Battle Hymn of the Republic

Singer Sherry Hunt gives her audience a surprise more than once as lead soloist in this rendition of the classic hymn.

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Автор Minnie Carter ( назад)
Hallelujah!! I have not heard anyone sing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
quite like my friend Sherry Hunt. She sings with such power - pulling the
sounds from every part of her being. Under the leadership of my namesake
Dr. Nathan Carter, whom I adored, she soars to great heights and incredible
lows. Keep Singing Sherry. Keep Shining. Keep Spreading Joy and Love
through your music.

Автор Roger Lewis ( назад)
WOW!!!.. I am A B S O L U T E L Y speechless.

Автор Deja G ( назад)
The lady who leads this song was my music teacher and she is very good at
what she does. 

Автор LEGSUDESIRE ( назад)
My God

Автор Joel B (746 лет назад)
I love it. It starts off with this gospel drive and finishes in its
traditional march style. Great vocals.

Автор UNbowed62 ( назад)
Best rendition ever; it rouses spirit and soul. <3 <3 <3

Автор Charlie Taylor ( назад)
Who cares what the HATERS think !!!! . LOVE THIS RENDITION. THAT'S IT

Автор Mae Newsome ( назад)
Some of the best vocals I have every heard. Love to Sherry and others.

Автор Tbear869 ( назад)
Well go 'head and sing, Sherry! Yes Lord....help yourself!!!

Автор Thomas Datcher ( назад)
It still remains a classic of all times. Outstanding performance by Ms.
Hunt and reminds us of the great talent of Dr. Nathan Carter. 

Автор BigTimeHomo ( назад)
This is not for the faint of heart. You have got to listen to this with an
open mind, and then listen to it a second time. If you want to listen a
third time then you know you've witnessed something that is divinely
inspired, but be very careful to just dismiss it as so much BS. Keep in
mind, this lovely lady did not have to sing this song, but then again,
there may have been something from within that allowed her no other choice.
I'm mesmerized.

Автор Jane Stahl ( назад)
I usually dislike over improvisation, especially of such a classic song,
but this was incredible. What range and power; a gift from God. . 

Автор zanthus7 ( назад)
If you didn't feel that, something is wrong with you. Sherry Hunt is a
powerhouse of a singer.

Автор Dereion Hunter ( назад)
As a little boy my grandmother, mother, and i used to watch the morgan
choir programs on PBS and this was my most favorite song and soloist. She
is one of the best!! She was the reason i wanted to sing!!!

Автор Douglas Anderson ( назад)
Truly amazing. I've watched this video many, many times and each time I'm
more impressed than the last. I love this video. Sherry Hunt has an
astounding voice.

Автор James Davis ( назад)
Just a bit too much!!!

Автор Marlon D. Gandy ( назад)
I do not like this rendition bc she is all over the place! Just sing the
song! She sounds horrible!

Автор Ruby Miller ( назад)
I'm addicted to this video. 

Автор Ruby Miller ( назад)
This girl tore this song apart and put it back together again! Words are
indescribable how beautiful this is! Well done my dear!

Автор Theresa Davis ( назад)
This by far my absolute favorite version of this song. Dr. Carter was a
genius at his craft, hence the reason the Morgan State choir become known
around the world. This choir always made me proud to be a Morgan State
Bear. RIP Dr Carter

Автор malaise ennui ( назад)
Truly, absolutely, wonderfully, the best arrangement bar none. So awesome,,
thanks for posting this vid. Do you have anymore with this singer? We don't
get good, spirituals or gospel in Canada, besides the Montreal Jubilation
Gospel Choir.

Автор AndreyJarrow ( назад)
WOW! I Have no words!

Автор Teammm ( назад)
this is the best class ever

Автор allen makere ( назад)
I love when the American songbook comes alive in all of its traditions.
When popular strains are reminded of the networks of meanings that thread
together the national creed in song. Some of those, most of those in our
country spring up from black feeling and the vernacular song steeped in
holy rolling.

Автор PreciousGem682 ( назад)
This is Morgan State University Choir. This is from their reunion concert.
That's Dr. Nathan Carter (late director) talking at the beginning..

Автор MONIQUE PURCELL ( назад)

Автор MONIQUE PURCELL ( назад)

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
Is it really?

Автор LifeSongs21 ( назад)
This IS Morgan's Choir!

Автор BamaBigSid ( назад)
What choir is doing the background? Is it Morgan State?

Автор ZoeskiiSC ( назад)

Автор Zaidi Ademeit ( назад)
This is how you sing it!

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
I still say they nothing on the Morgan Choir.

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
It's not seven minutes of music I have a problem with. It's the thirty
seconds to say every word I can't stand!

Автор highbrid2008 ( назад)
It's just funny that you say that, because Anglos, when writing music, make
it up to 90mins long! lol Beethoven's symphonies, Mahlers Symphonies, etc.
lol If you can't sit thru seven minutes of music then there's something
wrong with you lol

Автор Eric Gregg ( назад)
just watched this on Mpt/pbs and loved it

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
Dude I posted this comment six day ago and the song just ended! The only
thind that could have made it slower is to have Aretha sing it. She starts
singing in the day and it ends at night!

Автор highbrid2008 ( назад)
You're ignorant. People love this choir all over the world...literally!!!!
Do your research homie lol.

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
If each song takes this long the concert must last for months!

Автор boobiepuddles ( назад)
The timing is horrible. I have other things to do then spend all day
listening to one song. Sing it the way it's suppose to be!

Автор Carol LiveLight ( назад)
I have the DVD of this magnificent choir's concert on that day. Each song
is a unique interpretation, but this one by Sherry Hunt is my favorite of
all. Yes, she is an actress in song, but the dept of her heart and soul is
simply miraculous in music. It is as real as the courage it took to win all
the battles for freedom ever fought. Bless you Sherry!

Автор tawshort ( назад)
Md public Tv is showing the concert and may be the only place you can buy
it. This moves me every time I see it. I'll always remember Sherry Hunt
singing the "battle hymn of the republic".

Автор Kristina0141 ( назад)
Can you put Amazing Grace on youtube?? From the same concert

Автор mysticalprophetess ( назад)
This is positively the most anointed song I have ever heard. Beyond the
beauty of Ms. Hunt's voice, I had the distinct sensation that our ancestors
were singing with her and through her. I was completely overcome the first
time I heard it. Thank God for the anointing He has placed in you Ms. Hunt,
and may He continue to use you mightily! Thank God for the legacy of song
left by the late great Dr. Nathan Carter and the Morgan State Choir. What a
gift you are to the earth!!

Автор Naltino ( назад)
My My My!!!!!! Yes indeed! No words!

Автор empresswms (488 лет назад)
Does anyone know where I can get the whole concert?!?!?

Автор malealto11 ( назад)
Yessssss sherry!!!!Sang hunny

Автор TISMTER ( назад)
R.I.P Uncle Nathan Carter

Автор xXthegoodlifeXx ( назад)
The first time I heard this I have to admit I was like wth is going on with
that lady?? But now I can't stop listening! So unique and filled with
emotion!! My favorite version of this song

Автор Sackylynn Hampton ( назад)
@eajj13 I did the exact same thing it's like I've been needing to hear
this!! It is the MOST ANOINTED VERSION i have ever heard,it just gets ALL

Автор eajj13 ( назад)
You know I remembered seeing this peformance on tv years ago. I searched
You Tube to find it. The most anointed version of this song I've ever
heard. Glory-glory-glory-glory....my God Sherry Hunt...let the Lord use

Автор ckb4me ( назад)
@IWDWSWLM Not at all! I have seen her do this song in concert under the
direction of Dr. Carter. If he felt that she was doing it to show off...he
would have sat her down! Don't let a youtube video/audio make a judgement
for a great, trained voice.

Автор jclef614 ( назад)
You could see Jesus all in her face.....I almost went IN sitting here at my

Автор 24MzBryant ( назад)
@iwdwswlm n @iknwdasright tht is hw she sings from her soul u dnt knw
nathan carter he was the type of man where he wanted to b different frm
everyone else and every other choir so his soloist where the ones who help
him fullfill tht which he wanted...im just sayin i knew them personally

Автор Torrance Bennett ( назад)
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but at 5:30 one of the the tenor was
gettin his clap on! I would have been right in there with him! Gloraaay!!

Автор Peter Andrews ( назад)
She goes off key quite a bit here. And she seems like she is showing off
rather than singing from her soul.

Автор schs19947 ( назад)
Ms. Hunt sang that song with all that was in her..she blessed my soul

Автор r charla ( назад)
@Pianoman42100 You're so right. The director is phenomenal!

Автор Pianoman42100 ( назад)
@DRGladden Personally, I ENJOY hearing a female baritone a lot more than I
do a male baritone. Sherry has the ability to throw her voice at any given
time. I really and truly enjoyed hearing this song. Way to go, Sherry, and
Morgan State Choir!!! Well done!!

Автор Pianoman42100 ( назад)
@rcharla1 The reason that they were able to hold it together, is because
they had an AWESOME director guiding them. That is a VERY important factor
in choral music.

Автор Pianoman42100 ( назад)
Check out the guy sitting CLOSEST to her at 5:01. He don't know what to
think!! LOVE IT!!!!

Автор Louis Davis, Jr. ( назад)
I miss you Dr. Carter.......Louis

Автор sweetblakladee ( назад)

Автор Taye Rockz ( назад)
@rcharla1 heeeeeeeeeyyyyy

Автор Hilary Daniel ( назад)
OMG!!!! this is a PERFORMANCE!!!!

Автор maelle christine Chery ( назад)
what a beautiful voice she has....

Автор Ladyvdubb08 ( назад)
Glory to GOD in the highest

Автор Jonathan GQ ( назад)
great cotralto voice! shows alot of control not only in the higher notes as
well as the low! definitely surprises us all multiple times!

Автор ckb4me ( назад)
Morgan State and Sherry came to Lynchburg College and did this hymn...SHE
BLEW ME AWAY!!! I can't help but to shed tears as she sings this song.

Автор Charlo Crossley ( назад)
Open up your mouth, and SANG! Anointed...appointed. So many levels going
on...from slavery to this moment...Our God is marching ON! Come on

Автор DRGladden ( назад)
If you had listened to the entire song I am sure your inappropriate comment
would not have been posted. I would suggest that you listen to it again, if
you had before, with a heart open to ministry and an ear closed to
stereotype [Female Baritones. Ms Hunt BTW isn't one, but she is a minister
of song] and I'm sure that this unique rendition will stir you to a more
appropriate response. Shalom.

Автор mcworld999 ( назад)
wtf? she sounds like a man. baritone.

Автор B.A. Royalston-Scott ( назад)
I had seen the MSC 25th Anniversary performance on PBS and found the video
at a thrift shop. I let my sister view and now she won't give it back. She
is showing it to all her friends. There were some remarkable voices in that
choir. I am honored that I had the privilege of witnessing this truly
gifted, awesome choir.

Автор willfulpraise ( назад)
That is my Aunt Sherry One of the Greatest... Aunt Sherry you are a beast

Автор AltoLady1 ( назад)
Ms. Hunt and the Morgan State Choir has set a standard for the Battle Hymn
of the Republic that few choirs will be able to achieve. I have a copy of
the video of this concert but I greatly appreciate your posting this to
share with the world.

Автор nsilentnite ( назад)
she is so working them

Автор megashay1 ( назад)
Dear God, Thank you for sending Sherry Hunt to my kids school. She is
simply amazing. I first heard this song some years back on MPT, they had a
special for MS. I was so blessed w/ this song. Ive even sent this to
friends all over so that they could be blessed as well thank you for
posting this. Simply Amazing, the power of GOD.

Автор r charla ( назад)
I don't see how the choir and orchestra held it together. I probably would
have fallen out in the Spirit :-)! So powerful. The choirs vocals are
anointed, too.

Автор r charla ( назад)
The anointing on this woman's voice is AMAZING. I could listen to this
rendition all day. Thank God for the dynamic voices he puts in this earth
and in the hearts of souls he can use for his GLORY!

Автор viz1 ( назад)
In the beauty of the Lilly's...I felt that! I didn't know I would be ready
to dance off the Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

Автор ANGELFACE20716 ( назад)
seeing this live at the tribute concert this homecoming was a tremendous
experience.. I cried as soon as I knew it was her.. I remember watching
this song over and over as a kid when MPT aired it.. it was then I knew I
was coming to morgan...

Автор AyeshaTheGreat ( назад)
Thank you so much for posting this. I just saw this performed by the MSU
Tribute Choir for Dr. Richardson and was straight floored. I already love
this song and Sherry has made me love it even more. As a proud alum, I love
this choir! Go Bears!!!!!!!!

Автор optimisticinal (911 год назад)
OptimisticInAl OtakuBozu, Will you post more from this great concert? I'm
partial to Ernie Saunders' Great is Thy Faithfulness." Great job capturing
the video quality and rich sound from the concert. I wish it were more
widely available.

Автор KikiSazuki ( назад)
Oh Dear Jesus....After not seing this for over ten years It still stirs my
soul Thank you Dear God for the life and the talent of Sherry Hunt....Thank

Автор WarN_Peace ( назад)
You would think so... You just feel like going there...lol

Автор WarN_Peace ( назад)
I've been looking for this one.... Thanks for posting

Автор Ivan Berry ( назад)
was there ever a praise break in one of his videos?

Автор tybailey1 ( назад)

Автор radicalpraiza ( назад)
Yesssss Mrs.Sherri 4:50 she kill it every time

Автор kenndogg ( назад)
by far the absolute best rendition of this song, ever!!!!!

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