be enough to get
some charge back into the caps if I needed or if I let it just sit on the
pack constantly?
* If the vehicle were to die, then what?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I am just very interested in possibly doing
this. Thanks for the help

Автор Daniel Gutieres (18 дней)
It be a great emergency back up just like a spare tire. It can saves you a
300$+ towing fee.

Автор Jerry Ericsson (18 дней)
Just curious, we have a motor home, how would these behave as house
batteries, powering the lights etc. of the MH while camping where there is
no power to hook up to?

Автор Russell Senior (18 дней)
How long does it hold a charge though? 

Автор BungeeRooster (20 дней)

How about you use some plastic taperware filled with sponges (soaked with
electrolyte), zinc, and graphite to create seperate cells then connect them
together. Walter knows best!

Автор clifton559 (22 дня)
you have a 4 cylinder engine ofcoarse it will turn over with that small
compression motor sir. 

Автор Daniel Redding (23 дня)
What's the amperage output?

Автор Mark Mark (23 дня)
Great, another idiot that doesn't understand the difference between a
battery and a capacitor. Electrical engineering is a bachelors degree for a

Автор apeek7 (4 месяца)
Question: What happens to the charging semiconductors in your car? Lets
say you don't start the car immediately - you significantly deplete the
capacitor. At the last gasp the car starts...

Now you have an almost discharged capacitor drawing massive current from
your alternator. Are you at risk of damaging the diodes in the

Автор ssuuppeerrbbooyy (4 месяца)
Pointless to use this with a regular car.

Only hybrids and electric cars benefit from capacitors, because they can
store a lot of energy in short time, compared to lead acid battery. Then it
uses that as a buffer between the electric motor and batteries. Mainly its
used for energy recovery when you are braking. But that will be a thing of
the past with these new nanobatteries coming out (F1 uses them already, but
they are difficult to manufacture).

Автор journey994 (3 месяца)
should really be careful with those. They can shock the shit out of you!

Автор Perry Cross (25 дней)
Do your chickens give green eggs? I've seen brown before, but never green.

Автор Austin Pieschel (1 день)
That is not very good for the electric system in the car. A car is designed
to use a 12 volt dc battery not capastors.

Автор MrBaneoner (27 дней)
That is bad ass ! How did u make it?

Автор Mehmet Örnek (28 дней)

Автор Greg H (29 дней)
in two seconds they will discharge leaving you stranded if a radio was on
or alarm. boosters are not a long term energy source ,also they charge
with very fast pulsing your electrical system will fail very soon. 

Автор dirty lowdown (29 дней)
In a trash car like this it may work, but in the end you will still need
the battery when the car is not running , besides even if this works the
space issue isn't much of a problem either you use the caps or the battery,
capacitors weren't meant to be exposed to engine temps or weather, sooner
or later you will have problems.

Автор ThingsDemystified (6 дней)
So what's the verdict people. I don't have time to watch all the videos.
Can ultracapacitors replace your car battery for normal use?

Автор Gerhardtdj (1 месяц)
Hi friend,
Please remove your ring when working with batteries and super capacitors.
You could loose your finger if your ring comes in contact with the
terminals. I enjoyed your video. Maxwell makes a capacitor-battery combo
for starting diesel trucks.
Don Gerhardt

Автор André Gm (4 месяца)
can you fast charge it with a crank ? i mean capacitors can chage up faster
than a battery, so all you would need is to run the right crank.

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