Ruger's New MINI-14 Target Rifle

Testing the New Mini-14 Target Rifle with the Adjustable Harmonic Dampener

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Автор don h ( назад)
I got one with the black rubber stock and it seems to shoot pretty well.
the adjustable piece always comes loose though when I'm shooting. tried
locktite and it stayed put for a while but eventually loosened up

Автор Jeffrey Cervantez ( назад)
So, it has a rail mount yes?? I want to put a red dot scope on this model,

Автор Marti woodchip ( назад)
Hi Paul I have the same mini 14 target rifle except with the normal stock
and I have not tweeked with the harmonic dampener at all yet, the rifle
get's 1" groups at 100 yards pretty easy so do you think that I should even
bother fooling with it? and if so do you think that I should run the
dampener in like you did to start off with or just try a 1/2 turn at a
time?. M

Автор Canadianhonkindiesel ( назад)
Thanks Paul (from the great with north - Canada). I bought one of these a
week ago and tried it out with a Bushnell 4 - 7x 40 scope (thinking medium
range). I'm a 338 Win Mag guy, but I can't believe I was shooting
"quarters" 1"up from center - bore sighted at 100yds with Hornady V-max 55
gr. right out of the box and no harmonic dampener adjustment yet! Punching
holes through ¼" plate steel at 25 yds. OMG!! I had to run out to get a
Bushnell 4-18 x 40 223 Tactical scope this week, because the 4-7x scope was
not good enough!!! I will be re-tuning with Hornady Z-max 55r for those
Zombie Varmints - LOL! Hi expectations now! (Not to plug Hornady, but they
make FANTASTIC rounds for the price, and reloading is even better!!!)

Автор ogarzabello ( назад)
Hi Paul:
Will the rifle fit other shorter or tactical stocks that you can use for
home defense too?
I'm asking because the rifle has a heavy barrel.

Автор Mike Marien ( назад)
I just got this thing and have spent a few sessions at the range breaking
it in. Is it just me or does it like cheap American Eagle in 55 grn? I have
run it with Black Hills and Hornady,(which my AR Loves!) but I am getting
better groups with the cheaper stuff!. Next part is messing with the
balancer. I found that when I was testing it a week ago, that it liked the
balancer forward.

I have to add that the trigger is terrible, and that I shoot better far
better groups with a bolt .223. I get that a bolt is more accurate, but
this thing is nowhere near as accurate "out-of-the-box" as the RPR. Or even
the American Rifle in the same caliber.


Автор Chuck Cinque ( назад)
Thanks for the video, Paul. What made you decide to keep turning in the
harmonic dampener to 2.5 turns when it already had such a tight group at 1
turn?I recently bought a 5828, Archangel stock, Nikon M-223 4-16x42, Atlas
bipod, and I'm ready to sight it in. Trigger has been reworked to 3.2 lbs.
And, yes, you rock.

Автор Shawn Bartley ( назад)
thank you Paul for sharing that information. Great shooting. And yes you do

Автор David Eustache ( назад)
I definitely need to learn how to reload I can't imagine 1000 rounds for
$200 plus the pleasure of doing something you enjoy thank you for the info

Автор David Eustache ( назад)
with all due respect I can only speak for myself but with the model 5808
that you are using I have had my best luck with Fiocchi, " 223 FHVB extrema
Factory loaded with Vmax 40 grain bullets they come out the door at 3650
but get with the program and end up where they're supposed to they are
basically a polymer filled hollow point and are available at Sportsman
Guide dot-com 200 rounds with a very nice box for $95

Автор David Eustache ( назад)
I took the identical rifle and gave it a facelift, I'm trying to figure out
how to send you a photo

Автор Trick 153 ( назад)
Thank you for this post. Very sharp rifle and great job with the optics.
Out of curiosity, why not use a clay pigeon instead of a rock? Hard to see
what's getting nailed from the recorder. :)

Автор dougefreshMS6 ( назад)
Thank you so much for this video Paul! I've wanted the Mini-14 Target for
about 5 years now, largely due to your video here, and I finally picked
mine up tonight. Same stock, and I went with the entry level Leupold VX-1
3x9x40mm & a Harris bipod. I haven't even shot her yet, but I wanted to
thank you kindly for taking the time to make this video!! How far out were
you with the paper targets when you first started adjusting the dampener,
and what ammo were you using to sight her in with in this video? Thanks in

Автор Ray Hansen ( назад)
started hand loading in 1964,BUT,when the gunregistry started here I sold
EVERYTHING,43 pounds powder ,8,000=bullets ,multi die setsabout 15,000
primers.A large pail of cast lubed and sized .429 [44mag. ] bullets. This
with a load of really nice rifleslike a 1935 Brazilian model98
Mauser[un-fired] 7x57mm. etc etc Now there is no registry,it cost millions
and no crimes were solved or prevented....Canadians figured it out that
criminalsDONT REGISTER GUNS ...DUH! even the stupid liberals finally got

Автор Ray Hansen ( назад)
Ive got a Tikka t-3 Lite synthetic with a 4X-12X Vortex on it .But i was
looking for an accurate semi auto because the ground is covered with ground
Getting anything here,especially ammo. is a genuine problem.Prices are Nuts
like $20 for a box of 22WMR,minimum.

Автор Ray Hansen ( назад)
Im in Canada

Автор Ray Hansen ( назад)
Sort of like the Browning BOSS system which works great too.

Автор Ryan Simpson ( назад)
Is there anything like this "barrel harmonic tuner" for the tactical model?

Автор mechredd ( назад)
I've had one of these for a little over a year, and still haven't even
mounted a scope on it. I really want to make it my coyote gun.
Promag offers a nice stock for it with adjustable LOP and cheek rest. It
also has sling studs and a bottom rail for a bipod.

Автор sysjls75 ( назад)
Nice rifle and some nice shooting.....

Автор cbaracuta ( назад)
I had bought this gun new a couple years back for close to a grand. I spent
almost a year going thru ammo and adjustments trying to find the “sweet
spot”. The problem I had was I would get it sighted in, and then next time
out it would shoot in a different spot. I will say I got it down to about
1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. The good is the gun always went bang. But the
gun is very heavy and does not shoot 5.56 rounds. I bought a good ar-15
that weighs only 6 pounds and it shoots ½ inch groups from 100 yards and
shoots all different brands well. Best thing I ever did.

Автор Brett Hutch ( назад)
Nice, 2 questions tho! what recipe of 223 ammo(bullet type, make , ect.) is
he using and how big is the plate (dia.) at 300 yds

Автор R.H. Polk ( назад)
Thanks for the videos, I ran out of room on the other post. 

Автор R.H. Polk ( назад)
I watched your 300 yard video Paul, I have seen those muzzle breaks in
cheaper then dirt. I will buy one for my ranch rifle, it is one with the
thin barrel and it looks like the one you were shooting on the 300 yard
video. My other Mini 14 is much older, it's a 180 with the wood forearm top
cover. Both my Minis mean a lot to me, I have a M1 Garand and a M1 A match
rifle and all are almost the same action. I'm sure you know this already. I
also have a pair of AKs, ARs and Russian SKSs. 

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
On the older mini try a muzzle brake. They sell them at cheaperthandirt .
They called it a double muzzle brake and it made a big difference. I think
it was more the weight than the brake. Watch my 300 yard movie and you will
see it.

Автор R.H. Polk ( назад)
My brother in law just bought this same rifle. I looked at it a couple
nights ago and it is a fine gun. I have two older mini14s, one is the old
180 series and the other is a little newer but they don't compare to the
target rifle. I have about 50 rifles & shotguns and about 20 hand guns. I
think the Mini 14 target will be my next gun. Thanks for the video!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
When you talk AR you are talking everything from A to Z . If you are
comparing the “standard” AR to this rifle they are completely different
animals. If you are using the AR platform as a convenient holder for a HIGH
END BARREL that’s a different story and I’m sure you could match the
accuracy. Both actions are reliable, possibly the Mini-14 has a very slight
advantage in reliability depending on your AR components. (FORD CHEVY)
Watch my other movie AR-15's SUCK learn to LOVE them 

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
7.62X39 is not even in the game. Check the ballistic tables and you will
find that it falls short. 7.62X39 ammo is such a mess from most sources
accurate long distance shot placement is out of the question. Quality ammo
has a much higher price and you should consider 308 for more bang for the

Автор Cosmicblast77 ( назад)
I wonder if there would be any difference in accuracy if you were using a
mini 30 instead. All other parameters being equal. I am sure u would be
able to reach out farther, but with the same accuracy?

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
I was at 50 yards. I only show the course adjustment to let you see how
much difference the harmonic tuning can give. After I found the sweet spot
I did about another 25 rounds fine tuning at full torque. At that point it
was putting a hole in a hole at 50 yards, a quick check at 100 and
corrected for a Zero at 200, and that’s what it did

Автор cassanoa ( назад)
thanks this helps allot 

Автор tonygharman ( назад)
I have one of these and have shot it with Remington and Federal ammo, I
have never moved my dampener from stock. I know all gun aren't the same so
you can't really go by findings, if a man has one of these they need to
shoot it to find out where it shoots. The longest shot I made with mine was
358yds at a 2ltr Mountain Dew bottle and I hit at the O which was dead
center for me with cheap Remington ammo. This gun will by far out shoot my
AR15, hate to say it but its true

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
What ?

Автор jim g ( назад)
Are the new mini 14s accurate?

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
It depends on your ammo . You have to tune it to your ammo. "your AMMO"

Автор chadabooo ( назад)
i just bought one of these last week and put a 4-12-40 nikon on it, i was
wondering if the 2 1/2 in turns is were u still use it at and is it the
best setting, im going to be going this weekend to shoot it at the range
and i would like to know for when im tunning my damperer. thanks Chad

Автор guerrierodelgiaguaro ( назад)
Thank you very much Bro!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
As with ALL BULL BARREL rifles it can be difficult ! Depending on your size
I would recommend the standard Mini-14 for standing if I had to shoot more
than a few round accurately. This is more the sniper version.

Автор guerrierodelgiaguaro ( назад)
Hullo Comrade, please, I would like your opinion regarding the possibility
to use this rifle in standing up position. Regards from Italy.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld (108 лет назад)
leave me a private message with your phone number

Автор rich52mag (1372 года назад)
Hi Paul Nice shooting! I just bought this rifle.I traded in my old Mini
14.It had the cheap skinny barrel,not to accurate.I was just wondering what
ammunition and scope you used in the video?

Автор guerrierodelgiaguaro ( назад)
Many thanks, Sir. 

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
All true, but it has an OK trigger, but not wonderful. Even an amature can
figure out how to polish this action to make it still safe but a lot

Автор guerrierodelgiaguaro ( назад)
Very nice rifle, but, please, what do you think regarding this opinion ? -A
vital link in a rifle's performance chain is a trigger pull that is crisp &
reasonably light; the Mini-Target's pull is neither.The reason this
important element of good shooting was ignored by Ruger may be in-house
paranoia, but it needn't spell doom because a savvy gunsmith who has
mastered smoothing out a Garand's fire-control system can do the same for
the Mini-14- Regards

Автор J Piel ( назад)
Great vid and good shooting sir. I have a ranch rifle witch before I
upgraded it, I culd get a 3/4in group at 100yds. I have added a 1-3 wever
scope and new stock and accu strut and now can get two holes touching and
the third about 1/8 to 1/4in away. I use it for 3 gun and coyote hunting, I
am going to build a mini 14 target rifle next for long range varments. mini
14 ranch and traget rifles are the greatested underrated rifles around

Автор marc houle ( назад)
"That's because I rock" :) 

Автор piehole789 ( назад)
Great shooting, that wind sure was working against you..

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
@SteelBustingBiker Thanks ,,,, I think LOL 

Автор SteelBustingBiker ( назад)
Love it! Gray hair Brother Shooter Rock'n OUT! Man has never gone over 18
years old??? Thanks for the video and great shooting and tuning!

Автор 40calFunk ( назад)
You rock dude!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
@porrsmurfen It tunes out the harmonic of the barrel for a given
ammunition. Usually you have to select factory ammunition or hand-load it
to what the rifle likes. In this case you pick the ammo and tune the rifle
to the ammo. Very sweet if you do not hand-load. Tune it and just always
shoot the same ammo. It also does not add to the barrel length. This rifle
does not have provisions for a muzzle break or flash suppressor. 

Автор porrsmurfen (127 лет назад)
What is the purpose of the harmonic dampener? I've read a few articles that
claim that it gives increased MOA capability, but how does it make the
weapon more accurate if not just for the added barrel length? Also, is it
possible to combine this with a muzzle brake/flash suppressor?

Автор dougefreshMS6 ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld I will, but not for a spell. I'll get in touch with you
when the time is right. Great job with the sighting the rifle, the vid, and
the shots! Thanks for posting this and keep up the great work!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
@dougefreshMS6 If you got the money and ammo I got the time

Автор dougefreshMS6 ( назад)
Very Nice. Looking forward to picking one of these up in the near future.
Care to dial it in for me? :) 

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Who would do that ? I have no idea.

Автор olive bread ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld What Brand of Ammo do you use?

Автор Ryan Stubblefield ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld Finally, someone that is capable of shooting as tight as a
group as the rifle can. A fine example for all of the other You Tube
shooter hacks/lousy marksmen to go by. Nicely done.

Автор jayleo16 ( назад)
Till this one, I agree. I love that rifle.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
This one is

Автор jayleo16 ( назад)
What is it with all these guys saying the mini has accuracy problems when I
watch video after video of guys knocking the eyes out of targets with them.
They aren't competition rifles and were never designed as such.

Автор olive bread ( назад)
@1614nevada what ammo do you use for the mini-14 

Автор jkeys251 ( назад)
Nice shootin', Tex! 

Автор 3mealsaday ( назад)
I need some info. Not sure if you can provide it, but here goes. Im looking
at buying a JAE 100 G2 stock for the M1A, but heres the thing, I want to
mount the JAE on a mini 14. I know the mini suffers accuracy problems, but
I want to anyways for fun. The info I need is, is the receiver of the M1A
the the same size and shape as the mini? 

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld Yeah...but those Reds are actually "Blues" Democrats that
would rather arrest a rifle as opposed to the trigger man. Im surprised
they haven't tried to ban Screw Drivers or Thumb Tacks or super glue. ;p) 

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Caution ! I think the reds in The Republic consider the thumb hole stock
the same as a pistol grip. Ask some Cal expert what’s the legal
combinations in the state ? I think it would be illegal on that gun, but I
am no California expert. 

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
hey Paul: How do you clean your Bore with this M14 puppy? Is there a Bore
guide for the muzzle? I hate snakes and I like to use a Coated Dewy rod. I
carefully ran some patches through the front but I don't like doing that.
What do you do? Or have U cleaned this one? The barrel's machined steel is
nice and hardened but I just don't like going through the front. Sorry I
ask too much questions. Rugar will not sell that stock to CA either! But I
found a same wood finish thumb hole thats close! 

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld ;p) The ole Red Cunt Hair trick eh? ;p() Three turns
in...two in the same hole...Might be you? You lucky guy!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
It's RCH = R ed C unt H air LOL 

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld Thanks Paul. I just got mine. Im going to lap these rings.
Im a bit tripping on the rings. At first they didn't go on straight due to
some real fine machine burs in those pockets. Now they look straight but I
want to lap em before I drop my VX3 Leupold in that puppy. When you say 2
1/2 +RHC... what it "RHC"? Excuse my ignorance. the rugar manual does not
mention much on adjustment for the front end of this thing. And I will be
using 40grain light bullets for now.

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
@AldridgeHalenFreak -Paul your the Best little rock picker I ever did see!
Hee Hee

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
@PaulsWackyWorld Yeah...that video you did is a real kick in the ass! I
ordered one. Rugar will not sell me that rifle with that wooden stock you
have in California!! But I found a Tundra custom Lefty that is very close
in design and is the same color. it will be my other Coyote gun next to my
Stag AR and my Savage 10. Your video is very cool. Did you start it all
with a laser bore sight?

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Cheap Remington bulk pack 55gr FMJ with 23.5gr of H4895 and a winchester
primer, cuz thats what I had. It ended up about 2 1/2 +RCH turns in.

Автор ChristianLudwig ( назад)
Im ordering one of these! I also like my Stag AR but this will be another
cool Coyote rifle! So what weight bullets were using and what wa the final
harmonic adjustment with it? Did you try different bullets during the
different groups upon dialing that puppy in? "Nice Shooting too Paul!"

Автор raginroadrunner ( назад)
These should be in the hands of US armed Forces and to hell with winning
over their hearts and minds..put a bullet through the Hadji's heads and
their hearts are unimportant...shoot well my brothers...

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
That’s exactly what I thought ,,, but was afraid to say it !

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
1) Get it dialed in pretty close with the scope 2) go for the harmonic
dampener for the tightest group. 3) then back to the scope to put it on

Автор olive bread ( назад)
sholud i sight the gun in first or the harmonic damper first at the range? 

Автор Evan Monaghan ( назад)
I also own one of these amazing mini's. I just added a harris bipod which
makes a world of difference in the field. Also i found that any brand of
ammo shoots well through it, however i found that a full metal jacket
(55gr) bullet gave me a better grouping compared to a soft point or plastic
tipped bullets. I think that is because of nicking when the round is fed
into the breach. hope this helps everyone

Автор semperfi1000 ( назад)
Thanks, I have that mini on order, you made my day!

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
The cheap bulk pack of Remington or Winchester in 55gr.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
I like the mini but would recommend getting 1 each.

Автор olive bread ( назад)
did he say what brand of ammo he used

Автор Matt P ( назад)
figures that the only time you mention the wind it starts to pick up. seems
like its that way for me atleast. it can be nice and calm all day then the
second i load up my guns to go out the wind starts to howl.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Head shots only to almost make it sporting,, LOL

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
I love my old MINI -14 see my 300 yard video. This is a very different
Mini, it's like a max mini ? or something LOL I want one---- BAD ! Thanks
for the comment !

Автор Oheeeoh ( назад)
Neat rifle. I still love my open sighted, 80's era Mini 14 though. They
share the same name, but the two rifles have completely different roles,

Автор Paul Hunter ( назад)
I just bought the mini-14 target rifle. It came with scope rings for 1"
scope. I bought a 30mm scope and cannot find rings to fit.... any help
would be appreciated!

Автор 1614nevada ( назад)
this video helped me decide to spend the cash and get this gun. i added a
Carl Zeiss 3.5 - 10 x44 scope and took it to the range yesterday.
immediatley, the range officer wanted to kick me off the 100yd range and
send me to the 50 yd line since he was convinced a mini 14 wouldn't hit the
paper out of the box... he was quite suprised 30 rounds in when i was
shooting 1" groups off of the crappy bean bags supplied there. I haven't
adjusted the dampner yet and and this rifle shoots amazingly well

Автор Slave ToTheGrinde ( назад)
proud papa of the mini 14 target for over a year, amazing results with
dampener. If your change ammo in any way, mfg, weight ect., you will want
to readjust dampener.

Автор Hannibal Smith ( назад)
Thanks so much for the video. I was thinking about getting one of these.
Now I know im going to get one because this gun seems great.

Автор MilSpec1911 ( назад)
5.56 Nato and .223 Rem are not the "same" cartridge. 5.56 has a
considerable amount more pressure than the .223, and the cartridge
dimensions are not identical. If you read the owners manual, you'll see
that it also states that using 5.56 Nato is ok in the Ranch Rifles, but not
ok in the Target model. The chamber of the Target model is built
specifically for the .223 Remington, and is not designed to handle the 5.56
Nato cartridge.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Sounds like the correct tool for the job to me

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
Depends on what you are going to do with it ? and what you expect from it ?

Автор PaulsWackyWorld (1789 лет назад)
No You said "Minis are built sturdy enough to handle the extra pressure of
the 5.56 with the exception of the new target models that sport the
harmonic dampener. Any ideas on why that would be? " This was cut and paste
from your original post. The owners manual says 5.56 or 223 and the one on
line says 5.56 or 223. Maybe you didn't mean " with the exception of " in
your original post.

Автор PaulsWackyWorld ( назад)
5.56 and 223, smae same ??? sounds like crap to me . Call back and get me a
name of who you talked to. I'll bet it was some twit office help.

Автор cjhyde78 ( назад)
*GET not got

Автор cjhyde78 ( назад)
At least your not being a "TROLL" like northwestmike and sying your point.
I just feel if your want an action like that go with a 7.62X51 aka M1A if
your shooting a 5.56/.223 got an AR

Автор koolaidman007 ( назад)
meh. Mini 14's are alright. They are fun to shoot and reliable enough. Ill
take my AR though.

Автор Leo Wolf ( назад)
that is a great looking rifle. i should be getting one later on in the

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