Sheer Heaven Inkjet Transfer Tutorial

PLEASE follow this link: http://youtu.be/7L3rbT-5SU4 for an updated version of this video - larger image, better sound. Easiest inkjet photo transfer in the world - seeing is believing!
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Автор LAArtGallery ( назад)
Cool, thanks for all the info. :)

Автор harly30 ( назад)
This is beautifull thanks!!

Автор dianesilveria ( назад)
This is the best image transferring product out there!! Why mess with gels
when you can spritz a little alcohol & be done! WONDERFUL stuff! I've
purchased around 100 sheets now & I can't stop! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!

Автор Jessica Wesolek (1696 лет назад)
Re: Printer Settings Sheer Heaven has a tooth similar to watercolor paper.
I use the printer settings you would use for a premium matte photo paper.

Автор Lotus Vele ( назад)
Wow! This is fanstastic! Thank you for sharing this and your wonderful
newsletter. I look forward to it eagerly... ; )

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