Sheer Heaven Inkjet Transfer Tutorial

PLEASE follow this link: http://youtu.be/7L3rbT-5SU4 for an updated version of this video - larger image, better sound. Easiest inkjet photo transfer in the world - seeing is believing!
Get Sheer Heaven at http://cre8it.com

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Автор myra prudenciado (3 месяца)

Автор Lotus Vele (7 лет)
Wow! This is fanstastic! Thank you for sharing this and your wonderful
newsletter. I look forward to it eagerly... ; )

Автор dianesilveria (6 лет)
This is the best image transferring product out there!! Why mess with gels
when you can spritz a little alcohol & be done! WONDERFUL stuff! I've
purchased around 100 sheets now & I can't stop! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!

Автор JudiG (7 лет)
It may not work on sealed canvas, but try it on 300lb watercolor paper. You
can use your acrylics on it as well. That's just what I'm going to try. :>

Автор harly30 (6 лет)
This is beautifull thanks!!

Автор LAArtGallery (6 лет)
Cool, thanks for all the info. :)

Автор Jessica Wesolek (6 лет)
Re: Printer Settings Sheer Heaven has a tooth similar to watercolor paper.
I use the printer settings you would use for a premium matte photo paper.

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