Apple vs. Facebook vs. Amazon: Battle for the Best Tech Headquarters

June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart considers the elaborate dreams of Silicon Valley's biggest companies for their new headquarters, from Apple to Amazon to Facebook.

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Автор TC royce ( назад)
why do i feel like punching this guy

Автор Lênyton Matos ( назад)
Apple Campus 2 is amazing

Автор 1hard2findbro ( назад)
Those turn of the century headquarters were all foolishly located in tax
happy new york. Jobs put the Cupertino government in check before he built
AH2! Rip! F U Tim Cook! Make your own damn wedding cake🎂 Boom!

AI smart & Efficient + Wall Street = billions of money = new shoes! & new
House... no blood, no stain

Автор Moonsabie ( назад)
computer tec is like only 15 years old 21 if your pushing it 30 if your
confused and for 50% of the world they still have nothing.

I would say there is market growth although at stationary or reduced price

Автор Kamlesh Trivedi ( назад)
good job

Автор heavensbutterflies ( назад)
Which is the safest headquarters in case of a severe earthquake?

Автор dezastruos ( назад)
I hate all corporations and banks.People around the world are suffering
while they dive in piles of money.Countries in Africa are the waste
disposal ground for all these mega companies that don't give a shit on any
of you and you sclaves are worshiping them.

Автор javier castaneda (1481 год назад)
+717LITO KEEP SHAKING YOUR HEAD CAUSE IDGAF and stop replying cause it's
not gonna make a difference

Автор javier castaneda ( назад)

Автор Jake Milliken ( назад)
I hate Apple so much, all their products suck. Amazon wins.

Автор andrew rice ( назад)

Автор E Crowe ( назад)
5 billion to apple is like a 5 for us 

Автор attlee2010 ( назад)
Oedipus complex?! Really? I think you have that wrong

Автор Steven Jusuf ( назад)
Apple have 120 billion cash, building a 5 billion campus is just a tiny
capex. They could buy a small country with it 

Автор Avron Fernandes ( назад)
Possibly, a number of technologies are reaching their limits of innovation,
so there will be some bubbles bursting, but I think overall, there should
be some other innovations that keep the tech industry alive. 

Автор a1c41 ( назад)
Are we in a middle of tech bubble?

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