Victor Engine - Animated Battle

This is a sample of my RPG Maker VX ace battle system, togheter with YEA - Ace Battle Engine.

It performs various different types of battlers at same time, showing holder battlers, kaduki battlers and normal charsets, where one is using the Victor Engine - Visual Equip script.

The script can be found on my blog: http://q.gs/2pVZ7

For those having problem in installing the battle system take a look at PassiveLion tutorial:

Battlers Graphics by Holder and Kaduki

DON'T ASK FOR DEMOS! Read the instructions on the script header, if you can't undestand them, this system is not for you.
This subject isn't open for discussion, I will not make demos. PERIOD!

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Автор SmashgamerX ( назад)
How do you put the faces of the actors in battle? :(

Автор Hynu Wander ( назад)
hey victor sant, fix the script download in your main page because it cant
be downloaded by one error 509, thx

Автор A. A. S. S ( назад)
Hey my friend some people like me are having some problems in the download
page, it says erro 509, could you please upload at MEGA?

Автор TigerBlitzXD ( назад)
Can't download it in the blog.. :(

Автор Logan Jay (LJ Gaming) ( назад)
Hey bro I'm a fan! having trouble with your script's though like that on
can't find version 1.50 of your basic module

Автор Dat Shambler ( назад)
This reminds me of when PewDiePie used to play RPG Maker games. He doesn't
do that now, does he?

Автор HoukouUkage “God of Death” ( назад)

Автор Johnny Storm ( назад)
awesome script.
but how do you make your animated battle compatible with ace's battle
i've been trying to do it for hours but can't get it working.

please help! thanks victor!

Автор Skyrelyks ( назад)
For some reason, (I've been reading the manual and got the script to work
almost exactly how I want it, but I've been stumped on this after so many
hours) when the battle first starts, the enemy is facing down, and then
faces towards the actors party after about a second. Both the actor and
enemy are on the default setting, and there is nothing wrong with the
actor. I'm using a 3x4 sprite sheet. Please help. I can send more info if

Автор Dark Holder ( назад)
Practice :) If your question is to make it appear in the battle then
Victors manual or PassiveLionCommunity has a video tutorial.

Автор SBrianZ ( назад)
This script is awesome, I know that I'm going to use this for my games.

Автор aquavulpez ( назад)
how does one make a sprite like the one holding the spear? [noob question i
know and i apologize]

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
I have a great idea, read the whole manual. You are not following the
instructions correctly.

Автор Castor Matt ( назад)
thank you!

Автор Charles Howarth ( назад)
The link on ur blog is broken... it brings me to addfly then says not found

Автор IamTehGuyz ( назад)
I'm guessing the YEA - Ace Battle Engine

Автор B Nyssa MSM ( назад)
Can I ask what script you used that allows you to display the character's
face underneath the HP/MP/TP/Status Details?

Автор SicklySloth ( назад)
Is the yanfly engine neccecary to use this engine?

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
Good question, i never experienced this error.

Автор Animunculus ( назад)
I added the note tag action pose: lightning strike to a skill to test the
sample animation you made so i could experiment with it, however i get
"nomethoderror line 3711 nil:nilclass" whenever i use the skill. However
all of the other skills and my own custom skills work perfectly, im using
charsets. And even the skills like aura blade i copy and pasted into
charset section worked perfectly, only one that doesnt is lightning strike,
why is that?

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
You will not find, this script isn't copy paste, if you want custom actions
you will have to make it yourself.

Автор Sophitian ( назад)
mhm what is that for a script that the actors jumpf forward and attack the
enemys x times? want to use it too xD but i dot find that xD

Автор Riot Produções ( назад)
Man, this is scirpt all interconnected with each other, left me very
confused If you have used this feature in their game, would make a beta,
just like with the battle system script and with this option? tried here
because the forms impossible and I knew nothing (I am an immigrant from
RMVX script where the battle was already this Ad-on but it was very easy to
customize; enough you edit the name of the folder Battler char, put a $
before the name and add the ID of the enemy animated)

Автор OverlordAsch ( назад)
Of course if they are asking something technically then it is different.
But asking help like, "how do you do bow animation" then it is a really
stupid question because it is explained in the manual.

Автор OverlordAsch ( назад)
It is just an ad page... click skip and you will get the script that Victor
has posted. Also read the manual before asking for any help. For some
reason people kept asking for help when the answers is right there in the

Автор Kyvax ( назад)
Um....I attempted to download your scripts (any one of them), and it kept
giving me an AD Fly blank page instead. .___. Is it because I'm using
Mozilla Firefox as my browser or...? So....I hope this gets fixed maybe? Or
should I use a different browser?

Автор memoeslink ( назад)
Holy fuck. This is incredible, Mr. Sant. Congratulations for your job.

Автор Parluxgrounds ( назад)
hey victor I got your script working but I wanna use either custom or the
default enemies

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
Do you undestand how to make custom poses? If yes, then there is a
'picture' command available for actions, just look into the manual how to
configure it. If no, then you should take a look on the manual or maybe
Passive Lion tutorial about custom action, because you need to know how to
setup actions for that.

Автор Edrian Excess ( назад)
Hi, Can you explain how to insert "images cut" in before launching a skill?

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
Everything is working fine. You not knowing how to use it ins't a issue
with the script.

Автор TheMagicNetherland ( назад)
your base module script, not working, very erros. sorry my bad english,
because a i'm spanish.

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
You got the point. The script is huge? Yes. It's complex? Yes. But not that
hard to use, just require a lot of time and effort. But it couldn't be
otherwise for the number of options available. I hope to see the results of
what you did with it.

Автор Teporingo ( назад)
It was not hard at all to understand how this works for me, for some
reason; just time consuming; but the result is the knowledge on how to use
such a bloody customizable and flexible animation system! You're an ace,
Victor! :3 Thank you for making it, no other system ever allowed me to do
such things as this one!

Автор Nashi ( назад)
Man i can't make it work even with the passive lion tutorial, when i attack
with eric he switch to nathalie when eating the ennemie, and then goes back
to normal.

Автор Toshiro99 ( назад)
amazing :) do you know any people who want to create a game and need help?
or people who want to help creating a game. I would love it, but i dont
have the time to do ALL by myself.

Автор Rurick91 ( назад)
I kind of wanted to get this for making games, but then I decided it would
probably be better to try to do it myself so I could know it well enough to
change it for later games afterwards, so that I would have the satisfaction
of making it myself, and also so that it would be more fair if I ever
decided to make it a commercial game instead of a free one. (Yes, I did
read your commercial licensing thing, but I still feel it would be better
in the long run) Now I just need to learn the scripting.

Автор janlukky Xx ( назад)
i had someone done a better guidebook on this engine on DA deviantart

Автор Vaughn The Rapper ( назад)
How are the faces in the battle Im using your battle script and I don't
have a battle window like that

Автор TheAuthor95 ( назад)
i checked it out! couldn't belive how simple it was lol!!!

Автор PassiveLionCommunity ( назад)
Just finished a guide (beginner friendly) on how to install this awesome
script into RMVXA! Check it out on my channel if you're curious. ;) Thanks
again Victor for such great quality. Happy developing!

Автор Adon237 RMN ( назад)
All of these lazy people... You can't be game developers like that!

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
Man, there's a whole page with instructions on my blog. Everything you need
to know is there, if you can't undestand the manual, this script isn't for

Автор moeezk7 ( назад)
Hey, I know you hate stupid people who can't read or do anything right, but
i've spent a good 3 hours trying to figure out your script, but I can't do
it. I'm trying to use "Holders" animated battlers to work with your battle
system but no luck. It just stays at frontal view no matter what I do.
Thanks in advance :)

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
So where would you direct me if I wanted to learn RGSS? Because I really
want to avoid all the default stuff In Rmxp. But I don't know anything
about scripting. I do sincerely want to learn to script though...

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
Lol well at least your honest about it lol.

Автор EveryBVideos ( назад)
Cause I'm lazy

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
P.s. I have some music on my channel you could check out ranging from Rock
to Rap. Hope ya like em. :D

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
Cool, dont get me wrong I'm not saying anything bad about you or your video
or even the script for that matter. Just my opinion on things. And I didn't
mean to sound like I was bragging I just feel like when you make a game it
should be custom. All of it. But, again I don't mean anything negative
towards you. As a matter of fact I'm a little envious because when it comes
to scripting I dont know shit lol. So continue good sir and good luck with
your project. Peace.

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
Since this isn't a game, just a sample of the script working, i don't see
any need in that. I'm aware how the audio is very important, and how (bad)
people deal with it, but has nothing to do with this video anyway. In my
games, i try to avoid default things always i can, that's why i started

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
I see what you mean, but my point is there are tons of games made by people
and they all use the default music and sfx. Nothing negative towards your
script I'm just saying. IMO the music and sfx are a key part of the game.
Not the main thing, just an important part. I understand your just
displaying the script and that makes sense but for those that just use the
default stuff I personally dont agree with that. In the game im working on
all sfx and music are custom made by myself. And graphics.

Автор Victor Sant ( назад)
This is just a video to display a script. Why would i lose time puting
effort on fancy things that aren't the porpouse of the video? The objective
is to show the system woking on the rpg maker, and it does it. Also, the
default RMVXa music is great ;D

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
Why does everyone use the default sounds and music? I don't get that.

Автор SuzakuGuardian ( назад)
I hope I will soon begin to understand Ruby and RGSS3 to make my dream of
creating an RPG come true. Thanks for the link to your blog :)

Автор Daniel Yohannasikajuquim ( назад)
Ummm I am a total newbie at rpg maker ^^; i would love to learn how to use
the scripts. I'm focusing on eventing and making the game flow,storyline
etc, first.If you can give me tips to learn I appreciate it, don't wanna be
just another biter using scripts.

Автор Mr Lightman ( назад)
a sidebattle system in ace FINALY thanks man i can finaly begin full work
on my project (core my title system im waiting on someone to create a
animated title script for ACE) :) but serioiusly great work I will be
subscribing to you right now

Автор Pheyt14 ( назад)
sic bro, I'm subscribing

Автор Rodrigo Magalhães (1744 года назад)
This looks awesome, man!

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